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Hearst, Joseph L Ausley, Wm. S 1 1 1855 Bill of Relief John Hearst, father. Jane and Joseph, children. Jane md Wm Ausley. Cattail? Creek waters of Long Savannah River. bounded by wm. Wharton, Abram Lites, James Devlin, and others. Slave: Phillis an children. Adam, Andy, Jeff,, Caroline, Oliver. Jane? dec Aug 48. kids: John Augustus Ausley, Nancy Isabella (infant - meaning minor - dec april 1853) Henry Atkins, creditor. Deed and will John. Signed NJ Davis, Chas Dendy, John Adams, A Gray.
Armstead, Sarah wid Armstead, Fabian R. 1 2 1855 Writ Partition Dr. Ajax Armstead dec 1853 (Petersburg). Chdn: John D (dec), Fabian R (17), Robert Ajax (10). 180 Acres bound by the savanah, Francis Calhoun Drury B ? and others Map of property Elbert, GA. He also owned a ferry landing.
Atkins, Elizabeth Atkins, Robert et al 1 3 1856 Bill Part Francis Atkins dec. Will 1 Sept 1855. Dec March 1856. Nolens Atkins? Margaret Dale (husband dec-), Narcina (md - Dr. C.C. Porter? maybe not her husband), James (Francis’ kids) His Will. Robert, Margarette - sons Ravenna and James.
Stark, Francis E h Stark, Samuel James H 1 4 1852 Alimony Ezekial Hall of Anderson, her father. md 15 Feb 1852.
Watson, John Waller Waller, Albert etal 1 5 1855 Bill of? John is “of age now.” Leroy Watson dec. Father. July 1844. 8 kids: Francis Mary (wf James H Wideman), John W., James Leonard, Leroy, Wm H., Alfred H., Chas E., and Joseph B Watson. James Leonard dec, unmd Mexican War. James F Watson dec, brother of dec? Uncle of orator. Albert Waller, exec. 5 respectable gentlemen: John McKellar, Larkin Reynolds, R.R. Talbert, C.W. Sproull, Stephen Elmore - INV. Slave Names. Will.
Cheatham, Bartlett, M Simpson*, Jane et al 1 6 1855 bill sale Henry Simpson dec 14 July 1852. Deed. Slave names. Will. Dec 14, May 1856. Jane is widow. Kids: Jason, Mary and John. Amos Clark wants the land?
McClinton, Wm McClinton, Jane etal 1 7 1856 58 part Elizabeth Richey and R.A.Fair? gdn.G.R.? J.B.? McClinton, brother. dec May 1856. Sisters Jane and Caroline? Niece Elizabeth. R.C. Sharp? George B Richey and others, INV. James R. dec. Slave names and plat. Will.
Martin, May A Martin, Luther L etal 1 8 1855 partition John C Martin, June 1844. Penney’s Creek, little River, Savannah. bnd by George Clinkscales, John A Donald, Nicholas H Miller, Alex McCory, James T Liddau. Mary, wid. Kids: Luther? L (19),Mary E (16), John (14), Thomas P (13), Sarah A (12), Sam (10), Junius (8), Campbell, (2), Wm. B. (infant). Admin: oratrix and Benj Martin? Esq.
Young, Jane Spence, Nelly etal 1 9 1856 parition Brother John Spence and William Spence dec bef 1849. Land, bnd by Adam Wideman, Thomas Lyons, John Robertson. Dec left behind oratrix and Nelly, Sallie, George Spence, Thomas Creswell (Mary, wife), Jacob Creswell (Peggy, wife), all brothers and sisters. Kids of dec brother, James: Sam, John Creswell (Ann, wife), John Faulkner (Mary wf), , Robert Stewart (Peggy, wife), Oliver, Lindy and Caroline (last two minors, 18, 16). John Spence Will.
Power, J Wm Poner? Posser? Logan, Wm Raiford 1 10 1856 partition Henry F Power, Dad, dec 1856. J. Wm, only child. 2 grandchildren: Wm. Raiford Logan and Alice Logan, kids of dec dtr Louisa Logan. Green W. Hickabee, admin.
Lindsey, Samuel Norris, Jessie W 1 11 1857 sale
Hackett, America Hackett, Ella c. 1 12 1856 part
Clay, Elizabeth Wells, Wm and Lucinda 1 13 1855 partition mentions Shadrack Clay, James Clay
Cleebly*, Elizabeth Clekly Cleekly Cleebly*, Alonzo et al Cleekly Clekly 1 14 1852 part
Boyd, Ruth R Boyd, William A 1 15 1856 part
Latimer, J ames M. Oliver, John 1 16 1853 Lunacy
Agnew, Ellie A. Agnew, Mary Ann 1 17 1863 part
Martin, Wm Gent*, Daniel 1 18 1852 apply funds mentions Sam Cunningham info, T.M. Anderson, Ghente
Logan, A.J. Fooshe, Martha Jane 1 19 1845 gdn
Lindsey*, P.A. Lindsey**, A.B.C. 1 20 1858 gdn
Link, John Parrish Hilburn, Rebecca.E. 2 21 1861 gdn Levi Hilburn,Sue? sara?, Rebecca (wards)
Lyon, Margaret Lyon, thomas 2 22 1876 gdn Thomas, James, Martha - Margaret’s children divorce?
Livingston, J. Martin, Mary.E. “jewel” 2 23 1857 gdn
Logan, John Logan, Thos 2 24 1860 gdn Mary, Susan Alice, William rayford Logan
Lesley, James Lesley, Eliza L 2 25 1846 gdn
Lyon, Eliza Lyon, Richard C 2 26 1860 gdn
Harrison, Mary L Stevenson? Lyon*, Thos L 2 27 1860
Lites, R.M. Atkins*, James L 2 28 1860 gdn
Lomax, L.H. Lomax, Warren 2 29 1860 gdn
Brough, Emelina Brough, John Flemming et al 2 30 1855 account
Burnett, Andrew W Noble, W.P. et al 2 31 1833 part E. Ann Dent formerly, E Ann Harry and mary L Allen, formerly mary L Harry. Wp Noble and Sarah Bull, widow of John B. Bull. left no lineal decendants of any kind. Widow (Sarah bull), 3 1st cousins (Andrew W. Burnett, E Ann and Mary) Sarah Bull from Ireland - md. to him for 20 years. RB Rhett attourney. 3 cousins trying to eject irish widow. Nasty. james Morrow, son of Sarah bull
Black, Ann et al Black, Ellen Blake? 2 32 1856 part
Tustin, Samuel Justin? Tustin, Hiram, T Justin 2 33 1855
De Bruhl, Susan Marshall, Foster etal 2 34 1855 part
Gary, mary A etal gary, franklin F etal 2 35 1852 part
Riley, Henry Davis, Mary etal 2 36 1838 && 1870, 1808 documents Riley is admin
Cheatham, Sarah E Cheatham, Robt J 2 37 1867 part
Harris, Elizabeth Harris, Wm etal 2 38 1860 Bill of sale
Roberts, Mourning* Lesley, John W etal 2 39 1855 relief
Cristpher, Geo A Matthews, Margaret et al 2 40 1856 Dower
Breman et al Brewer, Eugene Nichole, Julian Nichols 2 41 1803 legal
Lipscomb, Jno Lyscomb*, Jas W 2 42 1838 gdn returns from 1832-1840
Lomax, W. James Lomax, Augustus 2 43 1859 lunatic
Latimer, M B Latimer, Jas W 2 44 1850 gdn returns from 1833-1857
McCelvy, Jas L McCelvy, Hezikiah C. 3 45 1857 gdn Hugh M, George W McCelvey
Major, Matilda L Majore*, M.E 3 46 1862 gdn Est of Anna Rebecca major. Eall M (minor) samuel G, Martha Ella. Out of place papers; Pierce and Fanny Little 1857/1859 James R. Little also Will. Daughter sarah A md Wm Bently Estate of samuel Gamberll??? 6 June 1870
Boisseau, James Edward Mary Anderson 3 47 1850 Will see above
Liddell, George W Anderson, Robt etal 3 47 1836/1856 relief Robt owes money. Will of James Edward Boisseau of New York left to Mary Anderson, wf of Robert of Pendleton, SC - daughter of Ezekiel Pickens. Mary B. (Barksdale)Pickens (Patrick Noble, trustee). Pickens Will 1813. Wf Eleizabeth. Marriage settlement Anderson. Will of Boisseau. see box 69 pack 3501
Pickens, Ezekial 3 47 1813 Will see above
Major, Robert W Major, Joseph, M 3 48 1874 gdn Isabella M, Emma, mary, Jos M. Major
Calhoun, E. R. Merriwether, Walter B 3 49 1833 see pck 74 Belinda Merriweather. Downs Calhoun adm on est of Nicholas Merriweather.
McCrackin, Thomas, Martha Caldwell, John Eleanor 3 50 1860 partition Anne, Moses T, margaret R, robert L, Samuel H, John T. Virginia C, Aarah E, Emma D Owen. James Carson wf Mary Edward Baily wf Ann
Roche, Morris D etal wf Bethia Owen*, Anne etal Moses L 3 50 1860 partition Many other names see below
Oliver, Alexander McMahon, Sara 3 51 1846 gdn Benajah? benjamin? Alexander A McMahon
Owen*, M oses T Patterson, Eliza P 3 52 1854 gdn Ann E Patterson, Sarah Jane Pulliam? Pallusn? Wm G. Ball? Batt?
Owen, Garlington Owen, Sarah C 3 53 1854 gdn Wm. Thomas Owen, martha F. Owen
Osborne, Hanna Osborne, Martha L 3 54 1845 gdn Hanna’s the mother. Minor kids: Martha, margaret Lucinda, Eliza Belinda, Benjemin Franklin
Baker, Jane J* Baker, James A et al 3 55 1856 part Tons of names James taggart 20 April 1811?1855?
Callis, Jas Childs, Thos 3 56 1823 guard Polly, John, Lucinda, Wm. Callis Dudly Callis
Hilburn, Susan D Hilburn, Neely E 3 57 1855 party Elizabeth N, Levi I (minors) others
Talbert, Joseph M Talbert, Rebecca, Jos M 3 58 1862
Little, Pierce Mrs. dec 3 59 1860
Wait, Simpson Sampson? Bently, W H etal 3 59 1860 Est. Mrs. Pierce Little 170 acres. Wh. H Bently, Sarah A ?, James R Little others
Anderson, John Dickson, Mary Ann, Wm Dickens? 3 60 1855 part Jno And. of Cherokee Co Al. Wm Anderson dec(father of John). Mary Ann, wf of Wm Dickson. Anderson of Cas. County Ga., Eliz B Clelland wf. DC? Abbeville. Wm Anderson jr. John F Brough VS Eveline Brough 1855 John Douglas - GW Hodges Drury Bowan Ben. West, Jos Black. Lots of stuff
McCaslan, M.O. Pennel, W.H. 3 61 1860 Guard James A.
Ruff, David F or Daniel Ruff, Martha 3 62 1860 Part
Creswell E Davenport, Catherine 3 63 1823 E. Creswell, Catherine Davenport 1823, Larkin Chiles, husband of Charlotte, Elihu
Caldwell, Wm H Warren*, elizabeth, Charles 3 64 1827 gdn Wm Murty? Murthy?
Long*, Mary A Long W.W. etal 3 65 1871 part Wm Long dec. Long file. Latimers
Prather, Alonzo etal Bowie, Artemus A etal 3 66 1852 Latimers, Margaret, Hugh Robinson, Bowie
Wm Chiles Julia A. Lilly 3 67 1821 gdn
Casey, Thomas Casey, Catherine 3 68 1826
Calhoun*, Patrick Noble, James 3 69 1818
Crawford*, Mary Williams, Joseph Vincent Hannah 3 70 1831 gdn Benson?
Pratt, Wm etal Young* Yancy? Samuel and Emma 3 71 1860 part nancy N Pratt Wm Young and Sarah. Eliz mcConnel. Patrick N Bell - P Minerva sf.
Watson, George McD Watson, Jas F* etal 3 72 1856 part Dorothy Watson, James Thomas A.
Dale, John M et al Dale, Powwel**, E et al 3 73 1852 part Sarah Oulen? Samuel E Dale
Norwood*, Jas A Belcher, John H 3 74 1855 see pack 49
Pilott*, Joh F Houston, Jane 3 76 1856 part Alex Houston m Jane. John Frances Pelot. Jane’s lt. husband, Col James Postell. John Magrath. Daniel Lathem estate
Belcher, Major WW Glasgow, James N. 3 77 1855 Gdn
Nichols, E Bethany Nichols, Susan 3 78 1859
Barrmore*, Sarah Barmore, Nady* Jane et al 3 79 1854 part Enoch Barmore dec. Sally? Lucy? wife
Shirley, James Shirley, Benj 3 80 1857 part Miss. Nancy Shirley dec. Bran.? John, George, Polly Ann, Lida Massina, Kaziah? Nathaniel, nancy A. Amaziah?
Caldwell, Geo P R? Maynard, Virginia* P 3 81 1857 part Ann E (Caldwell?) Webber Edna C. Caldwell estate. Margaret R Caldwell. Virginia - Dickens - granddaughter
Gambrell, Mrs. Harper, Mary and Henry 3 82 1837 relief Henry harper and WW Gambrill
Brooks, Francis M Brooks, William H et al 4 83 1857 part Susannah, mother, dec 24 Sep 1857 i. heirs: 4 sons: William H, Jason T, George W, orator, and Susan Ann Francis Brooks (md John James Gray), dtr of Eliza M Cheatham, dec, who was Orator’s sister), James B Luglar?(son of Pernelia? Leigar? also dec), g daghter of intestate?. All heirs over 21 except George and g kids. William F Brooks, Admin. Calhoun’s Creek, Little River bnd by Bartlett M Cheatham, Thomas C Perrin, Tolbert Cheatham, Samuel Lockridge and Gillespie, W.O. Pusley.
Robertson, Sarah Robertson, Mary, Westly admin 4 84 1854 Part Reuben Robertson, hus of Sarah, dec 5 Aug 1853 i. 1 dtr : Mary N (21+) unmarried. Land Bnd by Marshall Sharp and wf., J.W. Moore, John Smith, John C Waters, Samuel Agnew.
Merriwether, Waller B, Matilda E Smith, Hazel etal 4 85 1854 part William R Smith. Town of Hamburg? SC. Bnd by Thomas Anderson, Hard to Read, Anthony Sibby, A.W. Roach. Matilda, Hazel, Archy M Smith, Eliza C Hill (md. John C), Marshall R (dec son, kids: Eugenia E, Robert G, James W, Sarah Virginia, Charlotte M - all -21. Deed of gift in 1851. Copy of deed fr 33.
Lindsay, Polly Ann Lindsay, Oliver J 4 86 1854 part A.C. Hawthorn, R.C. Sharp, John B Richey, Robert Eliis, R.C. Gries Esq. Appraisal: James Lindsay dec 15 Aug last , Village of Due West, Hawthorn Hotel. Polly Ann Lindsay, wid: 6 kids: John Olver, Leroy Telletson?, Alexander Poinset, Winfield W., A.B. Calvin and Laney Amarthine (all Lindsays) (wf of J. Bonnes? Bownes?). William D Steel, Col. Norton, J.H. Johnson, William K?.
Warlaw, D.S. gdn of Wardlaw, George Allen 4 87 1857 gdn St. Luke’s Parish, his father, Judge D.S. Wardlaw.
Hill, Richard S Hill, thomas O 4 88 1856 part John Foster Hill, brother of Thomas O, dec i 12 Jan 1856 (drowned St. John’s River, FL). Wife: Eliza (no kids), father: Thomas O, orator and David F, brothers. Eliza widow dec in Anderson 18 Feb 1856 leaving only a brother James A Linn of Cass Co, GA and 2 infant brothers: Weston (17 Cass Co), John G (12, Abbeville). GarrinsonLinn, father. maria, mom. Both dec. Savanna near ferry bnd by james T Allen, Henrey? harper etc. App. James C, Henry H Harper. James Allen, Alexander Oliver, Isaac Carlisle.
Gray, R.F. Frances C Bradley, P.H. and wife et al 4 89 1866 part Mary A Chiles wid Thomas W Chiles - dec 11 Oct 1865. Savannah bnd by Eliza, John Chiles. dtr: Jane H Bradley( wf Patrick H Bradley), and Mary I? Lites (Robert W. Lites). Sons: John H, George P Chiles (also admins). Grays live in Bienville, LA.
Conner, Mary Louisa Conner, James O et al 4 90 1854 part James O Conner (elder)? dec 2 July 1854. Bold Branch, Long Cane bnd by Mary Bently, George?, Alexander Robinson, James McCallister dec. James O leaves widow (oratrix), and only child, james O - 5 or 6 months. Alexander Conner and James N. Crawford admin. deed James McCalister.
Roberts and Adams Davis, Joseph W etal 4 91 1858-60 debt Thomas J Roberts. James J Adams. Hodges Depot. Joseph W Davis in debt to the company. Has no assets. Joshua Davis, his father, dec 59 i. Admin, John Davis. Joseph out of state. This is more or less a request to garnish inheritance.
Suber, John W, Mary Ann, wf. Thomas, F.G etal 4 92 1854 account 1845, Fred G Thomas, MD, father of oratrix, her gdn. Surity: Paschal Klugh, Thomas Arthur of Greenville. An accounting demanded. Long, interesting defense.
McGee, Mrs. Sarah gdn of McGee, Eliza A and Celestia 4 93 1857 guard Eliza Anderson McGee. girls are minors over 12. Mom, Sarah, md. Samuel Agnew.
Williams, Drusilla Williams, Elijah etal 4 94 1860 part John Williams dec i May 1860. 4 kids: Elijah, Susan (md William R Swain?), Tabitha (wf John Brock?) and?, and kids of dec Drousilla. Hard to Read.
Wait, John T Laurens Smith, John etal 4 95 1860 James W McCrady, Belton, Anderson wf Parthena and kid. Slaves. Deed of trust (Lydia Henry, Daniel). Fighting over ownership of Lydia’s kids. Samuel A Hodges. Debt.
Pressley, Wm L Pressley, Marietta etal 4 96 1860 part 26 July this year. Ebenezer E Pressly dec i. Long Cane Headwaters bnd by Pruit, Richey, Miller, Agnew, Hawthorn. Hard to read. Widow by a 2nd marriage, Mary Ann, and kids by 1st marr: Marietta (16), William L and gr. kids: Mary Frances, dtr of James C Boyd, (by dec dtr of i). Mary Ann also dec this year. No kids. Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor? Tangler? and 3 sisters, Nancy Taylor, Margaret Haddon (David F). Jane McDill? (William W McDill), all over 21. Very hard to read.
Black, Eleanor mom and gdn Black, Anna Elizabeth 4 yrs. old 4 97 1857 gdn Also gdn of Harriet R.E.P. Black (2). William Pickens Black,father.
Bradley, Patrick H Bradley. Marie* A Manua? 4 98 1867 Part George K Bradley of FL. Archibald Bradley dec, i 1866. 1st marr kids: orators, Pat and George (kids of son John, dec: Sarah, Mattie, Mary E, Richard T) and Elizabeth A Reid, wf W.D. Reid. And Mary R Purdy. 2nd Marriage: Jane Patterson dec no kids. 3rd marriage: Mary A Goodwin - 2 kids. John and Martha. Long Cane. bnd by John and Adam Wideman. Jane’s dad: Alexander Patterson, dec. Battle Branch. Witness statements. Jane: aunt of John Patterson. nancy Patterson. Andrew, Daniel - wf, Jane Patterson, Josiah, Catherine, James, Malcolm and kids of Samuel and John (son of?). Mary Patterson. Obviously, you need to read this to make sense of it.
McCaw, Mrs Elizabeth gdn McCaw, Alexander B infant 4 99 1855 gdn dec father, William H McCaw or McCann. Change to Thomas C Perrin.
Griffin, John L. Reynolds, Larkin etal 4 100 1854 part John L son of Vincint Griffin, dec and eldest brother, only son of age. Vincent dec 1846 T. wf: Agnew W Griffin. Sons: John Leonard, James M, Vincent, George White, Thomas Joseph - all Griffins. Slave list. Agnes W. md Larkin Reynolds in 1850. Martin Bulloch gdn of infant. INV of slaves. Appraisal includes Stanmore Brooks, Bradley, marshall, McKellar, Jordon. Settlement accounts. WILL of Vincent. Wit: John P Barrall, James F Watson, S.S. Marshall.
Vance, Allen etal exec Byrd, Dudley son 4 101 1857 part Thomas B Byrd dec. WILL Thomas B Byrd. wf. Elizabeth. Slave names. William Parks, son of Elizabeth, dec in Texas. Thomas gives up any interest he might have in favor ot Lewis, James, John T Parks and Elizabeth (md John Barrett jr), kids of Elizabeth, his wife. Catherine Ashe, Joseph Zebulun Hearts. 2 kids: Dudly and Frances (wf E.P. Vaughn) and granddaughter, dtr of son, late John B Byrd. Trusty Friend james M Perrin 1856. Dtr - i -law, Frances E. S. Byrd. y
Whitlock, Thos L harriet, wf. Wardlaw, Hugh W etal 4 102 1854 transfer Madison, Florida. Joseph Wardlaw dec, father of oratrix 22 May 1852 T. Thomas C Perrin,m Hugh Waller Wardlaw. Kids of orator: William W, Lewis? A.M. Thomas and Frances, wf., Joseph N Whitlock, Harrient N, Ann Eliza, Charles A, Edmund C, James R, David L, Benjamin F, John. WILL Joseph Wardlaw: son: Hugh W., Benjamin F. Henry Cresswell: wit. Inventories.
Coleman, John A gdn Belcher, James W 4 103 1853 gdn John A Calhoun, uncle of James W Blecher (12), infant son of Robert E Belcher, dec. Mom also dec. Grandfather, Williamson Norwood, dec.
Nichols E Bethany gdn Nichols, Elizabeth A (6 yrs) 4 104 1859 gdn Henry Beard, admin of Thomas Nichols dec. Widow and 5 kids.
Watson, Margaret E wf Watson, Sarah L etal 4 105 1855 part William Watson, husband, dec i nov 54. Bold Branch Long Cane. 3 kids under 12. Sarah L., Elizabeth Jane, Margaret W. Arch Kennedy admin. mary Anderson, wf of Andrew Anderson dec. Plat.
Harper*, Jas C Hayer? gdn Swift, Thomas, M Snaft? 4 106 1859 Gdn William A Swift, Elberton, GA. And Nancy. harper is br-i-l to Nancy J Swift. Tom is 10. There were several kids. Phillip Cromer md. a sister of nancy.
Marshall. Samel S gdn Williams, Wm A 4 107 1859 guard William is under 9. Samuel is Uncle. dec Dad William A Williams. Kitty F Williams, mom. I think Samuel is the brother of the mother.
Bigby*Mary A gdn Bigby* Wm A et al 4 109 1855 gdn R George Bigby dec. 2 kids. hard to read. William A., Alyssia? E. Mom: Mary A. Alcipia?
McCelvy, James L gdn Scott, Elizabeth A 4 109 1855 gdn G father, John McCelvy. Father joseph D Scott. Her mom, Rebecca Scott, dec. Uncle James (oldest).
Bullock, Martin L. gdn Griffin, George W 4 110 1855 gdn Son of Vincent Griffin. Martin is 1/2 bro to minor.
Reid, Lemuel Martin, Samuel L 5 111 1855 gdn Samuel’s father of John C Martin. Clinkscales vs. H. Miller. Consent of mother, Mary A Martin. Sam is 11 next January.
Logan, John B. Logan, W. R. etal 5 112 1855 gdn John Logan says William W Logan, his son dec 52 leaving Wife and kis: WIlliam Raiford Logan (5). Mary Susan Alice Logan(3). Wid: Louisa, also dec.
Allen, James A gdn Tusten, John L minor (18) 5 113 1855 Gdn Tustin? Edny M (mom), James H (father) both dec. James A Allen next fri and gdn.
Robinson, Hugh father gdn Robinson, John Andrew 14 + 5 114 1859 gdn Gr father: John Clinkscales. William Clinkscales is agent of estate.
Giles, Sara C gdn Giles, Eliza Ann 5 115 1857 gdn husaband Josiah P Giles dec i june 55. kids: Eliza Ann, James M, Mary Sue, eldest of whom about 9.
Stephans, Samuel F Cothran, Wade E 5 116 1865 part Sam’s wife Mary R. Sam G? Cothran dec 65 i leaving oratrix (sister) and Wade, his brother. Land bnd by William Strother, John Chapman, Andrew J Coleman, etc. Cothran Stream saw mill. Davis and Crews, printers (W.C. Davis) T.B. Crews cool invoice. Col. John D Williams. Willian, R.S. Stgrother, John, Andrew Chapman, Andrew Coleman, Stanmore B Chappell: appraisers. Quarles. Culbreath. Accts. William Lindsay. Owens Farrar, Duckworth, debts inventories.
Holland, Nathaniel Olim. son Holland, John Dr 5 117 1868 ortrix: Ann Holland. nathaniel Marion. WILL wf: Mrs. Jane marion?. Cokesbury. Slaves. She leaves land and slaves to 1) E M W Tarrant 2) son John S Marion, 3) Nathaniel P Marion, 4) Jane Elizabeth. Even shares. Exec James Shackelford. Son -i l: John R Tarrant (So E M W must be a dtr?) Wit: F? Connor, O A Williams, W C Anderson. John H Wilson. Soic. John Holland, dtr Ann E Holland. Nathan and Ann’s mom: Jane Elizabeth. Their grandmother and father - marions.
Boozer, Mary Ann Grd Boozer, Hugh Dickson 5 118 1855 gdn Slaves Eli and Tilda.
Hughes, Benjamin P Martin, Junius 5 119 1855 gdn Mom: Mary A. Dad: John C Martin dec.
Belcher, Warren P Belcher, W.W. Ex et al 5 120 1854 gdn Warren is a student of South Carolina College. Robert E, his father, dec 11 Oct 1850 T. Uncle: William W Belcher, exec. 2 marriages: 8 kids: Orator, William W., Williamson H, John H, Henry Clay, James N, Mary Ann, Rebecca (only child of last wife, born after will was made). 1st wf: Mary A, mom of James and daughter of Williamson Norwood. 2nd wif: Rebecca. Sawney’s Creek? Tawney’s Creek? Copy of WILL. Slave lists. Sale names inc: Parker, James S Cheatham, Taggart, McComb, James Lomax, Lyon, Scott, Norwood, Calhoun, McKelvy, Hester, Belcher, Cobb, Cooke.. Accts. Yarbrough.
Belcher, Warren P Belcher, W.W. Ex et al 5 120.5 1854 gdn Accting., deeds. Very Long. Needs to be read.
Belcher, Warren P Belcher, W.W. Ex et al 5 120.75 1854 gdn More of same - James Prather, Ezekiel P Noble, land descriptions. Title history. Margaret Dickey of Pendleton. 1822. Plat. WILL - LONG. Accounts.
Cheatham, Alfred Golding*, Reuben G et al 5 121 1856 part John L Cheatham, dad of orator made will and dec 1828. Wife: Patsy Cheatham 16 May 1856, dec i, leaving: Alfred, Helena (wf of Reuben), now in Txas, kids of dec. son Robert Cheatham: [Amanda (wf William Rotten), William Cheatham a minor], kids of Milton dec: [Martha, Mary - both minors], kids of John L Cheatham dec: [ Thomas, John and Franklin minors), and Lauvinda or Laurinda, wf of Washington Fooshe, in Tex. Thomas Thomson esq. bought interest in estate, executions against estate in lifetime of John L Cheatham sr. Orator is the admin of Patsy. Land bnd by James Gillam, Col W. A. Williams, John Sadler, gdn ad litem all minors.
Cheatham, Alfred Golding*, Reuben G et al 5 121 1856 part cont: Appraisals: James W Fooshe, John W Calhoun, John Sadler, Jefferson Floyd, John Gouldin. WILL: John L Cheatham s-i-l: Richard Cheatham - use of land, part of estate - line start at graveyard run to white oak. Isaac Bunting, Robert Cunningham. exec. sons: John and Robert take over business. Wit: James F Livingston, James Sills, John Heffernan. Copy of deed, land on Wilson’s Creek bnd by Peter Cheatham, estate of John McKellar, John Talbert (Tolbert), est James Pollard. It is land part of a survey granted to Edward Rutledge. John Chiles wit. Jesse Calvert.
Parker, Ellen L exec Haskell, Charles T etal 5 121 1857 part This actually comes after Cheatham. Thomas Parker, in 39, husband of oratrix, and James Taggart (wf Elizabeth), Patrick Calhoun, Charles T Haskell all bought land together about 5 miles from the village of Abbeville for the purpose of having a summer retreat from fever, and a place for social engagement. Called it “The Cabins.” It’s a charming idea. Thomas Walter Thomas dec., Pinckney Huger?, James Calhoun dec later bought in. Robert Palmer bought Partick Calhoun’s. WIlliam Urnry? Calhoun bought his dad, James’. Thomas Thomas’ exec Elizabeth H Thomas and James W Thomas (son). C Thomas Parker’s wife oratrix. “Cabins” agreement. James A Pelot, wf harriet E.L. Charles Pelot. WILL Thomas Thomas. wf: Elizabeth Hamilton Thomas. Son is a jr. other kids: Robert Walter Thomas. WILL Thoams Parker: small kids. Edmund Cobb.
Harrison, Francis Gillam Lyon, Thomas 5 123 1856 part other orators: Ann Virginia, mary Longuine?, James White Harrison. Bradford Harrison their next friend. Francis White, grand mother. Will made in 51. Slaves: Randal, Joe, Larkin, Lewis. Mrs. White’s father: William Evens. She had 2 kids living: Mrs. Keziah Evens, Mrs. Lucy Lyon (md to John Lyon, Thomas’ brother). Legatees include kids of dec dter Mary harrison. Accts , small estate. WILL Francis White. Tira Jay?
Marshall, Ann E admn Lyscomb, Thomas C etal 5 124 1867 Joseph Marshall (dr.) dec Sept 61 7 kids: Mary Ellen marshall, Stanmore Brooks Marshall, Sarah Lipscomb , George, Joseph Augustus, James?, Ann Elizabeth Marshall - all of legal age. Joseph partner of Thomas Lypscomb. Hard to read - faded. Appraisal: Stanmore B Brooks (wf’s father - Ann E), Thomas Coleman, John W Stewart, J.W. Lipscomb, etc. Richard Griffin. Long file with many relationships, but needs photoshop or something.
Marshall, Ann* E Lyscomb, Thos C etal 5 124 1867 Saluda - accounts, more of the same.
Wideman, Mildred W Wideman, W H etal 5 125 1856 part Moes O McCaslan. Amelia? Dowtin, exec of Thomas P. Dowtin ded. William W Wideman next fr. of Mildred who has left her husband. MS. no kids. WILL Thomas Dowtin. son John, dtr Mary Ann Sprowl, Didellah? Ray, James C, Mildred W Wideman, Thomas A Dowtin, Nancy L, Dvis, Katharin (last 4 still at home). Wit: J A Gilbert, James W. Child, R A P McCaslan.
Baker, John Thompson gdn brother Baker, Julia E 5 126 1887 gdn GA. John Reid? VERY faded. father: Samuel S Baker.
Johnson, Jabez W H etal Bozeman, John B etal 5 127 1856 part Thomas R Puckett orator. They have taken over the franchise on Swancy’s Ferry (on the road that goes from Fishdam Ford on Broad River to Barksdales Ferry on the Savannah. This file gives the history of the ferry. Historical and interesting. But along came William Abney and pard who made their own little illegal ferry a mile down and are cutting into business.
Johnson, Jabez W H etal Bozeman, John B etal 5 127.5 1856 Defendants’ statements.
Wells, Josiah father gdn Wells William H etal 18 yrs old 5 128 1855 gdn kids: William, Lucretia (16), Martha E Wells (13). g child of John Clay dec.
Karey, Jane A gdn Karey, James .N. etal 5 129 1857 gdn kids: James N, Lewis M, Samuel, John, Laura A, and mary Jane.
Johnson, Leroy J Boyd, William B 5 130 1855 gdn Mom and dad both dec. dad James Boyd. G mother: Frances Elizabeth Boyd dec. John L Boyd, rep of estates.
Scott, John C gdn Houston, Cornelia A 5 131 1857 grd Mom Jane Houston.
Houston, John A Houston, Alice M 5 132 1857 gdn same fam as above Mom and Dad both dec.
White, Abner G gdn White, Sarah S.S. 5 133 1859 gdn Christopher W Mantz dec T. Abner father of Sarah (11).
Phillip Cromer Henry Cannon 5 134 1859 Mr. Jones? Henry Cannon had 2 marriages. 1st marriage kid: Lucinda Jane (12), at school. Her uncle: Silas Pace. Gr Mom: Sarah Pace. Both dec and left Lucinda money. 2nd marriage: 6 kids, all but one girls, and all under 10 yrs. He is a poor man and wants the exec of Pace to pay him board money out of Lucinda’s legacy for her. She doesn’t help around the house. Phillip Cromer is a relative of Lucinda’s. Witness statements. Interesting.
Robinson, A. P. McKinney, Sarah E 5 135 1855 William H McKenny and Robert (-20) Very Faded. Robert mcKenny dec i. Sarah E wf. Her dad, James Glasgow
Arnold, William J gdn Logan, James W. 5 136 1859 Very Faded. Father and grandfather named, but unreadable. photoshop it.
Wardlaw, David J Wideman, Emily etal 5 137 1857 David’s wife: Milly Elizabeth. Uel? Url? Wideman dec. Widow: Emily. 4 kids: 3 by 1st wife: Milly (wf of David Wardlaw), Cornelius? A (8), Joshua (13). Last wf: Agnes Emaline (infant. is Agnes the child’s 1st name, or the mother’s name?). Faded and hard to read. Long. Much more. Peter is someone’s son.
Drennan, William T gdn Scott, Joseph Ann 5 138 1855 gdn Joseph Ann Scott is dtr of Joseph A Scott dec. She’s 6. Mom, L.L. Brough, says, “my kinsman William L Drennan”
Wilson, John R F gdn McCracken, William A 5 139 1857 John F Padgett gdn now gone.
Lawton, William A Nichols*, Thomas dec dad 5 140 1859 gdn Son: Wesley F Nichols 8. Henry Beard. Thomas left a widow and 5 kids.
Pruit, Ally* gdn mom Pruit, Jane 11 5 141 1855 gdn Father: D Pruit. HTR
Pruit, Ally* gdn Mom Pruit, Enoch 13 5 142 1855 gdn
Pruit, Ally* Pruit, Laney* 5 143 1855 gdn father: David? Davis? Pruit.
Cobb, Edmund gdn Hilburn (Wilburn?), Neely E 5 144 1855 Gdn Dad - Levi? Hilbern?. Mom, Susan.
Wells, Josiah Dad gdn Wells, Catherine F 5 145 1855 Mom dec. Martha. g father: John Clay.
Caldwell, Geo R gdn Maynard*, Virginia P 5 146 1855 gdn This paperwork is in 147. James M Maynard dec. G Mom: Edna Caldwell.
Tolbert, James J Tolbert, Samuel A 5 147 1859 gdn This paperwork is in 146 James F Tolbert for 5 yr old sonSamuel A, child of Sarah, dec. g father, John Adams.
Arnold, William J Logan, Nancy 5 148 1859 Gdn Totally faded, Try Photoshop. Father and g father and brother all named, unreadable.
Reynolds, Larkin gdn Griffin, Thomas J 5 149 1855 gdn Vincent Griffin, dec father. Larkin is step father. Thomas is 12.
Clinkscales, George B Martin, Thomas P (-14) 5 150 1855 dad - John? C Martin. Mom: Mary A. Martin.
Belcher, W.W. gdn Belcher, William W. 6 151 1855 gdn
Lites, Robert W. Atkins, R. Warren 6 152 1857 gdn Ravinnia Warren* (13 yrs) and James F (11) Atkins, children of francis Atkins Dec.
Orr, James L Williams, Eliza Foster 6 153 1859 gdn
Beard, Henry Nichols, William Beard 6 154 1859 gdn
Boozer, John S? G? gdn Boozer, James Hamilton 6 155 1855 gdn Father: Henry Boozer chidrn: Hamilton (17 yrs), John (brother). WC davis petitioner
Lyon, Eliza M Lyon, Richard Coto 6 156 1859
Marshall, Joseph WW Williams, Martha* Elizabeth 6 157 1859
Cowan*, Wade Boyd, Rosalin S et al 6 158 1857 gdn John L Boyd father, wf. Ruth, son Wm. A.
Milwood*, Jas C Willard? Magrath*, Ellen etal 6 159 Father: Michael
Richardson, Sarah Richardson, William etal 6 160 1860
Watson, Almira H Watson, James F 6 161 1860
Bowie*, John et al Harris, W.C. et al 6 162 1867
Bowie*, John et al Harris, W.C. et al 6 162.5 1868
Donald, David L Barmore, Margaret W. 6 163 1855 gdn Also Wm. Barmore. Father Cale Enoch Barmore
Hearst, Joseph Hearst, John TJ 6 164 1857 gdn
Boozer, Mary A Boozer, Hugh Dickson 6 165 1855 gdn
Morrah, Samuel B Barmore*, Francis etal 6 166 1855 gdn
John Link Hilham, Elizabeth Rebecca 6 167 1855 gdn
Traivit**, William trewit ? truit? Smith, Peter etal 6 168 1856 Will Wm. H Smith dec.
Traivit**, William Smith*, Peter etal 6 168.5
Haddon, Mrs. Lucy Haddon, Abraham Wilson 6 169 1857 alimony
Haddon, Mrs. Lucy Haddon, Abraham* 6 169.5 1857 alimony
Noble, Patrick Noble, Mary H 6 170 1822 partition Alex Noble dec. Mary H noble wid. kids: Catherine J , John A Noble (both ounder 14) wit Edward Collier, Wm Calhoun, Wardlaw. land location - info
Baker, Jane Tirzah Reid, John S 6 171 1857 gdn
McBride, W.H. Young, John S, Jane E * June? 6 172 1855
Thompson, Thomas Martin, Israk A Isaac? Sarah A. 6 172 1855 gdn John Campbell Martin dec 1854 Mary A. (wid), Sarah A. (over 12)
Robertson, Elizabeth Latimer, Jas M 6 174 1854 complaint George, Elijah. Other names: james Oliver and others
Robertson, Hugh Robinson, Jasper Addison 6 175 1857 gdn
Eddins, Patrick H Childs, Wm. A 6 176 1859 gdn
Clinkscales**, John Beaknich**, Polly, B.F. 9 176 gdn
Dejernette, Elias et al Lefever*, Isaac 6 177 1816 relief Heirs: Elizabeth DeJ.. Childers (wf Richard Childers, Israel and Sarah (under 21) Reuben DeJ. (dec). late of Pendleton. Friends - Israel Pickens. Mother and widow: Ellender Dej. now married to Isaac Lefever. Long file. Lots of story.
Noble, Ezekial* etal Noble, Alexander etal 6 178 1820 partition John Noble (dec) of Charleston d. 18 Feb 1819. Wm. and Jos, minors, complain. Alex, Patrick ( in majority) and cousin: Catherine Casey (only child of dec sister)Execs. 1200 acres Fort Charlotte, adj. town of Vienna along Savannah river. Long File. Much story. Other names: Patrick, Ezekial calhoun, Andrew Norris, Wm. Leslie, stephen Leo...
Woodridge, Leah Woodridge, Thomas etal 6 179 1818 complaint Gibrow? dec. Other names: Poole, Young. VERY LONG
Woodridge Leah Woodridge, Thomas etal 6 179.5 1818 see above
Buford, Margaret Buford, Philemon 6 180 1819 relief Lunsford Buford dec. 7 kids from first marriage. 2 children of this marriage.None named. Brothers of husband? Philamon and Wm. Rocky River 400 acres bnd: Alexander Speer, Thomas Ward, Wm?
Chew*, Samuel et al Mitchison, Edward , Calhoun, Mary 6 181 1809 complaint Zaddock Ford and Cassandra Chew Ford (wid of John) Laurens Dist. John Drury Chew d. Aug 1780, killed by Torries
Chew*, Sameul Travis*, Barrett 6 182 1809 Complaint Edgefield County. Slave dispute LONG Many names
Moragne, Issac etal Royden, Francis Rene C 6 182.5 1814 Long and many names - Delany Carrol, Benj Glover. French families in complaint
Moragne, Issac etal Royden, Francis, Rene 6 182.7 1814
Sharp*, William E Shoop? Waite, W. Franklin etal 6 183 1859 Involves Florida
Belcher, Wm. gdn Zimmerman, Mary Caroline and Ohillip 6 184 1855 gdn minor children of Phillip (dec) and Frances E Gray (nowwf of Dr. John Gray)
Buford, Margaret Buford, Philemon 6 184 gdn
Gray, Phillip Grey? dec 6 184 1855
Carlisle, Frances and Mary Ann Stevenson*, Elizabeth 7 185 1837 part Andrew Stevenson dec. Chdrn: John, James, Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Thomas, Jane, Louisa? sarah? M., rebecca, Thompson Stevenson. Allen Miller.
Martin, James P Talbert, Rachel ;unatic 7 186 1857 gdn Rachel’s sister is Mary Riley. W.C. Davis (probates identify him as Ephriam Davis’ son, if he isn’t Chesley davis’ son). William Tolbert. L. ? Tolbert estate (mother of Rachel). Not much detail.
Miles, Wm. dec 7 187 1796
Miles, Wm. dec 7 187 1796 Partition father of Wm. Miles: Wm Miles St. Jr.(dec) had two daughters, Lucy and Nicey Miles, wf Nathaniel Power. Wills of both William and Sarah 2 mile creek. Wit Joseph Bernett and Ann Hendrix
Wofford, Benj jr. Pennington, John etal 7 187 1796 Benj + Lucy (fmrly Miles, daughter of Wm Miles dec 1779) Spartanburg. Pennington wf, Sally (Miles - wid of Wm Miles.)
Talbert, Geo W and Dorothy Jane Wideman*, Jas H etal 7 188 1860 part James F. Watson, fathr Dorothy, dec 1851 (?) wf: Margaret. Chdrn: Wm., Edward, George, NS? James Franklin Watson., Anthony thomas and Dorothy. Please read record. James’ will
Watson, james F 7 188 1851
watson, james Franklin dec 7 188 1860 Will
McKenny, John M McKenny, Thos etal 7 189 1857 Bro of John: Rob’t Mckenny, dec. William McKinney, Robert M. children of petitioner.
Perrin, Samuel Irwin*, James 12 yrs old 7 190 1857 Son of John Irwin? dec. mary A. Pardue 12 yrs 9 mo.
Belcher, W.W. gdn Zimmerman, Mary caroline (11yrs) 7 191 1855 gdn grandfather: John Zimmerman. father: Phllip?
Patterson, Ann E etal Moses Taggart 7 192 1857
Patterson, Carey P Olsen, Moses, T 7 192 1857 gdn Jasper County, Miss. chdrn: ®Ann A. E. Patterson, Wm. T Patterson, Sarah J. Eliza T Granfather: Moses Taggart dec.
Hester, Thos J (Heater?) Belcher, Rebecca 7 193 1855 gdn Rebecca is the infant daughter of Robert E. Belcher dec. Thoms is uncle. She has been raised by grandma
Rogers. D.M. Bohr*, Lucy etal Baker? 7 194 1857 Harrison. S.S. Baker? Jane T Baker, mother. Awful writing.
Martin, Wm L Martin, Jno Allen 7 195 Jno’s the dad
Taylor, John Griffin, Susan Allen 7 196 1859 James T. Griffin, father. Bozie Taylor and George Morton VA.
Turner, Mary Satterwhite*, John 7 197 1789 Wm Turner dec. Mary is wid. Now Davenport. Francis? Mercer Babb? exec? james cooke
Sharp, Marshall Robertson, L etal 7 198 1868 ex Wm Pratt died in battle. wid: Mary Z Pratt m Lucien K Robertson. Died childless. Mary is daughter of orator. gone to Texas.
Wm. A. Pratt dec 1863 7 198 1868
Stewart, Nimrod W Nichols, Thomas A (son dec. 19yrs) 7 199 1859 200? Thomas Nichols dec. Left wid: E.B> Nichols and 5 kids unnamed.
Raiford, John Montague Hodges R.H.W. etal 7 201 1868 Wm P. Raiford dec . Wid: Susan C. Chldrn: Susan and John M. Gchdren: John Wm. Power, Louisa Power, a daughter dec. Other names. Charles D Watkins and Mary Francis. Wm. Power. Wm R Logan. Amanda Johnson. Thomas Ellis?
Raiford, John Hodges R.H.H. etal 7 201.5 1868 Susan Jones, wf Thomas C Jones. Was Susan Hodges, dtr Robt Hodges. Wm. Power? Louisa R. Raiford Power md Wm W Logan: 2 kids - Wm Raiford Logan. James Gideon Johnson. Suzannah’s will.
Owen, Martha A Owen, John T 7 202 1868 Huge files. Many names Moses T Owen dec. T.E. Owen. Anna. Nancy Maxwell. Thomas J Hill. Huge files. Many names
Owen, Martha A Owen, John T 7 202.5 1868 Moses T Own, Gettyburg? Gillysburg? , Penn 1863. no children.
Owen, Martha A Owen, John T 7 202.75 1806 John Owen, Anna Owen. Mary Wilson, james A Teid? N.J. davis, G.W. Caldwell (frame 332). huge acc’t of Buyers: Hamilton, Gillespe, Edwards, Wm. C Davis, Francis Atkins, James C. Cobb. Many others.
Morrow, Geo A Cromer, Mattie E etal 7 203 1857 Geo md. Rosa P. John P Cromer dec 1862. Is Rosa his widow? Mattie E., Mollie A. Francis P - infants. R.A. Archer. complicated families
Clinkscales, Wm 7 203.5 1867 inventory
Morrow, Geo A Croomer, Mattie E etal 7 203.5 1867 Wm. Clinkscales inventory?
Atkins, francis dec 7 204 1859 Will
Porter*, Margaretta etal Pister? Lites, Robert W etal 7 204 1859 Francis Atkins’ will. Son, Robt, exec. Chldrn: Margarette Dale, Robt, Ravenna (son), and James (minors). Elizabeth, Wid. Margaretta md. Christopher C. Porter.
Perryman, Wm W? Watson*, Lucy Ann etal 7 205 1859 Wm. harris. John White. John A. Calhoun. Thomas Perin. C.W. Spence. Gen. Perryman, cousin of kids. Richard Watson, dec. kids under 9 years of age. Md. Elizabeth, daughter of Mrs. Harris - but trouble in paradise. Anna Lucy (3 yrs), Wm. Edward (4 months). John Foster. Elizabeth Harris, mother of Elizabeth Watson dec. Lucy A., Richard and Samuel (the eldest 10 years). Grandmother? Mrs. Dr. Barrott?. Jane L Gordon wid Robt C Gordon, dec. Mary Watt Gordon.
Miller, Nicholas A Martin, Samuel S (10 yrs) 7 206 1855 John C. Martin dec. June of “last year” Mary A. Martin: mom. J
Marshall, J.W.W. Martin, Kitty F 7 207 1854 minor. (J. Marshall a relative?) birth 9 Jan 1851. (?)Md. Son of Jacob Miller: Wm. L. Miller. Agnes R. Martin of age. Kitty F martin, of age 1870. Wm Hammond. Margaret P Martin.
Starke, Samuel James H Davis, John MD 7 208 1852 trustee Mr. Stark is a ne’er do well married to a nice lady named Francis.
McKelsy, James L Scott, Mary Jane 7 209 1859 Amin Reeves? (W.N.?) Elizabeth A Scott md. James W. McCelvey 1838 Mary Jane Scott.
Martin, John A Gault, Thomas 7 210 1857 relief George Gains, Wm. Hall co-def.
Wardlaw, David L father of Wardlaw, Jane Eliza 7 211 1857 gdn
Martin, Jacob uncle of Martin, Luther, L 7 212 1855 Father of Luther: John Campbell Martin (dec. June 1854?)
Parker, Wm H Talbert, Samuel A etal 7 213 1867 James F. Talbert dec. Wid: Mary E. 3 kids: Samuel A., Mary Bell, James. J. Williams Power, McDonald grd.
Belcher, Wm W gdn Zimmerman**, Phillip L (9yrse old) 7 214 gdn Grandfather: John Zimmerman. John gray?
Wardlaw, Judge D L Wardlaw, Alice R P (12 yrs old) 7 215
Whitten, E S Merriwether, Francis Ann 7 216 1856 Isaac S. Whitten gdn. E.S. Whitten md. Jan 32 to Martha? Robt Merriwether Will. march 28 1827 (?). In Hancock GA. Here follows my try at making it out: Wm., francis, and Virginia Merriwether. Gdn. Thomas Cobb. John? Mary? Joseph, John H, Zachariah et al. John Merriwether estate. Debry Merriwether??? Lewis Connor? Nathan Lispcomb. 1835
Hall, Savage* Scuddy, Dr. H.H. etal 8 217 1859 R.L. Goodwin. james Boazman (Bozeman). 70 acres bnd by Sidney McCurry, Robert lesly, Green W Huckabee. Raulph Harden. William A Giles. Land dispute.
Hall, Savage* Scuddy, Dr. H.H. etal 8 217.5 1859 Vinalls? Vinaus? Savage. Hall. Robert Htchison,, Martha Frances Scott. harkness. Long, many names. Henry H Scuddy.
Wideman, James F exec of James Watson, Margaret widow 8 218 1852 land sale James F Watson dec 6 Dec 1851 T. Widow: Margaret 5 kids: William E, George McDuffie (19 yrs), James F (14), Dorothy Jane (10), Thomas A (11). Much debt. WIlliam N Blake and Dr. E R Calhoun. 1/2 acre Greenwood Depot. Wit statements: A. Waller Esq., Larkin Reynolds, Stephen Elmore.
Robertson, A. P. McKinnie**, S.E. 8 219 1856 land sale James Glasgow, Thomas Glasgow. land bnd by William W. Belcher (west), Samuel Wideman (N), Phebe Drennen (E), John McClellain (S). Wit: Samuel Grice? William Burdett? Barnett? Hiers of Robert McKinney dec. Sarah E McKinney widow. Appraisal: Moses O McCaslan, Robert McComb, Samuel Link? J McComb, John Bradley. Creditor lists. John McKenny. Thomas Glasgow sold to Robert McKenney.
Lyon, Lucy E Reynolds, Benjamin C etal 8 220 1854 partition John Lyon, husband, dec Oct 1853 i - only dtr: Jane G (md. Benjamin C Reynolds). Admin: John F C Settle. Debt complications. Rocky Creek, Savannah, bnd by Mrs. Sarah Wideman?.Thomas J Lyon, Dr. J.W. Hearst
Lyon, Lucy C. Reynolds, Benjamin C etal 8 220.5 1855 Inventories, etc.
Pratt, James L (nearly 19 years) Pratt, William A etal 8 221 1856 part Next friend William Maddox . Nov 1842, William Pratt dec. Widow: Louisa 4 kids: orator and Ophelia, William (17), Sarah (14), 686 acres bnd by John Clinkscales, Robert Ellis, and John E Ellis. Widow’s brother: William Robertson. Widow md Patrick C Haynie in 1848. SHe died 1851 T. Ophelia dec 53, unmarried. Appraisal: Thomas Carwford, John Pratt, Robert Ellis, Andrew C Hawthorn. John L Ellis Esq. Sales: James Bannister, Caleb Burton, J.L. Pratt, James Darby, S.R. Brownlee, T.M. Branyan, Thomas Crawford, John Clinkscales, Reuben Clinkscales, Addison Clinkscales, Chris Ellis. James Clinkscales, James Hopkins, S.M. Tribblee - Winn, Bonner, Young, Robert McAdams, Lindsay McIlwain?, Stone, Callahan, Richey, Fisher, Cowan, Pope, Shaw, Hawthorne, W. Clinkscales, N. Mitchell, Sarah Long. Returns. Much more.
Carlile, Margaret Carlile, Isaac et al 8 222 1844 Margaret, widow of James, dec ‘90 Several children of full age plus Ann, the caboose, still with mom. Long family arguement. Youngest son, Robert E Carlile, dec 1840?: widow: Margaret E Watson. Her daughter, Nancy, md. Michael Kennedy. Kids of James and Margaret: Isaac, John Frances (in GA), James (GA), William, Samuel (GA), Michael and Nancy Kennedy, Johnson and Martha Newel (GA), Howard and Margaret Shackelford (GA), Ann. Kids of Margaret E and Robert: James M (-14), Robert H, Isabella.
Keown, Thomas Jordon, Samuel 8 223 1844 Land: Walker’s Creek, Long Cane. Long Complaint. Thomas was a native of Ireland, and, sadly, naive and trusting. Settled USA 1827. Henry Wideman.
Pettigrew, James L son Pettigrew, Betsy Ann widow 8 224 1844 part Robert Pettigrew dec i 1843, July. hard to read. Dr. Isaac Branch, James H Cobb. William Pettigrew, out of state. James L Pettigrew, Robert Pettigrew - sons. 8 kids: sons + Rosa Ann Pettigrew (md Hezekiah Strom), Betsy Pettigrew (Md. John H Alexander), Thomas Pettigrew , Frances Pettigrew , Nancy Elizabeth Pettigrew , George Pettigrew and another dtr. 4 first named ,over 21. 400 acres bnd by James Cobb, John Patterson, Joseph Ligon, Frederick Ludine?. WILL: JOHN DALE. Son: John S Dale (land bnd by WIlliam Pettigrew), dtrs: Sarah, Nancy Dale and Betsy Pettigrew (widow of Robert). Wit: James Gray, Robert Brady, J Reid?
Young, William Hunt, E Tetal 8 225 1844 Elijah Hunt (Rocky River bnd by Nathaniel norwood, Frances Wimbish, James M Latimore) moved to GA and died in 1838. Wid: Eliza? T Huynt. Kids: William R, Maria L, Laura E, George E, Caspar W Hunt. James M Harris, James Alston and McAnlay? also neighbors.
Wilks, John L Wilks, Samuel M etal 8 226 1842 partition Samuel Conningham of Laurens deed of gift to his dtr: Polly WIlks (mother of orator, dec). Sons: Samuel M, Thomas E, Warren D. Thomas Cunningham, Trustee. Wit Dorcus Cunningham, Lydall and Margaret WIlliams.
Young, Mary widow Graham, James 8 227 1844 part Orators inc: Thomas Young, William Young, Valentine Young, Wiashington Young, Abram Burden and Elizabeth, William Franklin and Nancy. Also in the family, deceased children and their partners: James Graham and Mary (dec. Her inf. kids: Cely? M, Valentine Graham), James Franklin and Margaret (dec. 3 inf kids: Asa Franklin, Valentine Franklin, Mary Ann M Franklin), Isaac Young (dec. Wife: Nancy. Kid: Sarah). Valentine Young (the father and gfather of all) dec 1838 T. Will did not include? 280 acres Mulberry Creek bnd by Anna Swain, Robert Moore, Richard Gaines, Joseph Agnew. Appraisal done by Joseph Weatherall, Samuel Agnew, James Richey, Joseph Agnew, Jonhn Rasor.
Pelot, Francis, L infant boy Pelot, Harriet etal 8 228 1843 Francis’ uncle and next friend: Abner Perrin. Robert Perrin dec (Edgefield) 1826 T. Wife, Sarah dec 1829. Land: Mantz’ branch. Dtrs: Catherine Perrin , Eliza Perrin. Catherine married John Pelot 1828. She died. Francis is her only child. Long and complex file. Wade S Cothren Hard Labor Creek. John Peolot became gdn of son, but misunderstood position and sold land not his. He died, leaving widow Harriet (2nd wife) who thinks she owns everything and moved to GA. James Taghgart, David Wardlaw. WILL: Robert Perrin.: nephew: George G Perrin, Ab ner Perrin jr. and sr., Joseph Hearst. John Anderson. Lewallen? Ollivia?
Lesley, David Dendy, W Thomas etal 8 229 1844 foreclosure Village of Abbeville. James Wood brother of dec David Wood.
Matthews, Elizabeth Hawthorne, D. O 8 230 1868 John Matthews husband of orx. Susan, sister of ortx. Dec. Hard to read.
Pressley, Levi Ray, Silas etal 8 231 1859 Mrs. Mary Brewer, sister of Silas and James Ray and Levi’s mother. She’s a lunatic. Levi is in LA. James dec in Texas, no fam but sibs: Silas, Jane, Nancy McCellend, Sarah Weems (whose sone, WIlliam Weems is in Brozonia? Co, TX), and Mary Brewer.
McClinton, William McClinton, James et al 8 232 1857 partition Mrs. Margaret Watson. Land bnd by John McKellar, John P Barnatt. W Pickens Black. Henry F Perrin. This is a collection of very short bills, results of writs of partition. John S Boyd, WIlliam PRatt. Robert Ellis, John Hill. Many other names.
Moragne*, Peter B Gilbert, Jane etal 8 233 1843 foreclosure Peter Bouyer Moragne: Jane Gibert and gideon J gibert indebted. John L Gibert, dec.
Byrd, Mary Ann et al Graves, Thom 8 234 1843 M Ann Bird by next fr Mary Graves. Elizabeth Fennell of GA dec T. Very hard to read. Hancock COunty GA. Elizabeth Farrell’s WILL: 4 nieces: Mrs Mary? Ann Perine? of Florida, Mrs Cassandra Collins, Mary Ann Bird, Caroline Tennant. Nephew: THomas Graves. John Talbot, son of Cassadra Collins. “My friend, Dr. WIlliam Collins of Columbia.”
Moragne, Peter B (under 21) Moragne, John M 8 235 Francis Moragne, father dec 1818 T. Jane, Widow. 2 heirs.. HTR. John Moragne, one exec. Wit: William P Martin, Randal Ramsey. Isaac Moragne. Jane Turner? Moses Taggart. james Bouchillon, gdn. WILL: Francis Moragne. estate accounts.
McMorris, Morgan Covington, Wm etal 8 236 1836 Part Also see 43/2395, 49/2732, 54/3093, 68/3461 for this family. Richard Covington dec 12 Jan 1836 T. “My brother, William, and his children.” Little River Bnd by McCaw, William Smith, James Wardlaw, Edward Tillman. William had 7 kids at that time: Edmund M Covington, Emily C Covington (wf of Morgan McMorris), Richard B Covington, Charles W Covington, James B m Covington, Augustus W Covington, William Covington, all now living. the 5 last are minors. Columbus, Lownds, MS. Cap. James Baskin, exec. Appr: Andrew Gibbs, Edward Tilman, Jacob Martin, Thomas Cunningham, Henry F Powers?. WILL: RIchard. “Natural” son: Josephus Langdon Squire (land bt from James Crawford) bnd by Mary Crawford etal. Names William’s kids. Also names Samuel Watt Covington as son of William, and a new baby, also of William. Friend; Andrew William Bowie, son of Alexander Bowie. To T johnston , eldest son of Gideon H Johnston, dec. “My mulatto girl, Mima”
Cobb, Charlotte Swilling, John 8 237 1843 Charlotte, wf of James Cobb, dec many years. James A Black, Patrick Johnson, trustees. Edgefield. Willing in bad shape financially. Charlotte’s kids: Martha Caroline Cobb (md E.J.? Davis), Eliza Barbara Cobb (John C Bruger? Burgner?), David C Cobb, Mary Cobb wf of Stephen Cunningham, Thomas S Cobb, William H Cobb, Charlotte C Cobb (md James Ramsey Black), Alabella C Cobb, Henry S Cobb. Expend: to Milton Chiles for Charles Cobb, minor, for 3.5 months boarding. William TInsley, James Douglass, J Kennedy, H Power, Belinda Liddell (Liddle?), et al. Hamburg. Pennies Creek?.
Pratt, Mary gdn Pratt, James W L 3 yrs old 8 238 1859 gdn also gdn of Louisa Jane Pratt, 1 yr., Mary’s kids.
Griffin, Charles B gdn Mathis, Thomas E 18 yrs 8 239 1855 gdn Luke Mathis, father, dec many years ago. Mom, Isabella Mathis - she dec i. Charles B Griffin brother in law.
Woods, Rachel W Woods, James 8 240 1824 Archibald Woods dec some time since, i, w/o issue. Rachel is widow, one of the heirs at law. James Woods, brother, admin w/ Samuel Drinkwater (dec) - admins John Gray and martha B Drinkwater. wit: Olivia? oliver? Taggart, William H Cladwell et al. William Covington.
Hoskinson, Lucretia & James (7 yrs) Houston, O. brother Lucretia 8 241 1852 Oswald (Orwell?) Houston, admin of James H Hoskinson, dec Jan 1826. Elbert Co., GA. Acct names. Witness statements. C Houston. Thomas Owen et al. ALexander Hunter, William Walker, Dr. J Reid, William Patten.
Allen, Jordon (?) E gdn Bouree, (?)Samuel A lexander 8 242 1887 Gdn Samuel is 7 yrs old. Son of Luther? A Bowie dec. Luke? Co. MS. Minor heir of uncle William L Bowie. Robert H Wardlaw? Admin witness: Pinkney G Bowie, John Augustine et al surities. Jordon is uncle of Samuel and Margaret Alletha Bowie. Neshoba, MS. LEake Co MS. Mahala F Bowie, widow. More detail.
Gwym, Morris Rambert, Abijah etal 8 243 1804 Edgefield.
Waddell, John admin Collier, Edmund etal 8 244 1834 James M Robertson. Robert G Quarles and Mary E, wf. ; John Waddell and Martha Ann, wf; all filed vvs Edward Collier and Mary, wf., John H Gray and Jane, wf. Oct 1817, George Robertson dec T. Wid: Mary, 4 kids: James, Mary, Martha Ann, jane. John McCalla, exec. Savannah.
Waddell, John admin Collier, Edmund etal 8 244 1834 cont: WILL: Jame MisCambell of Orangeburgh: Mary MisCampbell wf (her 2nd marriage). Butler’s estate. s-i-l: George Robertson. g son, James Miscampbell Robertson. Nieces: Rebecca Parler? and Eliza Little. Dre: Mary Robertson (who gets the silver spoons with mom’s initials). Wit: Shadrach parler and Rebecca. Elizabeth Littell. wit: Jos Bouchillon, William Richardson, N Harris etal.
Simmons, Harriet** Barratt, John P Admin 9 245 1854 part relic of Enoch B Simmons dec i. “The Scott tract” adn others. hard labor bnd by Laurens, H W Wardlaw. Kids: Margaret F (John H Pinson), Anna Eliza (Stephen Elmore), Emily, Harriet O, Almina H, Nancy Elizabeth (last two minors).
Coleman, Sarah Coleman, Robert 9 246 1853 support By David, her son and next friend. Married in Ireland. There had 2 kids: Isabella (Alexander Austin) and Samuel dec. Came to SC had six more kids (or 8?). William, nearly of age, Robert and Thomas Jefferson minors. Robert turned out to be a total beast and threatened to kill her with a knife. Family ran away from him and is living all over the neighborhood.
Moore, Lucy Moore, John W 9 247 1853 part She’s mom of Lover James Moore dec i in ‘51, no wife. Six sibs: John W, William A, Augustus W, Telitha A (wf Dave W McCants), Lucinda (James M Calvert), Docythias? C Minor 18 yrs?. Saluda land bnd by David W McCants, Robert Y Jones, John Carter. Family character info. Sales and debt names incl: Nelley (Blacksmith), Rosemond, Gary, Griffin (shoemaker?), Agnew, Joel Smith, Graham (coffin), Dr. Norwood, Cobb, Lomax, Mays, Roderick, WC Anderson, N Sims, Franklin.
Graham, Samuel etal Graham, Wm jr. 9 248 1852 part Sam, Albert, Elias T, Graham,. William Graham dec i, ‘51. Turkey Creek, Saluda Bnd by William Graham sr., James Robertson. more kids: William jr., Charles, James, Sarh Rosamond (John), and kids of John Graham dec (no widow): William, Martha, Mary, John, Margaret, Eliza, Calvin, James, Sarah. James and Rosemonds live in MS. William, Mary Eliza and Sarah out of state. John’s kids are minors. William haddon on committee. Good file with info.
Robertson, Elizabeth wife Robertson, Sarah etal 9 249 1852? part James Robertson dec i ‘51. 2 kids: Sarah (16), Jane (12). He had others, but all dec - young and unmarried. Robert M Davis esq admin. Long Cane, Mt. Creek. McCurdy? land bnd by Jackson, Thompson, Shoemaker et al bouth ‘39. Other Savanah - bnd by John Oliver, William Keoun. Little note: f83 - list of cases. Petres vs Smith, Cladwell vs Caldwell, D Calhoun vs Mrs Calhoun. This one - Susan Glover vs Elizabeth Harris Graham.
Henderson, Cassandra Henderson, Jackson 9 250 1859 Francis Henderson - hus? dec ‘59. Rocky Creek bnd by Sally Wideman, Josiah Patterson, William McCain. 5 kids, under 21 - Judson? (9), James s (7), Jefferson (5), Robert (3), Francis marion (1). William hill, admin. Cassandra wid?
Hugh M Brownlee and Euginia E, wf 9 251 1854 account STCP Jones dec. ‘54. Testate. Euginia and Frances Barmore, now dec, his minor kids. Henry A Jones. Lots of compaint here. STCP Jones of Mt. Pleasant, Abbe - wf Hellena. Niece: Mary Elizabeth Jones, dtr of H.A. Jones esq. Niece Sarah Fickline? Jones 2nd dtr brother H.A. Euginia and Francis are nieces, dtrs Enoch Barmore estate. Niece: mary Townes Jones and Calhoun, child of Dr. N.S> Jones of Wetumpka AL. Nephew D T Jones? Niece Sally Fickling Jones. Niece Sarah Williamson. Mary Traynham.
Bigby, George M Bigby, Mary Ann 9 252 1853 Mis numbered packets. John W. Bigby, james Robertson also orators. George Bigby dec May 1951 T Widow mary Ann and 9 kids: Emily, Elizabeth (James Robertson), George M, John W - mary Ann, Martha C, James A, Thomas S, William A, Alcipia A - last three minors. Turkey Creek Saluda bnd by John Donald, Henson Posey, Henry Maddox, Dr. John Wilson and Elgin Kay, “The old Bigby place.” Copy of will - wit John Wilson. David Moore, William W Mosely.
Waller, Jane Elizabeth wf Waller, Peluis A etal 9 253 1859 part Albert Waller dec i (owned a place if FL). 8 living kids: Pelius A., Codnis? D., Rody E (wf of William E Keilcrease?), Robert A, and minors: Criswell A., James L., Cadmus G., Edward Henry. Lived in Greenwood near Levell, Bailey, Reynolds, Hinton, etc. Lots of specifics. Big Estate. Huge file.
Davis, Winston H. Davis, Laura A. et al 9 254 1852 part Winston is married to Martha Jane Fooshe, sister of Robert Fooshe, who died in abt 1845, leaving a will. WILL IS INCLUDED. Charles B Fooshe is exec (note to me: he’s signed on the Turner A. Davis papers) and Uncle of Martha Jane Fooshee Davis. Robert leaves his land to sibs John W., Joel, Charles W. Fooshee and Louisa Logan (md Andrew Logan). Slaves Abram and Rachel, slaves Pimon? or Simon and Hal. Left land also to martha Jane for life, and then to her children. She’d had four kids, only the oldest survived. Laura Anna Virginia. The land on Wilson’s Creek, bnd by Griffin Goulding, Charles B Fooshe and joel Fooshe, is swampy and “sickly.” They lost their 3 kids and eleven slaves to illness, and now, seven years later, wish to sell the land and move to Anderson. Dr. John Davis witnesses along with Nathan McCants, R. Golding , Cooper and Thomas B. Byrd. W.H. and Martha J have 2 more kids later: William Edward Davis and Mary Cannon Davis. Dr. John is gdn of Laura A.V. y
Raney, William and wife McDonnell, P. and others 9 255 Mary Tayor, now Raney, (William: preacher of gospel in Drumblade Co., Aberdeen). She is lawful daughter of Samuel Taylor parish in Forgue? Aberdeen and Elizabeth Forbes, his wf dec. William Forbes of Philedelphia, “brother German,” of Elizabeth Forbes. Mom dec i, owns Phili houses in German Town and land Kentucky was Nathaniel Forbes’ (dec son William Forbes), land subject to dower of Mrs. Mary Forbes, his mother. Everyone dec. I guess Mom got her bro’s stuff then dec i. mary taylor and Samuel ( of Lependrum or Sependruin) only surviving kids. Mary’s bro, William Forbes Taylor of Cambletown SC, dec leaving will. William Ross dec and Duncan Mathison? dec, Patrick McDowel of Savannah. Wit: Allen Donald, John Spence. In 1760, Sam Taylor in Loanhead? baptized son William. Wm Forbes and nathaniel wit 1777 had son named Samuel. etc. General Alexander Hay of Ranes.
Parker, John Parker, Thomas etal 9 256 1825 part Josiah and nancy Parker. 1823 Charles Parker dec. i. Land bnd by Robert Smith, West by Dabney Wansly, North by John S Allen, East Hugh McLeu?. Wid Nancy. No issue. Orator and brothers [Thomas, james and (Sarah Parker wid) and Thomas, Sarah Parker, Margaret, Jane, Catherine? Shelby? Matthew, nancy, mary, Charles Parker, kids of Matthew Parker bro. dec. ], nancy Parker, wf of Robert Blithe, mary Parker wf of Robert James Birmingham - Mary and nancy sisters of i. Everybody but orators lives out of state, location unknown.
Saxon, Benj H Crawford, Ebenezer etal 9 257 1824 Elizabeth Crawford? made will 2 grandsons James C. Crawford and John M Crawford Landbnd by East Thomas Brough, South John Moore, west Little River North John McKelvy? John Wilson dec. Was it james, dec with no wife or issue,: Mom, Rhoda Crawford, sister Rhoda and 2 brothers: John M and Ebenezer (then minors, now 21+). Orator bought 3/4 from John M. Graham ? Medford m sister Rhoda. Contract problems.
Campbell, Mat Edwards, Sarah e. 9 258 1840 part David Edwards dec i, wid: Sarah Edwards and 6 kids: Rebecca (oratrix) wf Matt C, James, mary, Thomas, David, John, surviving of these Thomas, David and John are now minors. -14. Land bnd by Thomas Riley, Henry Bozer, James Jones, Thomas Mier? Wier? Some land of Henry Gray dec. OTher: Henry? Boozer, Mrs. Molly Rykard, Mrs. Rebecca Reykard. Curltail? Creek. james M Edwards.
McCord, John B and wife, Belinda Padgett, Mary Ann etal 9 259 1845 part John Padgett dec i. 2 minor kids: Mary Ann and Louisa Padgett. Belinda was wid. - married McCord. bnd by Nicholas Ware, Richard Wardlaw and Wilson? Ezekiel Razor, Abner McGee. Plat.
Spingle**, Wm Springh? Adams, John 9 260 1831 bond Land of Long Cane bnd by James Wardlaw, Tennet, Paul, Joseph Sanders. marcus Moore, Joseph H Sanders of Maringo County.
Marshall, J. Foster Arundle, E.J. 9 261 261-265
Misc Deeds 1818-1837 9 261 1820 James Miller Sr? Isaac Miller, Long Cane bnd by John Stewart, Andrew Stewert, James Miller. ‘26. // John Anderson and mary P Anderson, Sam and Eliza C Marshall wf. John Mccomb and Kitty wf - Basdale Darby, some land sold by John Foster to Sam’l H Owens, then Quarles Norris creek. E Morgan ‘20. William Parrin// John Stewart and Ann to Christian Barns ‘32. Frazier Creek? Norris Creek of Long Cane bnd by James Caldwell and millers//1796 Elinore, Mary, Elizabeth Norris and William Speer. Frazers Creek.//1818 John Foster, Eleanor Foster wf. John Adams Norris land out by Isaac Miller, Stewerts, Owens Wardlaw.// Isaac Miller, Hughey Armstrong bnd by Jesse Miller// Rebeckah Sanders John Sanders jr “my father, Joseph Sanders”. Wit Joseph Davis in will 1818// Isaac Miller, Alexander Stevenson, Emy Vann Norris. joseph Davis wit.// John Foster to Isaac Miller, Stewarts, Adams Shillito ‘31. Andrews.
Elmore, Elizabeth Dow*,Wm B 9 262 1853 Elizabeth wf of Stephen B Elmore. Land of John W. Hearst. Rocky Branch Daniel New - land squabble.
Hester, Thomas Hester, Louisa widow 9 263 1845 Henry Hester dec i ‘44. Robert, Samuel, Hester Sarah Ann Norwood (James), Rebecca, John Henry and Elijah (last three minors). Bear Garden Creek bnd by Williamson Norwood, George Gray, Richmond Harris et al.
J Foster Marshall admin Mrs. Elizabeth Y Arnold widow 9 264 1853 Dr. Alexander B Arnold dec ‘53. Tex - John Spier esq.. Dr. William R Sanders. “To my niece who I rasied, Elizabeth Yance Arnold, Gantt? slave Libby. Nephew: Alex B Cochran. Thomas W Gantt. More Hard to read.
Mosely, Mary Mosely, John M etal 9 265 1852 Mary widow. Richard Mosely dec i., kids: John M, Tarleton, Phillip, Charlotte (last two minors). Savannah, William Spier, John McCalla, Buford, Maj Alston. John McCalla. Henry Mosely. John Power gdn.
Cloud, Wm (Chester dist) Calhoun, Wm L. et al 9 266 1857 Margaret W Clowd, late dtr of orator. M Calhoun ‘53. Slave names - family groups - January and Lamb, James and Tabbey and others. margaret dec w/o kids. William married again. Orator 5 dtrs: Eliza J (James R. Aiken), Sarah DuBose, mary L (Elias Earle), Susan A (Robert B Boylston), Eurica ? R Cloud. Much More. Sold slaves in family groups - names frame 306. Wit: B. Ragsdale, William, C Caldwell.
Clowd**, Wm Calhoun, Wm L. et al 9 266.5 1857 More of the same.
Hughey, James and Susan wf. Adams, Edward etal 9 267 1859 part
Saxon, B F and wife Barksdale, Joseph, etal 9 268 1813 part Benjamin Thomas Saxon and Martha wf late Barksdale. Elizabeth Barksdale dec T: child of sister: Patsey Barksdale. 2 slaves, Dick and Bet. Joseph her exec. 2 kids - Martha orartrix and Polly, dec. John Calbert Garrett?
White, Robert J Belcher, Warren P 9 269 1859 part Sarah A (ortx), William W Belcher, Uncle of oratrix, dec ‘59 i, no wife, no folks. Only heirs kids of dec brother Robert E: 8 - Warren P, William W., Winston H (21+), John H, Henry Clay, James N, Mary and rebecca. and kids of dec bro james: 6: oratrx, William W., james C., Mary H., Preston and Robert Edmund Belcher. Land description. Lots of stuff.
Patterson, William Murphy, Arthur etal 9 270 1853 Wm Pattersonby next friend Moses T Owen, next friend. Gr Grandfather: Moses Taggart, esq. 10 Apr 1819 Will ex to James Taggart deed in favor of “his” dtr? thenMary Perrin (Thomas Perrin) for life. Slave Rachel and son George, and Anika). Perrin dec and she md Arthur Murphy - 16 slave names. perrin 2 kids: Elizabeth, Sarah Ann (Elizabeth md Thomas Maybry had one child, then mom and child dec), Sarah Ann (Cary P Patterson). She dec 52. 4 kids: Ann, sarah, Eliza, and Oratrix. William Patterson. John W Hearst, trustee. Dr. J.W. McKellar signed Sarah Ann’s name on will at request. Taggart’s deed.
Watson, James Franklin Wideman, Jas H 9 271 1859 1851 James F Watson , dad of Orator, dec. T. wf margaret Dec T. Will quote: “My children William Edward (dec i), George Mc?, James Franklin, Thomas Anthony and Dorothy Jane Watson. James H Widwman exec. R.R. Tolbert gdn of last two kids, minors. Wit M W Coleman. John McKellar, Willis Smith, J.L. griddin, slave lists frame 488. Will of james F Watson.
Thomas F* G and mary wf Hayne Wm Edward 9 272 1854 Francis Simmons of John’s island dec T. Mary Y Simmons wid. After, she md Joseph P Arthur, now dec. Waddy Thompson, edgefield bought land with legacy. She lost kids there.. W.E. Arthur estate. ‘46 settlement. Present Dr. F.G. Thomas (Mary’s present husband) and Thomas Arthur, his heirs.
Starke, Samuel J H Davis, John Dr. 9 273 1852 Frances E. Starke, wf. Robert M Davis. john Davis, M.D. trustee of estate. Wit matthew McDonald. J Townes? Robertson. Oh -oh. Dr. John Davis drinks too much - Rocky Rivers Savannah bnd by james Bakin, Ferg McMahan, W S Hampton, others - slave names. Trust Estate. John White, Samuel Robinson, John H Wilson, Luke Mathis, Robert McAdams, Ezekeil Hall, Samuel Wilson. Sl - Jacob, Eli, Anthony, Silas, Dorcas, Dina, Crossly, and George.
Hunter, John gdn Glasgow, James N minor 9 274 1854 gdn William Watson, witness. dec father James Glasgow.
Vaughn, James C Reyburn, Frances 9 275 1857 Thomas B Byrd’s will.: widow Elizabeth. house and lot in Greenwood (Slv: Hoblie and Lizzy wf. havannah kid. More names). No Dower. William Parks son of wf, dec in Tex. Thomas Byrd waives right in estate in favor of Lewis, James, John T Parkes and Elizabeth (John Barratt jr), wf’s kids. Leave to Catherine Ashe, Joseph ? Zebulonj Hearst (slave names). “My two children”: Dudly Byrd and Frances (wf Edward P Vaughn of Newberry), and granddtr - dtr of John B Byrd dec son. Slave names and valuations. Trusty friend James M Perrin, Albert Waller, Thomas Perrin, Frances Arnold, Allen Vance, James M Perrin exec. Wit: Emanuel J Will, W.J. Templetojn, H. Wl. Leland. Frances E.S. Byrd, widow of dec John B - james C Vaugn made trustee. Feb ‘57 dec T Byrd.
John Clinkscales gdn Polly and Benjamin F Beckworth 9 276 1825 gdn estate of Isaac Beckworth dec.
Creswell, James gdn Creswell, Margaret, Caroline 10 277 1845 Gdn Mr. Brownlee. Sister Margaret E. settlement. Caroline md Brownlee? James yes.
Mosely, W.C. gdn Richey, Suzannah, Benjamin A 10 278 1859 gdn Savannah E. Richey. (pd Virginia C Richey for boarding both kids).
Thomson, Thomas gdn Dendy, Charles N? A? 10 279 1867 gdn execs of Charles Dendy dec i . T? Lyon and James A Allen. Come of age 67. pd E.A. Dendy board. Pd R.L. Davis for cloth coat. more names -
Morrah, S R gdn Barmore, E.E. 10 280 1858 gdn Hugh M Brownlee: “My wife Euginia E.” Frances E Barmore (female). Admin. David Donnald. Estate of Enoch Barmore dec.
Johnson S.R. Mattison, G.M. 10 281 1859 purchase Request part of father’s estate. James Johnson est (father - dec 1858 T)
Orr, James S gdn Williams, Eliza P 10 282 1865 gdn Kitty (Kittin) F Williams admin W.A. Williams. pd Eliza C Marswhall for board Eliza. W.W. Marshall admin. W.A. Williams. pd K.F. Williams board. ELiza F Buist? md. (Hugh B Buist).
Sims, Margaret Sims, Arthur 10 283 1854 Partition Thomas Sims dec 1854 i. kids: Arthur, Elijah (AL), Sarah McComb (Md David McComb of AL), Nancy Cox, Susan Dean (md John B Dean). Gr kids: Kids of Polly Greer dec: Nimrod Greer, Misty Dunlap (md John Dunlap), Benjamin, Thomas Grier, James Greer. Kids of Micajah Sims dec i: Michael Sims, Benjamin. Also Annie and Elizabeth, married, hus unknown (MS), and other children of Micajah (names unknown). Oratrix: Widow. John R Wilson admin. Samuel Donnald. Landdescription: Little River near Elgin and Martin. S.AW. Treble. James Hadden, William Clinkscales, much more. y
Wardlaw, Dr. Joseph J gdn McCuin**, Margaret F McCaw 10 284 1854 Father: William H McLane, McLeane. McCow?
Cobb, Elizabeth Cobb, Jos. H. 10 285 1859 relief
Gillam, James Sheppard, Geo 10 286 1852 foreclose Whiteford Creek.Saluda. Andrew Andrews. Benjamin? Hilt? Henry Ball. J.H. Power.
Crowther, William Crowthen, John et al 10 287 1864 James C Crowther. Hard to read. Sarah, Abevane?, John, Hannah, Mary Boyd, Alexander Bowen and Elizabeth. Sterling Bowen.
Burton, Missouri Burton, William L et al 10 288 1863 Joseph Burton dec i. Children: William L., John, Sarah Jane, Mary A and Joseph F infants -21. bnd by: Clinkscales . Can’t read.
Taylor, Val W etal Willard J C etal 10 289 1838 Joshua Willis, dec T. Kids: Julia T., Martha W?, Milly Ann D. Thomas (md Winston N Traylo? then dec), I Mary E and Sarah C Willis. Savannah and Little River bnd by Isaac Morague, Peter Smith. Widow: Rachel.
Marshall, Dr. Joseph M.W. Puckett, Mary, T etal 10 290 1818 Coleman C Puckett dec 57 Borrowed money. Bannister Allen. Widow: Mary F. Kids: William Capers? Puckett, LEster Durrant Puckett, both -21. David A. Jordon. Foreclosure. Samuel McGowen and other crediors. Bnd Charles Dendy, Agnes Kingsmore. Once owned by Mrs. M Pope. Lots more.
Wilson, G H Goff, Samuel etal 10 291 1852 John H Wilson. Ann Goff dec i. Father Samuel and brother David. Village of Abbeville. Charles Dendy, Dr. Franklin? Branch?. More more.
Marshall, Dr. Joseph W. W. gdn Martin, Agnes, Richard 10 292 1854 in 1852 Margaret P Martin, mom - then widow - was gdn of Richard (3 yrs old), S.H.M., A.T. Hammond 1854.
Martin, James P Talbert, Rachel Tolbert? 10 293 1854 Her brother William, dec. James Tolbert, dec. Dad, Daniel Tolbert, dec. Mom dec in ‘46. Rachel living with family of brother in law, James P Martin. James F Tolbert wit. One brother still living - out of state.
Banks, James Bank, Charles et al 10 294 1853 part Elizabeth Banks widow and mom of James and Charles Banks. dec 18 Feb 1853. Little River. Bnd by William, Elias Banks, Samuel Edwards. Savannah. Kids: Charles, William, Amos, George, Elias and James (orator), Samuel also son, dec with kids -[Eliza (md Moses Jacobs), Vincent (12), Samuel (5).] And a deceased daughter Sarah, also dec. with kids: 2 marriages: 1st: Eilzabeth Johnson (md Thomas Adams), Hester Ann. 2nd (md to Isaac Waters, now dec) dtr: Diameter (can’t be right) and others, names unknown. Thomas Adams, Elizabeth sf. Thomas P Dowtin, wit. Much more.
Key, Charles W etal Keys, George H etal 10 295 1863 part 2? Dec 1862 James H Key dec i on Greenville, Columbia Rd. bnd by Kay S, Bigley, J.L. Davis, T.M. Branyon. Left mom, bros and sis and kids of dec bro and sis. Isabella, mom. George H., Charles W. ( one an orator), Caroline (md. J. F. Maddison? Mattison). kids of John B: Savannah, Caroline and John B Kay, minors. Lots here. George W Richey? Only kid, Emily. Wit: David Moore. Robert Brownlee, John Bigby, David Greer.
Morrah, Samuel B, Aaron Lomax Scott, Eleanor, John 10 296 1838 execs of Hugh Morroh dec T. Samuel wanted to buy land, sent f-i-l who bid, won then dec.
Griffin, John L Griffin, Vincent 10 297 1855 John is brother to Vincent. Vincent, the father, dec. The mother, Agnew W., married Larkin Reynolds. y
Livingston, Thos gdn Livingston, Eugenia 10 298 1828 gdn guardian of children of Tao (Taliafero) Livingston dec.
Cox, Agnes Gillebeau, Peter S. et al 10 299 1859 part Husband Gabriel Cox dec. Land desc. bnd Moragne and Martin etc. Heirs: kids: Augustus M, George Whitfield, Malcolm S, Jane Jacobs (md Samuel Jacobs), Achsal?? Newby (md. Wiley Newly?), Sarah Cox (Lucious D Cox), Emily Ison (John Isom), and two minors: Jon and Mary Cox.
Belcher, Nancy E (Anderson dist) Belcher, Wm W et al 10 300 1859 Widow and admin of James M Belcher (dec 57). He was a planter, then moved to Augusta GA and became a grocer. Daniel Brown, father of Nancy. Bad business management, I guess. Grocery bought by William W. Belcher. Samuel Brown. Long file. squabble.
Coleman, James gdn Waller, John, William 10 301 1827 returns Lufaw? Waller. Year of 22, recvd of William Chile, exec of Willam White, dec. Gdn for Susan Waller in her lifetime. Amelia Waller> Leonared Waller gdn. Mother died. Suzannah. James Sales gdn. Guilfored Waller. Accounts.
Logan, John gdn Logan, Jane 10 302 1826 gdn Barbara Logan, gdn of her daughter, Jane. revd of Richard Griffin. pd John Lipscomb. Estate Col John Lipscomb dec. Bennett Reynold, admin of Barbara Logan. Settlement of accounts. in 1839, now Jane Black (md William C Black) interesting hints.
Kinney, Archibald B Watson, Sarah, L etal 10 303 1857 gdn Elizabeth, Margaret W. kids of Archibald’s sister Margaret Z? Watson. Father: William.
Drenan, John W et al Drennan,Mary Drennen? 10 304 1863 N. and R. Drenan. Robert Drenan dec i. Widown: Mary. Mary Z?, Elizabeth Z?L?), Martha Arabella, Rebeca and orators. Derliin? Devlin? Lots of names in this packet, but hard to read and out of my time fram.
Liddel, John T Miller, Euginia Ann 10 305 1859 James Liddell gdn of Euginia Ann Miller, child by 2nd marriage. Hamilton Miller dec. Then Mother dec. Child was 5. George McD Miller. Don’t think there actually was a John T in the file?
Talbert, Rachel Talbert, John H etal 10 306 1853 Rachel relict and widow of James, dec 53. Curltail Creek. James Martin, Ephriam Davis, Louisa Logan. Kids: John H, Mary Isabella (md John F.H. Davis), Nancy )md James W Buchanan), William K, Joseph Marshall? Tolbert - all under 21. Levi Strawhorn (md. Martha Rebecca Tolbert, now dec.- 1853) had only one child, William H Strawhorn - also dec. ALSO SEE Abbeville probate box 136 Pack3862 - more info about Strawhorns, etc.
Mabry*, Matthew W Mobry Holms, Wyatt 10 307 1853 Reuben L Maybry, dad dec 53 i. Cokebury, Cornecko Creek, Saluda, bound by Thomas, Townsend, others. Kids: Barbara A Holmes (md. Wyatt Holmes of Holmes, MS). Thomas J., Orator, Mattheas W., James? F, Elizabeth B Ross ( Benjamin A. Ross), Samuel W Maybry, Caroline C., Lucien L (in 4 days, 21).
Merriman, L.D. Clinkscales, Eliza A 10 308 1858 Francis B Clinkscales (female) dec T. Will of George B Clinkscales, and of Francis. Fort Bend, Texas. James W. Clinkscales WILL: slave names. My sister Louisa Jane Merriman, [exec as trustee. Nieces: Rowena Elizabeth, Luemma? Cornelia, Ealeanor Brownlee Marriman. Nephew Frank Clinkscales Marriman.. Designated Lewis D merriman, dad and hus, gdn of kids.]. Sister: Sarah Cowen, dec and Bro John B Clinkscales dec - both with children. Bro: George B, Abbot J Clinkscales. Sister Mary C Hamilton. 1/2 bro William V Clinkscales. 1862. Wit Jack Adams, J.H., Dct Boozer. William Hill certified for Abbeville.
Merriman, L.D. Clinkscales, Eliza A 10 308 1858 continued: Geo B dec. Estate F.B. Clinkscales. W.L. Prince., s.i.l. WILL of Geo. B: wife: Eliza dtrs: Martha A Prince, Mrs. Barbara Clement, Sarah J Clinkscales. Son: Francis William (should he survive the war). WILL of Francis B Clinkscales: wife: Barbary D. Son: William V (left a lot of land and stuff). The slave, “Cyrus” get to pick which kid he and fam will belong to. Kids: George B., Albert J., Mary C Hamilton (md John M), James W., William V. , along with the kids of Sarah Cowen (md john) and kids of John B. “My dtr. Louisa Jane Merriwether (wf L.D.M.). no dates on latter wills. Geo. inv 1864 M.B. Latimer, James T Liddell and others Accts. Many, many sales and account names.
McCelvy, Samuel L gdn Scott, Mary Jane 10 309 1854 Mother and father recently dec. Uncle: James L M McClevy. William C Scott. Joseph D (father) gdn in 1848.
Gary, Mary A gdn Gary, William 10 310 1854 gdn She is mother of William. Father, Thomas R S.M.G.? Gary, dec.
Wardlaw, D.L. and Joel Smith Smith, Sarah M etal 10 311 1869 Daniel M Smith. Augustus M Smith dec 20 Jun 1862. Widow: Sarah M. 2 sons: Lewis Wardlaw Smith, Augustus W. Smith (both -10). James M Perrin dec 1863. Augustus held land in Ark., Mo., Iowa, Neb., Minn. His father, Joel Smith. Mom: Isabella. Sister: Lucy, wf John A Bowie. Sam McGowen. Joseph H Dullis of Philadelphia, PA. Bannister Allen. Bird’s eye view of the effect the Civil War had on the Families of the south. Many names.
Wardlaw, D.L. Smith, Sarah M etal 10 311.5 1871 Accounts - debts pd. INV before war - Mrs. Ellen Chappell admin of S.B. Chappell. Moses Anderson.
Wardlaw, D.L. Smith, Sarah M etal 10 311.75 1871 More accounts. Countless names - worth looking through if this is your area.
Hawthorne, Jasper Pruit, Mary A. etal 11 312 1860 part Israel Cowen dec 4 Sep 1845. Deed of trust to Jasper and wf, Anna (formerly Cowen, dtr of Israel) and kids in behalf of themselves and their sibs. John R Wilson. Joseph Hawthorne dec. some years ago. Other names. Hard to read. John Mathis, James E Crawford, Wm B Hutchins. William Marin? Amarylis E Crawford, Constantina C Hutchins, Elizabeth Ann Matthews. John Mathis WILL and wife Elizabeth. David O Hawthorne. Deed of trust. Long file. Detail Accounts.
Cheatham, Robert gdn Bell, Lemuel under 21 11 313 1821 out or order Benjamin Bell and wife, gdn Lemuel Wilson. Alxander Sample 1822 pd. gdn. Mrs Elizabeth Bell, gdn. Lemuel in 1825. J?T? Myrick. John Logan. Joseph Griffin. Willliam Nibbs. Legacy of Lewis Bell estate.
McCord, James and Sarah wf. Keller, Nancy widow 11 314 1863 out of order David Keller dec 1860 i. Kids: Sarah McCord, I?J?, Elizabeth Lomax? (wf John W), Eliza? Lomax (wf Samuel), Angaline R Lomax (William A), James W., Nancy Ann Wilson (WIlliam H Wilson), David Z?, Mary Julia Maybry (wf James F), Isabella A (18), William AW. (16), Sarah E Keller (14), Nancy: Widow and exec. Long. Should Read.
Brownlee, John and Rosannah Pettigrew, R.H. et al 11 315 1850 part George Pettigrew dec. T 39. Wife: Mary, still livingP? GChild: Mary L Paskell and Sarah Jane Paskell. Robert H Pettigrew (son) and Brownlee execs. Kids: Robert H., George P., Margaret (widow Robinson), Rosannah Brownlee, John Z?, out of state, GA. Sarah Oliver (md Robert), MS. the two grandchldn are dtrs of Jane, live in MS. Father William M. WILL of Geo. Pettigrew. f 67.
Wilson, William Liddell, James A etal 11 316 1857 partnership became partners in carriage making. Articles dissolved. Liddell left the state and left his partner with the debts.
Cheatham, Martha gdn Cheatham, Alfred et al 11 317 1842 gdn Minors in 1831: John, Milton, Robert, Lavinda (spelled also Livinday), Zebedee, Henry, Alfred (spelled also Alford), Hellena. Martha, the mother, is gdn. Many accounts. It looks like Zebedee was the first to come of age. There seems to be an order here. One place, written, Zebedee, Helena, Milton, Lavinda, Alfred (I think that was in 31). pd. Reuben G Golding. Wesley Brooks, Todd Smith. Milton of age 42? Attry Robert Cheatham. William C Black. John Boyle. Sworn before Charles Neely. Minors of John L Cheatham (fr 106). witness John B Davis. John M Golding married Lavinda wit 42. John McGhee tuituion. Thomas Richards. WIlliam Eddins. Thomas B Dendy. A.j. Logan. Isaac Herring. Helen md. R.G. Golden. y
Marshall, J.F. DeBruhl, Marian F (male) 11 318 1859 Marshall P DeBruhl. E.A. Marshall and John W. Marshall exec J.F Marshall dec. pdSusan E DeBruhl. S.C. DeBruhl. S.E.
Mosely, B.F Richy, Elmina O 11 319 1867 Come of age 1866. Also Fatima Ann Richey.
Linton, H.S. gdn Linton, Margaret 11 320 1854 Hampton L Linton. Elizabeth Lenton gdn of Clothilda, Rebecca linton and Rebecca? Sloan? admins of Samuel Linton dec. A Hunter. Rebecca md James M Sloan. Sidney Linton gdn Margaret.
Watson, Catherine A 9 yrs Childs, James Wesley 11 321 1854 John P Barratt next friend. John McLennan? Marion Co, FL dec T. Catherine is a g dtr. Leaves to his father Alexander McLennan and mother, Isabella McLennan. His aunt, Nancy. Brothers and sisters: Alexander jr., Roderick McSennan?, Betty, Ann, Mary, Bess. All still in Scotland, in Sochalsh and Damiah. G Dtr ‘s gdn claims that Scotish fam isn’t alive, no contact. John McLennan came to SC 1820 , to Cambridge and married Catharine McKellar - had only Ann McClennen, who md Edward Watson, Catherine’s father, dec in 47. mom dec in 45. Witnesses Alexander Finlayson, Alexander McRed of Lochalsh (Sochalsh?) say family hale and hearty, including Uncle John. More. Wit: Abraham P Pool, Thomas C Griffin, MB Hachette, WIlliam W Griffin.
Watson, Catherine etal Childs, Jas W etal 11 321.5 1854 Inventories, notes, Long. Florida Land.
Glover, Susan & Wiley Harris, Elizabeth etal 11 322 1851 Benton, AL. Bartlett Satterwhite of Newberry, gg father of orator. dec bet 1803-07 T left to dtr, Jemima Glover, then wf of Wiley Glover, orator’s g father. Left Slaves. Wiley dec 1806 T, execs, Jemimah Glover and James Bullock, nathan Lipscomb. Jemima’s kids: Elizabeth Glover and Willis Satterwhite Glover (orator’s father), only legatees. Elizabeth md William Harris 1815. Jemima then md nathan Lipscomb . nathan dec 1820 T, Jemimah 1849 T. Many slave names. G dtr: Ann Jemimah Harris, Rebecca Addison (md George A Addison). Willis Glover (youngest kid), md Susan White 1821-22. He died in 23, widow Susan Glover, Son Wiley. Widow and Lewellin Goode admin. Elizabeth Harris, George Addison of Edgfield and E. S. Irvine of Greenville (md Ann Jemima Harris). Very long file. Typed acct. f 243. WILLS: TYPED.
Glover, Susan etal Harris, Elizabeth etal 11 322.5 1854 partition Lots of names, detail. Nice writing. Inv. Old judgement.
Norris, Jasper J gdn Norris, Fanny Lula -14 11 323 1857 His dtr. AL, Dallas Co. Heir of mother. Thomas Chatham.
Hopkins, James M and Elizabeth Crowder, William etal 11 324 1863 John A Burton dec i 1862. Johnson’s Creek. Hard to read. neighbors named. Elizabeth Burton heir, Amy?Burton (William Crowder), J.F. Burton, Lucinda Burton(Franklin Clinkscales), Robert Burton, Dicey Burton (WIlliam McGehee), William L Burton, Sallie Burton (Bartley Gray), nancy Lavinia Burton, Peter Burton, Mary Burton (Robert Tucker?). Much to learn, but ugly to read. Missouri Burton and WIlliam Clinkscales bnd to Parker. J.h. Elgin. Joshua Ashby. Missouri, WilliamL, Sarah Jane, Mary A, William Crowther, Basil F Gray, joseph F Burton, John W Burton.
Parker, W illiam Henry Finley*, Letitia etal (wf) 11 325 1860 foreclosure Thomas N Finley dec. Kids: Nancy Jane Finly, Oscar Finley, Amanda Finley, Orville Finley, Stephen Finley, Sarah Finley, Lucy Finley, Granville Finley. Thomas was admin vs Alexander Hunter, exec Henry A? Lewis?. Mt. Carmel. Tenn.
Bradley, Patrick & Mary Jane Dendy Vance, John C et al 11 326 1870 John McClellen, dec. Allen Vance, dec (exec, wid: Mary M Vance. 3 kids: Mary C Vance, md C.A.C. Waller, - John C Vance, Laura C Vance, -21) in debt to McClellan with James Creswell as surity. 550 acres Coronoca Creek bnd by John Logan (now dec), Mrs. Magee et al. McLellan dec T, then Vance dec T (son John C and brother James W Vance of LA execs). His property in LA. Lot in Greenwood bnd by Simon P Boozer, WIlliam H Bailey, Bennet Reynold jr and McKeller. Wier tract, 485 acres. Sold to John C Maxwell. WILL McClellan, “beloved wf and dtr and her kids”. dtr: Mary Jane Dendy - 3 g kids: EE. Dendy, James Dendy, Thomas M Dendy. Slave names. Cap Bradly exec. wit TA Wilson, Larkin Reynolds, John McDonnal?./ Dowal? WILL: V ance
Bradley, P et al Vance, John C et al 11 326.5 1870 More of the same. Long files.
Hammond, Margaret Perry?Penney? Hammond, WIlliam J 11 327 1858 divorce Nxt friend, John Fall? Wood? horrible to read. William md Margaret 4 years ago. 3 kids, 2 living. Wife indebted. John McComb. GA
Williams, Margaret G Baskin, James T 11 328 1867 debt John G Baskin unmarried and i. his father, James H Baskin. Bros: James J Baskin and William Stuart Baskin. Sis: Elizabeth Buskin (James Gibert), Carrie ( S. Franklin Gibert). Dennis O’neil. henry Casow? Carson?
Robertson, William & Syth Robertson, Launa etal 11 329 1859 William of Tuscaloosa, AL. James W Lipscomb, exec of Hugh. Dorcus Robertson, mother of William and Syth (of Cherokee Co, TX), dec 1815. She had 2 sons - an unmarried woman. Hugh, her brother, who had no wf or kids. WILL: Hugh. Lnd bnd William Sproull, John Webber, H Rush, Henry Quattlebum. Dtr of wf by first marriage: Jemima. Euginia Cook.
Shoemaker, Polly Shoemaker, Hannah 12 330 1851 part Laban T Shoemaker dec. Heris: wid: Polly M 2 kids: hannah Elizabeth and Thomas?? who is evidently dec w/o wife. Mountain Creek of Long Cane bnd by Robinson, James Edwards, Widows Riley and Butter. David Lesley takes admin. Dr. Isaac Branch gdn. John Douglass appraisal.
Ellis, Elizabeth Ellis, Christopher etal 12 331 1859 part Very long set of files, much info. John E. Ellis dec 16 May 1859 intestate. Elizabeth Widow. 15 kids: Matilda (md Turner G Davis), Polly (md Zachariah Addon), Louana (md. James Strahorn), Elizabeth, Christopher (oldest son), John E., Joseph, Robert, Ebenezer P, Benjamin F, William T, Minninger?? M (18), Amaziah?? R(17), Luther (16), and Pemelia S (14) Ellis. Also 4 minor kids of Augustus E Ellis dec: John Calvin (10), James Lucien (8) , Mahala Elizabeth (6), and Savanna? Poratine? Eliis (4).
Ellis, Elizabeth Ellis, Christopher etal 12 331 1859 part Cont. Land: The Home Place 800 acres CheckR? Creek, Little River Elllis, Robert Pratt and others. Griggy? Springs 700 acres ? Creek, Long Cane. bnd Willima?, Peter Henry?, John Connor and others. Appraisal: A. hawthorn, Robert Waddan?, Clinkscales, John R Wilson, John? Pratt. Newspaper land description: Village of Due West. #1 Haddon Tract bnd Zachariah Hadden. 2 Mordock Tract bnd Robt Pratt, Elizabeth Ellis. 3. Sharpe Tract, bnd Robert Haddan, W. Swtevenson. 4 Bnd by Mrs. Camp, John Cowan. 5 Brown
Stewart, Rebecca, J J Cooper King, James N 12 332 1867 Nimron (Nimrod?) W. Stewart, merchant, dec 1860 - hus of oratrx. 3 kids: Emma J Stewart (md James King), Lawrence Stewart, and Rush Stewart (all -21). Village of 96. insolvent. Order to sell. William Van Wyck. Many debts. Notes and names indlude Richard Anderson, M Davis, Crawford, many others.
Smith, Wm S McCrady**, Francis B 12 333 1863 Sale of slaves. William Smith md Permelia McCrady. Their son, James W. McCrady (wf Parthenia? f 77). Mmiddleton Cobb. Many slave names. Very hard to read. Land bnd by Newton Sims, Polly Lomax, Robert Jones, Daniel Beacham and others. Larking Griffin, George. W. Hodges. John Adams. kids of James W. McCrady: James Berry Mcready, Sarah Permelia, Lawrence Lester, Wim Palm? McCready - all minors fr. 72
Crawford, J.A. Davis*, N.J. et al 12 334 1867 gdn John A. Hamilton. Lewis J Miller dec bef 1847. Davis is gdn of Lewis Miller’s minor kids, (William) Jesse and Lewis (2 boys under 14). pd Jane Miller, pd Sarah Miller for Dower. pd John white and Dr. John Davis, Jame Miller for board. Account docs. McCracken.
Burnett, Jane* Burnett, Wiley 12 335 1858 alimony Isaac Kennedy, her father. She md in 1851 - having been a widow with two children and a small bit of property. The new husband had none. The crux: she interceded when Wiley was whipping a slave, and he turned the whip on her. And continued to do it. Many slave names, one named Orange. Bond signed by Wiley, Hezekiah Burnett and David E Thindge?
Belcher, Warren P. Calhoun, Jno A et al 12 336 1854 settlement Warren: student at SC College. Williamson Norwood, grandfather, dec July 1848. John A Calhoun and James A Norwood, execs. Sarah M Calhoun (wf John A) and James A. Norwood. Williamson had two living children. Caroline Clark, Mary E? A? Blecher, 2 dtrs with children. 700 acres to Belcher’s kids. M.B. Clark md Caroline. Robert E. Blencher. Mary’s kids: Warren P (f21), William W., Williamson H. John H., Henry Clay, James N and Mary Ann (7 yrs). William W. Belcher, uncle of orator. Copy of will.
Belcher, Warren P. Calhoun, Jno A et al 12 336 1854 settlement Cont. Caroline’s kids: Joseph, Caroline, Mary C. (Slaves: Martin, Sall wf, Martha dtr. Lucius, Nat, Middleton,Cuneu?, John, Fielas?, Amanda (wf), Wade, Elijah, Lelle?, Minna (wf), many others). Young McDuffie (fr 92). Land desc. salve names - many. Wit: Thomas McBryde, A.B. Arnold, A. Hunter, Edward Blecher. Robert Belcher’s will: my wife Rebecca (after mary). 7 kids. Brothers: James M and William W. Blecher execs.
Belcher, Warren P. Calhoun, Jno A et al 12 336.5 1854 settlement Full slave lists. Robert Belcher twice md - issue of both, no mention of names of second. Mary A 7 kids. Notes and sales lists. Huge files, both of these, much detail.
Pulliam, Benj S Watson, Mary Mrs. 12 337 1859 Benj: “My mother, Mary P Watson” (slave: Albert). Belinda Cunningham, Benj’s aged aunt wife of Charles Cunningham. She dec. Benj heir with Mary Ann (13) Sharp, dtr of John Sharp? Tharp?. Dr. Henry G Klugh. Will of mary Pettis Watson (Slaves: Susan - 4 kids: Albert, Lucinda, Thomas, Betsy. ) Son: Jubal Watson. names Benjamin and Mary Ann as grandchildren (Mentions Mary Ann’s brothers and sisters). My daughter Nancy Sharp ? Tharp?(md. John J Sharp). My grandson Moten watson (Jubal’s son). Dtr: Matilda Strawhorn, Huldy Pulliam son John A Watson. Exec: John H Munday and Wm Arnold (Fr 92) Please see probate box 102 pack 2508 box 148 pack 4206 (Young) y
Lomax, W. James Lomax, Augustus 12 338 1859 lunacy Abbeville Village. Main street. brd. Edmund Noble, John White. 1.5 acres. Plantation 3.5 miles from Abbeville, Vienna Rd. Witness statements: McCracken, Willson, Calhoun, Cobb, Wobley?
Latimer, Jas M Oliver, John 12 339 1849 Lunacy :R.W. Hodes, Martin, Belcher, Latimer, F.W. Davis (1848), Oliver, Douglass, Mechlin, Edwards,Abell, Tucker, etc.
Brougan, Polly Ann Branyan? Brongan, Nancy A.et al 12 340 1858 part Polly wid Reuben Branyan dec ints 57. Nancy, dtr of 1st marriage (10 yrs old). Land bnd: Hugh Prince, Elias Key, Roger Williams, Maj. Joseph H Cunningham, etc. 2nd Anderson District: Big G? Q? Creek of Savannah: Thomas Dean? Jos McCarly? George Stewart and Z Gentry. Ortrx and Joseph I Branyan admin .Andrew H Callahan gdn James Jones, Hiram Howard, Samuel Dean. William H Hayme? Anderson Dist. David Crawford, John McPhail. A Norris.
Davis, Eli Lewis of Georgia Davis, Benjamin, F.(15 yrs) 12 341 1851 part Christiana Hamilton, mother of Eli and of Joseph A Davis (of Alabama) dec. 26 Dec 1849. At that date, wife of Joseph A. Hamilton (2nd marriage), 1st married to Joseph Davis. Their three kids, Eli, Joseph, Benjamin F. 2 Hamilton kids: Alice Orean? and Anna E (almost 5). Hamilton is gone to parts uknown. She was left a lot in Abbeville Village by her first husband, next to James and Catherine Alston (Catherine was a Hamilton) on main street (description). Jos Hamilton, “embarrassed in his circumstonces). N.J. Davis (Nathaniel Jefferson according to several probates), half son of Christiana , bought Hamilton’s right by marriage in that lot, but one of his creditors, David Kellar, wouldn’t let this go. She had been debt free before Hamilton. Isaac Branch, gdn. Andrew Hawthorn, sherriff. Ytpeset copies of original docs. There is a section 341 A - more wrangling. Quite long. John A. Hunter gdn of Alice and Anna. NJ attourney.
Lythgoe, Margaret J Weir, John A brother of Marg 12 342 1863 part Late husband Col Augustus J Lythgoe. Battle of ?.J. Smith. Land in Abbeville Village. Kids: Meta?, A., George B?, Hattie?, Lythgoe- minors. HTR
Fooshe, Sarah widow Fooshe, James etal 12 343 1850 part Orators: Joel Fooshe and wf Mary Fooshe (frmly Fooshe), dtr of Charles B Fooshe (he dec intestate July? Jan? 1850). Only heirs widow and living children: Washington, Copen, Rebecca Ann (of full age in 1850). Dtr of dec. son John: Martha. (F49). “The Home Place” 460 acres, Wilson’s Creek, Saluda bnd by McCants, Griffin Golding, Winston Davis. “Mill Place” 200 acres Coronoco Creek of Saluda bnd by Thomas B Byrd, Nathan Calhoun. “The Old Place,” 200 acres bnd Thomas B Byrd, Francis Arnold. Admin: ordinary, David Lesley and James W. Richardson (also gdn of infant). Appraisal: Nathanial McCants esq., John R Tarrant, James Gillam, Thomas Pinson and John Saddler. y
Merriwether, D.D. Pelot, James M etal 12 344 1867 Chas M Pelot dec i 1863 kids: James M, Joseph, Susan, Sallie (wf of Epps), the children and heirs of Thomas Pelot dec. son names unknown, Cornelia (md Mulinac?), Eliza, Julia. Debt to James M Perrin, dec. Land bnd by W.P> McKellar, Thomas M Perrin and others. Heirs out of state A.M. Smith, James Pinson.. Notes.
Crawford, Thos et al Wakefield, Cynthia et al 12 345 1860 Thomas Admin of Cador Gantt dec t. Widow also dec. Bible society after the money - but which bible society? Heirs: kids of Giles Gantt, bro of dec.( Out of state, names unknown), kids of John Gantt dec (names unknown), Cynthia Wakefield (wf Hezekiah Wakefield, dec T) and John Gantt of Anderson district (both kids of Fredrick Gantt, brother, dec), - Calvin, Newton, James, Crouther, William, Martha, Sarah Gantt and perhaps others, kids of Tira? Tyra? Gantt, (brother in Indiana), kids of dec bro. Britton Gantt (Indiana) names unknown, kids of Abigail Gantt dec (sister, md Lenard Saylers dec): Tabitha and Nancy, kids of Sarah Gantt dec (sister md Uty? Perkins dec), Alabama, names unknown, kids of Elizabeth dec (sister md Jacob Tolen? Tolan? dec): Hugh, William, Elizabeth, Martha, Sarah, and Mary Tolen, Alabama.
Crawford, Thos et al Wakefield, Cynthia et al 12 345 1860 continued kids of Nancy dec (sister, md William Alexander dec) think they are in Tenn, but no names. Kids of Vina dec (sister, md John Townly dec): unknown. Money was left to “The Bible Society” without spec, so ALL the bible societies want the bucks. Baptist church of Little river, rev. W.P. Hill
Crawford, Thos et al Wakefield, Cynthia* et al 12 345.5 1860 land bnd by Thomas Crawford, John Pratt, invetory: Bennett McAdams, Basil and John Callahan, Willima Duncan, John Clinkscales. Tons of sales names: Crawford, Duncan, Hughs, Griffins. Joseph, William Pratt, Jonah Burton, Tyra, Britton, Fredrick, John, Giles Gantt. Sampson Gantt, Richard Alexander. Mar 8, 1840? Will. Widow: SARAH. frame 104. Slave, Phillis left $50 and freed. William Hill: ord.
Crawford, Thos et al Wakefield, Cynthia* et al 12 345.5 1860 Cont...Cador Gantt Milford (minor son Mary Milford, Gantt Wright, (son of John L Wright), A.G. Latimer, exec. Wit: Wim Hampton, George W. Nelson, John Melford. Bros and sis: frame 106: 1. Giles, SC 2. John NC 3. Fredrick SC 4. Amy (Leonard Saylers?) Tenn? . SIBs of Mrs. Gantt: mary (md Josiah Burton dec, kids: Caleb Burton (Abbe), John, Mary (md Joshua Ashley), Peter (AL) - also struck out, Robert Burton, defc, Sarah dec, ten kids) 2. Joseph Pratt - 5 kids: Amy (Sam Young, GA), Sarah (WIlliam Young, Abbe), William, ELizabeth (John McCornel? Connel?) 3. William Pratt - 9 kids in KY. 4? Suz
McCaslan, R.M. and William M. Postell W.G. 12 346 1863 slaves: Elizer? Jeffs? Killy. Mary Y Postell, wf William G dtr of Wm McCaslen (HTR). James McCready by next fr. William S Smith. Middleton Cobb. James, B.M., Sarah, Lawrence, George (infant McCready), James W McCready, next fr. Slave questions: Long list with relationships. frame 124 document about Gantts see pack 345. Then more McCaslan: Will of William, drr Mary Postell
Mays, Mary Elizabeth Mays, John Matthews etal 12 347 1850 Meady Mays, dec i, husband of Mary 11 Jan 1849 leaving wid and two kids: John Matthew Mays (4 yrs), Lucretia Ann Mays (2 yrs). Saluda RIver, 400 acres bnd Capt. Ware, George Higgins, Robert Smith, Adam Larkin, Henry Mays. George Higgins, LC Griffin, J W Moore, Newton Sims, Robert Smith. John C. Waters, John Williams, WIlliam Pope, George Pope, James Graham son of WIllam Graham.
Noble, W P McCelvy, Wm etal 12 348 1859 Alexander Houston dec Oct 55, son C. B. Houston. William McCelvy? McCely? A. R. Houston, bad debt.
GLover, Daniel Durst, John W 12 349 1857 Christopher W. Mantz dec testate 12/1851.Mary P Mantz, widow. Dtr of William Jeter of Edgemont. His will, (f 182): dtr: Becky Glover (slaves: Esther and kids, Sylvia). gr dtr: Charlotte Elvira Glover. Dtr: Charlotte Phillips, dec. Dtr: Mary P Jeter (who gets tons as long as she remains unmarried).Waldium?, Edmund and George martin, (many slave names), dtr: Sally Martin. Son: John L Jeter (slaves Ben and Dave. Drt: Patsy M Williams. grdson: Charles Elbert Jeter, Lucy J Jeter, John Jeter, s-i-l Edmond Martin and William W. Williams, execs. Samuel Maxwell, Vandal Mantz dec. Appraisal: James H Wideman, C Sproull, Hugh Robinson, John Zimmerman, Henry Rush and others. William Jeter father of Mrs. Mantz. C. W. Mantz settled in 1821 or so f 199. Witness statements - neighbors, slave lists.
GLover, Daniel Durst, John W 12 349.5 1857 Court docs and accts. Appeals.
LeRoy, James A? H? Elizabeth wf. McCelvy, James L etal 12 350 1849 William Mosely Calhoun dec i 17 Jan 1849. heirs: sister, Jane? (wf James L McKelvy) and kids of dec bro and sis: John Elwing Calhoun (bro. dec 1836) kids: Elizabeth (oratrx), martha M and John E Jr. (2 last under 21). Eliza (sis. (md ? Holt)kids: Elizabeth and Martha (md John McCay?). Cobb Co. GA land nr Calhoun Mill and Little River. Sarah Archer, Roger?,. Maj James Alston, James McKelvy, Mary McCelvy, John McKay, Elizabeth Holt, James LeRoy?, Leizabeth LeRay? (gdn of Martha and John).
McClellan, John Reeder, Isaac N 12 351 1847 gdn Account, account settlement
Cannon, Lucinda J (-21) Eakin, Thos 12 352 1859 Lucinda granddtr Sarah Pace dec 185?. Phillip Cromer exec. John Davis admin. (Slaves: Hectore, Adaline, Frankie). Mr and Mrs. Brazeal. Eaken Brzeal, Phillip Cromer. (Lucinda’s father in indigent circumstances). louisa Pace 1850. Md. Eakin Brazeal. Now lives with Daddy. James Irwin gdn. Richard Pace dec (bro louisa and Lucinda?). john Davis’ wife mentioned. Name might be buried in docs I didn’t have time to search.
Shirley, Nancy etal Shirley, Polly Ann etal 12 352 1849 Orators Benjamin, Richard, WIlliam, John Shirley. Reuben Branyan and Eliazabeth L wf, James, George Shirly. Heirs of Nathaniels Shirley dec 14 July 1849 i. Hogskin Creek of Little River 600 acres. Bd: John R. Wilson, John Key, John R SHirley, Richard SHirley, Andrew Armstrong, Arthur Williams, Mastin Shirley, John McCleain and others. Several others. Nancy: widow. 4 other kids: Polly Ann 918), Letta Mopena (Mossena?) (16), Nancy Anna (Orena?) (14), Amaziah Nathaniel (11). Appr: Lemuel W Trible, John R. Shirley and John Wilson
Richardson, William Bostick, J exec 12 354 1819 Stephen Bostick md widow of William Richardson, dec. Toliver Bostick and Thomas Pool, bond. Stephen destroyed the bond.
Pursley, Emeline Pursley, mary E etal 13 355 1862 Emaline’s husband dec i 1861. David E Pursley. bnd by Andrew Gillespie, Johnson, James Pursley, Samuel Lockridge etc: Kids: Margaret E, Naarcessa L (-21). James Pursly.
Kirkpatrick, Jane Kirkpatrick, Mary etal 13 356 1849 part hus of oratrx: Thomas Kirkpatrick dec ‘48 i. Laurens. Rocky River description. Bnd by McKnight, Sulliven etc. kids: mary, margaret, Barbary, Richard, Jane, another child, and a baby (7 kids). admin: Jane and Gabriel M Mattison, william Maddox, John Kirkpatrick. Barb Kennedy.
Clinkscales, Reuben Clinkscales, John F. et al 13 357 1862 his brother, Dr. Thomas Clinkscales dec 27 june last i on battlefield of Richmond. left no parents, wife, child. Brothers: John F, William, James, Lewis C, Addison, Reuben. Sister: Essie Ellis (Christopher Ellis). Kids of dec brother abner: John B, A.C. Kouza??? (md A.G. Cook), Esse (Saral? Wharton), James L, reuben P, Sarah F., Mrs? Wm? A, Laurence S, Milton B, John. And kids of late sister mary C Robinson (Hugh), John A, James, Jasper, Lawrence, Mary Jane, Essie Robinson (all -21). Admin: John F and William, Little River, Hogskin Creek bnd by Joseph F Burton, William , Addison Clinkscales, Bennett McAdams, Reuben Cline?, James B McWhorter?, land bght from heirs of John Clinkscales dec and Polly Huston. Basil Calahan.
Stephenson, Alexander etal Atkins, Henry 13 358 1841 samuel Foster esq dec i. john Foster. Plat. John Elngish. Thomas Osborn and Sarah wf. John Speer. Basil Darby. Norris Creek, Long Cane. Alexander Foster, Samule Foster sr. dec. Luke Matthis. Thomas owen. Hugh Armstrong, N.J. Davis, Matthew McDonald. All the files in this box are very dim.
Foster, Jane B Foster, J Edward 13 359 1859 Alimony Married 21 years ago. 11 children 6 living. Very faded. Many names. David Wardlaw 1839.
Scott, Mary H Scott, Thos B etal 13 360 1859 John O Scott dec 1856 T. Thomas exec. kids: Maria E, Joseph A, John O (oldest 7). WILL John O Scott. b-i-l Samuel R Morrah. Wit: M.O. Talman. wit statements: James McCelvy, W. Rogers.
Giles, Sara C Miller, H.T. 13 361 1857 part husband Josiah? Giles dec 55. bnd by McCalla, Mosely, Sugar Johnson . kids:Eliza Ann, James M, Mary Sue (oldest abt 9). bro of oratrx: hamilton M?. Very Faded docs. Miller? wit: William H Caldwell.
Lomax, L.H. Stan, Richard C etal Stow? 13 362 1858 foreclose Village of Abbeville. Very hard to read.
Cochran*, Thos R Mary L wf. Connor*, A.P. et al 13 363 1856 James Oliver Connor dec i 54. Mary, widow: one son, Owen. Admin: Alexander P connor, brother, and James B. Crawford, brother of widow. interesting arguement.. Very human. Witness statements. Long files, many names.
Cochran*, Thos R Conner*, A.P. et al 13 363.5 1856 Witness accounts, accounts, neighbor names. Very long and faded. lots of info.
Willis, Stephen W and Susan wf Banks, James 13 364 1863 Charles M ? and Cynthia, Alexander A Laramore and Esther, wf., Anthony Harmon? Thomas H Harmon dec long ago. Savannah and little river. Tons of names, but very faint. james and Dicey. G n Ferfeson and Francis, William Harmon Pickens, Mary Harmon. Very dim documents.
Cromer*, Rosa P Cromer*, Mollie a et al 13 365 1863 part VERY FADED. John Cromer dec i. Mollie A, Mollie? E, Fannie Cromer. More here, but I can’t take the time to figure it out.
McKenny, Geo W Duncan, Phebe etal Drenan 13 366 1854 part William O, Elizabeth wf., Joseph Drenan? Drenent? Long Cane. bnd by William W Belcher, Phebe Drenan. Heir: Elizabeth Drenon, William O McKenneyh. Phebe Widow. Martha J Drennan (-20), Joseph (19), Nancy. Isaac Kennedy. Elizabeth, Samuel Young. Charles Drenan.
Edwards, John gdn Hilburn, Neely minor 13 367 1859 gdn mom: Mrs Susan Hilburn. Nelly Hilburn, infant dtr of Levi Hilburn dec. Edmund Cobb old gdn, now dec.
DeBrull, Susan E DeBrull, Susan C et al 13 368 1858 Wido of Stephan? E Debruhl, dec 55. James Connor? father of oratrx, late of Rich? District, SC. Cammer? Very faded. 4kids of Stephan: Susan C (21+), Sephen C (21+), Monon? F (10) and Marshall P (6). Many other names. Hard to read.
Brough, John Flemnming Brough, Eveline et al (widow) 13 369 1854 part Thomas Brough, fatherm, dec 54 T. kids: youngest, William Henry Brough. Thomas J Brough. Savannah: Waller McCelvy.
Calhoun, John A gdn Belcher, Henry Clay 13 370 1855 gdn both parents dec. Father: Robert E Belcher. Gr Father: Williamson Norwood, dec.
Perrin, Kitty C Lyon, Harry T 13 370.5 1863 dower Very Faded. Col James C Perrin dec 63, battle of Chanceloreville. T. Bnd by Isaac Branch. WILL: James C Perrin. Eldest son: Joel Smith Perrin - he got the library and the family portraits. Edward Tilman, father of wife.
Hackett, Augustus E gdn Hackett, Ella C 13 371 1857 gdn Very faded. Mother: America Hackett.
Scott, Alexander Norwood, James etal 13 372 1850 Orator borrowed from Williamson Norwood, now dec. debt and disappointment. James W Prather.
Smith, William S Pukett Thomas R 13 373 1851 Jabez W.H. Johnson. Had the frachise for the Saluda ferry. Partnership problems. Interesting history.
Eddins, Wm McCrackin, Jas etal 13 374 1858 acc’t Tons of names, but very hard to read. This will not make sense. Mrs. Elizabeth Rodd dec. mary Ann Eddins (her dtr, now dec who md. William Eddins), Eugenia A Glenn, Susan F Tilford, Julia Scott, Mary C Dearing (all dtrs), William A Eddins (a son), William E Glen (gr son) of dec dtr Amanda L Glenn. mary A Eddins, James B Eddins - much more. Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Harriet Eddins, Rebecca mcCaslan, John McCrakan? William CHild, g son. james Boliver? Eddins. patrick H Eddins. Tons here. Faded. Sales Names (inc John Sadler, James W Fooshe). Thomas Brooks, T.C. Griffin, nathan Calhoun.l accounts. WILL of Elizabeth Todd, widow. y
Morangne, Mary Ann Morange, Emma etal 13 375 1852 Part Peter F Moragne (Morague)? dec 21 Jan 1842 i oratrx: widow 4 kids: Emma, WIlliam Francis, Carnelia (Cornelia), Placidia (-21). Rogers, gdn. slave list.
Martin, Margaret P Martin, Kitty Foster 13 376 1857 part. Richard A Marin dec 3 Sept 1851, bnd by Patrick McCaslan, John Watson, Robert McDonald, Thomas THomson. Wideman tract Long Can, Kennedy, Creswell, Bobinson, others. Only dtr: Kitty (-21). Solicitor: J McComb gdn.
Marshall, Joseph.S. Dr. McDowal, George, etal 13 377 1855 gdn gdn w/ Patrick McDowal. Joel Smith Admin Dec Patrick McDowal. kids or heirs: Edwin Hil McDowal, Patrick H (of age in 1862), James A McDowal. Ann E. Marshall admin Joseph Marshall.. Edwin McDowal. Long file - needs careful reading.
Hawthorn, Joseph etal Wilson, John R etal 13 378 1860 Too faint - Wf: Susan? James F Crawford? and Amaryllis? wf. Kids: Orpha?, Jasper, Sarah, Constantine Hawthorne? Anna? Hawthorne? dec. Susan, Thomas, Bethany?, William, Martin, Susan, Toliver Johnson and Jane - much here for careful reading.
Morrison, Nace Mattison, Gabrial M admin 13 379 1850 Gabriel is a blacksmith. His partner - Jesse Gent? Gant? is dec. W.R. Martin other admin. Thousands of neighborhood account names. Including Haywood Davis, Cox Posey, Norwood, Moses Wyly, John L Davis, Aaron Davis, Bigbe, Kay etc. Witness statements: William Moseley, Bagwell, etc.
Miller, Mary Miller, Andrew J 13 380 1860 Newberry. Moved to GA. Adelia (10 yrs) Miller. Mary Miller’s father, James Y Jones, dec T. wf: Elizabeth. She doesn’t want her irresponsible husband’s hands on the estate money. Very faint. Witness statements: John McBryde, William C Davis. her brother: R. Jones. WILL: James Jones: son: Dewitt, Robert, Thomas. Dtr: Mary, Willey, Jane, nancy (oldest, md B. Roberts.)
Foster, John etal Adams, John 14 381 1839 deeds This seems a little like a title search. James Hughey pd Adams - Norris’ Creek bnd by Isaac Miller, Hugh Armstrong, John Stewart, Christian Barnes?. Robert Hanna, son of James Hanna, dec. Long Cane. Robert Hanna. Rowan, N.C. Vincent Tabb?. 1811. Adams - Foster 1830. Emry Vann pd by Adams. 1841. samuel Foster dec i - John Foster, John English to sell estate. James Stuart, bond. Bnd by Toliver Livingston, Jane Foster, William Coney?
Posey, Addison F McBride, John 14 382 1852 Acc’t of partnership. Very cool sketch of chair on f10. Partnership conflict. Now residing Butler, AL. Isaac Kennedy. Acc’t. Neighborhood names. E Hanilton, Aaron Lynch (Mrs. Lynch formerly E Hamilton.) Very long and interesting.
Robinson, Elizabeth Robinson, James E etal 14 384 1848 part John Robinson dec 1847 i. Ortrx: widow. Kids: James E (21+, Texas), Rachel (md. Benjamin B Hawley? dec 1 week after father. One son, John William Harvely? 10 yrs old), Robert J Robinson (lives with mom and will be 21 in May), Jabez P (18). Dr. John W. Hearst admin. Appraisal: John Cothran, J Wideman, S Cook?, R? Thornton.
Patterson, Alexander and Nancy Patterson, John etal 14 384.5 1861 part Dallas County, Ark. nancy Patterson of Abbeville. Josiah Patterson, hus of nancy, brother of Alexander dec i 6 aug 1860. Long Cane. Patterson’s bridge. bnd by Archibald Bradly, John Wideman. Heirs incl: kids of James P. dec (a brother): John, Jane, Mary (all of age). Alexander also son of James, but dec. Dtr: Mary Ann (md Willliam Clay). Also Malcolm dec (3rd whole brother), Morgan Co., AL in 1859. kids: Andrew M., Jane (wf Daniel Patterson), John, Josiah and Catherine M (minor),. Morgan. Janes and Malcolm jr. in Texas. Alexander, son of malcolm dec in Tex leaving kids, names unknown. Malcolm sr. dec leaving wido Mary. Samuel, dec (4th whole bro) AL. had kids, unkonwn. Long, full file.
Logan, Sarah wife Logan, Isaac husband 14 385 1862 her next friend James Fooshee? Sample? Foster. She was md in 43, then divorced . Hard to read. James B Sample. Slave wrangle. William B Romans, William Arnold. Wit: R Buchanan, J C Cobbs, William Turner, ? Stuart. Deed of conveyance. Wit: John Tarrant, Samuel Turner. Mrs. J.B. Sample. Mrs. Turner, a relative. Mrs. Calhoun, the mom of Mrs. Logan. A lot in here.
Fooshe, John W (16) Richardson, James W gdn 14 386 1858 By Winston H Davis next friend with John W Fooshe and J Thornton Carter as surity. His grandfather was Charles B Fooshe. $2000. james Richardson moved to Cap Co, GA. In 1832, appointed gdn. y
Webber, George Caldwell Webber, Sarah G etal 14 387 1858 part Matthew McDonald, next friend. Gr Mother Edna Caldwell, dec several years ago, T. George R Caldwell, uncle of orator, and Stanmore B. Brooks exec. seh left stuff with George Caldwell in trust for dtr Ann E Webber. Father of orator: Theodore Webber. mom dec 22 July 1858. 3 kids: Orator (oldest, 8), Sarah C (6), Edna B (4). Slaves. John Cothran, Charles Sproull, Larkin Reynolds, Johnson Sale, Robert Talbert (Tolbert?), esq. WILL: Edna. dtr: Margaret R Caldwell. G dtr Virginia Pickens Maynard. Mt. Moriah church.
Palmer, John Marian Parker, Sarah R 14 388 1861 part Robert M Palmer, dad. 1848 convey to William A Wardlaw?. Slave list. wf: Helen st. Julian Palmer dec 57. kids: orator, of age 60, Sarah R., Harriet R., Frances M., Robert Germain (all minors). Appr: Andrew Gillespie, William W Brooks, John Harris Gray, J.P. Beasely , James W THomas.
Ramsay*, William H Stephans, Gustava etal 14 389 1861 sale Eliel? Stephens dec. Partnershiip. C V Barnes. Rockey River near Loundsville. Elizabeth, Alice Stephens. William Cozley.
Mattison, Benjamin Jane Gent, Daniel etal 14 390 1849 Sally Gent. Jesse Gent dec i 4 Sep 1849. Turkey Creek. Saluda. Broadmouth. bnd by George Matthison, William Long, T Webster, John Smith. Sally Gent, sister. Jane, sister. Bro Daniel? sis: dec Elizabeth Nash (George) dec years ago 7 kids: Nancy (wf T haywood), Sally (John Airs?), John, Cooper, Milton, Jesse, Peggy, Polly (husbands named but hard to read), Mahala. Nancy dec kids: Robert Mansfield? rest unknown. Sally Nash (dec 7 kids - unknown), Andrew townsend. Much here.
Cooper, John and Nancy wf McClinton*, Simon et al 14 391 1849 Sevier? Co Ark. Robert McClinton will dated 33. dtr: Elizabeth Stover. son John McClinton dec - heirs: wid: Elinor, 10 kids: John jr., Simon, Peggy (md Skilton? Bradley. dec w/kids), Nancy (John Cooper), Eliza Ann Anderson (Joshua Anderson), Robert Harvy? McClinton, James, Sarah, William, Polly (G.A. Bowen? Brown?), Robert McClinton, paternal g father Nancy. Robert will quoted: son: Matt. John (the son) dec in Ark 56. Eleanor dec Ark 9 Jan 49. John jr. Peggy Skelton? dec 48. kids all dec, too. Polly dec 51 - 5 kids: Roxanna (oldest, md Jackson), Solon? (dec unmrrd), and Josephine, infant dec. Lycargus and Virginia, minors in Ark. William dec 57 i. Elizabeth Stover moved to GA 49, came back in 52 and dec. John Chiles exec., dec. Thomas Perrin his exec. Allen Puckett, Long Rich.
Thompson, Wm J gdn McCormick, Hugh (dec) kids 14 392 1840 gdn Mary, John C, Eleanor or Elvira
Ray, Silas etal exec Cobb, Elizabeth 14 393 1869 other orators: Willis Smith, Thomas Riley? and Saraah Jane, wf and widow. Richmond Cobb dec near Petersburgh VA., T.3 inf kids: Elizabeth, Ella, Carrie Temple Cobb. Curltail Creek. Vachel Hughey. His father: Edmund Cobb. Elizabeth Logan, R.A. Griffin. WILL of J.R.S.? Cobb. WILL Edmund Cobb. Youngest son. Richmond S, wf Elizabeth. Francis A Arnold and Elizabeth Wf. Long file. More to learn. Inventories. Sales names incl: Boozer, Logan, Caldwell, Irwin.
Fooshe, Wm C Calhoun, ER 14 394 1859 Ephriam Calhoun sold slaves in 1848. John Pool? Too faded. WILL George Hollaway, wf Rebecca. William M Wightman, Henry Bass, N? Tolley? and others. William C Beard. Gave money to specific schools. Methodist. Wit statements : inc James W Fooshe, James Bailey, Thomas Stuart.
Dickson, Joseph gdn Hunter, William C 14 395 1836 James Hunter 1851.
Miller, Thos J gdn Miller, William 14 396 1860 Charleston. both folks dec. Edwin? Cater? Willie Mitler?
Foster, Elijah, Robert, Ebenezer Thompson, Peggy 14 397 1818 gdn
Foster, John gdn Foster, Sarah E 14 398 1860 gdn Moses T and Willis Smith
Pruit, Flander etal Fleander Pruit, J M 14 399 Louvinda? Morrow (george B), Lany? Hamilton (A Hamilton?), Daniel Pruit. Faded. dec. i widow: Alley. kids: Very faded. Pratt. James Corvan. Maybe you can copy and fax into photoshop.
Parker, Dr. Edwin Eugenia Burt*, Armistad* 14 400 1860 William Calhoun, father of oratrx. dec 10 december 1840. No wid. kids: Thomas J (dec - kids: William, James, Henry, John, Iona, Bettie (M.P. Harper) and Margaret (minor), all in MS. Lucretia A Townes (md Henry H, dec, then Dr. T. Griffin? of MS), Martha C Burt (Armistead esq), James Calhoun of CA, Sarah M (Ezekiel Noble - New Orleans), George McDuffie Calhoun (Shreveport, LA) and Eugenia (oratrx). Very Long.
Parker, Dr. Edwin etal Burt*, Armistad* 14 400.5 1860 same. With WILL of WIlliam Calhoun.
White, John Fulton, Richard B etal (now GA) 14 401 1858 indebtedness. WILL Thomas Fulton. wf: Sarah Ann. Kids: Richard B, Amanda M, Eliza A, Jane Augusta, Frances C, Leonora B, Ann Adolia, Jordon W. g sons: Samuel J, John C (of dec son Benjamin H).
Talbert, John H gdn Tolbert, Wm R 14 402 1854 dec dad James. Rebecca Mom?
Zimmerman, Francis E Wideman, Margaret 14 403 1849 Samuel Wideman dec i 49, widow and Mom or oratrx, Margaret and kids: oratrx, Mary S Wideman, Columbus A. William H, James A and kids of dec Emily: James A Pennal, William H. (father dec). bnd by Dawtin, Belchedr, Widwman, McCelvy. Bold Branch. Faded.
Tenant, Dr. Wm gdn Tatom, Wm 14 404 1848 accts
Cheatham, Elizabeth et al Gilliam*, James et al 14 405 1849 Orator, Lucy, James, Agnes, Susan, John R, Elizabeth Dodson (wid), William Wagner and Sophronia, wf., Peter Cheatham dec 1840 T., Calvin Cheatham, Dyson Henderson and Frances, wf., RELIEF. Sarah Ann Cheatham, wid of Jackson Cheatham dec., child of Peter Cheatham dec. Infant kids: Calvin, Westly, nancy, Elizabeth Cheatham. John R Cheatham gdn. Huge list of heirs including children of Jonathan - Sarah wf. - Wesley, nancy, Elizabeth. Read with Care. y
Wimbish, H S and J.W. Anderson, Thomas 14 406 1835 Mrs. Diadania Wimbish md Anderson. D Wimbish estate. Very Faded. H Wimbish. Try photo shop.
McCaw, Elizabeth McCaw, Julia c. 14 407 1852 part William H McCaw, husband, dec 1852. 6 kids: Julia Caroline (14), Margaret Frances( 12), John Todd (10), Mary McGehee (8), William Henry (6), Alexander Barr (2) all McCaw. Admin Thomas C Perrin, esq. Little River. Judge D Wardlaw, Baskin, Yarbrough, Haskell, Witherspoon, talman, Cunningham,
Thomas, Dr. F G Thomas, Mary Ann 14 408 1846 accts
Taggert, James gdn Gray, Elizabeth etal 14 409 1826 estate Sarah Gray -22. Thomas Gray dec.e of Elizabeth, William, Mary, Margaret,
Taggert, James jr? gdn Baker, Fannie L 14 410 1858 Estate of dec - initials: S.S.? L? S?
Cromer, Dority A Cromer, John P et al 15 411 1861 part 9 Jan 61. Thomas Riley, James F Tolbert, Penney’s Creek bnd by Joseph Cunningham, Samuel Hunter, R.H. Harness?, S A McCurry sold to George M Cromer now dec 5 Sug 61 i. Only next of kin Mother, oratrix (same?), and sibs John P, A Fletcher, Mary E (wf),[ S Virginia, I Armanda?, James Augustus, S Foster, W Oscar, L? harper, Thomas THomson, Lucia V] all under 21. John P Admin. Martha Downey, Joseph Davis. (0r do they go with next case?)
Little, John gdn Saunders, Thomas etal Sanders 15 412 1825 Martha Downey, Joseph Davis. (or are they above?) Thomas, WIlliam Elizabeth Sanders. Gdn Titlle?. John and Anna Sanders, dec. John Lipscomb, John Sanders ,minor.
Davis, W H exec Davis, R.M. 15 413 1867 John Agnew, John Fisher vs W H Davis, J H Reir? ex Catherine J Davis. Testator Robert M Davis dec June 63 T. Wid: Catherine J Davis. Bannister Andrew, Matilda Mildridge, Mary Elizabeth - all Davis, kids of dec Robert. Hester Ann, Susan Louisa (-21) gdn Bannister, WILL of R.M. wit: W.A. Pressley, A. Walker, James T Baskin accts and notes. He had debt - neighbor names. Cann, Cork, Cuffy, Edwin Calhoun, Allen, etc.. John Brown.
Brown, John et al Brown, Macklin et al 15 414 1854 There is one paper mis-included in the file just before. John Brawn and William Truit. Joseph Brown dec Junj 1853 T. Wid: Elizabeth. dec before him. Uriah, Machlin, John (kids of dec) and Joycy Corly (frmly Brown) dec and g children of dec T: James A Corley, Clemmant, Ezekiah Corley. Joseph Deason s-i-l to Beatrice Deason, g dtr. Henry Baily s-i-l, Serano Baily and Elizabeth, g child. Atkins Corly, s-i-l. (Obviously, you need to read this yourself). West Coat? Creek Little River. Peter Smith, WIlliam and Appleton Harmon. Jophn Deason. Macklin Brown and wf Elizabeth in debt to John Lucious.
Brown, John et al Brown, Macklin et al 15 414.5 1855 More of same . Lots of info. WILL: Joseph Brown.
Smith, Joel Swain or Swaim, William R of MS 15 415 1853 Debt. Mrs Anna, wid of John Swain dec 1824 T. Sons Jesse, John, exec slave names. William R a child. WILL John Swain. kids: James, Jane, Jesse, Nancy Mary, John, William, Peggy . Rocky River.
Swift, Thomas M Augusta, GA ‘38 Harper, James C etal gdn 15 415 1869 Hard to Read Demanjd for accounting Henry Harper, J Frank Kellar? nancy J Swift.
Smith, Joel Swain, William R etal 15 416.5 1853 More of the same. WIt: Robert Swain, WIlliam Hodges, John Weatherall. Very long file with typed account at end.
Carter, John F. gdn Permenter, Elizabeth 15 417 1842 Alsela? Permenter, boarding. Also Sarah Ann E., Elizabeth S. Merriman, Clinkscales, pd J.W. Fooshe, W.D. Calhoun McCantsm, Cooper, John H Cook.
Eakins, Thomas gdn Eakins, Elizabeth 15 418 1856 She’s 15 and married. George W Barnes? John Douglass boarding. also of John Eakins, Jane, George, Thomas. Lots here.
Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth wf Kirkpatrick, Thomas 15 419 1860 Her nxt friend, James Hughey. John Adams, father. dec 58. Ortx lives in Madisonville, FL. james A Cobb admin. 1st hus Hugh Armstrong. Kids: Louisa C (wf John H Hinton? Jefferson Co, FL), mary M Morris (Franklin G, Jeff Co FL), Francis J Armstrong, John Armstrong (both minors). No kids with Kirpatrick. wit: James H Cobb, John Taggart. Kind of an ugly story. James Gordon, Cobb, etc.
English, Elizabeth widow English, David etal 15 420 1860 part Very Faint. Try photoshop. David English dec 53. Caroline Amanda Spikes? 4 kids: Anna Eliza, (14), Fances Elizabeth (8), Franklin (2), John Gridly (1). Slave names. Children and spouces named. Dooly, Aiton, Jay, Morris and others. Quattlbaum, Taggart, etc. WILL: Daniel. 8 kids, named in will. Jacob Miller.
McBryde, Samuel Texas McBryde, Joseph 15 421 1860 part John mcBryde dec T years ago. very faint. Criswell, Joseph. kids. Samuel McBryde, Chrokee TX. William Bradly, Indian Hill. WILL of John: dtr: Jane, Joseiah, g son John McBryde. Andrew Weed, exec. George W Pressley. George McYoung. Simpson Evan?
Young, Robt Palter**, Henry ex Easton 15 422 1820 James Easton dec. VERY FAINT. John Kennedy, Joel Richenson, John Easton. Wake Co, N Car. Raleigh - wit statements: John McLemore, Laurens. Fredrick Stump? Long file.
Norwood, James A Harris, Nathaniel etal 15 423 1854 foreclose Edward Noble esq. Nate Harris in a mess.
Cater, Richard B gdn Cater, Richard B 15 424 1829 Andrew? Cater. Sarah P. Thomas M Cater dec. Edwin a minor.
McClellan, Elijah etal jane, sister McClellan, Mary etal 15 425 1851 part Robert McClellan dec. widow: Charity. Orators, Mary and margaret, sisters. Curltail Creek. bnd by Bartholomew Jordon, Francis Atkins, Samuel Marshall. Faint, but long file. Charity dec. Dr. John Davis, wit. 2 younger sisters are mentally challenged. W. L Wharton, wit. Thomas Jordon, LeRoy Purdy.
McClellan, Elijah etal McClellan, Mary etal 15 425.5 1851 part inventories and sales names.
Christopher, Geo A Drenan*, W. Alexander 15 426 1857 partnership thing
Latimer, Michael B. Tribble, Ezekiel etal 16 427 1855 John Swilling, Joseph F Bell were surities - Ezekiel was trustee for Sarah Ann Holleman and the kids of her first marriage. Mike Latimer was guardian of his infant nephews: Charles C.A. Latimer, James Latimer, and niece Mary kay Latimer (dec Oct 54). Edmund P Holleman, husband, put land in trust with Tribble for wife and her children. Sarah dec. 1851? Slave and property lists. Buyers: William Anderson, M B Latimer, Carwile, Milford, Russell, McCurry, Mattison. Accts: Bannister Allen, Bowen, Cairn, Hall etc.
Tate, Lucinda etal Davis, Edward etal 16 428 1868 Lucinda Tate wf of William M Tate, next friend, William Clinkscales. Nine years ago, John Davis, her grandfather, dec T. Son Edward, exec (moving to FL). With Edward, John and Winston Davis, held property in trust for Priscilla? Davis Tucker’s children (Lucinda’s - ortrx - mom). WILL: John Davis. Wf: Ursela. kids (I think): Lucy (md WIlson Haddon), Madaline ( md Elias Kay, formerly the wife of Theodore Baker - 2 kids John T and Theodore Baker, g kids of John Davis), Emma? (if she’s a dtr - md Jesse Power? - in Florida), Lizzy (a minor, in FL), Wilson Haddon also in FL. All children of John Davis are minors except Emma Pouns? Powers?, William Davis, Edward Davis. This is very confusing. wit: Elias Earle, V.D. Fant?, P.S. Vandiver (53). John Davis 22. Summons to: Edward, William Davis, Emma and Jesse Powers?, John Davis, Lucy and WIlson Haddon, Madaline Kay, Sarah and Roger Williams, Lucretia and Shadrack Deal, Eliza and milton Deal. Tucker was the mother of oratrx.
Tate, Lucinda etal Davis, Edward etal 16 428 1868 continued: sons Winston and John Davis. William Davis, Evine? Davis wf ? Davis, John Davis and Peggy Davis, minors. Lucy Haddon, dtr of Samuel ? Davis. This was hard to read. Mandaline Kay was a widow. Sarah and Roger WIlliams. Lycinen? Lucinda? Dial and Shadrack Dial (I think Deal) and Eliza Deal (Milton Deal), also James Deal? Davis Tate, Emily P Tate and F? Tate, kids of ? Tate. Edward Davis, Winston Davis WIlliam Davis, Emma Powers?, Peggy Davis, kids and John dec. Obviously, you need to read this.
Arnold, William G Logan, Lewis et al 16 429 1858 partition oratrix ? Arnold and husband, William - g fatherm, Andrew? Logan T. Exec? John, Isaac, Zachariah Logan. Father of oratrix: F? Logan Frank?. Slave list. Lewis, Frank, nancy James isaac Logan. James W Buchannan, exec of Andrew. John Lewis, Frank, Nancy, James? or is it Jane Logan and oratx. Jenne? Logan and ? WIlklis Buchannan. Robert P Buchannan. WILL: John Lewis Logan. G F Andrew, Dad, Francis. sibs:Jane Arnold, Francis Logan, Nancy, James William Logan. W. I? Arnold, Robert P Buchannan, Isaac Logan. WILL: Andrew: distributees: Zackery, John L, Frances, Tyler Logan, Leroy, WIllis, Andrew J, Huldah Crawford, Frederick, Isaac. “My nephew, Dr. John Logan. Again - you must read to make it out.
Karey, Jane C gdn Laura Ann karey etal 16 430 1855 WIlliam Adams surity with J W Ramsay and Mary Jane. Lewis? and Samuel Karey? Kasey?
Glasgow, James N McKinney, Sarah E 16 431 1854 Nxt fr John Hunter. Dad: James Glasgow dec 48 T. Moses O McCaslan exec. 2 youngest kids: Orator and Sarah E. Lnd bnd by Thomas P Dowton, William Belcher, Sarah md. Robert McKinney 1850. Orator is 15 and in KY. Alexander P Robinson. Wit statements. Long File. Will: James Glasgow. Other kids: Thomas, Mary McClellan, Jane Burden? Bardin? Nancy Hunter.
Swanzy, Louise gdn Swanzy, Sarah Ann etal 16 432 1824 Swanzy, Swancey - spelled many ways. William Wier, Harrison Long, James Tatom, Reuben Long, Samuel Swanzy, Louisa, minor child. Samuel. Accts. Wier gdn. Mrs? Wilson Crain, Mr? William Turner?, Mr. Robert Swanzy, Eliza Caroline, mary. Settlement with John R Long’s exec for mom’s partition. Dad’s land in AL. Sarah Ann and William Turner. Lucenarla? Louisa? Swancy? 1824. Sarah Ann, Robert, Rosana (21+), Caroline, Mary and louisa. William Crain? gdn. Louisa. David Stuart. A Sample. Joel Smith.
Norwood, James A. gdn Mary Belcher 16 433 1855 James uncle to Mary, inf dtr Robert E Blecher, dec 8 years ago. Mom dec. g father, Williamson Norwood.
Watson, Lucy A ( -21) Watson, Richard etal 16 435 1859 Her nxt fr: Elizabeth Harris. Lucy oldest of 3 kids of Richard Watson, dec 59. In 1852, Elizabeth, mom, still alive. John Foster trustee. William W Perryman and Lucy’s bros: Richard and Samuel M Watson. Commsrs: WIllis Smith, Moses C Taggart, Larkin Reynolds, Charles William Sproull and Samuel S Marshall. G Mother: Eilzabeth Harris. Slave lists and wit statements.
McKeller, John W gdn McKeller, Jas D 16 436 1824 These two and William N McKellar, in acct with Charles C Mayson, gdn. Jesse Blockers, Mrs. Pardue, pd Mrs. McKellar. Dr. J H Dogan. Pursley, Dr. Stokes, George McDuffie. 1833-37. Mrs. Nancy McKellar, D Douglas, O A Williams. Accts: D.L. Adams for Pony. McDuffie, Whitner, Chiles, Dogan, Thomas Lipscomb, Weley Brooks, Morre and Johnson, McClennen and Cameron. Pettus, Blocker, Merriwether, william Dale, etc. Very Long.
Evans, James Hopper, Samuel etal 16 437 1849 Rockingham Co, NC. Thomas Evens, son md Elizabeth Hopper, dtr of Elizabeth Hopper, g dtr of Robert Pollard dec. 10 years later, he dec, (48), no kids. Elizabeth md Benjamin Y Goldman. Est admin Samuel Y Hopper. Elizabeth Hopper first married Samuel Young then Hopper. Slave names. acct and slaes names: James Young, Thomas Anderson, Elizabeth Evens, WIlliam Fooshe, J W Anderson, Downs calhoun, John M Golding, WIlliam Moore, John Fooshe, Wade Anderson, Thomas Stewert, James Follews? Fuller?, Dr. Sims, WIlliam E Caldwell. More.
Patterson, Josiah etal 70 yrs...or 63 Patterson, John 16 438 1855 Joseph’s wife: Nancy, also old. 1852, trust deed. John is nephew. Armstrong’s Creek. Jacob B Britt. Arch Bradly, Edward Noble, Thompson and Fair accts. History of property. A.B. Kennedy, Robinson, Dr. G Pressly, Adam Wideman, Mrs. May Patterson, sister of John, Joseph Britt and James (Mrs. Patterson is the aunt - she married late), Isaac Kennedy, W Bradly, John Wideman esq, David McClane esq. Miss Jane Patterson (niece), A Wideman, Dr John Sanders, James and Joseph Cresswell, E.O. Regin?, Sam P.S (all witness)
Adams, George F of Texas Adams, Rachel et all 16 439 1860 John A Adams, ARK. Jesse S (Dad), dec mar 60 i. Heirs: wid: Rachel C (mom). Kids: James J, Edwin, ?otte, Ridge Yarburough (minor kids of Louisa M, dec). James Adams brother of Jesse. Biggs Creek, Long Cane bnd Warren G Lomax, Thomas Smith, Lewis R Danlzlr ?,Jesse E Ellis. INV: William A Lomax, Pascal D Klugh, Thomas Smith, Alexander Ellis, Lewis R Dautzbe?
Mathis, Luke Griffin, Chas B etal 16 440 1854 Mrs. Isabella Mathis dec. bad will. James Carson, exec and witness (illegal). Samuel Hill’s kids her g kids - dtr Mary Hill. heirs: Charles B Griffin and Jane wf. (1/5), Thomas M Morrow and sarah wf (Morrah?), Luke Mathis, William Mathis, Thomas E Mathis. Efferd Mathis Mathis? William M Sale gdn of Efferd. Sale Hart to read - William McCord, Gilmer, Ives - notes.
Mathis, Luke Griffin, Chas B etal 16 440.5 1854 Mary’s kids: Armistead Burt Hill, Elizabeth Hill, Benjamin Hill. Land: Abbeville village bnde by Efferd Owens, N.J. Davis, Jane A Karey. Edward Westfield, Thomas Christian, THomas Crawford, James A Liddell, William? Kenox? Lenox? McCracklin.
Cunningham, Robert Pulliam, Caroline, Robert A, Zac 16 441 1853 gdn Robert Pulliam 1832. Crawford, Hubbard, Hooker, Smith, Cook, WIlliams, Johnson, Wood, Booker, Fuller, J Pulliam, West. To Jesse Caldwell for schooling. Joel SMith, Isaac Sample, Dr. Campbell, Thomas Pinson, John Oliver, B Owens, Francis Campbell, William Steele, J.H. Wells, Downs Calhoun, William C Black, John Pulliam, davis and Steel. Pd John B Davis 1835, Payne, Carter, Griffin, Sullivan, Thomas Smith.
Tillotson?, Matilda S? G? Hudson, Robert etal 16 442 1860 John M Clark. Relationships here, but very hard to read. Matilda Jane Tillotson? and her infant children. D.W.C.? Tillotson?. Ms Robert Brady? father and g father of orators. Hudson and Pulliam. WILL: Robert Brady. Matilda Tilotston. William W. Belcher. Slaves.
Branch, Isaac et al admin Lockridge*, Samuel et al 16 443 1851 John G Mann, dec i Oct 1848. Elizabeth, wid. Kids: Franklin, Amanda, Sarah. John Man, father of John G, land bnd by James Pursly, Savannah Brooks, Robert Wilson - wife Margaret. 3 sons, John G, Mike S, William R. Archy Scott. Debts and conf. Gillespie, Edward Cheatham, etc. “A” file: 51. Sales/
Rogers, Dionysius M 16 444 1835 Land Grant Savannah
Arthur, Thos S Greenville Klugh, P D et all 17 445 1856 relief Fredrick G Thomas 1845. Gdn of dtr: Mary Ann. Orator and Def. both surities on bond. Mary Ann md John W. Suber? Luber? 1854 Sheriff Hodges. Gen. James Gilliam, joel Smith. Wm. E Arthur dec, bro of orator, son of F.G. Thomas. wf Mary Y- by former marriage? Wm’s property split between Thoma and F.G. in right of wife? Slave names. Long and Confusing. Seems she’s Mary Y Simmons now. There’s also a 445 A, 1856.
Hamilton, John Hamilton, Archibald etal 17 446 1836 All heirs of Major Andrew Hamilton, dec 1835. Mrs. Fanny calhoun, Andrew, Wm, Jane Davis (wf Eli S. Davis), Alexamder C amd Catherine Alston (wf James Alston). Jane Harper (wf Lindsay Harper), margaret, Kerr, Sarah Oliver (John Oliver), Polly Shannon (Samuel H. Shannon Sherman?), John Harris, Ezekiel: Chldrn of Sarah Harris dec? Charles M. Sarah H Buford (md. Wm L), Martha W., Hirum G., Job W harris (minor) - kids of William Harris dec, Son of Sarah dec.
Hamilton, John Hamilton, Archibald etal 17 446 1836 cont...Alexander, now dec, left 10 kids: Jane June? Bowie (md John), John M, Robert B., Susan V Wilson (James S. Wilson), Richard A., Joseph A. Alexander, Sameul S., Ann A., Harriet D. (6 last minors). Admin James Wilson. Robert Moore and Agnes, wf. Andrew Pickens. 1 tract bnded by grissel Wilson, James Alston and Catherine wf, Moses Taggers esq. and others. Thomas Douglass, Sam Smith, Charles Darby, Alphius Baker, John Hamilton, Pat noble. Witness statements. Very Fat File.
McGehee, John C and Charlotte Myrick, Littleton 17 447 1824 John Dosin? Sr. dec. Williamsburg district gave son Abram Giles Dozier dec 1816. Slaves Ben, Betty and kids Sam Soloman, Andrew and Nancy. Charlotte drr of Abram Giles Dozier. Wid: Rebecca F. md Myrick. Abram’s kids: Charlotte A. Albert John, Amelia A., Rebecca S. Much concern about selling slaves.
Simpson, John F Simpson, Hunter, James etal 17 448 1852 james Hinton Simpson. john J. Thom Crawford. Peter henry.
Owen, Moses T Patterson, Wm Thos 17 449 1854 Sarah Jane, Eliza Perrin Patterson and Wm, infants of Carey Patterson. great grandfather, Moses Taggart. dec.
Purdy, Wm N Purdy, Henry etal 17 450 1850 part Henry Pudry dec. James, Henry and Wm, sons. Henry( Corsa? Co, AL). Sisters: Elizabeth Brooks, wf jacob W (Blount Al), Ann (wf James Richey?) (Loundes AL), Mary (wf ? Staton? (Blount). Sarah (Wm Tucker) (Anderson Dist), Margaret Purdy, Grisella Gillespe (Andrew Gillespie) (Abbeville). Nancy Purdy, mother? James dec 1847. WILL of Henry Purdy- “Agnes, my wife. daughter, Jane etc) Agnes. Francis M Brooks. D L Wardlaw. John L Boyd. 3 magistrates? Wm N gave up money from his part to Margaret and mary (dec) 2 kids in Miss. And sarah. Agnes and Jec dec- no heirs 1853? Also ment: Doc. Maybry, Jno White, Jas Carson, etc.
Deeds 17 451 1791-1808 & Wm Martin, Benj Sounth, Hogskin Savannah 1801. rebecca Martin, wf. David Presley to John Foster Long Cane bnd by John Stuart 1818. Signed Devlin, Sarah Cochran. Daniel Gawin Martchent bnd Joseph Covey. turs, Long Cane 1804 Singed Wm Dunlap James C Edwards bnd by Jos. Sanders 1791. lewis, Thoms Edwards, Wm ?, John Cox matt Edwards. J Henry Atkins, John Adams Long Cane 1857 Mathew McDonald clerk Sarah Atkins wf.
Simmons, Francis 17 452 1838 Will 1814 John’s Island, SC Mrs. Sarah Ruth Simmons pay arrears of annuity - int by war of 1812. Separation. “My cousin” John E Farr of John I (Slave Isabella and Charles, Harriet+Sibey, Sanchol, child of Hannah), Cousin Mary Simmons. Dtr. Thomas Simmons (slaves Charlotte, Wm). John Basnett Legau? son of friend, James Legau. If Mary dies, FREE SLAVES. Gives money to keep slaves well - families together. Mary’s money protected them from meddling of any husband. If no legatees, money to orphan house. Cousin Hague, son of Thomas. I liked this man.
Simmons, Francis 17 452 1838 Will cont...Thomas F Capers, Wm Henry Capers, chldn of cousin Mary Capers dtr Aunt Eliz Farr. Their uncle, John E Farr. “My deceased sister.” Cousin Wm Simmons of Charleston (sons he now has). Friend James Legare? son Jamie’s education. John Parker, ed for sons he may have. Henry Deas? , wf margaret/ Dr. Benj. Sim. John Ward esq. for rebuilding the J Isl Episcopal. Dr. Joseph Rush - my horse, Gaunt - for kindness. Lawrence Dawson esq.- trust fo
Simmons, Francis 17 452.5 1838 More WIll Lawrence Dawson esq - trust for Mrs. Jane dawson dtr. of Gen. Vanderhorst. Free of husband (Elias). John Homes for sons and daughters. Richard Bohan Baker Jr. Henry Perennau? Holmes, Thomas Parker. Mrs. John Simmons - for her son James. dr. Wm Simmons. Mrs. Sarah Alease? dtr of Pierce Butler Esq.Mrs. Sarah todd during widowhood, his wooden house in Legare Street. Cousin John E Farr. Spoons given by Uncle Thomas Brauford Smith to my sister, Ann Simmons dec. marked “TES”. horses to Mrs. Simmons, wdf of Dr. Benj.. Execs protected: Thomas Parker, James Legare, Thomas Hinnscom, John Farr? Boy: Henry E Griffin? Gelkin?
Crawford, sarah widow Crawford, Michael son 17 453 1810 Anson Co., NC Sons Michael, Richard, s-i-l James Ellebee. To Patrick Bogan, Joshua Prout, Joseph Puckett, Wm. Johnson, Charles hinson, magistrates: Richard A. Rapley esq.
Crawford, Sarah 17 453.5 1810 Fraudulent bill of sale. sarah married Jno Crawford (dec) in Ann Co, NC lived 1799, moved to Edgefield (Sl Wanser, Amie, Ester, James Annie). Wm Lyon. Husband leant money on journey to Uncle Wm. Ellebee in Chesterfield. Died, leaving Sarah and 4 sm children. Uncle defrauded a widow. Weasle. Creep.
Collier*, Charles E Madison AL Collier, Wyatt 17 454 1849 Edward Collier Esq dec 7 May 1848. Joshua Hill of Monticello, GA, Edward Hill, LaGrange , GA. Bolling Collier (dec):my nephew Bolling, son of brother James. Child 6 of 9 surviving: Wyatt (Lauderdale, AL), Martha W Slaughter m Wm. A Slaughter (Noxiby Co, Miss), Eliza W Blockwell, wid (Limestone, AL), pages out of order. James Brown, son of Elisha Brown and Susan wf (Susan S Hill, neice of test), Sarah Moriah James, only child of Bolling (dec). Henry W. Collier (Montgomery, AL), thomas B Collier (Limestone), and orator, Chales E. (Madison, AL). Bolling dec 1837 - only child, Sarah Mariah w/J Hagewoode Jones (James? )(Limestone AL). James B Collier dec many yrs ago leaving 7 children: mary C wf of Baudin C. Blockwell (AL), martha W (Wm R Blockwell), Eliz C (wf TD? Johnson- AL), Sarah Collier, Diana Collier, Edward and John (last four minors)
Gary, Dr. F F gdn Gary, Ann Victoria (16) 17 455 1854 Her brother. Thomkas R Gary, dec. Sam G Gary - his mom, Mary A Gary (wid)
Wingfield, A S etal Cade, Drury B etal 17 456 1849 Archibald and Sarah W. L.A. tate (Peter’s? GA) dec 1838. Sarah, wid. Child Enos A Tate 9now 12). Admin, Enos and N.O.Tate.
Calhoun, Downes* ex Johnson, Frances et al 17 457 1849 exec of Jonathan Johnson dec. Mary Johnston, wid, Mary Ann Sadler (wf Willis C), Eliz Gilliam (wf Harris), John Thomas, Cornelia Ann, Selina Johnston. 3 last minors. 26 May 1826. Henry Johnson will. Dec 183?. Leaving Jonathan and Henry, sons as execs. Francis, his widow. henry Johnson Jr. Thomas Dec. Leaving Mary wid and child, James W. Mahulda Cheatham (wid John L), Nancy (wf Thomas Ware), Jonathan (our testator), Polly Ramsay,( now wf Joshua Shirley) Miss. Henry (Miss), Huldah Long dec. Husband Wm Long and 5 or 6 kids. Sarah F Long, Minerva, Henry. Will of Jonathan, Henry and Francis. Huge file. See Abbeville Probate box 117 pack 3455 and 129/ 1147.
Mauldin, Archibald Jr. Mauldin, Jno C etal 17 458 1857 Archibald Sr. dec. wid and 5 kids: John C, Wm Tira, Thomas, Mary (wf Robt Pettigrew), and orator (1st wf of orator). He md old 2nd time - huge arguement.
Patton, John A Partlow Martin, Charles* C etal Phares 18 459 1870 Phares Martin 13 dec 1868. Mt. Carmel bnd Lewis Car? John A., Savannah - the Davis tract. Little River. Kds: Euseba? wf Buton Walker, Susan wf Wm a Cozier, Eveline wf of Thos G Cooper, Phares C. Marin, Flinde? wf Asa Lipford, Savannah, wf John Holliday, Lula? wf of Wm. McCelvy, Yemapie? wf Lewi? nelson, Christian Martin dec. grndchild Joh Turner, son of Phobe, dec. wf wm Turner. Very Long.
Perrin, Thos C exec Perrin, Kitty C etal 18 460 1868 James M Perrin (Col) fell in battle at Chancellorville, VA. 3 May 1863. Wid: Kitty. 7 kids: Joel Smith, mary Eliz, Jane Eliza, Joy Eunice, James M and Kitty Perrin. All minors. Long Cane near Abbeville bnd Douglass, Wilson, Robt H Wardlaw. mary Martin, John White. SA Boylston, Wm Henry Parker. E.D. Tucker and Johnston. $ debts. etc. Jno Gray, Cothran. T.C. Griffin. B Foster. T. Hill. S H Lomax. W Mauldin. Lites, McCord, Sproull, Smith. Very Long and detailed.
Busby*, Lewis and Mary Byrd, Thos B et al 18 461 1850 part Benj Pulliam, nephew Rhoda Pulliam dec. Died 1832 leaving Lucy wid dec in Aug 1836 - 4 daughters: Mary, Mahala (wf Mathew H Bryson, Al), Rhoda (Wm Sanders, Pontotoc Miss) and Eliza Ann (wf Thomas W. Brooks of Abbeville). All md since her death. This is about Leah and dtr Ally again. John P Coleman. Rhoda dec 26 June, 1846. Leah’s children. L.D> Davis. Lucy’s land was to go to Jesse Caldwell and Jesse Beasley (Beazly)after her death. y
Mathis, Luke gdn Karey, Thos 18 462 1853 acc’ts. Wm Karey came of age 1838. Robt Karey, N.J. Davis, admin Jane A Karey admin.
Calhoun, Jno F et al Alexander, Ida et al 18 463 1862 part Ida was a Calhoun, md Charles A Alexander. Edwin Calhoun,. Their father, Edward Calhoun dec. and Rosa Calhoun (minor). Wm Hill.
Brazial*, Akin and Louisa Pace, Sarah et al 18 464 1852 Silas Pace dec. 10 march 1849. No wiffe or kids. Left mom, sarah, and sibs: Thomas W. Pace, Matilda (wf of John Thomas), Sarah Jane (John Davis), oratrix and a niece, Lucinda Cannon dtr of dec sister Lucinda (md. Henry Cannon) and 2 kids of Richard dec, Sarah Jane and John Pinckney. John Pace, father of wit. Wm Richey, Archibald McCord. Mrs. Joshua Davis, elizabeth McCord. Shepherd Stewart. John Davis dtr Francis E Davis and Martha Jane Davis assigns int in estate. Wife Sarah J? Davis. Milton Deale.
Logan, Louisa etal Logan, Fredrick B etal exec 18 465 1860 kids: Lucy, Wm, Tyler (11 yrs). Huldah Riley, 18 year old wid., next friend and inf daughter of orotrix - under 21. Abdrew Logande? 20 Apr 185?. Louisa wid and father of Huldah. BND. Wm Smith and Silas Ray (Hughey place). Slave names. Land sold. Bad kland bought. Grandfather left the kids stuff. Hugh Maxwell and Hulda wf and Louisa Logan. Fred Dec 1869? Wid Elizabeth and Richmand Cobb, admin. (then dec). Silas Ray, Willis Smith, Thomas Riley and Mary jane (wf) exec of Cobb. Vachel Hughy. Fred’s kids: Joshua, Zachary Taylor L. Mary (wf James B?), Willis, Catherine, Anna, Jane, Rebecca - eight? It’s a mess. John W. Fooshe. E.R. Calhoun. Henry Riley, wit.
Talbert, R.R. gdn McKinney**, Wm R 18 466 1855
Talman, M O Talman? Calhoun, Eliza 18 467
McClinton, Robt H Graham**, Wm etal 18 468
Gillian, Lewis*M Gilliam, Jane (James?) 18 469
Rush, David Gable, Jacob etal 18 470
Watkins, Henry Longards, JOhn 18 471
Wilson, John H Gonis??**, Margaret 18 472
Watson, Edmund W etal Kennedy, Nancy etal 18 473
Williams, Kitty F Marshall, J W W etal 19 474 1859 part 11 Feb 1858. Wm. A. Williams dec husband. Land - bound by Jno Calhoun, Jeff Floyd, Martha Cheatham. Kids: Eliza T, Rebecca and Wm. A. - all under 6. marshall is b-i-l. Kitty sis.
Lites, Robt W Lites, Jack W (John) 19 475 1859 part Abraham Lites, father, dec 17 July 1859 Six kids: Joel W. (admin), James C., Eliza J (md Dr. Adam Boozer), Francis (17) M J Lites and Orators. All others over 21. 1227 acres. Long Cane, Cattail creek. Barthalomew Jordan, Joh D. Adams, Augustus Morton, Dr. Jos W.W. Marshall wit.
Russell, Sally Adminx Russell, Washington etal 19 476 1858 part hard to read. Gr.father Wm Russel. 20 May, 1858. George Rusell, Grizilla Russell. Bro: John. Much info. Wm W Russell, Reubin Goodin and Jane wf., Father Wm. Russell. Slave, Mary, sold to George W. Hodges 1821). Uncle - John Donnald dec 1855. Sarah and john Russell. R.N. Davis, ElS. Davis 1826. Eli S. Davis. Rob’t Morrah.
Byrd, F.rancis E.S. Perrin, Jas. M 19 477 1859 ? Caddo, Louisiana. Mrs. Cates, Wf of J. (john?)B. Byrd. Adm Johnetta J. Byrd (over 10yrs). E.J. S. Cates (husband?) James Perrin. Col Thomas B. Byrd 1857 grandfather (Alabama?) Frances E.S. Byrd wid. John B Byrd, f.i.l. of Thom. Y
Pratt, Wm and Mary Joseph Pratt, William Osburn, John 19 478 1795 little river grant
Brownlee, John Pratt, Joseph 19 479 1817 deed More Little River deeds. bnd Rob’t Lindsay
Davis, John S Pratt, Joseph 19 480 1792 deed Obadiah Fields and catherine sf to Jos Pratt 1792 Little River wt. Robt Guthrey?. john Oakley.James Langard? thomas Pratt wit 1820. Tyre Garritt. 994 acres. Little River Hogs ...Creek. Waters of Savannah 1812. Tyre Gant.
Pratt, David, Wm. A.C. Jones. Jones, Sam etal Pratt, Joseph 19 481 1803-15 mortg.
Langard, John and Catron Wood*, Zedechiah etal 19 482 1797 deed Robt Green, wit
Wood, Zedekiah Grady, William 19 483 1804
Langard, John and David Langard, James 19 484 1807 - James Creswell? John Moore? (my notes - could be in 486)
Longard, John and David Pratt, Joseph 19 485 1817 deed James Longard, Cresswell, James, John Moore wit.
Burton, Wm. of Edgfield Johnson, Neley? 19 486 1805 Wesley Uslery? Savannah
Smith, Wm Franklin, W.W. etal 19 487 1863 OURS Williston W. Franklin chldrn: Welliston, mary Agnes (md to Wm Smith?), sarah Cornelia, Georgiana, Louisa, Vemella Franklin. Wf: Mahulda. Slave names: Tom and Daphney. G.W. Hodges wit lives 4 miles from Mr. Smith. He’s not much help. Wit Andrew Cobb, james Ramsey- others Y
Reynolds, Larkin Addison, Wm. 19 488 1847 plat Reedy Branch, Long cane. Wm Anderson. Plat - Penny Creek.
Gillian, Lewis M Gilliam, James 19 489 1854 Elizabeth Gillam dec. James Gillam accts.
Fields, Obediah and Catron Leonard, John 19 490 1788
Johnson, Ursley Bushy, Isaac 19 491 1809 deed
Chaney, Simon Rebecca Ann Fooshe (3 yrs old) 19 492 1851 gdn Daughter of Chas B. Fooshe. Sarah Fooshe, mom Y
Karey, Jane A Karey, Mary Jane 19 493 1856 gdn Mary Jane is a minor over age of choice (19+). Thomas Karey is Jane’s son. Wm, Robt. Luke Mathis is gdn. Father: Robt Karey. JOhn 912), Laura Ann (7), james (8), Lewis (6), Samuel (5).
Kirkpatrick, Jane Kirkpatrick, Barbara etal 19 494 1851 gdn Thomas Kirkpatrick dec. Kids: Barbary (11), Richard (8), Jane (7), Elizabeth (5), Hannah (2).
Richey, Isaac C Razor, George W 19 495 1849 Christopher Razor dec. gdn also of Sarah L., Pemelia C.,. John Connald and Polly Ann wf. John R. (son), legatee but dec. Elizabeth Hane (md Isaac Richy), nancy O. (Redman F Wyatt), Polly Ann (md John Connald), George W, Sarah L, Pamelia C - but are these the children of Christopher or John?
Tribble, E Latimer, Chas AC etal 19 496 1851 complaint Sarah A. Holleman (formerly) Latimer. Wm Anderson. Ezekiel Trible. Edmund Payton Holleman and Sarah Ann latimer. Sarah Ann dec. kids: Charles A.C. (11), James S. (9), Mark K (7) Latiimer. Edmund (55), Sethy (456) slave parents: childrn: Charles (28), bob (22), Satina (12), martha (9), Middleton (7). Lots of info with witnesses.
Wardlaw, Hugh Waller trustee Whitlock, Harriet, wf Thomas 19 497 1849 Edward Collier, dec. madison Co. Fla
Johnson, Ursley* Longards, John 19 498 1809 deed
Saunders, Jos H etal Jno Adams 19 499 1829 Jos. Hull Sanders, Wm Springle and Francis wf. Marcus D Moore and Catherine wf - heirs of Joseph Sanders, dec. and heirs of John Sanders dec, (one of the sons of Jos). Also heirs of Rebecca Sanders, widow of Joseph and mother of the children. Marengo Co, Al. john Adams
Darby, Bascal Ailaus**, John 19 500 1823 deed Long cane. Bascall? jehu FOsters old land. Martha Darby wf? Basdal. Reny D. Anderson Justice of peace. Benj Anderson.
Lenn, Jas H Weems, John W 19 501 1859 pwr of attny Ga. Estates of? J.F. Hill, Eliza M. Hill (frmly Lynn). Wm. Henry Calhoun. Pntotoe, Miss. John H Wills? Robert D and Caroline C Meek (was Maybry). Holmes, Miss. Reuben Mabry (dec). S.H. Clay, Sumter Fal. “My mother, Elizabeth Clay.” His father’s estate.
Longards, Jno Burton, Wm. 19 502 1791 Johnson Creek savanah Obediah Fields
Maybry or Mabry, Reuben L dec 19 502 1859
Kirkpatrick, Jane (mother) Kirkpatrick, Margaret 19 503 1849 Martha A. Wideman (16 yrs - over age of choice). Father: Leonard Wideman. james Wideman, gdn. Sarah Wideman, mom. Thomas K , father, dec.
Wideman, Thomas dec 19 503 1849
South Carolina Pratt, William 19 504 1791 grant Hogskin Creek, Savanah. Beautiful plats
Cook, Margaret ded Baskin, John 19 505 1853
Uldrich (Wildrich?) John E etal Simpson, Wm H 19 505 1866 acct wf, Jane T. John Buskin, her grandfather. margaret Cater? Cook? dec daughter: kids: John and Hames Cook, Jane, Mary, Margaret cook. James S. Baskin,son of test, exec, dec. Wm. McBride exec.
Duke, Abraham Harriet (pickens) Cowan, Elijah etal Cannon 19 506 1858 Russel Cannon. Father of Harriet (pendelton), Will in Anderson Dist. wf: Jean Cannon dec 55 (sil Simon, Rose Willis, Cate) kids: Elijah (exec), Carter, Margaret (wid of marchbanks) all in Texas. James (ALabama), Judy, (Kendrick wid - Hendrick). Wm (dec. kids: Miss no names). Russell’s will.
Belcher and Hollingsworth (James) Crawford*, J.B. 19 507 1857 debt Partners. James B. Crawford. James Connor - debt, claim.
Thomas, David Sr. and Jr. 19 508 1797 Daniel sr. chldn James, Daniel, Wm. Ann, Sarah and Catherine (the oratrix)
Williams, WIlliam Wilks, Reuben etal 19 508 1797 squabble James Tillet Thomas - Daniel Thomas dec. Hugh Rutledge. John matthews. Wm Wms of Union County, wf Catherine. Daniel Thomas of Broad River. 5 Slaves - Judy, Joan, Jude, Seth, Beck. Sued by John Hitchcock ofver Dept. James and David (sons), thomas, Mother catherine Thomas. (sons cheated father). Father weak minded and under evil influence of wife and sons. how biblical. Daniel SR. dec 10.1780 - Jr. Dec 1782. James dec 10 1794. Wm Thomas Brother dec. Reuben Wilks md. Sarah Thomas. James md. Mary - son, Peter. ”Wicked contrivances and artful management.”
Caldwell, Thos F Caldwell, John D (J?) et al 19 509 1849 part Wm. H. caldwell dec 6 Apr 1849?. 1800 ac. Savannah Riv. formerly of James caldwell sold for part (Crt of common pleas). Wm. has house in Loundersville (bought 1800 acres). Wm’s next of kin: Thomas F. ( says “only brother?) John J., Samuel and 7 sisters: Elizabeth Mecklin-md. David O Mechlin, Jane Agnew, Rebecca R., Sarah (-21) and 3 minors of a dec. sister, Mary Ann-md Wm Harris: Julia E., John , R.L> Harris (Holms Co., Miss). Samuel and John of Panola Co., Miss. Nathaniel J. davis admin. Jane G Caldwell, mother of Thomas et al (wf of James).
Cox, Nancy* Dean, W.F. 19 510 1856 pwr atty Wm Dean, nephew. Choctow Miss. “My father, thomas Simms” signed John B Dean, Jesiah B.
Ball, William B et al Bell? Fisher, Jane et al 19 511 1840 part Stephen Fisher, father of oratrix dec. 6 or 7 years ago. Widow: jane. 7 kids: Elizabeth, Samuel S, Edny, Stephen M, Martha Murdock, wid of I? Murdock, William Fisher, Amaziah M Fisher. Anderson dist. Caleb Burton 1851
McGill*, Samuel Latimer, Jas M Lattimore? 19 512 1868 Pwr of Att Caldwell, Gonzalas, Co Tex, Wife of McGill: Essi A. Her father, Samuel Tribble or Lemuel dec. Mary A. Grubbs. Heart, GA. Dicy Tribble Att. Father, L.S> Trible. Dicy Tribble and Lou M. Brown appt Jas Latimer att.
Tribble, Samuel - L.W. 19 512 1868
Calhoun, Downs, Wm, Nathan 19 513 1850 Shld be 514
Calhoun, Wm D Calhoun W.B. et al 19 513 1837
Calhoun, Wm. D Calhoun, H.B. 19 513 1850 Shld be 514 Wm. Calhoun, grandfather of orator. dec 1833. nathan Calhoun, son of dec - his son, DownsSL Lilly, Young Peter, Phillis) The “pool” tract. Bad Notes: Wm - Downs’ kids: 5 -= Mary, Lavinia, Lusinda, Willis B., Wm D. Downs dec “july last” 1830? Hard to Read. Sarah Franklin, Dr. John Loganbond. Saluda. Willis B. Calhoun, Lusinda (md James? Ismus? Young), lavinia (md David Anderson), Loranie e. Breazely - under 21 - child of dec Mary L (md. Wm B Breazley) and orator. Will of Wm. Calhoun - son of nathan. Wm, Agnes, John (gdn?), Sarah Fooshe, Milly. I think that Breazely is actuallyBeasly. y
Martin, Wm Bigbe*, Archibald 19 513 1850 Norses? Creek, Long cane. Wm Davis wit - Savanah. reuben Nash. Geo Bigbe, Luke Havkshi??? dec, Wm. Ball 1805 y
Blaine*(Bland), John. W. McKelvy*, Jim 19 515 1856 Martha Grenan? Joseph Prenan? Dec. James Morrow. Listed in original index - my notes are confused on this.
Finley**, O.G. Sarah Wiseman Noble, Edmund 19 515 1856 Finley estate Listed in original index - my notes are confused on this.
Jacob, Moses and Eliza Banks, Elizabeth dec 19 515 1856 I don’t really get all this from my notes. If you recognize anybody, look it up. Listed in original index - my notes are confused on this.
Morrow, James Willi**, J.H. 19 515 1856 Listed in original index - my notes are confused on this.
Wiseman, Sarah Noble, Edmand 19 515 1856 Listed in original index - my notes are confused on this.
Pulliam, Wiley Le Clue, Pascal 19 516 1846 John B. davis + wf Elizabeth Pulliam Davis ofLafayette, Miss. Pascal le Clue admin James Pulliam. Rody wid. (hard to read) Joel Fooshe. John Pulliam dec. Chldrn: Larkin, Wm. Jos., Richard, Elizabeth, Sarah, --David , Stephan, Benj. (dec - other sources say this is Lucy Anderson Sims Swancy’s husband). john bro. to Rhoda Pulliam (Pettigrew?), Zachary (dec chld), John?, Harriet? - md. Dr. James Ware), Caroline-md. Mark L Stuart). I have Zachy and Rob’t - chdrn of Caroline? Martha Fooshe (Phashee?) dec: chldrn: Jack (wait is he the father? Be sure to read this yourself) Charles Fooshe, Wm. (dec), Patsey Fooshe Cheatham-md. John Cheatham), Henry Fooshe y
Keller, David, Nancy Atkins, David, sarah 19 517 1850 part Wm. Lorndt??father, dec 1850 HTR. Sarah Atkins, Wm. H Lomax, Mary Pressly (wf of Lewis Pressly?), Johanna. Kids of Peter Lomax: Samuel,? Wiley Loindt?? Jesse, Louisa, James, Mary, Julia, nancy, M.A. Whaton? Julian a Edwards. My notes say long and ugly - whether this means the tone or the handwriting, the notes do not say.
Mosely, Francis E Tarlton P Cochran, Jas N (Carroll co, Miss) 19 518 1852 Sister: Celestia A. White, wid of Leonard J White. George W. Hodges. recvd rotten husband - stolen goods. Phillip H Mosely, next friend. Long case.
Young, John N jane Elizabeth Baskin, James dec Will 19 518.5 1856 gdn Estate of James Baskin. Will of James Baskin. Jane Elizabeth Baskin
Bowers, Jas W to Murdock, Thos H 19 519 1821 deed
Williams, Mat Robt Giles etal 19 520 1852 trustee deed Chesley Daniel, martha Wf of Giles. Thomas Wl Wms. dec.
Hill, William .W. Foster, Elizabeth etal 19 521 1855 part Edward Collier, esq. bil: Joshua Hill and Nancy (sister). Eliz. Foster wf Hardy Foster. Susan S. Bron (md. Elisha Brown), Sarah B. Jones, Robert Jones, Wm. Wl Hill, Martha Buchanan, (md. Alexander R Buchanan), huldah Daniel (md. John Daniel) and Josh hull jr. Kids of Joshua Hill Sr. and sf nancy. Lots more. Slave names.
Davis, Nathaniel Red, Frances L 19 522 1852 John C. Red 1848 dec. Left wife (Frances - a sister of nathaniel) and next of kin. Only child: Margaret L Red (8 yrs old when dec?). Mother lost her mind after that. Witness and neighbors.
Johnson, LeRoy J (Lewis?) Mays, John (6 yrs) Lucretia (3) 19 523 1851 gdn Meady Mays dec. Elizabeth, Mom/\.
Keller, John J McCord, Jas A 19 524 1867 pwr of atty Clark, Miss.
Cathran*, John Coltran Boggs, Mary Francis* (13 yrs) 19 525 1851 gdn Mom: margaret Boggs
McDonald, Matthew Atkins, Rowena W James Francis 19 526 1857 francis Atkins, dec. rob’t Tkins exec. There’s a WILL. Elizabeth, wid. Wm. C. davis esq?
McCombs, David McCombs, Sarah (lunatic) 19 527 1856 David is husband to sarah. She was born, Johne 1806, Jeff, AL. Her father was Thomas Simms. Elizah Simms (Jeff, Al), John McCombs.
Johnson, Thomas s Martin, Sally, Mary A., B.Y. Martin 19 528 1860 gdn Estate of John C. Martin, dec.
DeAtley, Matilda and James Allen, HS 19 529 1854 Homes County, MNiss. “My father Moses B and Mary Collins” Mary was a Smith. Texas. Sister of Wm. Smith dec, late of S.C. Paul? Collins, maternal uncle. Louis P. Collins, son of Moses. Susan Bolton, wf Thomas, daughter of Moses.
Mecklin, Hugh Oliver, James 19 530 1829 Jacob Tyler. Samuel Linton? Esq.. Simcon? Sr. Elizabeth wid. Estate left in 13 parts? Alex B., Elizabeth?, Ruth Allen, Thomas J., Hamblin?. Lydicy? (Obviously, hard to read) Linton. Moses W., John, rebecca Sloan, Margaret Linton, Clotilda Linton, Samuels Jr., Benj F Elizabeth Baker, Amanda, Thom - kids of Ibby, dec. daughter.
Adams, William et al Stevenson, Harmon (?) et al 20 531 1854 Thomas F Lanier and John A Adams. Harmon bght land from Johnson Ramey. 200 acres. Charles Miller. Pickens dist. Mr. Thurman? Vachel Hughey. Joseph J Wardlaw. Estat of De La Howe. Thomas Thomason - complex debt/bond thing.
Adams, Wm et al Stevenson, Harmon (?) et al 20 531.5 1854 George F Adams, Rachael C Adams, James J Adams, minor kids of Louisa Yarborough, dtr of Jesse Adams dec i. in debt to De La Howe estate. Charles Miller. James Pursly. Arguements. Charles Dendy.
Hawthorne, David gdn Chandler, Mariah 20 532 1849 gdn Dtr of John Burton dec. Widow of someone Chandler dec. left land to Caroline C Burton, wf (now dec). Son, James (dec), dtr M.L. Burton. Joseph L Burton, James Burton. John H Gray. WILL John Burton: son James, Son Joseph. John A Burton. Dtr: Mary Thacker?. Son William dtr Margaret Foreman (George?). Margaret’s dtr: Mary Hodges. David O Hawthorn, sol.
Ruff, Thomas etal Thomson, Thomas 20 533 1860 bond: James L Miller, John A Wier, Samuel R Brunell? John Miller gen John Julius Miller // W L Baker, James A Baker // Ripley, MS. my brother: Thomas B Tolbert - father’s estate signed S.? W. Talbert? // William SMith dec. next of kin - kids of Charles A Smith dec, brother: Frances Smith (wf Hazel Smith), Sophronia Smith (James Owens), Alexander O Smith, Jenet Smith, Marietta, Smith, Charles A Smith - last three minors. pg by Peter Smith. wit: Wiley A Smith // Eilas T Graham to samuel Graham, William Graham, and A.M. Graham. William Graham sr, father of Elias. wit John A Stuart. C.N. Graham // Union Co, ArK. Argood Hammond (Hargood?), Sarah A Hammond pwer of att William T Tustan // W.F. Hutchinson and Mary A Hutchinson wf. Appr: Irwin? Hutchinson. P O Att: estate of john Ruff //
Ruff, Thomas etal Thomson, Thomas 20 533 1860 cont: William H Caldwell jr. dec. William H Harris? Haney? Hanes? dec and wfi, dec: Parents of Robert L Harris jr: 3 kids. Caral? Co MS. His distribution of Caldwell in right of mom. PoAtt: John G Baskin. // Columbia FL Edward Reeves - W.F. Hutchinson and Mary // Martha Ruff, Thomas J Ruff, David F Ruff. Thomas Thomason PoA dec father John and husband of Martha. Debts - to De LA Howe. James Dowtin, Phillip Cromer, Wesley Cromer. James H Cobb. Enoch Nelson. John McCrary.
Lyon, Elijah gdn Norwood, Nathaniel etal 20 534 1827 gdn Nathaniel Norwood, John Norwood, Franklin Norwood, Elizabeth Norwood minors. Elizabeth md Joel Lipford.
Belcher, William W gdn Wideman*, Mary S* 16 yrs 20 535 1851 gnd Mary’s father, Samuel Wideman dec 28 Oct 1849 i. margaret Wideman, mom.
Evans, James & Kezziah Settles*, JFC etal 20 536 1853 John and Lucy Lyon. William Evans, g father of Kezziah, ex to dtr Frances (Franky) White, dec 3 June 1853 (the mom of Kezziah). Deed - slave names. Kezziah White and Lucy White? - only surviving kids. JFC Settle admin of John Lyon.
Marshall, Elizabeth A Marshall, William J etal 20 537 1873 Samuel Irwin, land: Fair Bridge Rd. Bnd by james Cunningham and J Foster Marshall. Jesse Lomax. Notes and names. James Norwood. Cath Alston - Abb. Village people. $ bonds. Edmund Parker. Ellen Parker. J Foster Marshall dec. Notes, accts, Tons of info. This is far too late for me. I can’t cover all the detail.
Marshall, Eliz A Marshall, Wm J etal 20 537.5 1873 Inventories. james Gilmer. Thomas Gordon. Plat. many tracts of land and neighbors. Some papers unreadable. Thomas C Griffin, M Louisa wf. Joseph W Marshall exec. Clinksales note.
Estate of John Bull 20 538 1855 Tons of names: sales, notes, accts - can’t begin to crack it.
Clark, John M Tillison, DeWitt Clinton et al 20 539 1836 wf: Matilda Jane Tillison and kids, all out of state. Robert Brady dec T. Wid: Sarah and John S Reid execs. William W Belcher trustee. Slaves for Matilda Jane, wf. Long file. Debts. Calvin W Howe.
Clark, John M Tillison, DeWitt Clinton et al 20 539.5 1856 Long file. statements, witnesses, etc. Partnership trouble. Accounts. He was part of a store - so there are tons of accounts, customer names.
Clark, John M Tillison, DeWitt Clinton et al 20 539.75 1857 Moreof the same.
Harris, Willis S exec Addison, George A etal 20 540 1860 G.Exec Elizabeth Harris dec June 60 T. Very faded copies. Ohnly heirs? Rebecca Addison, william Harris, Ann Irvine (md E Irvine?). henry? nancy? A Watson, Richard Watson, Samuel M. Watson kids of dec dtr Elizabeth (Richard? Watson?), Willis S?G?. Answer of Lucy i, Richard and Sam Watson (-21). William Harris. “My wife, Sarah Jane.” Father’s estate. Samuel S Baker? Baffen? Mrs. Jane Baker. William Harris assigned to his mom, Elizabeth, the bulk of his property. “My father, WIlliam Harris.” Estate of William sr. in the hands of Elizabeth, widow and admin. Seems William jr lived a little high on the hog. WILL: ELizabeth Harris. Sons: Willis Harris, William Harris. Long and kind will. Inventories. A. W.G. Harris 1871 accts names.
Wardlaw, Jamess Gray grey Henry 21 541 1857 These are lists of accounts, far too many to transcribe. notes from 1825-30. Sales figures. Fredrick Holmes and Gray. Pascal D Klugh. Henry Gray dec i 31. William, Joel Smith, wit of partition. Warren R. Davis note.
Wardlaw, Jas Gray grey Henry 21 541.5 1857 same
Wardlaw, Jas Gray grey Henry 21 541.75 1857 same
Suber, John W and mary Ann Thomas, Fredrick G etal 21 542 1855 Thomas is father and gdn of Mary Ann. Surities: Pascal O Klugh, Thomas P Arthur. wit Rev. Joel Townsend. F.w. Connor. J.W. Clinkscales. Andrew Cobb. Dr. Henry klugh, etc. - Arthur of Charleston, mary Y Simmons, William Edward Hayne,. Slave list. John Island. Her father. thomas Simmons Esq. Thomas S Arthur. Benjamin SMith.
Gray, John F. Thomas, Fredrick G. etal 21 543 1854 Thomas S Arthur. Mrs. Mary Y Thomas, formerly Mrs. Arthur, mother of defendant, Thom Arthur. Edgefield. William Edward Hayne. mary Y’s only son and child now living. Trustee, Nathan Griffin, solicitor. Long, Lots. Greenville. Richland? Sos. R. Arthur. Mary Young Arthur.
McOwen, Patrick and wf Col John Hearst’s heirs 21 544 1844 bnd by Nathan Sanders and others, Edgefield. many tracts of land.
Tolman, M O Children Capt Calhoun, Joseph 21 545 1841 land desc. Russel’s Creek, etc.
Wilson, Wm Eddins, Wm etal 21 546 1841 Eddins and wf admin of R? M? Todd, Ely? Todd, James McCracken - will dated 1818. William Eddins and Mary? Ann? md 11 apr 1822. R.M. Todd and wid 14 July 1822. Home burnt 1819 (there is a time table for all of this), rebuilt 20-21, Elizabeth McCracken? child of age 38? md. Benjamin Eddins 4 Sept 39. William A McCrackin, James McCraken of age 32. Rebecca of age 29. Accounts. Lor in Cambridge. ssold dec 1818. Slave names. Elizabeth Todd, wid.
Crawford, Mary F Giles, A 21 547 1831 accts Estate James Crawford, dec. William Crawford, dec. Widow: Mary.
Latimer, Micajah B gdn Latimer, Charles .A. 21 548 1851 gdn Albert G latimer, brother of petitioner dec i f49. wid: Sarah a and three kids: Charles C.A., James S (-12), Mary K. Slaves Margaret and Lindsay.
Jones, H.A. White, Jno etal 21 550 1850 gdn reports These are way past my time, and they are extensive. I started the transcription, then burned out. Will include some. If you are this period, take a look. Lucretia C hagne? George Pressley-Drusilla Gra. Thomas B Byrd - Joseph Z Hearst. Thomas F Branyan - Francis M Branyan. B.P. Hughes - Robert W Richey. Ed. Noble - Samuel C B noble, Elizabeth B. Thomas Eakins surity to James S Wilson dec., trustee for Susan A McKenny and gdn of William R , Elizabeth K McKenney - also John Eakins, George and Jane and Elizabeth. James H Willerman?- Martha A, sarah J Wideman. Isabella Mathis - Lewis, Thomas E, W.S. Mathis.
Jones, H.A. White, Jno etal 21 550 1850 gdn reports cont. John Swilling trustee Mrs. Belinda Osborn. Nathaniel J Davis for Mrs. Frances Rd, lunatic, gdn B.F. Davis. William C Puckett (Prickett?) - james B and ? B Crawford. Sameule Agnew - Luvinia, Lucinda Cullins. Thomas P Dowtin - Drucilla Dowtin. Charles Freeming? - France harmon. Thomas Griffin - Eliza S Wilson. Thomas Cheatham - John R, Mildred E Cheathm. Louisa, mary A Padgett. Vachel Hughey - James H Caldwell. John W Hearst exec John Hearst Sr. Dec - james Patterson. Medy mays - John Mays est. Martha Delby - Eliza, Martha, John, Edward Selby. Pope kids. Richey. Weems. Norwood. Teresta Lippford and kids. Thomas B Byrd-james and Rhody Pulliam. Wilson. Martin kids. Black. Rasor. Canty. Talman. Duffie.
Turner, John L gdn Turner, Carrie E 21 551 1875 Mrs. Emily Turner. William? Turner, O.L. Turner, J.T., Emily C. Turner. (minor?)
American Bible Society Noble, Wm. P Ex 21 552 1860 Savannah River
Duncan, Pat Colliers, Eliz Collins Cullins 21 553 1838 nothing here.
Lipford, Teresa Mrs. gdn Lypford, M.A.O. 21 554 1846 gdn 46-55. Lewis Rich? md Mary Jane. Her brother, Duey E M Lippford dec nov last. Confusing. Middleton L Lippford, Miss Frances Lippford, Mariane Miriam Frances, Dewey Middleton, LaFayette Lippford. Long accounts with detail.
Ware, Nimrod W etal Ware, Albert N etal 21 555 1836 James L Rogers, Thomas E Ware, Gen. Edmund Ware T dec 13 Apr 53? 33? Will dated 33. These were execs. wf: Peggy Ware. Benjamin P, Edmund P, Nimrod W., Albert N Ware, James L Rogers, Thomas E Ware, Heard? T.E. Ware?. Witness statements. Long, detailed.
Jordon, Jonathan gdn Dukes, Eleanor etal Deeks? 21 556 1866 gdn Est. Joseph R Dukes? Deeks? Ducks? mary Elizabeth Dukes? Marshall Dukes, Joseph.
Parker, Wm H Griffin, C B etal 21 557 1856 This is another gdn report. Again, long after my time and very labor intensive. Worth a look for odd relationships. It is only a summation, however. There are no individual reports, only gdn and ward lists.
Renneker*, Glover Renicker Davis, N.J. etal 21 558 1858 Accts. Not sure what this is about. Merchants of Charleston. William M Sale, Mary Jane Mathis. Something about a blacksmith shop. Partnership. Luke Mathis, dec 57. Wife and 3 kids: mary Jane is widow. Thomas R Cochran. Huge file. sales names. arguments. witness statemtns. Then more of the same.
Coleman, Jno T gdn Reynolds, Bennett et al 21 559 1828 gdn Benjamin reynolds dec 25. Larkin, Benjamin W., James A , Bennett Reynolds.
Marshall, Elizabeth A Marshall, William J etal 22 560 1867 Col J Foster Marshall wrote his will 1861., killed in 2nd battle of Manassa in Virginia. Elizabeth, wid. Joseph MW? Marshall, bro. exec. Heirs and distributees: kids: William Marshall, Samuel F Marshall, J Faster Marshall jr., J. Quilinan? Marshall, Eliza D Marshall, Mary F Marshall (all but first -21). 10 acres in Abbeville, plantation on Long Cane 1600 acres. Twn tract bnd by D.L. Wardlaw. Marion Co, FL. Louisa Lesly. Samuel Fair. Estate business - notes etc. Sales. WILL: Jesse De Bruhl of Richland Dist., City of Columbia. Wf: Mary and her heirs. Son William Jesse DeBruhl?, dtr. Elizabeth A , William Jesse Marshall, Samuel F, J Fsoter Jr., J Quitman, Eliza D, Mary F. My son: William Jesse.
Marshall, Eliz A Marshall, Wm J etal 22 560.5 1867 Augustus Aikin. Samuel Fair.
Marshall, Eliz A Marshall, Wm J etal 22 560.7 1867 Sales etc.
Wardlaw, James Gray, Henry admins 22 561 1836 Robert Martin, James Bigalow, James Nicholson. adm R.A. Rapley? Patrick Duncan. Witness: D Douglass, Lomax. Huge files, all of these. He knew and lent money to just about everybody in the county and beyond. Tons of names. Tons of business. Too much for what i’m doing.
Brownlee, J gdn Martin, John M. 15 yrs 22 562 1855 Father. John Campbell Martin. 1854 dec. mary A Martin, mother.
Trible, L W gdn Trible, James R 22 563 1842 est. of John McAdams dec. Steven Milton Trible and lemuel Watson Trible, minors. f 340, “his children”? Nancy E Tribble (md. Richard G kay?). Rebecca McAdams minor.
Hill, Joshua L jr Hill, W.W. etal 22 564 1857 George M Haney? & Diona? Diana? E, wf.. Sibs: Louisa Hill , Sarah Hill, John W. Hill, William C. Hill, Harriet Beatrix Hill, James Pettigrew Hill. More names - can’t read the thing. Harriet Hill wf of W W Hill, mother? Can’t be sure of any of that. Edward Collier esq. dec T: nephew William W Hill. Hard to Read. WILL Edward Collier: wf Mary. Slave lists. Nephew: Joshua Hill. To Edward W Collier in trust. g kids of dec brother James of AL. This is a very long will, rich in detail - lots of extended family names. Must be read with care. Sarah Collier (Lasah?) wid of dec neph Dr. William Collier, son of late brother John Colliler and Sarah’s dtr, Lucinda Young. Just keeps going - Much to learn. William Wyatt Hill.
Hearst, Eliza mute Murphy, H.L. 22 565 1859 Deed of trust. Newberry. My father, John Hearst dec. A.W. Haddon, Bartly Tucker. henry Leland Murphy b.i.l. of Eliza. Petition: John Hearst, Joseph Hearst. John W. Hearst exec of father John. Mother, Margaret dec. Needs to be read.
Branch, Isaac Deal, Milton H Taylor, E.G. 22 566 1852 Village of Abbeville. bnd late Ann Griffin?. TGerrible to read. Neighborhood names.
Talman, M. O. gdn Calhoun, Francis J 22 567 1854 accts.
Belcher, W.P. et al Wood*, Mason D. 22 568 1869 debts. M.D. Wood. Now dec. Sallie Wood admx De La Howe.. W.W. Belcher dec - W.R. Belcher, J.C. Calhoun, Daniel Brown gdn of minor kids of James Belcher, W Belcher distributees. Jojhn White, represetn Robert White and wf. Accts. The children of R Edmond Belcher and kids of James M Blecher, dec brothers of intestate. Warren R Belcher, W.W., John A Cochrun? Cathorn?, James A Norwood. Admin of W.W. Belcher. Warren P, William W. admin? W.W. sr. dec i - kids of brothers: Robert E’s kids: Warren P Belcher, William W. Belcher, Williamson N Belcher*, John H Belcher*, Henry C Belcher, James N Belcher, Mary E Belcher, Rebecca Belcher. Kids of James M Belcher: Sallie A Belcher (md Robash? J White), William W (dec. no fam. Isaac branch admin), James C Belcher*, Mary A Blecher, Preston B Belcher (dec), Robert E Belcher. *=out of state. Much more.
Jennings* W. T. etal 22 569 1885
Carter, Nelson et al Abbeville Mine Co*? 22 570 1867
Bank of State of SC Jones, Dennis F. 22 571 1861
Bank of Newberry Wilson, E. Matthew 22 572 1871
Wilson, Sarah Rykard, L 22 573 1867 Hard to read. W.C. Davis dec 1862 , intestate and unmarried. sibs: Franklin Davis, Betty Hughy (John Hughy - FL), John F.H. Davis (now dec - widow: Isabella Davis. kids: Chlohe Davis, James Davis, John Davis, Nancy Davis, William Davis, Joseph Davis, Jefferson Davis, George Davis), child of sister who md Henry Riley, L.H. Ryker (Rykard) md sister of i - son: Jefferson Rykard. Very hard to read. W.C. esq. owned property with Samuel McGowen, James C Calhoun, Levi Rykard, Lucien Lomax, which makes partition of estate tricky. Thomas F Riley- Other men’s heirs - Isaac K Calhoun, John Calhoun, Lucy Calhoun and Treadevers? A Calhoun, all -21. William C Davis. Thomas J Rykard was a nephew of W.C.
Winfry Richard P Oglethorp Co., GA Belcher, Warren P 22 574 1860 James Belcher and James H Hollingsworth, partners in Augusta, GA 1854. W.W. Belcher, bachelor brother of James, helped along with finances and loans. Sheton Oliver, exec. Richard Winfry. James M Perrin. Debt and partnership.
Boyd, William A gdn Boyd, Sarah Ann 22 575 1857 Tippah, MS. Joseph Lyman Boyd and sarah Ann Boyd. Father: John L Boyd, dec. William Boyd, son of i. Wid: Ruth.
Clark and Tillotson* et al Martin, Jas C et al 23 576 1856 John M Clark. George V Martin? dec 48 i. Mary A martin, James C, John R, Robert A. James C admin of George P, brother. Margaret Morris. John Martin hus of Mary Ann. He dec i . Oldest son, Robert A admin. slave names. James Cunningham? md youngest. Geo P dec in Tenn T and indebted. List of judgements. Enoch Nilson. Lots of Debt. Hard to read.
Hearst, James W McGowan, Patrick, C and wife 23 577 1845 Col John Hearst dec. John W Admin. Patrick McOwen and wf. Acct names. Jonathan B Adamson. Joseph Ashley etc. some accts.
Davis, H A Jones, Henry 23 578 1846 Gray, Liddel, Lesly, Vachel Hughey, Daniel Toldbert, Patrick Noble. Report of Jones, commsnr iin equity. Martha Mays, Thomas C Griffin, Stevevn Whitly, Elias T Graham and wf. Larkin, Medy, Henry Mays, Thomas Rosamond. Abner, Jane Lucretia Mays. Elizabeth Whitly, distributee in 46. William Henderson (Nathaniel, James, John). Elizabeth Manahan. John Ansley est. James Wilson. OWen Selby. Mary Ann Byrd. mary Graves. John Ewing Calhoun. Captain James Calhoun. Orville Tatom. John Cheatham. Robert Pettigreew. Valentine Young. Richard Todd. Patrick Noble. Matthew Mays. William Henderson. others.
Partlow, John A Reed, John (James) S 22 579 1857 S.S. Baker dec. J.S. Reid? Thomas Thompson. Mrs. Ann Partlow. James Taggart jr.(md martha Baker), Dr. J Baker. James A. Baker, J.T. Baker, B.H. Baker, kids: L.P., Caroline, Sarah, Frances, julia E, Mary E, William, John Partlow. Confusing.
McCrady, James Berry etal Smith*, William S gdn 23 580 1861 sarah Frances McCrady, L. Lesly?, George Sumter. Father and Next friend James W. William S?J? Smith md Permelia M McCready, grandmother. Mmiddleton Cobb. slave names and families. Hard to read.
Hearst, John J etal Hearst, Joseph L etal 23 581 1857 part John Thomas Jeffersonh Hearst minor. Andrew Paul, next fr. John Hearst, father, dec December 47 T. Joseph L Hearst of age. Wid: Margaret. Dtrs: Sarah A, Mary Isabella. Sarah (John W? McCaw?), M.I. (David G Phillips). HTR. Accts. Appraisals: P.H. Bradlyk, Dr. G.W. Pressley, Thomas W Chiles, Larkin Reynolds, and Richard Watson. Slave lists. Martha A Murphy. statements of settlement. Margaret Hearst? dec 56. Oh, yea! WILL - lovely writing. John Hearst. jane Ansley, dtr. Dr. John W Hearst exec. Wit James Patterson, James martin, etc. George Marshall.
DeBrull, Wm Jesse etal Marshall, Elizabeth A etal 23 583 1868 nxt friend: John S. Wiley. Jesse DeBruhldec 60. (Richmond Dist) dec father T. Wf, Mary md John Wesly?. dtr: Elizabeth A Marshall. kids: William Jessee, Samuel T, J Foster, I? Quitman?, Eilzabeth, Margaret T, Marshall. s-i-l, I? Foster Marshall. in trust for orator (-21). Catherine MacAfee?, I. P. MacAfee?, J? W McMartin?, Winthrop B WIlliams, Jonathan M Blakely. Accts. Bills. Notes. Inventory. Sales names include O.H. Talman, R C Martin, G B Ellis, Lites. WILL Jesse. Columbas Co, FL. Richmond SC. Hubul and Elizabeth Elder. Sam Fair. Huge file.
Wideman, Mary etal Widemand, Samuel sr 23 583 1856 settlement Wife of Samuel Wideman but separated. Next fr and son, Samuel jr. Md 1818 and then abuse for 15 years, then abandonment. many kids. He went off to live with a bimbo. Sad story. Some info.
Lipscomb, Joel Hollman, Elvira etal 23 584 1823 gdn Gran Co, AL, Elivira Hallam? 13. Joel (11), John Y Hallum (9), kids of John Y dec.
Davis, Riley S. gdn Collier, Sarah etal 23 585 1849 Colliers: Sarah E., Edward, John. kids of James B Collier, Morgan Co., AL. James, bro of Edward (Abbeville). Charles Collier. Wyatt C Backwell - uncle. James Collier dec. to kids and g kids. 7 kids. James B, son of James (9 kids surviving), Riley S Davis of Morgan Co, AL.
Rangey**, James Ramsey? Barksdale, James H etal 23 586 1853 land purchase Bannister Allen, george W Robinson, Edwin G Simpson, John H Logan witness statements.
Attorney General of SC Baker , Jane T* etal 23 587 1856 Samuel S Baker, dec 54. Wid: can’t read. kids: James A, John T, Ann T (md John Partlow), Martha E (md James Taggart), Caroline C, Sarah S, William S., Francis L, Julia E, Mary Z?, Lucinder E, Benjamin H. William S Baker arrested? Legal Argument.
Moncrieff, John etal Moore, Geo B 23 588 1800 Alexander MacBeth partner. Moncrief, George Berryman Moore. debt. Augusta. Charleston. Ephraim Ramsey. Edgefield. WIlliam Moore. John Ryan.
Oldham, John H trustee Merriman, Mrs. L.D. 23 589 1861 Louisa Jane. E.R. Calhoun note. George B Clinkscales.
Collier*, Charles E gdn Collier, Amy R 23 590 1849 gdn Lime Co, AL. Dt. William E Collier. Limestone Co. Dec. John Ward. Boling C Blackwell. Under Will of Edward Collier Abbeville - ch and grandchildren of his brother, James. Amy. Riley S. Davis wit. Charles is uncle to AMY.
Tolbert, R R Talbert? Watson, Thos A 23 591 1865 Comes of age.
Wilson, John and wife Wilson, William 23 592 1867 Patrick? Dohuk? Wilson dec i MS. John Anderson and margaret wf. James H and Elizabeth Caldwell. William? margaret Anderson. Bostick Wilson dec. Sampsojn? Thistle? William Wilson. Very Hard to read. G.W. Hodges, bnd by widow Anderson.
Oliver, John etal Barrett, Thomas 23 593 1813 Charles Stovall armed in defiance of sherrif. Charles md to Mrs. Lucy Ashton wife of Joseph Ashton, dec. Martin Town and Augustus. Briton Mimz. Robert Raymond Reid. witness statements. John Wilson (Willson) jr.
Stokes, Anna R Cochran, J N etal 23 594 1857 Joseph H Stokes dec husband of oratrix. i 7 Aug 53. minor kids: Harriet Eliza (9), Hanna Columbia? (7), Frances Rebecca (5), Laura Josephine (3). Bought proerty of Medy Mays dec. with George Washington Hodges, Anna’s father (g son Walter Anderson - but that’s not in this case). Little Mulberry Creek, Saluda. James N Cochran. Hodges’ Depot. Gabriel Hodges. Cochran and Stokes. Very long partnership problems. Sales and accounts. y
Stokes, Anna R Cochran, J etal 23 594.5 1860 More accounts and sales.. W. L. Hodges. Very Long. Witness statements that tell the story.
Lake, Josephine R etal Owzt, Thos J etal 23 595 1870 Josephine exec of Johnson Sale dec T 66-68. Joseph, Elizabeth Lake, heirs. Johnson Sale Watson. W.C. Sale? many accts. Evira Ann McKellar. Peter McKellar. William A Sale WILL: 3 cousins: Josephine Lake, Ann Scott and her brother James Sale. Long and hard to read.
Misc Guardianship Bonds 23 596 1837-1843 Moses O Talman gdn many Calhouns (named). Rogers, Maragne, Reid, Adams, Coleman, Killingsworth, Connor, James W Fooshe (William Carter gdn), Cochran, Lomax, Hill, Horton, Williamson.
Hearst, James. W McGowan, Patrick and wife 23 597 1844 John Hearst.
Davis, Robert M gdn Robinson, Jane 23 598 1853 gdn Joseph T Baker and William C Cozley.
McDuffie, George McDuffie, Mary 23 599 1849
Kirkpatrick, Jane gdn Mom Kirkpatrick, mary 23 600 1851 Father: Thomas Kirkpatrick i.
Latimer, Micajah .B. William*, Benjamin W 23 601 1858 adjoining
Parker, Wm H Report on Estates 1860 24 602 1860 Many Names - summation of Estates
Eakins, Thos gdn of Eakins, Geo and John, J., Elizabeth 24 603 1849 gdn Joseph Eakins, dec
Latimer, James A Oliver, John 24 604 1849 Lunacy Sons of John, Elijah, George M
Aiken, A.M. Wardlaw, Elizabeth F. Admx 24 605 1868 Augustine M. Aiken creditor of est of Hugh Waller Wardlaw, dec. James and Thomas Perrin - bad debt. James Wideman. VERY long story - covers many packets. Barksdale Ferry Road. Plat.
24 606 Missing Missing from file - don’t you hate this?
Pratt, Robt gdn Miller, Laura A. 24 607 1859 gdn
Pettigrew, Thomas dec 24 608 1849
Ramsey, Jordon A Riley, James A and wife 24 608 1849 Bond Thomas R.A. Pettigrew. Francis, nancy, Elizabeth, George G. Pettigrew. Mary Florance Pettigrew, child, dec. Thomas Pettigrew dec. Wm., James L., Rosa Ann, Betsy (md J.H. Alexander???). Mrs. E.A. Pettigrew. Hezekiah Shim and wife.
Tolbert, Robt. R. gdn McKenney, Wm. R. 24 609 1851 Roger McKenney dec. Susan A: widow who has married Jarrett harris. Eliz. K? McKenney minor, requests partition.
Armstrong, Brock + co Posey, B.V. et al 24 610 1859 Debt HTRead
Anderson, Robt wf: Mary Barksdale Pickens, Thos J 24 611 1852 Next Andrew C. Pickens. mary was a Pickens. 7 daughters. Long Petition. Will of James Boiseau of New York City. leg: Mrs. Calhoun, wid of John C Calhoun of Pendleton. Cornelia Calhoun. Mrs. Calhoun’s daughter? Anna Calhoun Clemson (md. Thomas Clemson), James Ed Boisereau? Calhoun and Henry Calhoun (Pendleton) and sons of John Elwing Calhoun “my cousin”. Mr. Moldon, Mr. Cherry. Here is a fun Will. Also leaves to poor and churches. To mary Anderson, wf Robert Anderson (dghtr of Ezekial Pickens of St. Thomas Parish. Boisseau.
Boisseau, Edward of NYC dec 24 611 1852 Will
Petters*, J G Smith, Eliza 24 612 1851 Only Son, John W. Hearst. 1830 J.W.? Hearst will. Aikens and Wardlaw in here, also. Michal Watson dec. mary Watson. Elizah Watson, Arthur Rice Watson. Estates paying each other. (Watson 1795). Edgefield. INV: Hugh Wardlaw? Here is the 1857 Will of Hugh Waller Wardlaw. John J Pettus.
Wardlaw, Hugh Waller 24 612 1857 Will
Watson, Michael dec. 24 612 1851
Dom Wm B Dorn? Doin? Hodges, Samuel .A. Sherriff 24 613 1853 Wm. Beasly and wife, Mary. William Stillman, son of Rebecca Stilman, fmrly ? dec. Left land to Wm. F. and Francis (daughter). Elizabeth Tenlin teulin (Mary Beasly’s sister md Ephraim Brown) out of state and dec. Anna Sheppard (rumored that she md Amos Ship - which would have been bigamy). Beaselys descend from Christiana Teulin. Interesting story and very long. Much info
Teulin, Christiana Beasly, mary and william 24 613 1853 Land on Savanah - Persimmon Lick - read above.
Parker, W H Jones, D F 24 614 1861 Lots of names in report.
Parker, W H Report on Estate 24 615 1855 Lots of names in report.
Aiken, A.M. Wardlaw, Elizabeth F. Admx 24 617 1868 wid Hugh Wardlaw. Perryman. This is a long argument, covering many packets.
Bank of Newberry Willson, Matthew Wilson dec 24 617 1868 complaint
Watson, james F. dec Watson, Margaret widow 24 618 1856 Chldrn: Wm. Edward Watson, George McDuffy, James Franklin, Thomas Anthony, Dorothy J. All Watsons. His Will is here.
Wideman (Widerman?), Jas H Waller, W.W. 24 618 1856 business dispute White hall business. James F. Watson dec. partnership.
Parker, W H Report on Estate 1858 24 619 1858 Lots of names in report
Baker, Samuel S. dec 24 620 1859 Jane Tirzah, Wid. Benj. H, Lucy P, minors. FannyS?, M.E.? J Thompson? Very long - lists of accounts with other interesting names.
Harris, Wm etal sarah J Reid, John S etal Reed? 24 620 1859 samuel S. Baker, dec.
Hearst, John estate Wardlaw, Elizabeth F. et al 24 621 1868 Aiken. More of the case. George Mark sells land. Patrick McOwen and Sarah Ann his wife. See the other packets - many in this box.
Stone, Hampton Jones 24 622 1861 Money bonds Names
Braziel, Aiken and Louisa wf. Pace, Sarah 24 623 1852 This is another long case Thomas W. Pace. Reason Dansly wit. LeRoy Purdy. SILAS PACE estate. catherine Ray, Mary Jones. Eliza Davis, John Davis (John thomas s.i.l. of Sarah Pace). Either John Davis or LeRoy H Purdy md 1835. lived near / wf lifing dtr of Sarah Pace. Sarah Jane Davis wf of Last witness. thomas Eakins. henry Cannon. here, there is testimony of many witnesses - most interestingly, the witness of the slave, Julia, herself.
Lesley, David etal Patterson, Jas etal 24 624 1834 Joseph D. daly?, Edmund Cobb. james Clahoun. Robt James - bills. Rob’t Smyth’s Will mentioned. misc bills, court notes.
Crawford, Michael the elder Crawford, Sarah 24 625 1804 Father is suspected of being a crafty old cheater. He says no. John Crawford. Hard to Read and long.
Graves*, George Caroline Tatum Cade, W.G. etal 24 626 1867 Wm. T. Tatom. dec. next of kin, Caroline F. Graves, his mother and wf of George. Wm. Tennant Tatum.
Donald, Jno A etal McCord, Jno et al 24 627 1838 Slave dispute Will of Alexander Donald, dated 1803, my daughter Nancy Gray (md. Rob’t Gray) dec abt 1806. Robt Gray dec 1811 - kids: Mary Ann (md. West Donald), Elizabeth (md. james Donald), robt Douglass, John A. Donald (oldest). There is a Thomas Douglass. Big squabble over owning other people.
Collier Jas Slaughter, A et al 24 628 1828 Order to pay mort.
Parker, W H Report on Estate 1859 24 629 1859 Many names
Lomax, Augustus Neil, martha Caroline dec 24 630 1855 Left mary Adalaide Lomax, wf of Augustus, sole Heir. Her Will
Smith Wm J etal Baily, James etal 24 631 1867 relief Isabella E. Smith dec. James M Perrin dec. Joel Smith dec. thomas C Perrin admin. Simopn Boozer. Witness statements. squabble.
Arthur, Thos S. Moore, Joseph T 24 632 1861 relief Henry A. Jones Mortgage on a human - Prudence.
Alexander, Nancy Hearst, John Dabbs, Elizabeth 24 633 1835 Slave thing Settle between widow and Nancy, mary, E>W>, Susan Dabbs, D.M. Rogers for Merle Marvina Dabbs. catherine dabbs. Wm? Jesse Dabbs dec. more names
Gray, Mary Elizabeth etal Jones, Henry A 24 634 dispute Mary Eliz wf of John gray. Sarah? wf of James Johnson. James Verdian of Beaufort: maternal Grandfather. Father - Henry Jones? Many Names. There is a will. Isabella S? wf of H.A. Jones. her kids: Mary Elizabeth and Sarah Fickling. James Verder.
Hearst, Jno W McOwen, P.C. and Wife 24 635 1843 John Hearst estate accounts. Plat Edgefield. Coffetown.
Tolman, Moses, O Talman gdn Calhoun, Jno. Joseph 24 636 1847 accts.
Jones, H.A. Letitia Finley* etal 24 637 1854 Alex Houston, thomas Finley.
Parker, W H Report on Sales 1844 24 638 1849 many names
Parker, W H Report on Estate 24 639 1855 gdn reports many names
Hill, Joshua L etal Hill W.Wyatt etal 24 640 1857 E.T. Hill, Legrange. late Edward Collier cuncle to W.W. Hill . wf? Harriet.
Hearst, Jno. W McOwen, P.C. 25 641 1845 accts
Wilson, Mary Reid, Jas A etal 25 642 1870 Bank complaint J.R. Wilson dec. james A, Lemuel Reid exec. accts debt mortgage.
Parker, W H Report on Estate 24 643 1861 many names including: Edward Davis gdn Susy haddon. W.H. Davis gdn Wm and Tyler Logan (Tyler Logan marries Nancy Davis, daughter of Chesley Davis - other source on that). N.J. Davis gd Francis W. Red (wf Dr. John C. Red. She is a lunatic). R.M. davis trustee S.J.H. Stark and wf.
Parker, W H Report on gdns and trustees1857 24 644 1857 same reports as above.
Hawthorne, David.O. Franklin, Lawson D etal 25 644.5 1858 Creed W. Rankin. Andrew.C. Hawthorn. Partership between brothers brothers gone bad. Long tale of hogs and deceit.
Finley, Thomas dec 25 645 1831 Peter Downey, witness. O.G. Finley, Ann’s brother. Sarah Wiseman, her sis. Ann died 1855, 6 kids: thomas F (31 in 1858?), Catherine J (30). George Green (28). Robert S. (25), Elbert G (19 at his dec in 1857), Mary Ann (18) - Tenn.
Perrin, J Wardlaw admin Hunter, Alexander 25 645 1858 bill for acct Thomas Finley dec. Had a wid (Jane, dec 1855) but no legitimate kids (ah!!). One illegitimate kid - reuben Finley, Wheelright, of Tenn. His mother, catherine Kindar. Left slaves under condition that female children of slaves would be freed or taken to a free state. Jane’s nephew, Thomas F. Mitchell (dies in Miss) is her heir. His b.i.l. John J Gage. David, James, Samuel, Isaac, Wm. Finley are witnesses. A niece, Ann, md. Robt Green.
Mitchell, Thomas F. Will 25 646 1858 Wills
Perrin, J Wardlaw Hunter, Alexander 25 646 1858 Ans. of defendants. Copy of Will. wardlaws, admin of Thomas F. Mitchell. jane’s Will here, and Thomas Finley’s (Findley?). Long case.
Turner, Emily Turner, Carrie 25 647 1866 acct’s Oscar L Turner? Henry R. Andrew McNiel Turner. Wm. Turner
Red, Jas H Joseph Pealer? Talbert, Robt R and Mary 25 648 1847 Mrs. Elinor Penny. Business complaint. nancy, wf of Robt Tolbert, who has a son, Robert. Very Long. William Red, Dr. witness.
Davis, Augustine and Nancy 25 649 1851 Family and wills Augustine the younger went to Ill. in 1808-10, but married in Abbeville first. Flemming dec 7 years ago, left a fam. John dec. before that - no fam. Betsey md. James Ross, moved to GA before 1820 and had kids. Francis md. Andrew Ross and went to Illinois before 1820. nancy died bef 1830. Ruth went to Ill also. y
Davis, Nancy Vickory 25 649 1851 Settlements Rebecca and Mary Dvis, granddaughters of nancy, dtrs of Wm. Davis. Andrew McComb md grdtr of nancy Davis. nancy davis, dtr of nancy Davis dec, leaving no leg kids. Other children of Wm. Davis applied for estate share (Vickory). Flemming and John, kids of nancy Davis. y
Foster, Jas H Hunter*, Jno 25 649 1851 Foster admin nancy Davis distributee. Lived out of state in June 1826. John McComb. Nancy, wf Augustine, daughter of William Vickory on Long cane. he died. 40 years ago (1811?) Seh died about 35 years ago. (1816?) Kids: William, Augustine, Flemming, John, Betsey, Nancy, Franky, Ruthy. Wm died in Abbeville. y
Vickory, Wm. dec 25 649 1851 More of the fam stuff Wm Vickory d. 1804. 3 Daughters: Elizabeth (Betty), Ruth Hunter, nancy Davis. Betty never md. Kept house for father and died 1826. Nancy was living with her in desperate circumstances. Andrew McCord (now dec. John McComb took over) , Ben Howard execs of Vickory. nancy (here said to have died 1825). uth dec 1826before sale of land. 3 kids: John, Mary, Elizabeth. Flemming Davis is at sale. y
Aiken, A.M. Wardlaw, Elizabeth F. 25 650 1868 Hugh Waller Wardlaw dec20 Jan 1868. INV. Will Plat See other packets
Young, James R.M. Buton, John A 25 651 1841 Slave dispute. Huge legal debate over owning people.
Calhoun, Joseph Jr. Perrin, Wm 25 652 1799 Wm Perrin md Agnes Calhoun, dtr of orator (Jos). Moved to Edgefield. Slave dispute.
Prichard, Lewis Brown*, W.A. 25 653 1822 bill of sale Mrs. Ellison estate
Misc Papers 25 654 1861 James S. Cothran? james M Perrin. Sam Cothran. R.C. White heir. Wm. Cothran
Collier, Louisa S McKettrick, Benj 25 655 1850 Louisa Md. Edward Collier 1818 edgefield. Long Cane. Got Way in debt. lands sold. he was Murdered in GA. james G. Collier, sold land for sibs. Wm. E. Collier, J.B. Hail and Maria his wf, A.B. Elliot and Lucinda, his wf. thomas Collier, reputed to be son of Edward.
Sims, Newton Sims, Elizabeth K etal (14 yrs old) 25 656 1856 Samuel and john vance. My daughter, Mary P Sims wf. Dr. Newton Sims. Nancy A. Sims, Lauren S., mary A, Susan R, John W Sims - all minors - John vance gdn. Childrn of Newton. Samuel Sims died as a baby.
Williams, Margaret G Baskin, Jas T etal 25 657 1867 part James A. Agnew. H.A. jones. John Gamble Bskin dec. leaves father and sibs. James (dad), W.S., I ?L. brothers. Elizabeth (md rev. Gilbert), Carries??? (md. Frank Gilbert). Lots of little papers. Some HTR
Trasper, Ann L tracher? Trosper? Frosper? Johnson, Leroy J 25 658 1879 Ann md to Jack. Was a Mays. went to Texas. Larkin mays, Henry, Mindy? - is this the father? Elizabeth, widow.
Jones, H.A. Commissioner's Report 25 659 1849 Parker’s estate report
Belcher W.P. et all Wood, Mason D et al 25 660 1869 Very Hard to Read names. Maybe a will. Lots of Belchers. Norwood.
American Bible Society Noble, Wm. P Ex John Bull estate 25 661 1859 Grady and son. I.Sarah Bull Will Dr. james Morrow, son.
Reb? Tolbert gdn Talbert? Joseph W. Tolbert 25 662 1854 James H Tolbert
Liddall, Jas T Hunter*, samuel 25 663 1867 har to Reead Sarah and james R Cunningham - Nice plat.
Talbert, Jas F Tolbert? Talbert, Isabella Elizabeth 25 664 1855 Isabella md. J.T. Jeffers. Martha E Tolbert. estate Wm. Tolbert. Eliza. W.C. Davis soicitor.
Merriman, L.D. exec Cobb, Andrew 25 665 1867 transfer mort. hart to Read Waller B. Merriwether. James Wesley Clinkscales. Texas Will. Sister Louisa Jane Merriman, neice. Rowena? E. Merriman. Frank Clinkscales Merriman. Lenorra? Cornelia Merriwether. Elianer Brownlee Merriwether. Lewis D Marriwether gdn to the afor listed.
Watson, Richard etal Harris, Elizabeth 25 666 1849 Wm harris of White Hall dec. Eliz is widow, and also daughter of wid.
Busby, Lewis and Mary Thomas W. Brooks and Eliza Byrd, Thos B et al 25 667 1850 Detailed complaint Rhoda Pulliam, wf of James Pullium died intestate. Thomas B Byrd admin. of estate. John P. Coleman (nephew of Rhoda) involved. Rhoda’s next of kin: fanny Mitchell (Alabama), Anna Cooper (Miss. sister of Rhody), Larkin Pulliam (nephew, son of John Pulliam dec), Nxt of Kin to Charles Fooshe dec., kids of Elizabeth Gholston (Ga). Benj. Zachary Goston. Mathew Bryson and Mahala wf. Martha A. Pulliam. Wiley Pulliam, John davis mentioned. Also L.D. Davis
Pulliam, Benjamin and Lucy wf 25 667 1851 dispute Benjamin, a nephew of Rhoda Pulliam, md. Lucy Anderson Swancy Sims (daughter of Walter Anderson). He died in 1832. She died in Aug 1836, leaving 4 daughters: Mary (md. Lewis Busby), Mahala (md. Matthew H. Bryson - Alabama), Rhoda (md. William Sanders Pontotoc County Miss), Eliza Ann (md. Thomas W. Brooks - Abbeville). This complaint has to do with Benjamin’s aunt Rhoda Pulliam (she was a Pulliam who married James Pulliam) who died without issue and who evidently promised a slave, Leah, to the four girls. Leah lived with them, but went back to Rhoda for one of many stated and suggested reasons. Lucy died, they married, rhoda died - now they want Leah and her many children.
Rembert*, Wm P Rembert, Rebecca, widow 25 668 1851 P of Att Samuel Rembert dec Hard to Read Andrew Rembert dec. James Rewmbert Dec. Louisa, dec. Mary Hull Rembert. John Pope? sarah R. Rembert. , Wm. P., Elizabeth Homlmes wf George L Holmes. Miss DanielJ, wd. md Dohan. If these are your, read it.
Martin, Charles etal Cook, West dec 25 669 1819
Hughes, Benjamin P. gdn Richey, Robt Wilson 25 670 1849
Wideman, Jas H Widemark? Wideman, Mary L mionr 19 yrs. 26 671 1849 gdn Leonard Wideman is Mary’s father. James is brother. Mrs. Sarah Wideman. Sarah J (I?) Wideman under 10 yrs.
Kingsmon, Agnus, M Kingsmon, Clarriss? 26 672 1847 John C. Kingman dec. Comms rpt. Dendy Hughley, Wilson Lomax - others Agnes is admin.
Nichols, Bethany, E widow Nichols, Thomas A 26 673 1857 Thom Nichols dec 5 July 56. Tom A. is 18. Susan is 15. Wesly F is 7?. Elizabeth 4. Wm. 7 months. Plat. Long file.
Brazeal*, Atkin wf. Lousia (Pace) Pace, Sarah admx , thomas W. Pace 26 674 1852 complaint squabble, actually Silas Pace dec. Son of adminx. No wf or kids. Sibs: Thomas W., Matilda (md John Thomas), Sarah Jane (md John Davis), Louisa (Oratrix), amd a neice: Lucinda, Cannon dtr of Lucinda Pace, dec. (md. henry canon) and two children of Richa4rd pace dec.: Sarah Jane and John Pickney Pace. Plat of land. Wit. include Mrs. Eliza Davis, John Davis,. Very Long and human account. Other def: Wm. L. McCord and wf, Frances E (dtr Sarah Jane and John Davis) and her sister martha Jane. very rich file.
McClellan, Sarah S. widow Dendy*, Mary J etal 26 675 1867 Dower John McClellan dec. 1863. Two marriages. oratrix is 2nd wife. Mary Jane is first marriage stuff. Ment: Brick? H Bradly. James N. Dendy minor. dec? Thomas B. Dendy md. to Martha I think. hard Labor Creek. 1400 acres. Patrick H Bradly (brandly?) bounding - land was the thos Chiles estate. Mary Jane’s kids? Ellen E. Dendy, (Md John T. McKellar who comes off as a creep), james N. Dendy, thomas N Dendy. Long, interesting file. Will of John M . McClellan is included.
Wideman, Jas H etal Purdy, Wm N. admin james Purdy 26 676 1851
Banks, Elias Banks, Amos 26 677 1855 pwr atty Frontier language - interesting. Elizabeth banks, dec.
Owen, Edward Selby Douglas estates 26 678 1844
Glenn**, Jas E Connor, Lewis admin 26 679 1826 complaint Edward Noble, Lucien H Lomax, J Foster marshall: bond. Rob’t Anderson and mary B wf. vs. Thomas Pickens and Edward noble. samuel Beard
Kirkpatrick, Jane Maddox, Richard 26 680 1851 richard, barbra, Elizabeth, Hannah, Mary, Jane, margaret - all Kirkpatrick minors.
Gray, John F of Mississippi Thomas, Fredrick.G. Dr. 26 681 1854 Foreclose Mortgage Near Cokesbury. Wm. Edward Hayne Trustee for mary Y (wf Fred Thomas). Mrs. Arthur, mom of Thomas S. Arthur. henry H. Hill of Edgefield. She was also “formerly Simmons.” Frances Simmons of Johns Island. very long, complex file. I flew throught it, of course. G.W. hodges one of the Ordinary.
Griffin, Mary Elizabeth etal Vance, J.K. etal 26 682 1868 Bill of acct Mary was wf of Wm. M Griffin. Here represented by “next friend” larkin Griffin, her f.i.L. She was daughter of John (dec 1838) and Elizabeth D (dec May 1855) Porter.
Minor, Daniel adm. De Bois? Mann? Cheatham, Tolbert and Caroline A. 26 684 1859 no 683 Bartlette Cheatham. John F.C. Little? Settle? Very Hard to Read
Wimbish, Susannah gdn Wimbish, John T , Francis, mary 26 684 1849 gdn
Johnson, DD. gdn Boyd, Wm B 26 685 1859 gdn
Posey, Addison* F Deale, M H etal 25 686 1854 pckt repeated
Parker’s Report on Estates 26 687 1861 reports Tons of names - all too late for me, but you should look°£
Byrd, Thomas B est Perrin, Jas M trust Byrd, Dudly 26 688 1863 relief Thomas B Byrd’s will written 1856. Very hard to read. Millie Francis, Sallie, I Ellen - infants of Dudly? Thomas B Byrd of greenwood. Wf. Elizabeth. Wm Parks, son of wife (dec in Texas) Lewis, James, John T. Parks, Elizabeth (md. John Barrett), James. Thomas B. Byrd, their step-father, leaves his part of Wm Park’s estate to the sibs. He aslo leaves Catherine Ashe a gift, Joseph Zebulon Hearst,. And T.B. Byrd’s own kids: Dudly Byrd and Francis (md. E.P. Vaughn) and grandkid: Johnette F. Byrd, daughter of John B. Byrd (dec. - wid: Francis E.S. Byrd) James Perrin is exec. Witnesses and more names. This pckt repeated y
Lyon, Sarah G Lyon, Martha H etal 27 689 1861 A. Lyon dec. James? Gaines? Hard to Read. Martha A, Margaret E., Lucy E, James, Robt P minors. John T. Lyon is something. part This pckt repeated
Lomax, Jas W etal Cobb, Jas, H 26 690 1861 Augustis Cobb is a lunatic, and Wm. jas went into buisness with him?? acct This pckt repeated
Talbert, Isabelle Mrs. Gdn Talbert, Francis Elvira 26 691 1862 gdn John Wesley Tolbert, Amanda Tolbert, Isabella (md. T.N. Smith?) james L Talbert agent. Pd E.L. Davis and J.H. Davis?
De Brull, Wm. Jesse etal Marshal, W.W.and Elizabeth 26 692 1868 J? Foster? M. J.? Eliza D, Mary F. Marshall minor. Jesse De Bruhl, father of Wm Jesse, died 1838. Very Long file. If these are your people, be sure to read it.
American Bible Society Noble, Wm. P Ex 26 693 1860 Mrs. Sarah Bull, dec - wid of David Morrow and james (David’s only child) john B. Bull. Mrs. A. Bull - more. Worth a read.
McKinney, Susan A Martin, Benj J* etal 26 694 Relief Bozer? McKinney dec hard to read
McGraw, Martin Hill, Wm etal 26 695 1855 Martha McGraw, John McIlwain.
Simpson, John F gdn of sons Simpson, Jas Hunter, John J 26 696 gdn grandfather John Steveson dec. Their mother dec. also.
Giste** Wm H Alston, James Pressly, S.P 26 697 1836 bill of costs G.W. Hodges. Long and hard to read.
Parker, Wm H Report Guard and Trustee 1859 26 698 1859 Pullins, McGhee, Pantry, Baker, Watson, Wideman, Zimmerman, Bigly, Bozer,, Black - tons of other names
Brazeal, Aiken and Louisa Pace, Sarah 26 699 1852 Answer of def. John and Sarah Jane davis. Long slave dispute bills of sale Edgefield District. John Williamson dec 2 May 1831. McGrath, Benj F Whitman, Henry Shultz, Land dispute lots of names. Hard to read. Anna Hawthorn? dec.
Brazeal*, Aiken Pace, Sarah 26 699.5 1860 Thom W. Pace. Martha Jane Davis, Frances E. McCord (father? Wm. L McCord.). Daughter John and Sarah Hane.
Miller, Chas Powers, Jno Sr 26 700 1821 Elbert County, Ga Wm Dooly
Bull, John B estate Parker 26 701 1860
misc papers 26 702 1818-32-48-59 John Calhoun estate. jeremiah Bell. W. Francis Monroe? and wf Sarah (fmr Johnson - now dec and her father dec. John Bull papers. [James A. Wideman, Wm H, Comubus A. --Wm Belcher guardian], Wm and Elizabeth Pratt.[ Wiley Pulliam, Thomas B Byrd - estate of James Pulliam: legatees John B. Davis, ?, Fooshe, Wiley Pulliam, Larkin P, Frances? H?, A. Cooper 9 nov 1849 John Pulliam] 1832 Parker: Thos, James, Sarah, Margaret, Jane, Catherine, ?H?, Matthew, nancy - mary and Chasrles, chdn of J Matthew parker?? dec.] others partition John Middleton.
Carter Wm and John F Carter, Larkin S 26 703 1850 part Larkin is a lunatic (or so they say)
Fair, Jas William Pratt Osborne, John estate 26 704 1836 estate accounts
Talbert, R.R. Tolbert? gdn Watson, Dorothy Jane 26 705 1860 gdn She married Geo. E. Talbert
Parker, Wm H Report Sales 1860 26 706 1860 estate reports Tons of names, all too late for me.
Owens, Garlington Owen, Wm Thos 26 707 1854 gdn Sarah Cunningham estate
Martin, Mary A gdn Martin, Campbell , Wm B. 26 708 1856 gdn
McComb, George Geddes, Henry 27 711 1793 release of lien plat
Wilson, J H gdn Wilson, M A 27 712 1866 gdn
Hunter, Alexander estate 27 713 1859 estate accts
Yarborough, Littleton gdn McCas, John Todd, Wm F. (bth -12) 27 714 1854 Wh. H. McCaw - father - dec
Misc papers 27 715 1851-1859 a bunch of little things. Capt john Boozer. M.F. Owens. Accounts
Oliver, John C gdn Oliver, Thos 27 716 1817 Andrew oliver. Alexander oliver
Baskin*, James adm Giles, William 27 717 1841 irregularities in the administation. tsk.tsk.
Merriweather, Nicholas exec Mary Merr.. Smith, Robt. W 27 718 1820 with Wm. Tinsley. John Meriwether dec. Robt is admin of Sarah Smith dec. Mary’s will is here. Joseph fooshe and Sarah M. wf. John,Zachary, Nicholas Merriwether. grnddtr, mary Merriwether. Hard to read. more names. and in the middle of it all, a 1815 summons in the complaint of Wm and Elizabeth Davis served on Nathaniel and Jamima Lipscomb. Odd.
Wilson, Sarah L.H. Rikard Davis, W. C. dec 27 719 1868 1814-1863 Somehow, Ephraim davis’ estate fell to W.C., but owed Thomas J Rykard’s estate. Not sure I get it.
marshall, george will 27 720 1858 daughters Mary Ann Miles Jordon, Isabella Elizabeth Smith, Nancy Narcissa McDowall, Joseph Steen marshall, Sarah Carsen Marshall, Martha Rebecca marshall. Wid: Jane.
Misc Papers Morrow, john dec. Irwin, John dec 27 720 1831 1854 bits and pieces Morrow’s exec: Alexander Hunter, admin: Jane Morrow. Robt jackson, lunatic. Irwin, 1854 edgefield - son: james - wid , mary Ann.// Addison McGhee, Charlotte McGee - wid and admin of Cam McGee? 1832//Geo. Brownlee his will. Hugh Morrow and wf 1837 partition. // Martha and John J Adams (Florida) pwr of att: John Henton. her father, John ruff, dec 1863// James Lomax, Rose Moon?? 1829// Wm. Lomax. Other names
McDowall, Jas Alexander McDowall, Geo W W etal 27 721 1858 part paternal grandfather: George marshall dec 1852, nancy Narcissa marshall McDowall mom of James and widow. Now wf of Irvin Hutchison. Grandfather’s will: wf jane, 4 kids; James Alexander, George marshall, Patrick Henry, Edwin Holbrook McDowell.
Wardlaw, Joseph J gdn McCaw, Julia Cole 27 722 1784? 1884? gdn
Maxwell, Jno M admin Connor*, Francis 27 723 1832 bad plat John M, David R. Davenport
Shirley, Richard Mattison, Elizabeth etal 27 724 1860 his kids: Nancy E (md. ), Wm. M., Lucinna? C. (md), Benjamin N. and Gabriella shirley (dec). Nancy (the mother) dec. daughter of Wm Mathison, dec. Long and much more to it.
Robertson, J.M. Edmund Collier 27 725 1833 George Robertson, dec. Mary, wid, md. “My children:” James?, Campbell, Mary Elizabeth Jane Brownly, Martha Ann. This is a long complaint. there is much to the will.
Wilson, John 27 726 1865 appraisal
Noble, Andrew A (exec) Noble, Wm P (dec?) 27 727 1832 part samuel, Ezekiel, Joseph Noble all under 21 (including Andrew) in 1829
Wright, James etal Mitchell, Francis Dudly Richardson 27 728 1826
Calhoun, Downs and wf Merriwether, Wm. B. etal 27 729 1832 relief I think Downs needs to sell land to fix the mill.
Shirley, James gdn of neice Branyan**, Nancy A 27 730 1860 Father: reuben? Robert? Branyon.
Campbell,Robt etal McBryde, John 27 731 1828 foreclosure
Graham, James Barmore, Enoch 27 732 1853 transfer of funds/writ of part. Graham in Miss. Robt More, dec. nancy More Thomson (md. Bolin Thomson. Hard to Read. Marshall sharp. A.J. More. Robt More’s will: chldn: Wm, John, A.J., and daughters Thursday Graham , Mahaly Williamson, nancy thomson (her kids: Uluea? Libertine Thomason,, James A, Margarett Elender. Clem. C. Moore. A letter. more names
More, Robt dec. Moore? His Will 27 732 1853
Ruff, Joseph W Ruff, David F 27 733 1863 P of Att State of Florida. John Ruff dec. Children? Sarah, George W.C. Ruff
Foster, Jno. E etal McClellen, James Wm. Bradley 27 734 1850 bond
Mosely, Joseph Dozier, Abram G. dec. 27 735 1817 gdn Lyttleton Myrick and sf. Rebecca J (wid of Dozier) gdn of chdrn: Charlotte, Albert, John, Amelia, rebecca Dozier minors?
Saxon, B.H. etal Prather, Jas W 27 736 1830 Saxton, gdn of Mary A., Sarah, Martha C. Beall
Sibley*, A Libley? Silby? Matheson, Hezgerion ? etal 27 737 1830 Very hard to read
Logan, John gdn Bell, Lemuel 27 738 1830 gdn
Davis, Nathanial J Wilson, Susan etal 27 739 1850 foreclosure James Wilson dec. owed money. Aaron Lomax (also dec.) Augustus Lomax, John Foster. John Hamilton, Dr. John De La Howe. Land: Abbeville village, Long cane Creek bounded by James Alston, James McCree, David Wardlaw, etc. Many more names. Susan Wilson, Wm, Jane, Martha, Fredrick Selleck, Henry A. Jones, Aaron W. Lynch, etc. Very long. many names. Plat
Cheatham, Alfred Cheatham, Mahulda et al 27 740 1852 part Alfred assignee of Martha C Cheatham. John L. Cheatham, dec. 5 Apr 1846. Owed Money. John’s father, John L Cheatham sr??? died 20 years ago leaving will: wid Patsy C. (Martha), Chldrn: Robert (dec: kids: Amanda E. , Wm A.), Zebidee (dec - not marr). Henry (dec - no kids), Milton (Martha E. and Mary A.), Alfred (petitioner), Helena, Lavinda,, and John L Cheatham (dec leaving wf Mahulda A. and kids James T, John H, W. Franklin all under 20). Reuben G. Golding gdn. Will of John sr. Wilson’s Creek. y
Harkness, R.C. admn Eliza Harkness wid McCurry?, Isabella wid McCrevy? 27 741 1863 problem Wm. B Harkness, dec. chdrn: John, Francis, and Ellen harness, minors. Very hard to Read. long file - many names. McCurry kids?: Sarah Jane, Zelsay? Elizabeth, Emily Francis, Wm. M., nancy isabella, Jsoaphine, John, Sterling Seaborn. A story of hard justice - debt, death and consequences. Cason*, Henry S
Shirley, Jonathan Branyan, Thomas 27 742 1841 deed Mrs. Elender Shirly. Joseph, J., Alex Branyon, Samuel J Calhoun bond reuban Branyan, Wm. Jolly.
Selby, Martha Jones Henry 27 743 1853 settle accts. John davis, Silas ray, bond
Cunningham, A.W. et al Cunningham, J.R. et al 27 744 1860 trustee Alonzo Cunningham weak minded. His estate. admin Thomas T. Cunningham, his brother. thomas T. Cunningham, also the father - A will is here. Many names. Have to read it. Dr. baskin, wit.
Cheatham, John L. Lesley, David 27 745 1829 sale
Adams, John A Noble, Edward 27 746 1868 pwr attny dec father - john? Jesse? Adams. Hard to Read. More names
Anderson, David W and wf Calhoun, Wm dec 27 747 1852 Anderson wf Louisa? Lavinia?
Dendy, Charles dec and thomas dec 27 748 1866
Owen, John T etal Allen, J Albert etal 27 748 1866 bill of relief Cannot Read. Sallie (Sarah) wf of Owens. Late Charles Dendy - aug 1859. Thomas B Dendy, also dec. Lots to learn if this sounds familiar.
Karey, Jane A gdn Karey, James 27 749 1851 part Robt W. Karey dec. John Martin and wf Agnes. George W. karey, Archibald, Wm McD Karey, Robert G, mary I, John A., Laura A., James N., Lewis A., Samuel - kids and istributees. Lots here.
Tolbert, Richard R. gdn McKinney, Wm R, Eliza R. 27 750 1852 Jane A. Karey, gdn Laura Ann, mary jane, James, John, Lewis, Samuel, Karey minors.
Barksdale, Hickerson and Thomas Jones, Henry and fanny 27 751 1822 Richard Barksdale dec 22 May 1881 wd. mary Ann (Now Martin) and 6 kids (2 dec). Hickerson, his brother, also dec. wid Fanny. Left stuff to Richard (dec) and his sister, fanny Mathison’s child. Set 2 slaves free. Long file, poorly organized and reported.
Martin, Margaret P, Agnes Richard Jones, Henry 27 752 1853 gdn
Parker, Wm H Report Guard and Trustee 1858 27 753 1858 report As usual, tons of names - too many and too late for me to linger on them.
Penny, H H Croomer, Philip etal 27 754 1847 Rhely Cromer? John Ruff. E. Cromer estate?
Barratt, John P* gdn Watsen, Catherine A 27 755 1857 gdn Edward watson dec - grandfather. john McLennan? Florida
Murphy, H.J. trustee Hearst, Eliza 27 756 1861 accounts
Cobb, Edmund, Catherin Cobb gdn Cheatham, Robt 27 757 1832 gdn
Watson, Johnson Watson, Permelia 27 758 1868 gdn
Owens, Moses T (Cousin) gdn Patterson*, Ann Euginia 27 759 1854 assignment of rep Father: Carey? P. Patterson, alive. They are moving “west” to Miss. and she assigns a gdn to administer monies coming to her.
Smith, J.W. , David, B.F gdn Smith, Silas H 27 760 1851 gdn
Lomax, Aaron etal Morrah, Jas etal 27 761 1838 complaint Hugh Morrah, dec. Complicated. Seems he left part of his estate to an illigitimate daughter, while cutting out his wife and two legitimate kids. 6 of his leg. kids inherited: Sarah A. H. Richardson, Sally A. Morrah (wf of Enoch Barbour), Eleanor, John B. Morroah. John B Sharp and wf. Wid: Jane. Robert and George excluded. David Morrah, Sam R., Mary Morrah.
Donald, John A etal McCord, John etal 27 762 1839 part Hard To read. Alexander? Donald, sarah? there’s info here for someone who is willing to make the effort.
Tolbert, Jas F gdn Talbert, Eliza, Martha 27 763 1854 Wm. Tolbert dec? Father. Lawyer, W.C. Davis esq. Isabella M. Tolbert, mom - James, Eliza, Isabella Elizabeth Tolbert, chdren
Presley, J B Lowe, Pleasant 27 764 1830 Andrew McGill
Posey, Addison F Deale*, Milton H etal 27 765 1852 bad debts A whole list of names who are either crditors or debtors.
Clinkscales, E.A. exec Harkness, R.C. 27 766 1864
Norwood, Jas A Belcher, W. trustee Calhoun, John A, Belcher, Wm, Jon 27 767 1851 Child of Rbert E. Belcher. williamson Norwood will leaves them something. James A. Norwood trustee.
Jones, H.A. Report on Gdn and trustee 27 768 1846 report Same note about many names, too much time - the usual suspects - names well known to anyone who knows this neighborhood. Including: Samuel L Hill ged Joseph A. Davis, Lewis, BL Posey?, Lewis H Hill. Joseph Hamilton, Benj. F. Davis
Hall, J etal Ross, J etal 27 770 1919 decree Jesse hall and wf ( Mary Ross. fmrsly Fanguhan?) and Wm Nichols and wf Margaret Fanguhan. John Ross and Thomas Anderson trustee. Sarah Fanguhan, mom of Mary and Mrgrt.
Jordon, Bart McClellen, Elijah, Jan, Mary, Margaret 27 771 1851
McCord, Jas A gdn Cannon, SJ 27 772 1866 Lucinda J Botts, (formerly Cannon), m Charles A Botts
Reynolds, Larkin Griffin, Jas M, Thomas 27 772 1855
Smith, Unity? David, JW, BF gdn Smith, sarah Ann, Wm J 27 773 1850 D.L. Rotton? edgefield
Jones, H.A. Report on Guardians 27 774 1843 Many were recorded, but I had not time to list them here.
Gary, Mary A mother and gdn Gary, Luella 5 yrs old 27 775 1854 gdn Thomas R. Gary dec. SMG gary, son
Richey, Elizabeth gdn Richey, Susan Ann, Warren? 27 776 1848
Parker, Wm H Report Guard 1860 27 777 1860 Too many names to list. Inc: N.J. Davis for Francis K Red. R>M> Davis trustee H Stark (wf?) gdn Jane Robertson. Edward Davis - Lucy Haddon.
Parker, Wm H Report Sales 27 778 1855 Estate sale summaries. Many names
Logan, Huldah , minor Logan, Lucy etal 27 780 1850 Louza C.C. Logan, next friend. Andrew Logan, grandfather, dec. John, Zachariah and Isaac Logan legatees. Huldah and Wm and Tyler? Sister Lucy in light of Dad. Frances Logan, dec. Fredrick, Willis. Lucy dec? Huldah Crawford. Will of somebody (I’m confused) - Nephew John Logan exec, 1851. If you want Logans, read...
Aiken, Augustus .M. Wardlaw, Elizabeth F. et al 27 781 1868 Estate of Hugh Waller Wardlaw dec. childless. Elizabeth, his widow. W.W> Perryman. Debt. Land in New Market. Francis Arnold. Henry S. Casen, sheriff. Plat. fr 14, Will - Wardlaw. Sales.
Broden, Jas Gdn Robertson, Elizabeth 28 782 1851 Elizabeth formerly Broden. James of Lauderdale Tenn. William Barnoc? dec.
Stewart, Nimrod Wagner ? , Mary E 28 783 1853 Heywood? W. Stewart. Thomas Nichols. Samuel Beard.
Wilson, John H Wilson, Andrew M 28 784 1852
Wilson, John A Jordon, Samuel 28 785 1844 Robert McKenny
Latimer, Mary L. etal Latimer, Micajah B 28 786 1851 Clement L, Benjamin Millon Latimer bond for Charles C.A., James, M? Latimer.
Marion, Priscella etal Lipford, Louisa 28 787 1839 Priscilla is a woman of color. Too bad the file says nothing about her. The story has to be very interesting. Instead, we have the widow of Drury E Lipford, gdn minor kid. Micajah Poole dec. Sister of J.R.M Young, Elvira (wife of def J.A. Burton) entitled to slaves under will of Mom Mrs. nancy Young. 1820. Dad Robert Young, admin of Micajah Poole. 1830, Burton married Elvira. Slave names. Big fight over Tom. So what does Priscilla, a woman of color bringing on a suit, to do with all of this, I wonder?
Talman, Moses O. Calhoun, Francis Josett 28 788 1850
Nill, J.R. Nelson, Mary etal 28 789 1844 William f Nilson. Henry ? Nilson. John Taggart sheriff.
Nancy Shirley Shirley, Amaziah N 28 790 1852 John, Nancy Shirley and William Armstrong. Lety M, Nancy J Shirley minor.
Burford, Margaret Burford, Wm 28 791 1819 decree Philimon Buford
Martin, Jas P Talbert, Riley 28 792 1854 James Martin, exec of William Tolbert who was exec of Mary Tolbert, the mother of Rachel and Elendar (wife of James Martin). Will of Mary Tolbert, my husband Dan. S-i-l Andrew Riley.
Richarson, James W. Fooshe, Charles 28 793 1837 Cap Co, GA. Charles B Fooshe. 1854 deed trust Joel Smith trustee.
Talbert, Robert R 28 794 1853 trust bond Henry Quallebum, Esme Jones in place of Daniel English. Susan A Harris formerly Susan A McKenney.
Duncan, Patrick Morrah, Hugh 28 795 1829
Parks, Lewis G and Augusta Noble, William P etal 28 796 1856 William McClevey. Samuel R Morrah, C.B. Houston, thomas R Cochran, Alexander Houston and Jane, his second wife. Alex dec 17 Oct 1855 T. A.R. houston, exec. James Edmund Calhoun. Jane dec 26 Nov 1843. Child of Alexander houston by 2nd marriage. John F Pelot, trustee. Fr 93 kids: Cornelius, Alexander, Armstrong, Jane, Cornelia and Alice Houston. Lewis Parks and Augusta (dtr -of age 7 May ‘42) , John Scott and Jane C (dtr), C.B. Houston (of age 22 Jan 1850. Alexander R Houston. Long and rich file.
Edward Noble Noble, Elizabeth 28 797 1848
Johnson, Samuel McIlwain, James 28 798 1836 Relief
Donnald, D.L. Barmore, William and Margaret W 28 799 1855 Mary Barmore. Samuel Agnew. John C Williams
Eddins, Wm and wife Wilson*, Wm etal 28 800 1839 gdn Edgefield. Land description. Rebecca McCracken (w james, William A., Elizabeth McCracken). James McCracken, will in July 1818, dec 17 Oct. Dtr Mary Ann (md William Eddins). Slave names. 2 sons: James and William. WILL - Cambridge. “My mother, mary of Greenfield (from Galloway, Scottland), my nephew James Hannay (Scotland). William Wilson and Isham Robinson, Chestnut Hill Edgefield. Wif: Elizabeth. Mrs. Tabitha Wilson. John C Mayson. David Cunningham. gayles.
Weatherall, Jno etal Jones Benj 28 801 1829 reverse decree Thomas Atkins. Nathan Jeffers. During the life of my father. My dtr. Polly S Arnold 1818. Benjamin Jones, son of AdamC Jones Sr. Esq. Dec at 81 years. William Shaw esq. Adam’s confidant. Benjamin ends up in jail. The family up in arms. many witness statements. Very long file and entertaining.
Fields, Obediah and Cateron Leonard, John 28 802 1788 deed Great plat. Thomas Pinckney esq. Sig. Adam Crain Jones jr. Josiah Burton. Arron Smith. John Rutledge esq. Bennett Oburn.
Talbert, Rebecca gdn Talbert Joseph M 28 803 1860 Boozer and Davis E.S. Perreyman
Tolbert, J H gdn Tablert, Wm K 28 804 1855 COme of age. john Boozer tuition. R.H. Mounce. Rebecca for board. Acc’ts.
Treble, E trustee Latimer, Sarah A and children 28 805 1852 trustee Sarah dec bef 26 Jan 52. Hollemen, Carlisle, Russel, WIlliam Anderson, Mary K Mattesen others.
Misc Guard bonds 28 806 1854 Robert Dreen?, Bartholomew Jordon, LeRoy Purdy for Eliza Jane, John D, Holly Upson all under 21// Joseph W.W. , J. Foster, Samuel S Marshall for Agnes Richard Martiin// John Cathran, Thomas Perrin for Mary F Boggs// Farlington? Owens, J Foster Marshall, Samuel McGwen for Martha F, Sarah C Owens// James H Tolbert, Isabella Marshall, Thomas Riley, Vachel Hughey for Martha Eliza, Isabella E. Tolbert// A.A. Pinson, W.D. Calhoun, Jones Fuller for James W., J.R., C.B. E.M. and John Pinson // Thomas F and Abram Branyon $$ bond// William O Pursley, LeROy Johnson, William Pennal for Lucretia Mays// John Adams, Silas Ray and John Purnett for James D, Nancy J, Francis D, Mary K Lomax// Mary A., S.M.G., F.F. Gary for William Atlanta, Louella, Ann Victoria, Franklin F Gary.
Misc Guard bonds 28 806 1854 continued: Andrew Gillespie, B.M. Cheatham, F.M. Brooks for Thomas Boyd// Samuel R., George B., David Morrah for Frances, Eugenia Barmore.// Mary A Martin, Mom of Mary E. Father John Campbell Martin. Dr. John H Livingston gdn.// Andrew Weems, J.H. Weems, J.H. Wilson, ? Donald for Sarah Frances (md. John Adair),Agnes Amanda (Imre? Kellar), Eliza Jane Paul (mom: Agnes Elivina Paul)// Ameica E hackett, dtr Ella C Hackett (10 months), husband Elijah C hackett, lately dec.// William A Williams, Joseph WW Marshall uncle: Eliza T, Rebecca, William A Williams? Marshall? all under 6.// M.G. Caldwell - Mrs. Hackett. // Sam M Webb, Reuben, Abner Branyon $$// larking, Henry Mays and Enoch Carter for Tabitha Mays.
Scott, Wm C Sr gdn Scott, Wm C minor nephew 28 807 1854 Joseph Scott dec Mom Dec.
Lomax, William Davis, P.H. 28 808 1826 gdn accts Charles Patterson, Charlston. HTR. Robert H? Davis. G.W. Hodges. No good hints.
Misc Guard bonds 28 809 1854 various dates John McKenney, A.L. gary, H. Cobb for Robert , William McKenney// Robert and Abram Lites, Bartholomew Jordoon for Ravinnia, James F Watkins?// Moses O, james W McCaslan, for David W., Nancy S. Dowtin?// Archibald B Kennedy, Alexander and Sm Caslan, James C Dowtin for Sarh, Elizabeth, Margaret W Watson also for J.N., Rebecca A, Sarah C Kennedy.// D.L. Wardlaw, A M Smith, John C Simkins for Jane A., G.A., Alice, R.P. Wardlaw
Misc Guard bonds 28 809 1854 various dates continued. // Sarah Chiles, George McMiller, I S Miller for James, Mary Sue, Eliza Ann Giles// William, nancy Robertson, D. Hawthorn for William, Sarah S Pratt// mary Riley for Martha, Mary E Riley// John R Riley, Caine, James Cresswell for A. Pinkney, William N Riley.// Newton Sims, J., John vance for Nancy, Laurens V. Mary A., Susan R., John W Sims. Dionysious M Rogers, William Dunan and Benjamen Mc? for Lucy Baker.
McCrackan, James His Will 28 810 1818 2nd instance of his will. Scotland. Will reported in another packet.
Wardlaw, Joseph J gdn McGehee, Mary 9 years 28 811 1854 Minor dtr William H McCane or McLean or McClane. Dr. John Logan. Richard Griffin. Grigsby Appleton, John N Parker (dr), and Joel SMith gdn of Emma Tinsley. Charlotte McGehee vs. Addison McGehee - part 1831.
Long, Wm Johnson, Henry 28 812 1854 Henry dec 13 may 1826 T. Frances wife. Jonathan, Henry Johnson, exec. Jon dec about 48 T Downs Calhoun exec. Frances lately dec. henry (the exec) out of state. There is another packet on this. William Long married a dtr of Henry now dec.
Misc Guard bonds 28 813 1854-58 various dates John Hillary Gary, 15 yrs+. His brother, F.F. Gary gdn. S.M.G. Gary: his mom. Mary A. admin Thomas R dec. John H Gary// Mary A Martin: infant son Campbell martin 2 yrs. William B Martin, late his John Campbell Martin// Jonathan A White? Aristophes? W Neance? Mounce? his father Abner G White of Edgefield// Luke Mathis, N.J. Davis, Moses owen for Robert Karey? Thomas, William. My Uncle George Lomax. Sarah, J?.E. Foster. 1863. Father John Foster//
Misc money bonds 28 814 1850-54 Money bonds D.M. Rogers, William Drennon, Ben McKitrick gdn Casida, Cornelia, William Francis, E. Morague.// John W, Augustus, William A Moore for Lucy Morre vs. John Williams? John W. Moore, trustee of sister Mrs. Lucinda Calvert// Robert M Davis, Samuel?, James H Starke and wife// John Sadler and William Carter - Joel Smith. James W. Richardson trusteeship passed. Charles W. Fooshee.// E Tribble trustee (Ezekiel) witness N.J. Davis.
Gary, Mary A mom, gdn Gary, Atlanta 28 815 1854 gdn Dad dec. Thomas R Gary
Jones, Samuel 28 816 1803 Land Grant plat. Little River. bnd John Hunt, John Clark and Adam C Jones. Estate of George Barsh? James Campbell. James B Richards. George Robertson. Mary Mis Campbell. samuel Campbell. WIlliam Taylor.
Glasgow, John Glasgow, James 28 817 1835 deed bnd George Roberts, Thomas P Dowden, Oliver McCasland. John W Foster 1827.
Butler, N.R. et al Lloyd, Wm B. et al 28 818 1859 Nehemiah Butler? George Sinclair. WIlliam B Lloyd. 1858 Long story about Albert? Gilret? Thomas S Hayden? Joseph Moore. Mar 39 - I didn’t read.
Heard, R. and wife Siddle, Jesse etal 28 819 1811 slave names. Peter P Newfort? father of wife. Livinia Owens of Granville NC dtr. Nancy Liddle dec. Lucy Johnson of Elbert GA. Catherine Heard. Stephen Siddle. James, Catherine, George Heard.
Watson, John W W.H. Watson Watson, Albert etal 28 820 1859 Samuel S marshall, M W Coleman, C W Sproull, R.R. Tolbert. INV H H Watson. John W Watson. Peter, Albert Waller - estate LeRoy Watson dec. Slaves
Bowie*, Lucy Bowie, John A et al 28 821 1869 by Leonard W. White next friend. dtr of late Joel Smith dec 50s T. Augustus M Smith, James W Perrin execs. Both dec war wounds. $$. Emma, sister. Augustus M Aiken. Isabella E SMith. Long file.
Ware, Nimrod W etal Ware, Albert N esq 28 822 1841 commsr Report Louisa C Ware (Thomas Ware gdn) her father: Edwin? ware dec T. Richard Maddox. Col. William Ware - uncle. Gen. Edmund Ware dec 13 apr 1833. James L Rogers. Peggy, widow. Washington Ware. Edmund P. Ware accts. Long - lots of stuff.
Carter, Wm gdn Fooshe, James W. 28 823 1847 gdn Comes of age. DW Anderson, W.D. Calhoun etc. W.C. Fooshe a sadle. Lewis Anderson. R.G. Griffin. M Mitchell others. recvd from exec CHarles B Fooshe. James Gillam. John Sadler. Thomas Dendy. on settlement of Sarah Fooshe estate. Recvd from C.B. Fooshe part of real estate of his (James’) father. William Carter gdn of Beverly A Carter. 1840. Admin of L.G. Cater ? pd Eliza Carter.
Reynolds, Larkin Reynolds, Agnes wf 28 824 1850 Agnes also Vincent Griffin’s widow. Marriage settlement 11 Mar 1850. John L Griffin, Vincent’s eldest son. James F Watson. W.W. Waller.
Wilson, J H Gaines, Wm etal 28 825 1837 Andrew Wilson? Florida. Deed of trust 1848. Margaret Gines. Andrew? Wilson dec i MS. Margaret’s husband, Wilson Gaines. John Wilson, M.S. Andrew Miller? Watson? minor son of Andrew. Sameuel Watson, Sarah Kennedy and husband William G Kennedy, Levenda? Morgan and husband Benjamin? Morgan. henry? Wilson and Dr. Joseph Wardlaw. Slave dispute. Hard to read. Long story. INV acct’s. Notes.
Black, Wm C C.E.A.I to Patterson, Mary D. 28 826 1836 deed J.L.? Pearson?. John Anderson. John Hearst. 1842. John Lipscomb. Samuel Caldwell, dec. Wade Cothran. John Cothran. Admin pd Dr. R Caldwell., N.Griffin.
Johnson, Ursula Langerds, William 28 827 1809 deed
McClellan, John gdn Dendy*, Ellen D etal 28 828 1863 James N and Thomas McLellan Dendy, Elizabeth E. Estate of Charles Dendy, execs of est Thomas McClellan Dr. J.B. Dendy dec father (Elizabeth Ellen Dendy) now wife of John T McKillern? Estate John McLellon (M’llelon) Mrs. Dendy. P.H. Bradley. Janet? Dendy and Mr. William McKellar in right of wife Elizabeth Ellen.
Gayle, B and wife Cummingham, D 28 829 1819 June. Mrs Jane Cunningham made will 12 Sept 1810 - left D. and all his heirs all of her land (sl aves Drew, Nelson, Abe, Abby), dtr: Pamela (slave Lucy, Murriah), dtr Betsy Durett (slaves Viney and Patty), Polly Davenport (sl: Mimey). Betsy dec without issue - Pamela md B Gayle. This is a STUPID case. Mrs. Margaret Cunningham, sister of Jane. Cases cited: McKee, Larmar Case. The arguement is whether Jane meant the children to have the slaves and the slaves future chhildren. Like, when Betsey died, should her heirs get the slave, but the children of the slave be taken away and given back to the estate for partition. barbarians.
Watson, Johnson, Sale Watson, Permelia W etal 28 830 1869 Elihu Watson’s dec i widow: Permelia. son Adolphus? K. A.J. Watson dec i?. LeRoy Johnson and Mary, his wife. William Hill esq. Long story. E.W., A.J.?T.?, Emily ?, Henry, Adeline?. Sales names include Agnew, Connor, McCombs, Hagan, Smith, Nichols, Robinson, many others. Charles Smith. Johnson Sale is the father of Josaphine Rebecca Sale, the mother of Johnson Sale Watson. Josaphine now wife John E. Lake. Elihu’s children: Mary (md Leroy Johnson), A.J., W, J.E., A.O., W.P. Johnson Sale Watson only child of Adolphus K, oldest son, now dec (53).
Edward Collier McCalla, John 28 831 1829 part Exec George Robertson, William Calhoun, WIlliam Noble, Ezekiel Noble, William A? Peter B. Rogers. Mary Robertson and kids - no names.
Darrocot, John McCleod, John 28 832 1812 McLeod, Darocot, Frans.
Griffith, Robert E Duncan, P etal 28 833 1815 James Nicholson, A. Salvador. Joseph Savador dec. Abigail, Elizabeth, Samuel Trixina and Susannah his wife. Charleston 1815.
Miller, George D Miller, Eugenia Ann, Robertson 28 834 1857 ? J Towns? Robertson and Eugenia wf. John T Miller, James L Miller and others Hard to read. Mrs. Arnold, wf of Marshall Arnold? esq. Tarrant? Larkin Reynolds dec. James T? Liddel estate? James R Cunningham. Land in MS. James Reid exec. Lemuel Reid, dec. Hamilton? Miller dec. John Julius Miller and Eugenia Ann. Elizabeth A Liddell exec for James T. children. Accts -names. Lots of info.
Wingfield, Archibald S. 28 835 1849 Samuel J Lesener? Wilks Co., GA. Zimmi A Tate, late of Wilks. Lewis S Brown, Henry P., Wootten, Malcom Fanny - all Wilks. Gdn for Enos A Tate. Dr. George F Buchanan. Ties with Wilks. Alexander Hunter. Jane? Morrow.
Davis, Nathaniel J. trustee Red, Francis 28 836 1849 is she a lunatic? John F Livingston, William Wardlaw, Charles Dendy, Andrew Wiems and John M Hamilton. She lost her mind due to grief or an act of God. Husband, Dr. John C Red dec - no child living, no parents. N.J. Davis brother of full blood. Lucy Caroline Wideman, (md Adam W ideman) now dec a sister - left children: Francey, Stacy (Anastasia), Elizabeth and James Wideman - all under 21. James A. Davis, a brother and Elizabeth G Sisk? md sister, both sibs in Monroe, MS. Jury names. Dr. Isaac Branch.
Martin, James P Talbert, Rachel idiot 28 837 1855 Trustee accounts. J.T. Tolbert. Thomas Riley execsW.C. Davis fees. Rebecca Tolbert.
Seawright, Robert.R. Seawright, Isaac C 28 838 1851 father dec. John wit James Seawright. Slave appraisals - Isaac C Seawright, son of Jane Seawright (another heir).
Robertson, John Robertson, Reuben etal 28 839 1828 Hugh Morrah, Bazil? Jay. A. Robert Robertson. Susannah, Jean and Elizabeth Greer and Delph, a free woman of color. (all defendants). Robert Robertson (no wife or child, but a brother, John, his “heir at law”) dec. T 1819. Delph freed 1812 (his concubine) and 4 kids of color, slaves owning slaves: Turkey Creek - his natural son, Reuben of color. Delph owns a slave with her name. Suzanna Greer dec. - md. Hinson Norris - 4 kids. Then Hinson married her sister Jean. Interesting legal wrangle. Bizarre, interesting, distressing discussion.
Jones, H.A. Wilson, Susan 28 840 1850 forclosure James S Wilson trustee Susan A McKinney. Roger McKenney dec with estate. James S. has a note for a cabin. William R., Elizabeth M McKenney, children of Roger and Susan. Alexander Hamilton. James H Chiles, Timothy D WIlliams, surities. James dec, Susan widow, kids: Delphia, Susan, WIlliam, Jane, Martha - 21. James in embarrassing situation. Long Cane bnd James Alston, James McCree, Frederick W Selleck. Nathaniel Davis, Aaron W. Lynch, Rosevelt and Barker, other account names. Witnesses, plats, accounts.
Parker, Wm H Rept on Estates 1856-57 29 841 1856-57 estates Lots of names, some information. Christiana Hamilton pd Addison Davis, dist. N.J. Davis gdn. EL? E.S. Davis dist. Francis red, Wideman, Patterson, Boggs, Joel Smith, Thomas Sims, Downs Calhoun, John Anderson. Many, many others
Pitts, Charles Right, James and wife 29 842 1824 Francis Mitchell, John Dabny, Wm Pollard - all dec. Pitts went to state of VA for witness statements.
Cothran*, Wade S. gdn Stevens*, Samuel F 29 843 1838 gdn Lewis L Stevens(former gdn) dec 1837 pd A. Black tuition.
Byrd, Frances Eliazbeth Sidney Byrd, Frances J et al 29 844 1857 part Thomas B. Byrd, dec. Feb 1857. Greenwood. exec Francis Arnold, Albert Waller, Allen Vance. Francis ES Byrd, widow of Thomas’ son, John B. Byrd. She’s of Louisiana. Peteition for partition so that her only daughter, Johnetta Frances Byrd will receive her legacy. Thomas had three children: Dudly B, Francis E. (wf E.P. Vaughn) and John B. Slave names. Will of Thomas. Wid: Elizabeth (she is left slaves Hoggie, Lizzoo and chld havannah. Also Delph and kids: Green, Bev, Jesse, Henry, Nancy Dorah) no dower. Wm. Parks, son of my wife - dec in Texas. Byrd leaves his share of William’s estate to wm’s sibs: Lewis, james and John T parks - also Elizabeth (wf of John barrall? jr. Also ment: catherine Ashe, Jospeh Z Hearst. y
Anderson, John Patterson, James et al 29 845 1836 Samuel marshall and orator, admin Jno McCombs estate. rebecca McComb Smith Pulliam? Rosannah taylor? A. McKinney? very hard to read. Moses Taggart. Josiah Palthrow? Sam? Caldwell. Wm Patton? James C. Willard. James Wyles? Sma Lomax? Robert, Josiah, Napoleon, Wm Patterson, min. -21. John Andrew McComb and Margaret E.McComb min -14. Rebecca McComb vs Catherin McComb. Much here, but very difficult to read.
Pressley, Samuel P etal Pressley, Maria etal Marin? 29 846 1833 Hard to read. Nancy Davis?
De La Howe Home Brownlee, Rosa etal 29 847 1868 Moses Waddel. Long complaint badly written - looks interesting though. James W. Black exec John Brownlee. Wid: Rosa. Kids: Elivira (wf H H Haprer? Hafler?), Amanda (wf Gideon Johnson - now dec), James Brownlee, John, George, Rosa Brownlee 9-21). Other names: Elizabeth Clinkscales, ex of george B Clinkscales. mary A martin, Campha Martin (frame 126). estate of John Logan mentioned. Long document, lots.
De La Howe Home Brownlee, Rosa etal 29 847.5 1852 John Ramsey? Charles Dnedy. Mortgage problems. Lovely writing. H.H. Nelson
Bradley, P H* Dendy, Mary J Vance*, John C. 29 848 1870 part Mary M Vance. Allen Vance dec. Greenwood, 1865. Will left. Mary, wid. 3 kids: mary E (wf CAC Waller), Laura Vance and John C Parish? of Bozier, LA. John C Maxwell. Edmund Belcher, Mrs. N E Belcher, Mrs Margaret ?, William W Belcher, Warren Blecher, Alexander P Connor. Daniel Brown of Anderson. Mrs. Agnes Reynolds wid - Hard to read. Larkin Reynolds. Tons here, but very confusing.
Robertson, James Collier, Edward 29 849 1833 problem Edward Collier boarding the others. Guardianship? Mrs. Collier’s husband dec? Mrs. Robertson? Robert G Quarles and Mary E Quarles (wf). John H Gray and wf. Slave Sarah and 2 kids. James M Robertson dec. John Waddel (Waddle?) admin. Martha Ann, his wife.
Sample, Washington etal Richardson, Hennrietta etal 29 850 1829 partition Henrietta Richardson
Pettigrew, Wm etal Pettigrew, James L etal 29 851 1819 James L gdn of John? Joseph Gilbert dec. Louise Pettigrew (md Wm. Pettigrew) next of kin to dec. Alex Bowie, John L Gilbert.
Brownlee, G. Ritchie, Wm 29 852 1819 Slaves. the dec. thought he’d freed them by his will, but was not legal. Siezed by Ritchie. Heartbreaking.
Creagh, Thomas B. Mosely, Charles 29 853 Defendent absent from state. Margaret Kennedy? Roberter Lister?
Suber? Luber? John W., Mary Ann Thomas, F.G. 29 854 1854
Wardlaw, Daniel M Andrews Catherine Z (14yrs) 29 854 1863 John G Wilson, gdn, dec. Mary A. Andrews, mother. Father dec.
Duncan, Patrick Wilson, John etal 29 855 1838 foreclosure Margaret Wilson, William Wilson Wm. Harvey and Eliz wf. Thomas McBride live out of state. Pack 856?
McComb*, John McBride, Francis etal 29 856 1819 part edgefield. Wm. Harvey and Eliz wf. Thomas McBride live out of state.
Louton, H.L. Linton Lenton? Hunter, A. 29 857 1830 Margaret Lenten and Coltilda, kids. Hampden L Lenton. Alexander Housten? Hunter?
Stuart, Thos C etal Calhoun, E.R. etal 29 858 1840 Alexander Stuart dec. wf Peggy. Son: John. Negro: Armstrong. Wm Stuart. Thomas Stuart. David Stuart.
Simms**?? Laurence Lawrence Simon*, James Simmons 29 859 1819 Edmon? H Sims. Henry Sims. dec. father of defendent.
Coughman, John Devall, Sarah et al 29 860 1820 Coughran? Samuel Devall, Sale of land problem. Sam Tomkins. Roger’s Shoal.
Smyth, Robert Patterson, Nancy Mrs. 29 861 1817 John Morrow, Vincent Griffin. Horse People
Suber, John W. 29 862 1854 Gdn bond: Mary Ann Bozer, James Bailey, E.R. Calhoun. est: Hugh Wickson? Borzer. Boozer? minor. Jacob Martin, Lucien Lomax, Jas A Norwood. Jacob martin gdn. Luther martin. Moses A. Talman gdn John Joseph Calhoun. A. E. Hackett gdn Ella C Hackett - wit: George R. Caldwell. Ally Pruit gdn Laneyh? Pruit? (Samuel E Pruit, George B. Morrah?). Also Enoch Pruit, Jane Pruit. John Jordon gdn John Augustus Ansley (Barthololwmew Jordon).
Suber? Luber? John W, Amry Ann Thomas, F.G. 29 862 1854 Sulin? Suber? Soloman Suber dec. Newberry District. Gen S. McGowan, Col Townes. Dr. Thomas Francis Simmons. Several interesting letters. W.H. Campbell. F.G> Thomas, father of Mary Ann. Thomas S. Arthur, Pascal D. Klugh. Witness statemtns. Richard M White, John Roderick, Andrew Cobb, John Suber. Many others - didn’t read. May be slave names. John S. Young and Jane Elizabeth wf. Wm. H Simpson and Wm McB?. Elizabeth’s father James S. Baskin. Wit: John N Young, Robert Ellis, John R. Wilson.
Bonds, misc(gdn, money etc) 29 863 See above. Nothing in packet.
Coleman, Maddison J Coleman, Nancy et al 29 864 1830 Reaves martin John W. Williams, Joseph Griffin, Reben Cooper and Thomas Coleman? Late James Coleman.
Harris, William and Sarah J (wf) Reid, John S etal 29 865 1859 Samuel S. Baker, father of oratrix, dec. Admin: John S Reid and Mrs. Jane T Baker (mother and widow). 12 children: Benj. H, Lucy P. (minors). 1858 sarah came of age.
McGraw, Martha etal Hill, Wm etal 29 866 1856 John McGraw dec. Wid: Ellen Westman? mother:? McGraw - Andrew? John M.H. and Nancy wf. Wm?, mary, and James McGraw? sibs Very hard to read. McElwain? McGwain? thomas Eakins. martha McGraw, creditor. John McKwaire? McIlwain. Wm. Hill. Wm. McIlwain, David Leslie. J.J. Blackwood. names on accts of neighbors. Lon file. Martha widow of Joseph McGaw dec in Miss 1853 (f 409)
Bonds, misc(gdn, money etc) 29 867 1847 Bonds Pinson, Downs Calhoun, Wm. Bell and Elizabeth (wf), vs. Jane Fisher. Samuel A. Fisher trustee for Elizabeth Bell (John Clinkscales, Hugh Robinson)
Tolbert, Jas L Adams, Samuel A 29 868 1861 gdn S.A. Tolbert. John Adams
Zeigler, M G Caldwell, Nancy estate 30 869 1883 Estate J? I? L Pearson admin James caldwell 1834.MRs. N.A. Caldwell. George Wilson. George Wilson Lawrence County.
Bullock, Elizabeth et al rebecca Harris, William et al 30 870 1831 Guard complaint execs of John G Slappy and Mary Bullock. John george Slappy. Jacob Slappy dec admin of.Elihu Bullock Est Fredrick Slappy sr
Slappy, John G dec 30 870 1831 Partition Elizabeth Bullock, WIlliam Harris. Roebecca Bullock by gdn . Ephraim Andrews ex. John George Slappy and Mary Bullock. Jacob Slappy dec admin, Elihu Bullock estates. Fredreick Slappy Sr.
Sherod, Wm McCurry, Jackson McCreary? 30 871 1847 Robert Keown, JOhn White, William Crawford, Crawford’s son Thomas Crawford and White’s mom was the same. John Robertson HTR. Worth looking at. John Patterson, Wm. Simpson, Sylvanious Prince.
Burton, Beverly, John Livingstone, Thos 30 872 1822 loan endenture John Burton
Taggart, Jas Beatty, Thos 30 873 1832 mortgage in box 30 James gdn of Eliz, Wm, Mary, Margaret, Sarah Gray. T and James Beaty bonds
Moore, John W Calvert, James M Lucinda wf 30 874 1859 trustee John Calvery (father of James) dec. sister of petitioner. William S Moore’s will. Thomas Eakens. The Morrah tract. Calvert Place.
Rutledge, Henry M Burton, Josiah 30 875 1809 Land grant Charleston, Little River
Liddell, Sarah and Francis C Swilling*, John C 30 876 1842 Francis C, Sarah M Liddell, inf. John Swillijng dec. Catherine, Arabella and Henry. Charlotte Cobb tuition bill. Mrs. Cobb to Sarah C Stone ( Cunningham, Golliam. Sales names: Hill, Clinkscales, Martin, Taggart, etc. Charlotte Cobb family (he was trustee?). Robert R Tolbert, James F martin, George W. Osborne and Belinda wf. (SL: Rose, Oliver, Aluk, John) Bills. James L Liddell and Beverly. William Tucker. Neighbor names.
Watson, George McDuffie Wideman, Jas H 30 877 1855 Margaret Watson. James F. Watson dec. Widow: Margaret. Kids include: William Edward Watson dec, unmarried. also orator, James Franklin, Thomas Anthony, Dorothy Jane Watson. Martin Bullock gdn. ad litem.
Bonds, misc(gdn, money etc) Anderson, Robert etal 30 878 1857 Various Bonds Liddel, GW, Anderson,Robt, Lewis and Augusta Parks, John C Scott, and Jane wf,vs William O. Noble, A.R. Houston exec. Alex P Conner,Cornelius B Houston, one of the living issue of Jane Houston, dec.Thomas R. Cochran. Edward Noble. Mary Anderson and kids: marriage settlement - hus. Robert. Legacy to her from James E Bousseau? Borssau? Boisseau? of New York., Thomas Pickens. Mary’s mom: Eliza Pickens under will of Ezekiel Pickens. Patrick Noble, dec, original trustee. Robert in debt to John Maxwell. Lomax, Piester, Houston, A. P.E. calhoun 1837, Houston, AR, Celvey, JM, Noble, Wm, Peolt, Jn, parks, Lewis - others.
Pickens, Ezekiel 30 878 1813 St. John’s Parish. Eliz.Pickens - chdrn: Ezekial, Samuel Bonnequ (1st mar). thomas Jones, Andrew Calhoun, Mark Barksdale Pickens (Eliz daughter). (brother)Col. Andrew Pickens. friends John caldwell, Calhoun, David Restin, james Lomax
Bonds Various Bonds 30 879 1855 Bonds Hilburn, Elizabeth Rebecca, Edmond Cobb, many, many others
Watkins, Henry Vs. South carolina (other way around) 30 880 1789 land grant 773 acres on Johnson Creek of Savanna with plat map
Guardianship Bonds, Money Bonds 31 881 1844 1844 - 1854 Robert McKinney $Robert McComb, W.W. Belcher? Branch wit. Martin, H.W. Gary. . A.P. Robinson. J. Young(52) John Logan, Robert Gillan, Ephraim R Calhoun (55): gdn William Raiford, Alice, Mary Susan Logan. $$ (49) Peter Gilbert, Alexander Hunter, Josiah Wells, John G Gray. James C. Harper? Phil Cromer, Isaac Branch: Gdn John F ? (52) M. Thomas Thomson $ (52), Bartlett M Chatham $ (55) James, Lewis Covin, Hugh McKelvy. Benjamin Y Martin (42). Estate Capt. Jos Calhoun.
Taggart, James C Jr and Sr. Baker, James L 31 882 1856 Gdn Fannie L Baker. Wm H Taggart.
Smith, Wm J Smith, Isabella 31 883 1856 Augustus M. and James M Perrin
Scott, John C Houston, Cornelia A 31 884 1857 A.R. Houston, Peleus A Waller.
Jones, Thomas Darracott, H 31 885 1828 foreclosure
Smith, Augustus .M. Smith, George M 31 886 1857 W. Joel Smith, Isabella E, Lucy
Delashaw*, Wm P Dillashaw, John W. 31 887 1857 gdn William? Truit, Peter Smith
Ellis, Wiley Ellis, Mary Elizabeth etal 31 888 1857 gdn Robert Jones, B.F. Roberts: Jane, William, Benjamin W., JamesRobert, Mary Elb. Ellis.
McCaslan, Moses O Wideman, Mildred W 31 889 1857 trustee James M Caslan, W.R. Bradley? William H Wideman, Mildred’s father. Thomas P Dowlin dec.
Link, John Hilburn, Levi, Jennings 31 890 1856 Edmund Cobb, W.H. Taggart William T. McClinton, S Gilman?
Lyon, Thomas J Harrison, Francis G etal 31 891 1856 gdn R.W. Lites, SGN Ferguson// Frances White dec.
Kennedy, Wm P gdn Kennedy, James M 31 892 1857 gdn A B Kennedy.
Robertson, John e Etal 31 892 1852 bnd by George P Pettigrew, Arthur Bowie. Land of Margaret Robertson dec. wit: R.M. Davis, A A Bowie A Bowman.
Watson, James F Joseph Wardlaw 31 893 1853 ?? Fooshe lands. Estate of Charles B Fooshe. Home tract 460 acres. Mill tract. Richardson Tract sold to T B Byrd. Joseph Wardlaw bought the land then dec.James F Watson. Joel Fooshe took Wardlaw’s note.
Graves,George etal Jones, H.A. 31 894 1847 bonds Dr. William Tennent, William James Lomax, Money bond. Orville Tatom estate. Mrs. Caroline S Graves. minor William Lemuel Tatom. Slave and sale lists. Lomaz, Hill, Spear, Haskall, etc.
Talman, Moses O. Calhoun, Eliza and Elizabeth 31 895 1843 slave lists with owners - minor children include the two defendants plus Frances and John Clahoun. Wit: Thomas Parker, J.S. Reid, Phllip LeRoy, James McCaslan, M Rogers. Capt. Joseph Clahoun dec. His minor kids. Elizabeth May Calhoun (slave family details), Samuel Jordan. John Joseph Calhoun. Hadson Wilson.
Reid, J H exec Davis, R.M. 31 896 1867 bonds notes: S Edwin Caloun?, Cann, Bowen, Keonn, etc. Wit: James Baskin and Latimer, W Prssley, W Cozby. William H Davis exec. Sales: William Cook, James T Allen, J Prince,m F Brown, John M Mosely, Jesse Cann, Kay Giles, White, Martin, Speir, Boyel, Pettigrew, Brooks, Scuddy.
Pettigrew, George P Jones 31 897 1854 George Pettigrew est. John and Rosanna Brownlee, Robert H Pettigrew, George P Pettigreew, Hugh Robertson. Margaret’s kids: Robert oliver and Sarah (Texas), William Paschals. 2 kids. John Ewing Pettigrew (GA) and widow. pd for arresting Thomas Kelly, Reuben Long. Maddox, Seawright, Hay, Padgette, stone. Perry Pettigrew for survey.
Mays, Medy Sr admin Whitley, Stephan 31 898 1846 nice plat bnd by Willim Eddins, Dr. Holland, Samuel and Henry Beard, Gillam, Edmond Days, etc. Saluda dist. Benjamin Broadway, md Nancy Mays (1/2 sis), Medy sr., Mathew, John - all half sibs to Steven Whitely. John has 1 child in edgefield? Frances Mays. Samuel Beard.
Connor, James Connor, Jane 31 899 1849 James Connor, Wiolliam McCelvy, Alex Connor, Frances A and Fletcher W Connor in bond. Thomas Dowtin. James McCaslin, M.O. McCan.
Smith, William and White, John Estate of Nathaniel Roland 31 900 1852 sale bonds Joseph W.W. and L.S. Marshall. Bnd Sophronia A Canty, Gabriel Hodges and George Washinton Hodges. Larken, William and Thornton? Carter. henry Mays. John White. William Smith.
Klugh, Wesley C etal Maybry?, Reuben 31 901 1856 Suber, Adams, Joel Townsend.
White, L J Burton 31 902 1849 James S Wilson - Wilson and Lomaz. John Burton dec. Perrin, Gray, henry Ruff of MS.
Eakins, Thos McKinney, Susan A 31 903 1853 Eakins was surity for James S Wilson, gdn of the estate of Susan A and kids. Minors: Elizabeth K, William R Mckenney. Archibald McCord, James McIlwain bond.
Bozeman*, Jno. B Johnson’s minors 31 904 1853 Eilhu Madden bond. William C Fooshe, James F and Wade Anderson. Bozeman, John Brownlee, Huckabee.
Calhoun, William D Willis D etal 31 905 1850 William is father of Downs Calhoun. Slave sale (one slave named Anderson). William C Caldwell. Willis B Calhoun.William D Calhoun. bond. James Young, James W Fooshe, Joel Fooshe, JOhn B Johnson, Sam? B Majors. L.D. Connor, Thomas Lipscomb. Bond: Nathan, WIlliam D, Willis B Calhoun. Nathan, exec. 11 June 53 Calhoun partition. Dev all. McKelvy. M.O. Talman gdn of ? Captain Joseph Calhoun?
Wardlaw Jospeh Etal Watson, James Fooshe, Chas B 31 907 1853 Hugh Wardlaw. Joseph Wardlaw. James F Watson, bond. Widow and James Fooshee, Washington Fooshee and Mary wf of Joel Fooshe. Casandara, wf of John Saddler, Rebecca wf Simeon Chaney, John Fooshee ward of James W Richardson.
Griffin, Sumpter**, H Carter, L.G. 31 908 1852 R.A. Carter, William Cater, wit. P.S. Brooks. Dr. R.C. Griffin, exec of Sumpter M Griffin. Sale of residence of R.G. Carter. exparte: William Carter, J? G? Carter. Edgefield. Holloway. Samuel Cooper, Nathan Calhoun, James Fooshe, Blake, etc. Real eastate of Benjamin SMith. S.G? Carter. M.A. Pool. Witness: James W. Richardson. Thomas C, Augustine, Sumpter Griffin on bond. Wit: Coleman. J.B. Moragne.
Money Bonds This listed after 914? 31 909 1848-52 out of order William Talbert? Tolbert? Ed Cobb, Henry Boozer wit T.C. Griffin. est Tolbert Woen Selby// William, John T., Larkin G Carter, est Carter 1837-39// Robert , W.W. Belcher// Josiah C., Napoleon B. Patterson, and WIlliam Harris, Larkin Reynolds gnd James N Patterson// Thomas B Byrd wit Isaac Branch // Samuel McGowen, Thomas C Perrin// G.S., Zachariah Gray and Jonathan Abercrombie// James, Robert Fair. Est Dale? Drake?// Alonzo Bowman, Alexander Oliver, D.F? Freeland wit James Edward// John Agnew? Apner?, John Douglass, W.W. Anderson// C Malone, L Rykard, Henry Boozer, wit John Brownlee Lionida Malone? est Malinda P Brenn?
Bonds, Money 31 910 1851 - 1854 William A Williams, P?A Waller, estate of Cheatham// Barclay ? Cheatham, A.B> Griffin, I? Cheatham, est. R E Belcher.// D.L., Wamuel, John Donald, est Enoch Bann?// L.T? Lyndsey, J.J. Bohner, wit Hawthorn, est. James Lindsay//Charles N., WIlliam, Samuel Graham wit James Moore// Elias T, WIlliam Samuel Graham est. John Graham// Robert, J.J. McAdams, John R Wilson wit J Ellis, est Thomas Sims// A. Jackson Ferguson, James, H. Wideman ets Patrick Malone.//Bluford Lawson, Dr. Benjamin M Latimore est Jesse Gant?
Bonds, Money 31 911 1851 - 1854 Alonzo R Bowman, D.F. Freeland, Alex Oliver wi William Hill// John F.C. Settle, James Evans, ? Patterson// James Evens, L.W. Lites, wit David Keller est White// James A Norwood est Davis and others// William Smith, Silas Ray, wit William Hill est James Tolbert// John R Wilson, A.H. Magee, Robert McAdams wit L.D> Merriman est Thomas Simms or Lewis - also on this est: Robert Ellis, John L Ellis, Joseph Eliis// Nimrod W. Stwart, Samueld Beard, R.G. Golding wit H Reid est Paul’s Minors.
Towles, Toliver agent for Grisby, Caroline E etal 31 912 1846 Anderson Lewis? Sims? and Cornelia wf. Thomas F Jarrol? janal? and Mary, wf. Monrins? Walton? and Charlotte wf., Tolliver Towles wf Sarah Ann, James Wilson dec. M McCraken, LeRoy? Brown hus of Mary Brown, 7 Robertson children? Mary Towles from Mom’s interest, Robert W. Robertson dec (6 surviving brother sister).
Branyan, John A estate of Stephenson 31 913 1850 William and John Stephenson (anderson dist). A. O Norris, McGill, McGee, John B Armstrong, Hugh Robinson, Clinkscales. Estate Thomas Branyan.
George A Allison est Wiley Glover 31 914 1852 Edwin Irwin, Elizabeth harris wit Isaac Branch
Ziny? Jay? estate Samuel Boggs 31 915 1850 Real estate of mary Boggs. Rebecca Boggs alive. Kids of William Rbertson and Elizabeth A Boggs, dec. Samuel B Robinson dec. kids in MS. John R. Robinson alive in Abbeville. Mary, also. William Davis and Martha, wf. Henry Robinson MS, James Robinson AL, W or M H Robinson dec (A Kennedy gdn of his kids: A.P., Jane, D.P., H.B. - alive in Abbeville), Joseph McCreary and Mary Boggs wf. (both dec). kids in AL: Margaret (Abbeville). Martha (Abb), David (AL) James H(minor in AL), Samuel Boggs, dec minor kid. Dr. John W Hearst, Tiny ? Tiry? Jay?
Scott, Joseph and wife Wimbish, Alex F etal 31 916 1847 Benjamin Y Martin solicitor. Gilbert Green and wf, Charles E WImbish and Peyton C Wimbish. Henry S Oliver and wf. M.B. Clark. WIlliam Hill. William A Shaw.
Cheatham, Robt gdn Myrich, Lyttleton 31 917 1824 Littleton Myrick
Power, John Graves, Joseph 31 918 1829 W. Lomax.
Johnson, Wm T Johnson, Albert 31 919 1832 Job? Johnson
Wilson, Sarah Rykard, L.H. etal 31 920 1868 WIlliam C Davis Esq. Drury A Riley admin of J F H Davis who was admin of William C Davis dec. Henry Riley. Robertson, Sarah Wilson, C.H. Allen. Davis and Green? T?J? Rykard. Greer?
Dendy, Charles Baker D.D. 31 921 1833 foreclosure wit: S.A. Hodges.
McComb, Rebecca McComb etal, Catherine 31 922 1832 Foreclosure Samuel? Marshall and John Anderson admins.
Cases in Equity Court June Term 1811 31 923 1811 case descriptions lists parties, solicitors, decrees - one page including the names: Sarah? vs M Crawford, Agatha Middleton vs Quarles, Savage?, Breckenridge, Good Winsgate, ? Davis vs Fenton Hall, Joseph Martain?, West Cook, Downey vs Brittle? Moragne, AnnTaylor vs Walter T, G.Y. Murphy?, Isaac Moragne. Not much here, really.
Patterson, Robt Taggart, M etal 31 924 1832 Napoleon Patterson by Robert, Josiah, William Patterson. James Patterson, the father.
Uldrich (Wildrich?) John E etal Simpson, Wm H 31 925 1806 estate Alexander Hinton? Collin? Ward. John E and Jane Y? W
Robertson, Andrew Robertson, Jane 31 926 1833 Richard Maddox and Peggy, wf, and Polly Maddox. William Richey. Jane is an old woman whose will is contested. She is accused of drinking, making stupid decisions and being influenced. She is said to have been “in the way of liquor.” Others say she was simply plain spoken and old. John R Youngblood. John Robertson. Her dtr Polly Stow? Stone? then a widow. “His grand dtr malinda Stone.” Very hard to read and faint. Witness statements: John Donald, Stephen Henderson (She always blathered). Peg Maddox? Billy Richey. “The Old Man’s will,” destroyed. She and the kids decided to lay it aside, then burned it. Ben Mosely, Charles Posey, McCord, Col Ware’s statement: she had poor relations in Ireland. This is long and full of info and quite interesting. Henderson
Appleton, Grigsby & wife etal Chiles, Wm et al 31 927 1832 WIlliam White.
Maxwell, John M Connor*, Francis 31 928 1826 foreclosure. admin Charles Maxwell
Thompson, Margaret Foster, Elijah gdn 31 929 1824 Elijah out of state.
Starke, Eliza G by Elam Sharpe Starke, Reuben 31 930 1824 John Edwin and Jane, wf.
Patterson, James and wife Slappy, Fred 31 931 1824 part Vincent Griffin, John Lipscomb, William Harris, David Griffin and ? Bullock
Purcell, Nancy Purcell, Zaccheus 31 932 1824
McGehe, John M? Myrick,* Lyttleton 31 933 1822 Littleton. Col Richard Griffin, Thomas Goodwin, Robert Huston? commissioners.
Porter, D Collier E 31 933 1824
Lipford, Royal execs of Wooldridge, Thos etal 31 934 1824 Thom exec of Major Gibson Wooldridge?. Other defendants: William Wooldridge, Hudson M Pitman and Sarah wf, Christopher Hutson and Patsey wf., Benjamin Murray and Polly wf. all out of state.
Head, Baily etal Merriweather, Zackery 31 935 1826 Georgia. David R Davenport.
Childs, Robert et al Martin, Benj estate of Todd 31 937 Amistina?? Burt, George McDuffie, Robert Child, Elizabeth Todd, James W Todd on bond. exec Robert Child
Rasor, E gdn Rasor, Permelia C 31 938 1854
Darby, Basdial? Osborne, Thos 31 939 1822 deed Casdal? bnd by Samuel Foster, John Fast?, Basdail?
Eddins, Wm gdn Pollard, Jas M and others 31 940 1828 gdn Mary, James Pollard. WIlliam Hill exec. Robert Pollard. pd Isaac Bunting, James Mitchell, Charles Fooshe, Samuel Hill. Fooshee
Wideman, Edward & Elizabeth wf Farrar, Elizabeth etal 31 941 1829 part
Richardson, Jas etal gdn Fooshe*, John 31 942 1852 bond includes John W Fooshe, John T Carter. wit MB Hackett. y
Todd, Elizabeth etal Martin, Benj 31 943 1846 Robert Child, James McCracken on bond. estate James Wilson. J? H Wilson?. 1/3 of estate to widow Elizabeth Todd. Capt Childs bond. Estate Richard Todd.
Copeheart B W et al Huey, John and Lydia et al 31 944 1833 admin John Huey. estate of W Blackburn. Thomas Blackburne.
Townes, H H and wife Burt, A and wife 31 945 1845 part E P Noble and wf. gdn of George McDuffie Calhoun and Eugenia R Calhoun.
Shillito, Geo etal admin of Caldwell, Chas estate 31 946 1829 Hugh Morrah, also admin.
Owen, Moses T gdn Patterson, Wm M etal 31 947 1854 with John Lyon and Thomas McCracken for Sarah Jane, Ann Eugenia, Eliza Penin? Perrin?, Thomas Pattterson minor.
Tolbert, Isabella Marshall gdn Tolbert, John M 31 948 1854 w/ James H Tolbert, Thomas Richey, Vachel Hughey for Frances Elvira, Amanda Fletcher, John Wesly Tolbert. (All Tolberts)
General Bonds 31 949 1853-4 James L, William McCelvery for Mary Jane Scott wit: McCaslan, M.O. Talman.// William C Scott sr, William, W.A. Drenan? for William C Scott jr wit John Boozer// Josweph Wardlaw, L G? Patterson of Kenshall? District SC, William Robert Wardlaw of Abbeville for Julia C McCaw, Margaret Francis, Mary McGehee McCaw// Littleton Yarborough, James Lomax and ? for John Todd, William Henry McCaw// Simeon Chaney, Robert C Gillam and John Saddler for Rebecca Ann Fooshe (51)// Joseph W. W> Wardlaw, I Foster, Samuel Marshall? for Kitty? Foster Martin. y
Hunter*, John A gdn Orien, Alice Hamilton, Ann E 31 950 1854 with N.J. Davis
Bonds, Guardianship 31 951 1856 - 1857 Grdn Bonds Robert R Talbert, Johnson, Sale, Esme Jones for Thomas A Watson//John Gillam, John R Wilson, John R.F. WIlson for Dr. Franklin B Andrews? Anderson? a minor//John P Barratt, Samuel Marshall, John Barratt for Catherine A Watson// John G., Johm R. and John R Wilson for Catherine Zimmerman, Andrews, A.M. Cracsten?// John A Partlow, John, Henry Jones, Enoch Nelson for Elizabeth Bolton? Balton?// James M, Thomas C Perrin, John Cothran for Joel Smith and Elizabeth M Perrin// Ebenezer Pressly, Robert C Sharpe, and Andrew C hawthorn for Sallie Annette Richey//Newton Sims, ?, John Vance for Elizabeth K Simms.
Bonds, Guardianship 32 952 1854-59 Tolbert, Baker, Houston, Watson, Smith, Perrin, Pinson, Pratt, Mcgrath, White, Robinson
Bonds, Guardianship 32 953 1853 - 1860 Logan, Cannon, Childs, Smith, Cox, Ellis, Nichols, Belcher, Adams, Neal, Bowie, Wagner, Tolgert, Branyon, Williams.
Bonds, Guardianship 32 954 1858 - 1860 Robinson, Wideman, Smith, Williams, Nelson, Major, Lyon, Logan
Bonds, Guardianship 32 955 1855 - 1859 Pennal, Logan, Webber, Black, Richey, Palmer,Johnson, Wiliams.
Bonds, Guardianship 32 956 1857 - 1860 Boyd, Posey, Logan, Ellis, Hearst, Williams, Baker, Caldwell, Foose Fooshe, Wideman, Swift, Hackett, Miller, Pressley. George R. Caldwell. A.G. Hackett, Thomas Brooks for Edna A. Caldwell Webb. Augustus Hackett and wf. for Ella C. Hackett.
Richey, Andrew and Mariah Martin, T Y gdn 32 957 1869 gdn Margaret Richey
Golding, Reuben 32 958 1854 Bond Thomas Thompsoon admn of John L. Cheatham dec.
Scott, john A and Wife Trustee Scott, Wm B estate 32 959 1858 Bond 1831 Wm. B Scott and wf. Also Alex Houston, Thomas Sloan Covington
Nelson, James Wilson? Wm Wilson Nelson? 32 960 1844 Mortg slaves Estate. Hanne and child (Anderson) Peter, Bet bought 1844.
Young, Mary etal Young, Valentine estate 32 961 1845 Bond Washington J Young of Talidya Co, AL 1845. gdn Asa , Valentine, Franklin, grandkids of Valentine Young dec. Mom Margaret Franklin. W.J. Young. ? Mary Youngbrother of dec father Valentine Young. Mary Young, Valentine Young, Ezekiel Raysor, Mayson Henderson of Abbeville. Mary Young, wf of Valentine and mother of Valentine. James Graham gdn.
Cooper, J.W. et al Cheatham est 32 962 1850 Bond John Sadler?, Griffin Golding, Thomas Cheatham, Thomas Griffin, A. Waller.
Morrah, Samuel R. Scott, John estate 32 963 1841 Bond Joseph C. Mathews.
Cunningham, Jno Noble, Patrick 32 964 1847 Bond Ben martin
Todd, Eliz etal Wilson estate 32 965 1845 Bond James McCracken
Riley, Andrew Selby, Owen Shelby? 32 966 1846 Wm Tolbert, Henry Boozier. Boozer?
Gray, Thos J Amanda Flannegan Tate, Elvira Flannagan , Laurence Tate 32 967 1839 gdn report Thomas Gray gdn Amanda, Elvira Flanagen. (Amanda wf Lawrence P Tate). Jefferson T. Gray, John Caldwell, Margaret Flanegen.
Hester, Thos J Hester, Henry 32 968 1847 bnd Sam J Hester, James Norwood, James Taggart, Louisa Hester. Robert.
Pelot, Francis L Pelot, Harriet L , Jno F etal 32 969 1845 bond Thomas L. Perrin, D.L. Wardlaw.
Moore, Jno W Mays, Lucretia 32 970 1848 William A Moore. D.W. McCanty? Larkin Mays Rosamond.
Richey, Isaac Rasor 32 971 1849 Israel C. Richey Ezekiel Rasor Isaac Richy.
Jolly, Wm Branyon, Thos F Jos J 32 972 1846 Reuben Branyon. Abner? Samuel M Webb.
Richey, Wm L Richey, Robert 32 973 1853 Thomas C Perrin, R.H. Wardlaw, W.A. Wardlaw, Charles and Thomas B. Dendy.
Latimer, Stephen Seut*, Jesse Guet? 32 974 1852 Robert Pratt Richardson Tribble
Martin, Pharis* Martin 32 975 1852
McCord, Jno Karey estate 32 976 1852 John R McCord, James A. McCord
Connor, Frederick Rembert , HA estate 32 977 1848 Richard Martin, A. P. Connor
Nilson, Wm Wilson? 32 978 1844 James Wilson dec Pleasant Burwell Sr. and Jr. James Creswell
Scott, E etal Scott 32 979 1842 Thomas B. Scott, Eleanor Scott William Reid
Logan, A J etal Tolbert, Don 32 980 1843 Andrew J F.B. Logan Vachel Huey
Thomas, McKinney Ausley 32 981 1843 James H Cobb Enoch Nelson
Maddox, Richard etal Padgett*, Jno 32 982 1841 R. McCord. Three children, one dec. E Rasor William Barmore
Wardlaw, R.H. and W.A Kingmore, Jas C estate 32 983 1847
Coleman, Thomas L Douglas, Wm 32 984 1846 Richard White William Coleman
Boozer*, John G et al Wilson, Catherine M 32 985 1860 James J Adams Henry Riley Catherine’s sister Celestia A. White Slave, Ema.
Hawthorne, D.W. etal Kay, Mary formerly Barmore 32 986 1860 D.O. or A.C. Hawthorn. Her husband- Enoch Barmore dec.
McKinney, Wm R Parker*, Wm H Casey Elizabeth .K. 32 987 1860 Talbert. Elizabeth wf of W W Casey. Est of Augustus Lomax. W James Lomax (frame 201)
Lomax, W. Jas Augustine 32 988 1860 These papers are in pack 987
Reynolds, larkin Griffin, James 32 989 1855 His father, Vincent Griffin dec.
Harris, W.C. etal or Hanes Calls, SV Dr Caine? 32 990 1859 Caroline E. Caine John E. Caine
Murphy, H.L. etal Heard, Eliza 32 991 1859 Henry?
Brownlee, Robt et al to Brownlee, H M 32 992 1860 Hugh M Brownlee Robert Brownlee Eugenia E. Brownlee
Jones, Robt etal John? Miller, Mary 32 993 1860 her dec father, James L? Jones Robert Jones Next friend Andrew J Miller
Davis, Edward etal Haddon estate Ann Lucy 32 994 1858 W. H. Davice trustee for his sister Lucy. Abram Wiilson and kids separation. Barth S. Tucker and Sarah wf Martha Rice wid., Aliseson?
Jones, H.A. Est James Price Puckett*, Price, Lomax, Wilks 32 995 1845-52-54 James Puckett, Paul Minor, William Lomax, Wilkes Silas Ray, John Davis
Thurston, Peter Thurston John 33 996 1804 Complaint Peter owed money. Calhoun awarded 200 acres Long Cane. John Thurston owed his brother, gave note to Calhoun. On it goes. Other names: John Norwood. John Dunlap. Ephriam ramsey. Archibald Hamilton.
Deely, Mary (Duly) etal Duley Duly, Thos etal 33 997 1810 complaint Joseph Wood (dec). Barbara R Wood minor. Maurice Lehiffe adm (ex wiife) Wm and Sarah Ann Duly minors of Mary Duly vs. Thomas Duly. Sam Burgess, Thom Wimberly, John Collins Wm Ramsey.
Wood, Jospeh dec 33 997 1810
Bullock, Wm and agnes Coleman, James and Nancy (wife) 33 998 1819 Complaint George White dec. 1814. Wid: nancy-since md. James Coleman. Chdrn: Wm, Agnes, John, mary Ann, Leonard, Richard - minors. Land brd Davis/Lesly. Nthan Lipscomb, Lewis Halloway. Agnes White, Wm. Bullock, guad. Leonard Waller, david Cunningham, John Cheatham. Also, Wm. Harris, Ephriam Andres et - Mary Slappy VS. Elizabeth Bullock and Rebecca Bullodk. Elihu Bullock dec. Fredrick Slappy - grandfather? Two files put together?
White, George dec 33 998 1814
Scott, Samuel Minors?, David Walters? 33 999 1811 trust deed Benj. Martin. john Ruff, trustee. George A, Dorothy, John henry, Walters?, Suzannah, John Adam, Sarah Caroline, Mary Ann and Eliza Ruff (at least the last are minors). Samuel Scott Edgefield - will. daughter sarah. Mary Gray? Elizabeth Middleton? Eliazbeth, Joh, Sam Scott, grandchildren. Samuel Scott, dec. (Check all this.) G son: John Allen, Scott martin.
John Boyd. Mary Scott. Messy notes.
American Bible Society Noble, Wm. P Ex 33 1000 1858
Gibson, John Saunders, John 33 1001 1860
Griffin, Mary E etal Vance, J.K. 33 1002 1866
Partlow, John Phares C Marlin Belmer** etal 33 1003 1870
De La Howe, Dr. John Law, Jas W ex etal 33 1004 1867 complaint Wm Barely, mary S, James Law, Ellen, John H W.R. Logan
Jones, H.A. Report on Estates 33 1005 1851 Estate Reports T. Branyan, J McCulvewy,R. Finley, B. Smith, S.Boggs, S. Rembert, Rhoda Pullium, J. Connor, J Kinsmore?, Wm. Kennedy, B +J Hill, J Donald, T Kirkpatrick,Downs Calhoun, WMCalhoun,N. Shirley, T Cofer, S. Wideman, A. Hamilton, J. Patterson, J. Wilson
Jones, H.A. Report on Estates 33 1006 1846 Estate Reports Patrick Noble, D. Tolbert, M.Mays,W Henderson,J Agnew?, W. Douglas,J Chatham,R Pettigrew, J wilson,Capt. Jos Calhoun, V. Loury, R. todd, J Padgett, S whitely, N Killingsworth, Wilks, B Posey, A Wimbish, F Connor Lucretia Mays, Col. J Hearst, O Latom, H Hestor(Louisa), J Price, E tate, J Kiingman,T Branyon others
Jones, H.A. Report Sales 33 1007 1851 Sales reports Susan Wilson wid of james Wilson. Wm H Caldwell, - Thomas H , John Caldwell - Wm Calhoun and many others
Jones, H.A. Report Sales 33 1008 1853 reports Wm H Caldwell and others
Jones, H.A. Report on Estates 33 1009 1854 reports
Jones, H.A. Report Guard and trustee 33 1010 1852 reports
Jones, H.A. Report on Estates 33 1011 1845 reports
Posey, A F Posey B L 33 1012 1847 estates A. F. Posey est of B Posey . J Cob, Jane Allen
Coleman, Peter H. dec 34 1013 1827
Mitchell, Francis etal Pitts, Chas and Frances (wf) 34 1013 1827 Frances (Fanny) Mitchell exec James Pulliam., Wm. Nichols and Wife (can’t read - Juda?), John barber, James Wright and Frances, wf. F. Mitchell and Dudly Richardson, gdns Peter H Coleman dec. Eliza B. Coleman
Pulliam, James dec 34 1013 1827
Merriwether, John dec 34 1014 1846
Wright, Jas and wife Pitts Chas 34 1014 1846 Joseph Merriwther exe of John Merriweather, dec Frances Bell, gdn of Charles Pitts
Eadings??, Jas Kleigh, Humphry Klugh 34 1015 1822
Wilson, John Hughes, james 34 1016 1822 Jehu Wilson
Equity Court Hearings 34 1017 1819 summation Many names: compaint, VS name, solicitors, brief (very) descr. Anderson, Weatherall, Bostick, Livingston, Cunningham, Overby, Foster, brown, Richey, Wooldridge among them. Not much info.
Merriwether, John Merriwether, Joseph 34 1018 1822 suit complintant George Tylor. Suit against Merriwether estate.
Jones, H.A. Rept Gdn Trustee 34 1019 1854 Summations Many, many names - too many for me to list. Worth a look if you are in this time frame.
Jones, H.A. Report on Estates 34 1020 1852 Many, many names - too many for me to list. Worth a look if you are in this time frame.
Jones, H.A. Report Gdn Trust 34 1021 1851 Many, many names - too many for me to list. Worth a look if you are in this time frame.
Jones, H.A. Report Gdn Trust 34 1022 1853 Many, many names - too many for me to list. Worth a look if you are in this time frame.
Pinchback**, Wm Cramer?, Jas M Craven? Crane? 34 1023 1833 John M Croven?
Creagh, Thos B Delane*, Freeman 34 1024 1819 complaint
Tutt? Tull? R H McFarland, George M 34 1026 1824 Chesley daniel? David?
Mans, John A and Martha Willard, Jas C etal Collier, Edmund 34 1027 1839 Valentine Traylor and Julia F (wf). Collier, gdn Winston N Traylor. Willard, gdn of Mary E., thomas J., Sarah C Willis
McCombs, commissioner Equity Coutry Hearings 34 1027 1819 also 1812 Many, many names - too many for me to list. Worth a look if you are in this time frame.
Traylor, Valentine 34 1027 1839
Willis minors: Sarah, Mary ,Thomas 34 1027 1839
DeVal*, Sarah Cochran, John 34 1028 1821
Gordon, James (Jordon?) Weems, Samuel etal 34 1029 1813 judgement Margaret, sarah Weems, Thomas Jordon (Gordon?) and Elizabeth wf., Robert Keown (Keoron?) and Isabella wf., James Weems, Robt Furguson and Mary wf.
Jones, H.A. Report on Estates 34 1030 1849 - 50 Many, many names - too many for me to list. Worth a look if you are in this time frame.
Report on Sales (partition, etc) 34 1031 1844-1847 Many, many names - too many for me to list. Worth a look if you are in this time frame.
Jones, H.A. Money in and out 34 1032 1847 - 48 Many, many names - too many for me to list. Worth a look if you are in this time frame.
Belcher, Wm W et al Becher, Wm W jr et al 34 1033 1850 Wm. H, John H., henry C. , James N and mary A. Belcher all under 21. Gdn: James Norwood. Also Warren P. Blencher, minor. Wm is his uncle, brother of deceased Robert, Edmund Belcher. Also half sister, rebecca F. Belcher. her gdn: Thomas J Hester, her uncle. Exec os RE Belcher: Wm. Belcher, Williamson Norwood (f-i-l), James M Belcher and James A. Norwood. 1st wife of dec: Mary A. Norwood Belcher, duaghter of Wmson Norwood, sister of james. 2nd Wife, Rebecca hester who died after birth. Rebecca F. only child and not included in will, written before her birth. john A. Calhoun, b-i-l to dec by marriage recommends partition. this and next: long and interesting.
Norwood, Jas A etal (Williamson) Calhoun, John A etal 34 1034 1850 partition requests Williamson Norwood dec 1848: two living children: James A. and Sarah M. (wife of John Calhoun). Children of Carolyn Clarke dec: mary A. Clarke (joseph, Caroline, mary C) and mary A. Belcher heirs. Frame 179 - will of Wmson Norwood. At first, after reading all this, I thought these men were good men, having brought up a civilized and considerate family - only flaws that they owned people. further reading showed that Wmson wanted to free some of his people, and was very concerned about their welfare and safety. best of an evil situation. Though he is dead, therefore, I admire him. he namedrachel and chldrn: Asbury, catherine and Delia and son Nelson - hoping they could be sent to free states, or at least educated.
Stevenson, Rebecca widow Stevenson, Wm etal 34 1035 1850 John stevenson, dec. Wm J., Margaret S., mary jane, rebecca Ann (wf Alexander G. Hogan), Isabella A: Elizabeth, dec. leaving John J and James H Simspn and husband, John.
Hood, Morgan Shaw*, James Shaver? Sharer? 34 1036 1814 judgement
Crawford, Sarah Crawford, Michael 34 1037 1814 judgement
Johnson, Patrick (Pat) Cobb, James 34 1038 1832
Atkins, Robt dec 34 1039 1860
Atkins, Francis Dec. 34 1039 1860
Porter, CC and sf margarette In Alabama Lites, R. W. etal 34 1039 1860 Francis Atkins dec. Wid: Elizabeth Atkins. Chld: Robert, Margarette, Ravinna and James (last 2 minors). Robt. Atkins exec Edgefield, dec. Robt Lites exec. Will. Wife of Robt Atkins, Elizabeth. long file.
Moragne, Peter F etal Moragne, John 34 1040 1832 Isaac Moragne. Peter Gdn. James R. Bushellier? Bouchillow?
Western Asylum Va. Mays, Meady sr 34 1041 1850 escaped lunatic John Maragne escaped from SC asylum
Anderson, Nathan 34 1042 1839
Ross, Stephen etal S.O. Sullivan Martin, Benj 34 1042 1839 bill of sale My father, jacob Anderson dec. Iron Creek. Nathan Anderson, W.H. Anderson.
Hunter, James Hunter, Mary A 34 1043 1841 bond gdn John B Hunter and J.L. Calhoun bond. James Hunter dec. Samuel Hunter gdn of J.M. Hunter. David Caldwell, Wm. Harris.
Hunter, Mary A 34 1043 1841
Richey, Jas B etal Brownlee estate 34 1044 1840 Wm Launders? and Sarah (formerly Cannen? Connor?)
Glenn, James E Fuller, Posey etal 34 1045 1827 gdn Edny, wf. I think of Posey, actually. Ellenor? Crocker and Melenda wf. Wm. Hallman and Betse? wf. Hard to Read. Fanny Mitchell and James Crocker. John Swilling.
Johnson, Albert etal Osborn estate 34 1046 1838 John Osborns’s heirs: George W., B.F., James Osborn, the 3rd child of Mrs. Burton, Wm Osborn, Mrs. Embelon? Emerson?, John. Jacob M?, Mrs. Hawkins?, Lucinder, Margaret, Eliza Osborn. George Washington was also called simply “Washington.”
Pesley, Calvin and Jane Taylor, Andrew estate 34 1047 1827 John McComb exec
Court Dockets 1792 - 1820 34 1048 1792 - 1820 Many, many names - too many for me to list. Worth a look if you are in this time frame. Not much info here, but associated names might help you. My own notes: 1794robt? Anderson vs. calhoun. W.R. Davis, solicitor. John L. Dvis vs. Elizabeth Wilson (partition). Alex Stewart, Wm Caldwell.
Moore, James dec 34 1049 1818
Price, Susannah Anderson, Thomas etal 34 1049 1818 co-defendants: John J harris and rachel wf., James Sapnn and Elizabeth wf., John C. Mayson and Washington Bostick, execs of James Moore, dec.
Jones, HA Report Sales 34 1050 1844-52 1844 - 52 Tons of names. Some:E. Lewis Davis to James Norwood. N.J. davis to John Adams. Sarah Pace admz of Brazeal? to John davis - all 53 - Wiley Pulliam Thomas Byrd to B. Avery/ Barnett to John B. Davis/ Farnces Mitchell, Anna Cooper, Chas foshe. James Alston (f322), Trustee of Jane Davis (probably Jane hamilton Davis?. Also a summation of tons of guardians.
McClurg*, Margaret , James, elizabeth Caldwell, Wm H 34 1051 1830 bond for sale Greenvill. John Wilkinson
Commissioner’s report 35 1052 1829-34 Tons of names, including P. Crom, S. Pressley, B. Ellington, Thomas Crawfod, E. Byrd, James Alston, G.W. Hodges, Sam P Gaines. dates all over the place
Hamilton, Jas A and Eliza Ann (Wilson) Wilson, Jane 34 1053 1861 pwr of Att
Misc papers 1813-1831 34 1054 1813-31 Alexander Wimbish and many other names. Madison Co Florida mentined.
Franklin, Sarah Edwards Mathew Campell 35 1055 1844 Sarah was widow of David Edwards. Joseph Cooper, Francis White. Legatees seem to be: Thomas, Jas. m. , Mary A., Matt Campbell and wife
Beesly, J.F. and George Yarbrough, John H dec 35 1056 1830 partition “My wife, E. Ruff...” H. Ruff. Richard L., Jonah Yarbrough - others
Bullock, Wm et al to White, George dec 35 1057 1819 gdn Wm. White? Kids of George. Mary A., Leonard, richard, John White
Smith, Joel Smith, Lucy and Chas 35 1058 1826 gdn
Cater, Edwin et al Blake, Wm. N 35 1059 1843
Bonds, Guardianship 35 1060 1826 + 1861 Marshall R. Smith. minor. W.B. Merriwether. Others Tons of names including: Beall, Sam May, Martha Jerehiah/Larkin/benj reynolds/Jno Coleman/ Henry, John, James, David, Jemima, Simpson minors.
Coleman, Peter H estate Pulliam, james etal (Wm Davis name) 35 1060 1826 Mentions John P and Julian A Coleman. Bond: Thomas Spraggins, Samuel Davis, james Pulliam. y
Davis, Turner and Tabitha Anderson, Walter 35 1060 1826 (F25) Turner A. Davis, Walter Anderson and Tabitha Davis bound to thomas Livingston, $10,000 9 Nov 1826, elected 26th June last. Witness: John B. davis Turner A Davis is guardian of Sally, Pamela, washington, Gabriel P, fanny and Anny Davis - all under 21. y
Bonds, Guardianship Parker, Wm. report 35 1061 1861 Chars., Ellen, thomas James Dendy. /Willimas/Robt Gordon/Powers/Day/ Kpjn. S. Elizabeth, Nathan - Cromer? Linday. James A. Cromer, Lewis Settle. G.W. Syfan, Emma Tons of names
Bonds, Guardianship Lesly Report 35 1062 1825 - 1834 gdns Ellis/ James, C., John Cochran, Joshua Davis bond for gdn of Sarah, Elizabeth, John Matthews minors. Wit: A. Giles 1834/ Flanagan/Mathews - (same bonding as above, including Joshua davis)/Black-Griffin/McKellen/Todd/Robt Wright, John Wright, John Ellis for daniel Wright./ Wm. H. Caldwell gdn Wm Mc?ney? McClug minor/Glover/Linsley/Lewis Smith/Lorenzo D. Wright
Davis minors Butler, James gdn (Wm Davis) 35 1062 1826 gdn James Butler, James Mitchell $5000 23rd May 1825 gdn of estate of James P. Davis, Lewis W. Davis, Judith E., Elizabeth Davis all under 21 Wit: Wm Eddins, att.
Bonds, misc Lesley 35 1063 1832 bond reports Ware/Cobb/Merriwether/1837 Note: G.W. Hodges (grand son walter Anderson, cousin Turner A. Davis) goes by Washington. Westly and Philip Cramer?. The Late Abraham Roberts (Frame 64)
Bonds, misc 35 1064 1838 Sales, bonds Wm calhoun 1848. Eddins/Wm.Wilson/Hughley.
Linton, Thos J Lenton and Elizabeth Lesley 35 1065 1830 mort Hamden Linton. washington martin tract where Samuel martin now lives
Gilbert, Ebenezer P Lesley 35 1066 1830 mort Chesley Farrar dec. “Chambers’ Place”
Buchanon, Jas and Robt F. Logan David Lesly 35 1067 1832 mort Francis Logan. Estate of Nicholas merriwether
Marshall, Samuel Dr. 35 1068 1832 mort McComb estate
Partlow, Jas Lesley 35 1069 1831 mort Dudly Richardson estate
Linton, John W. Hamden S. Lesley 35 1070 1829 mort Thomas Linton? “Pressley” tract. Linton estate.
Wideman, Edward Willard, Campbell 35 1071 1830 mort Frank Wideman place
Williams, Franklin Nash, washington Bowie, John 35 1072 1830 mort Cambridge dist. James Coleman, dec.
Watkins, Geo J and A S Rogers, D 35 1073 1830 mort Dr. Andrew Brown, dec
Richardson, Henrietta Richardson, Dudly dec 35 1074 1832 mort Estate of Dudly Richardson
Waller, John etal Coleman, James dec 35 1075 1830 mort
McDuffie, Geo M Linton estate 35 1076 1829 mort
Linton, H* Lesley 35 1077 1829 mort Home tract
Cofield, Thos F Cafield Gray, N Grey 35 1078 1835 mort
Linton, Alexander Lesley 35 1079 1829 mort The Leslie Estate
Linton, Alexander Dr. Lesley 35 1080 1831 mort
McAdams, Robert Sims, Thomas, Martiin, Sarah, 35 1081 1837 watkins, Robert and wife
McAdams, Jones 35 1082 1836 mort
Patterson, Mary D Black, Wm 35 1083 1836 mort Bounded by Josiah C. Patterson
Anderson, Thos Gilbert, Joseph B. Livingston, Thom 35 1084 1823 Mort
Gilbert, Abram Abram, Gilbert? Pollard, James, dec (his land) 35 1085 1829 mort
McCormick, Isaih Morrow, James L Red, George 35 1086 1837 mort
Allen, John Hamilton, Andrew estate 35 1087 1836 mort Andrew Hamilton estate
Jackson, Thos Black, Wm C 35 1088 1836 mort Andrew Hamilton estate
Taggart, John Black, Wm C 35 1089 1836 mort Andrew Hamilton estate
Tustan, Thos H Black 35 1090 1836 mort Andrew Hamilton estate
Tustan Jas H Black 35 1091 1836 mort Andrew Hamilton estate
Allen, John Black, Wm. C. 35 1092 1836 mort
Franklin, Sarah Edwards McComb, John 35 1093 1817 In Saluda. Land of Micajah Poole, Cox, Wm., Martin Wilson and others
Gist, Wm H Lesley 35 1094 1833 mort Abbeville village
Preslsey, Samuel Hodges, George W. Alston, James 35 1095 1833 mort Calhoun’s Mill?
Harris, Wm Lesley 35 1096 1832 mort bond Jno Lipscomb, James Harris
Delashaw, Jacob Lesley, D 35 1097 1832 mort John Kennedy?, Arch. Bradly, prop of Thomas Bratty?
Hamilton, Jas A Black 35 1098 1836 mort Hamilton estate
Alstori, James Black, Wm. C. 35 1099 1836
Scarborough, Thos Rapley, Richard Andrews commis 35 2000 1811 Edgefield
New, Daniel Jones 35 2001 1833
Gray, Elvira Black, Wm C 35 2002 1835 mort Henry Gray estate
Adams, Jno. D Black, Wm. C. 35 2003 Hard to Read
Faulkner, John McComb estate 35 2004 1832 “Davis tract” 25 acres, Estate of Samuel Patterson, along Long Cane
Ware, Thos E Black Wm C 35 2005 1832
Hughley, Vachel Cobb, Jos H, Thom Black 35 2006 1835 mort Henry Gray estate
Wilson, James S Black 35 2007 1835
Tench, John H Black 35 2008 1835 Henry Gray estate
McCastlin, Robt McComb estate 35 2009 1832 “The lush tract” bond with Samuel Patt
Hughley, Joseph Hall, Wm. Edward, david 35 2011 1835 Mort henry Gray
Gray, Elvira Black, Wm C 35 2012 1835 mort bond: Silas Ray and Klugh Henry Gray
Riley, Thos 35 2013 1835 henry Gray
Edwards, David Black, Wm 35 2014 1835 Henry Gray
Sims, Bernard G Black Wm 35 2015 1835 Newberry
Allen, John S. Linton, S Curuthers? dec Capt Wm dec 35 2016 1831 mort There are two 2016s
Jones, James Black, Wm 35 2016 1835 Henry gray
Harper, Lindsay Alston, james 35 2017 1824 mort John Wooldridge dec
Kay, Robert H Seawright, John etal Brownlee, Geo and Jr. both dec 35 2018 1837 mort?
Watson, Chas E etal Waller, Albert etal 36 2019 1863 part
Latimer, Jas M 36 2020 1864 petition DeKalb Emma Young
Kay, James etal Mary Barrmor Barrmore, Enoch 36 2021 1860
Creswell*, James Waller, Cadmeus*, G 36 2022 1861 gdn Out of order in packet
Foster, John Lomax, W Jas 36 2023 1863
Latimer, james M Stephens, Elizabeth 36 2024 1863 gdn
Aiken, Dr. Wyatt gdn Smith, Geo. M. 36 2025 1863 gdn
Jones, HA Rept on Sales 36 2026 1846 Out of order in packet
Jones, HA Rept Gdn Trustee 36 2027 1848
Day, John Day, John son of Elizabeth Day 36 2028 1861
Cromer, Dorothy Ann Augustine Cromer 36 2029 1861 gdn
Ellis, Christopher etal Ellis, John E Estate 36 2030 1860 Augustis? E Ellis?
Bonds, Guardianship 36 2031 1864 many names in these petitions.
Bonds, Guardianship 36 2032 1864 many names in these petitions.
Petitions Guardians 36 2033 1864 1860-64 many names in these petitions.
Petitions Guardians 36 2034 1864 1860-63 many names in these petitions.
Petitions Guardians 36 2035 1860-64 Tyler Logan (12) son of Andrew J, Gson of Andrew Sr. Many, many others
Petitions Guardians 36 2036 1863-64 Wm Logan (14) Wm H Caldwell related somehow - many other names
Petitions Guardians 36 2037 1860-61
Petitions Guardians 36 2038 1863
Bonds, Guardianship + trustee 37 2039 1821-64 Robert Gordon: Mary W. Gordon. Robert McCaslan, Moses Taggart, Robert H Kay. John and James Seawright. W. James Lomax, J.J. Wardlaw, John A Weir, Augustus Lomax others.
Davis, Dr. John Tustan, H.J* etal Justen? 37 2040 1853 part Samuel J H Stark
Griffin, C.B. Spence, James 37 2041 1853 trustee Lunatic. Many Witnesses Charles Griffin.
Karey, Jane Martin, John and wife etal 37 2042 1851 order to sell
Cooper, John B Carter, Larkin G 37 2043 1856 John T Carter. William Carter, brother of petitioner. Lunatic.
Bonds, misc 37 2044 1820 - 19 - 35 - 36 - 07?47? Nathaniel, James, Shadrick, John Henderson ‘43. Josiah Patterson, A. Perrin, John Hearts ‘35. Reuben Goulding and A? Mayson ‘20. Martin Hackett, Hiram Gaines, John McComb 1819 James Crawford, Edward Toleman. 0thers.
Petitions Guardians 37 2045 1850-56 Wilson of Mississippi, John Wilson Graham? HTR. John Augustus Ausley 9-18) Grandfather-John Hearst, father in Florida. Elizabeth Cleekly mome of Johnston Cleckly (3 years) late dad, David F Clickly? Moses McCaslan ‘56. Joseph W Marshall, Richard A Martin dec. wid 2 infant kids. Kitty Foster Martin (3), Margaret P (mom) Martin. Tabitha Mays, Medy Mays jr dec. Larkin and Henry Mays Tabitha (15-16 yrs). her brother, Larkin. Andrew T. Bowen? Boron? Brown? William also ‘37. His mom Mancy Green? Greer? Bowie, E.H. Wilson (uncle), Ludinca Jane Cannon (9), daughter Henry Cannon. Mother and grandmom: Sarah Pace, uncle Silas Pace. Louisa Pace, aunt. other names, either kids or slaves. Louisa Braziel, Henry Canon, Philip Cromer (half uncle), Silas Smith (18), father Ben Smith dec ‘48. Bro John Smith.
Petitions Guardians 37 2046 1852-56 Edmund Cobb, Robert N Cheatham? Thomas B Denby or Dendy. Mom Elizabeth now wf of petitioner. Willman, Frances L Baker 916). Ss Baker dec. James Taggart b-i-l. Jacob W Brooks and Elizabeth wf (Blount) bro of Elizabeth, James Purdy dec. Nimrod W. Stewart. Wm Wagner dtr Mary E Wagner 94). Margaret Gaines wf William Gaines. Elizabeth Cleckly mom Samuel Alonzo Cleekly (9). see 2045. May or Mary Morgan. John R, Catherin B, Elijah M Pinson kids of James Pinson (+14 yrs). Grandpa John Pinson. Downs Calhoun gdn Nathan C. Bro Aaron A Pinson. Charles W. Fooshe (f103). Son, John Fooshe, James W. Grandfather, Charles B Fooshe. y
Paschal D. Klugh Peter? Roberts, Alex A. 37 2047 1830 gdn Neighbors sale - Greenwood. Near our neighborhood. y
Kennedy, Arch gdn Butler, John etal 37 2048 1850 gdn minor kids of Mrs. E Butler. Archibald Kennedy gdn John Kennedy. His admin William Butler, Larkin Butler,. Estate div. amoung 6 kids 1849 Wesley, Francis Butler. J.P. Kennedy admin. John Edward Washington. John Butler, Thomas Butler. Elizabeth (mom? Butler). Thomas, H, Francis, James, Wesley Butler.
Robertson, Wm Pratt, W.A. etal 37 2049 1860 Sarah, Sally Pratt now Tollison (Jno).
Perrin, T.C. Perrin, Jane ElizaThompson 37 2051 1839 Mrs. Jane E Thompson. L Perrin admin. John S. Thompson. Lewis W. Perrin, Thompson C Perrin.
Smith, Chas gdn of Anderson, Martha R 37 2052 1849 gdn John P Talbert married her.
Davis, M.J. gdn Nathaniel? Brownlee, John Thoscal**, Jane and Mary 37 2053 1840 Jane, mary Phaseal? minors. Davis from Poutote County, Miss. George Pettigrew, dec. Robert Pettigrew and John? Brownlee left 2 grandshilcren, Jane A. and Mary T Paschal of Poutotoc. George’s will. Dtr Sarah Oliver, margaret Robertson (slave: Esther, Dilla). Son John Even Pettigrew (slave Isaac). Son Robert H Pettigrew )Slv Elijah). aslo louis? slve? Son George (dave and alex)
Ware, Nicholas M 37 2054 1852 William Ware bills of estate
Reynolds, Larkin Belcher, WW 37 2055 1861
Perrin, Jas M Perrin, Mary E soel S 37 2056 1860 Joel S. Perrin Jane Robison (-14) James Robertson dec father. mom Elizabeth Robinson her friend dad’s admin Robert M. Davis. Perrin: Joel SMith
Smith, Joel 37 2057 1853 part Charles B Fooshe (relative) bad judgement made Mith Trustee ‘44. James W. Richardson, neighbor, new trustee. Chas Fooshe, son of John Fooshe dec. Slaves: Betty, Clary, Nelson, Sucky, Vincent, Eveline, Harriot and Slwey. More
Harris, Susan A Cothran, James her friend 37 2058 1853 part James S. Wilson. Daniel English. J.H. Wilson, admin Roger McKinney. estate to Susan A McKinnay for life (widow?) kids. R.R. Tolbert. Hard to Read Francis Betty.
Perrin, Thos gdn McCaw, A B 37 2059 father: W.H. McCord Mrs. E Alexander Barr McCord.
Rasor, Ezekiel Rasor, Permelia and Sarah L 37 2060 1849 Permelia is wf of William Riley. Sarah? md W. E. Sharp
Connor*, AP exparte 37 2061 1850 expart James Connor dec. James Harvey, Matilda Ann wf. M.O. Wood and Rebecca wf. James O. Connor. Isabella Louisa Connor (only distributees). Another John White? J.O. Willard? gdn of Thomas J and Sam C C Willis? HTR. A.C. Cofer md Elizabeth. Andrew J Connor. George M Connor son (gone our of COunty 16 years - not known). M.O. Caslan gdn 2 mom kids of Tuckett gdn G.B. Crawford. J W. O. Emely H Pennals?
McCants Roland, N* D W Johnson, BF Roalnd* A 37 2062 1847 Mary Rowland wid Nathaniel Rowland dec B.J. Johnson, Augustus Roland adm Mary dec. ‘49
Jones, Robert Miller, Mary Mrs. 37 2063 1861
Myrich, Littleton Dozier, Aurelia etal Amelia 37 2064 1821-27 Littleton gdn of Amelia?, Rebecca, Charlotte A., Allen and Robert Dozier. Albert John Dozier.
Posey, A.F. Posey, Sarah S 37 2065 1850 Sarah came of age 1850. Addison F. Posey
Richardson W.S. gdn Day*, Franklin, Rebecca 37 2066 1861 minors. pd Mr. Elizabeth Day. Walter L?
Reynolds, Larkin gdn Griffin, Jas M etal 37 2067 1852 Thomas J Griffin.
Reynolds, Larkin Patterson, Jas N 37 2068 1844 Son of Robt Patterson dec 1840
Perrin, James M gdn Smith, Evan** 37 2069 1861 Emma E. Smith now Aiken. Augustus Aikein husband. John F. Kellar (min - 18). father John Keller lately dec. James A. Harper gdn? Estate papers Jasper Brewer? Melen? (son? dtr?) Brewer. George S Connor? dec Hard Labor Creek. Near Edmund Brosely. William, Robinson Brewer.
Irvine, E.S. etal Parker, Wm 37 2070 1862 Richard Watson dec. Lucy A. Watson. W.W. Perryman
Reynolds, Larkin Martin, Benj Y 38 2071 1841 Mortgage William Patterson estate. 15 Oct 1839 land bnd by Charles Sprowl, WIlliam Lippford, George Red it al. James and Josiah C Patterson. Witness: Andrew W Shillito, Benjamin V Posey.
Watson, Le Roy Martin, Benj 38 2072 1843 Le Roy Watson estate. Vincent Griffing, J F Watson, Joseph Wardlaw, bnd. by Edwards, Larkin Reynolds, James Carson - Josiah Patterson dec. Plat by James Carson. 1832. Wit: Archibald C Arnold, J.C. Ellis, exec.
Calhoun, James exe Prather, James W adm 38 2073 1837 Commission rpt. Prather admin of Lemuel? Samuel Bell dec. William Black commission in equity. 1837. Benjamin Cleveland. Ezekiel N Calhoun GA - DeKalb Co. Jeremiah Bell
Duncan, Pat Collier, Elizabeth etal 38 2074 1838 Mortgage
McCraven, James Pressly, Jno B 38 2075 1832 John McCraven dec 1828 i
Young, John N Young, John S and wife 38 2076 trustee pd Jane E Young. James S Baskin dec. John M Hamilton Mississippi
Keller, Irvin S & Agnes A wf Adair, Jno R & Sarah wf. 38 2077 1852 Receive funds Keller from Lauderdale, TN. Adair from Henry Co., GA. Agnes and Sarah are sisters. Maiden name Paul of Abbeville. Cap County GA. Uncle, A.J. Weems 1845 gdn. Agnes Elvira Paul dec mom. Salves Lewis, Rinda and child, Caroline. Their sister Eliza Jane Paul. James Carson, David Keller. A Lites.
Richey, Jno B Jones 38 2078 1852 Exparte Property of James Purdy dec. no wife or kids - just sibs. Sister: Anna (wf. James Richey), Lounds, AL. James F Clements, justice AL. James Purdy dec. 20 Nov 1848 i
Duncan, Pat Arnold, Augustin etal 38 2079 1838 bond Edmund Ware Admin. R. P. Delph. 2 Apr 1832.
Logan, John McMorris, M 38 2080 1837 Mortgage
Hamilton, John Hamilton, Arch etal 38 2081 1837 Major Andrew Hamilton dec?. Pd. Samuel, Franklin Branch. Fanny (Mrs.) Calhoun to Archilbald, Andrew, WIlliam Alexander C. Hamilton. (Slave names: Andrew Sr. esq. John Admin. Sale 1835. 8 kids: Mrs. Jane Davis, Mrs. James Alston, kids of dec Mrs. Sarah Harris: Lindsay Harper and wf, John Oliver and Sarah wf, Margaret Kerr, Samuel H Ahannon 9?) and other kids of John Harris.
Lipford, Teresa Lipford, Mary Jane 38 2082 1838 Lewis Smith. Charles Sproull admin. Real Estate of Drury? Duey? E. Lipfford. Heirs are minors.
Wimbush, H G and J W Anderson, Thomas 38 2083 1835 Bill for acount Diadina Wimbish md Thomas Anderson, Oct 1831. 8 slaves: Charles and Sarah, Peter, Mourning, Leah, Frances, Huey? and Anderson. Samuel (dec father) sale in ‘23. MInors: H.J? T? L? Wimbish (obtained majority 2 Dec 1831?), John W. WImbish. Hezekiah L Wimbish. Didana Wimbish (with Joseph? B Gilbert, Jeremiah Terry, Joshua Dubone?, Wimson? Norwood and Sugar Johnson) bond. She is gdn of Elizabeth harrison Wimbish, Hezekiah ? Wimbish, John Wesley W and Jane Caroline W - John Chiles wit.
Davis, E.S. Davis, Richard D 38 2084 1836 Mrs. Peggy Davis estate Her two sons: P.H. and Richard D. she dec 1831 (she had been a lunatic -see other cases). William Richey, James Alston involved. Eli was Peg’s guardian.
Pressly, J B McComb, John 38 2085 1832 DeBowie?, William Vickory. McComb is admin. Nancy Davis dtr of William Vickory dec. Betty Vickory? Mrs. Fanny Ford legacy. John Davis, Nancy Davis - Augustine, Flemming, William, Elizabeth (md. James Ross), Francis (Andrew Ross), Ruth (Shadrack Lively), Nancy Davis and ?. William Vickory, Elizabeth Vickery (all ki8ds alive at dec of both).
Adams, Stewart Adams, Jesse S 38 2086 1832 S Adams, D. Lockridge and wife, WIlliam Adams, Alabama, widow of W Adams. Slaves mentiioned - names.
Calhoun, Downs and wife Merriweathers, Wm B 38 2087 1832 Grist mill, mill tract estate of Nicholas Merriwether - Downs rebuilt the bill in 30. Mary Merriwether executrix. William and Nicholas working land. Robert Buchanan. Joseph Foster. Division: Waller, William B, Nicholas, John L estate. 5 parts “to be dividedd among “his” 6 brothers and sisters, vis: Waller, William B Nicholas, Evelina, Elizabeth, Belinda. Charles Waller “children by both marriages.” Dr. Pendleton gets share. mary R Merriwether. Noble Calhoun.
Donald, John A etal McCord, John etal 38 2088 1838 Robert D Gray, Charles Sproull.
Alexander, Nancy et al John Hearst Elizabeth Dobbbs 38 2089 1838 I thinnk Elizabeth Dobbs wife of Jesse Dobbs. Elijah H Dobbs youngest son b 3 Nov 1833 (or was this his majority?) Case: Robert Pettigrew vs William and Elizabeth Dobbs. Paperwork dated 1819. William Dobbs. WIlliam Alexander ? Matwina? Dobbs, youngest child.
Wilson, Harrington Tatom, Claudia C and Mary 38 2090 1838 foreclosure
Robertson, Andrew Robertson, Jane 38 2091 1832 Rich Maddox, Jane’s agent. Peggy and Polly Maddox. William Richy, William Maddox?, John Donald, William Long, B.G. Jan, William Youngblood, John Jones, John McCallough, ? Jones. Mrs. Peggy Henderson, Andrew Agnew?, Charles Cullins?, James Dodson, David Simmons (Laurens), Enogh Agnew, Strother Flower, WIlliam McC?, her husband’s name? frame 94. Noble Wardlaw. Lots of witness statements.
Cochran, John Black, Wm C 38 2092 commissioner Alexander and John Cochran minors. james N Chochran. John is gdn. Wit: Donald Douglas, A.B. Arnold, Moses Taggart. Alexander B and John W Cochran?
Giles, A Crawford, James 38 2093 1831 gdn pd Dr. McCallister? for making clothes. Charles W. Martin for tuition. John Cunningham. A.B. Arnold. A.C. Crawford - mother?
Mays, John M ward Johnson, Leroy 38 2094 1855 gdn Mary E Mays pd for board. Rencvd from Admin of Medy Mays father of mays children. Mrs. Mays md Monltree?? Griffin abt 1855. Left state. No marriage aggreement. She was 23? with 3 small kids. Moultrid? Griffin. Medyu’s admin: Larkin and Henry Mays. Elizabeth Mays the mother and Medy’s wif. John lived with her. “His” wards. John and Ann Mays f117 nice penmanship. Edward Noble solis. for compl. Lots here.
Connor, A J Connor A T etal 38 2095 1856 J.O. Cromer dec i
Marshall, Samuel etal Patterson, Jas etal 38 2096 1835 orator, John Anderson, admins John McComb . Rebecca McComb mort Catherine McComb (dower, widow), Samuel Bratty?, bonds. Very Hard to read. Lots here for interested party.
Calhoun, Downs Pinson, John 38 2097 1848 gdn Joel? Pinson exec of John Pinsen. Also Ellen, minor. ? Calhoun agent for Nathan Calhoun, exec of Downs Calhoun. Slijah Pinson. Rebecca Pinson. Ellenor Pinson? Same as Ellen?
Johnston, A R gdn Johnston, Geo W 38 2098 1835 gdn Recvd from admin of Henry and Sarah Johnson dec. Albert Johnston for brother Andrew R.
Ellis, Joseph gdn Latimer, Robert M. minor 38 2099 1869 gdn Estate B.M. Latimer father of minor. Stephen Latimer. pd H.A.M. Latimer, mom.
Willard, James C etal Traylor, Winston N & wf 38 2100 1836 Edward Collier gdn Milly. Ann D and mary E and Winston N Traylor. to kids of Joshua Willis. Mary Willis dec. 4 surviving kids: Milly, mom, sis dec? Rachael Willis estate. Slave names.
Shirley**?, Nancy Sherley**? Amaziah N (13 yrs) 38 2101 1852 Amaziah is a boy.
Johnston, Isaiah gdn Johnston, Margaret, J 38 2102 1837 gdn Lunatic dec 41. Albert Johnston. A.R. Johnston. Sidney? M Johnston.
Smith, J W gdn Smith, Silas H 38 2103 1851 Unity Smith gdn William J Smith. Mrs. Unity. Sarah Ann Smith. David Smith dec?
Rasor, E gdn Richey, Joseph 38 2104 1864 age given? Father Andrew Richy dec. maria? mother dec. Grandmothers Jane Richey and nancy rayson? Ezekeil Rayson. E Rason.
Davis, Edward Haddon, Lucy 38 2105 1861 trust Edward Haddon (struck out) Davis.
Bonds, Guardianship 38 2106 1837 - 1838 bonds fr.190 Clinkscales: Francas B, George B, John Cowen for Mary Carolina Clinkscales, Louisa Jane, Albert J. james Wesley George Brownless wit./ Wade S and john Cothran, James C Sproull for Samuel (Lemuel?) F. Stephens 14+. Wade Cothran, Lewis Simmons, James N Patterson, Thomas Perrin wit. // John L Carter, William and Beverly A Carter and Larkin Carter for Elizabeth Permintina? 1838.// B Byrd, John McMillain, larkin Reynolds for Joseph Zebulon Hearst. John Logan wit. Francis C and Abner P Hearst. 38 //
Bonds, Guardianship 38 2107 1838 bonds Andrew Mantz? Fred Lucins and Johnson Raney? for Alex Gaston. // Benjamin F Jones, William H Kirkpatrick for Frances Jones. john Livingston wit // Hugh M Prince, John Brownlee for Robert F Black. // William C, Joseph A, Lucy C, John W (are these Black?) //Benjamin Johnson, John Pratt st and Richard Trebble for James and mary Burton. Wade Cothran wit// Larkin Reynolds, Albert Wallar and Thomas Byrd for James N Patterson. Bennett Reynolds wit.
Bonds, Guardianship 38 2108 1835 bonds Josiah Patterson for (33) Napoleon and William Patterson, Samuel Geffs? wit. signed Lewis Simmons, Robert L Pattrerson, John Hearst sr.// John Brownlee sr., William Paschall, Thomas B Harris for Arabella and Sarah J Brownlee minor. Sarah Porter./// Joseph and Hugh Dickson, Wesley C Norwood for William C Hunter//James Creswell, Richard Driffin for Caroline Eugenia? Margaret Creswell.//Leonard W Trible and George Grubbs for nancy Emily Trible, later for Lemuel W , Stephen N, J R Trible //George McDuffie, WIlliam and Thomas J Calhoun for Mary Singleton with Duffie A Noble wit. James L Calhoun for Thomas H. H. Townes, J H Cobb// Samuel? lemuel? W Trible and George Grubbs for Rebecca McAdams// Dionysius M Rogers, J L Whitten, Patrick Rogers for Elizabeth M Dabbs
Bonds, Guardianship 38 2109 1836 bonds William Thompson, John Ramey, Christian V Barns (wit Henry Simpson or Livingston, Walter Barns) for Alvera Jane, John C, Mary McCormic// Ann Marie E B Wilson, Francis Connor or Cannon for Georgiana E Wilson//Richard Griffin, George Marshall, Samuel Caldwell for Richard A Griffin Wit Thomas A, Sarah M Cobb// Hamilton Hill, James , Andrew Weems for Eilzabeth and Andrew Paul//John Ruff, J J Cannon, William Nelson for George A, Dorothy, John Henry? Wattand? Susannah E, John Adan? and Sarah Caroline, Mary Ann and Elira? Buff? Ruff.// E.B. Wilson and Frances Cannon et al for William B Wilson//William L BUford, Littleton Yarbrough and John English for Martha W., Hiram ? G, Job W. Harris.
Bonds, Guardianship 38 2110 1837 bonds Alatha James and L Bowie for George A, ME, Luther A, William P G Bowie.//William Hall, Henry Cannon, for Dorothea, William C, Lucinda, Sarah P Holt.// Stephen Jones, Joel SMith, Robert Watters for John, james, Rebecca Emeline, Thomas Dyson.
Bonds, Guardianship 38 2111 1840 Bonds Matilda V, Lucy and Aaron Lomax for George W. Lomax// Downs Calhoun, ? Johnston for William Fooshe// Thomas and Richard McDill for Samuel A Hill// Joseph, henry Norrill and john Morgan for Jamesm,, Hezekiah, Gideon?, Nathaniel and Quincy Adams.// Benjamin Jones, WIlliam H Kirkpatrick, Jones for Mary Ann, Lucinda Jones.// William Barr, Robert H Wardlaw for Susan WEilson// John Allen and John Cott for Francis, Elizabeth simmons and Mary Ann Simmons.
Bonds, Guardianship 38 2112 1841 bonds Thomas P Douton?, James WIllard, McCaslan for Katooake?? Drucilla? John Douton// Samuel Hill, Johnston Ramey, John Armstrong for Sarah C, Jane A? Hill 12+ yrs//Thomas Henderson, Robert Tolbert, Elias? (of Edgefield) for Rebecca Jane Red 12+ yrs.// Richard Hill, Johnson Ramey, Joseph P Jones for Lewis H Hill.// Samuel Agnew, richard L Anderson and Richard Gains for James Allen and Sarah E Watson. y
Yarborough, Dr. S gdn McCaw, Wm B? H? 39 2113 1856 gdn return gdn dec. Tons of neighborhood names here. Account names.
Irwin, James gdn Cannon, Lucinda* J Connor 39 2114 1862 gdn Lucinda J Cannon? gdn dec. Mrs. Charlotte Irwin ext. James. Tons of account names.
Bonds, Guardianship 39 2115 1863 bonds M.E., Marshall Dukes. John, Rosa Calhoun, Joseph Dukes Louisa Pruit? George W. Smith. Marshall P, Susan E, Marion ? F. DeBruhl. Feorge Robert Sarah Matilda, Mary A Richardson. nancy, Robert M PRatt. Joseph William L, W L? Burton?
Bonds, Guardianship 39 2116 1863 bonds William, Nancy , Isaac, Sarah E Keller. Wardlaw gdn. Catherine, D Franklin Andrews. Alice, Lizzie Stephens. Eleaner Dukes. Emma Young.
Dyiwitt**, Elias et al McComb, John 39 2117 1817 Dejennette? Dejournet? Demmot? Israel Pickins and Richard Childers of Pendleton.
Bonds, Guardianship 39 2118 1823 - 1824 Alexander Hunter, John Power sr for Ezekiel S, John W. and Jane C Wimbish, William Scott with James Cobb wit// John Campbell Mariin 14+ grandfather John Campbell dec, father Thomas P? Martin Jacob, also.// Eli S. Davis, A.C. Hamilton and H Wardlaw for Peggy Davis (23)// John Title? Alexander Jordon, Abraham Thompson for Thomas, William, Elizabeth M? and John Sanders? Laundes? wit Thomas A Sanders// Benjamin and Elizabeth Bell, Littleton Myrick for Lemuel Wilson (Nelson)?, Lemeul Bell (-14)
Bonds, Guardianship 39 2119 1824 - 25 William WIlson, L Myrich for Rebecca, James, WIlliam and Eilzabeth McCrackan (1824) all over 14. // Nelson Norris, James Patterson, G.W. Hodges for George A, Jennet G Allen (-21)// Isabella, George, John Marshall for Mary Marshall// Isaac Bunting, James Griffin, thomas Smith for Elizabeth and Mary Darret?// Richard B Cater, Ezekiel Noble for John Andrew, Edwin, Richard B and Sarah Cater.// nancy Nash for Ophelia nancy Ann Nash// Abraham Thompson, J Weems, John Tittle for Charles Thompson (also returns) father: Charles. Dec.
Dickson, Hugh gdn Caldwell, Elizabeth A 39 2120 1825 gdn He married her. Wit James Chiles. James Sproull in bond. Wit William Berry.
Cheatham, Robt gdn Bell, Leonard 39 2121 gdn Peter Cheatham in bond. nancy Cheatham admin for Robert. Thomas C Cheatham signed. John Logan gdn.
Morrow, John Jackson, Robt 39 2122 1824 Jackson is a lunatic. Charles Spencer in bond.
Hodges, Geo W Swanzey, John W. 39 2123 1824 gdn claim on est “My share in case of Lucy Pulliam and others vs. James Swanzey and Samuel Anderson.” Robert Delph and G.W. Hodges bond. John W. Swancey is a minor over 14 years. 1858-61? y
Richardson, Dudley gdn Coleman, Eliza, Polly, John 39 2124 1823 and Julia Ann Coleman. Thomas B Byrd admin fo Dudley. “My wife Elizabeth.” Signed Elihu Cresswell and Thomas Spraggins (gdn of Colemans?). Dudley, james, Butler and Zachary Pulliam bond.
Bonds, Guardianship 39 2125 1827 Richard Pollard? pollan?, Polly Burton for Elizabeth, Anthony, Mary Ann Forest// James W Prather, Andrew Rembert, Alexander Scott for Sarah, Mary A, Martha Beall// Joseph Merrell?, Henry Gray, William Parker for James, Hezekiah,?, Nathaniel, Quincy Adams. wit Samuel Smith//Luke Mathis, James H Caldwell, Thomas E Owen for Huldah and Catherine? Sanders//Lewis and Mary Lomax?, John Keller, David Raburn for Eliza? and WIlliam A Paul.// Mary A Noble, Nathaniel Harris and Joseph Calhoun for Catherine Jane and John A Noble.// D Wardlaw, Patrick Noble, James Wardlaw for Hugh Marshall Wardlaw and Elizabeth Wardlaw, Chdrn of Robert Wardlaw, dec. Wit Robert H Wardlaw.// John A Wilson, John Cochran, James Arnold for Benjamin Mitchell? AL//John William and Franklin for ? Reams?? HTR MarinW? Andrew AWilliams
Prather, Marshall trustee Harris, Geo lunatic 39 2126 1827 William Hall? hale? and one other on bond.
Bonds, Guardianship 39 2127 1828 Stephen and Polly Jones, and later Thomas Reddin, William Graham for Abraham Dyson, son of John Dyson of Newberry, and Abraham, Peggy, Caroline, Edmund? James?, Eveline? and Thomas Dyson.// James W Prather, Alexander Scott, WIlliam Gray, Adolphus? for Mary and Martha C Beall.//John McComb and Samuel Caldwell, james Patterson for Robert, Josiah, Napoleon, William Patterson// Richmond Still, Edmund Cobb, Ephraim Davis for Elizabeth, Caroline, James and Sally Sales.// Thomas Livingston, John C McGihu?, M.C. Livingston for Uginnia? Livingston// William Eddins, James Gillam, John McGihu? for Mary Pollard// Elizabeth , John M, Thomas Lenton and John C Martin for Rebecca and, later, margaret, Matilda Lenton.// Pascall D Klugh, henry Gray, AThomas Smith for Alexander? A Roberts?// Barbara Logan, Bennet Reynolds and L for James? Iam? Logan.
Bonds, Guardianship 39 2128 1829 William, Samuel Baker, Patrick Calhoun, Thomas Jones for William’s minor children: Elizabeth, Sarah A, Thomas Baker.// james A., Robert F, Joseph Black for mary and Peter Glenn?// james Caldwell, john and Robert Cochran for Catherine Davis? David?// Robert A Cunningham, John McGilm, for Margaret Cunningham// Henry Gray, Pascal D Klugh for Amanda and Elivra Flanagan//Ellen Harris// John Fooshe, John L Cheatham, James Pulliam for James, Martha, Mary, Fanny Richardson (Henrietta’s kids?). Wit Steven Pulliam. y
Bonds, Guardianship 39 2129 1829 Jacob, John G Slappy, Ephraim Andrews for ELizabeth, Rebecca Bullock// Burrell E, Jesse Hobbs, James E Dawson, George L Anderson (25) Edgemont. for M Warren? Sarah Winn?// Lewis S Simmons, James Patterson, Samuel Caldwell for Samuel F Stephens.// Francis Moon, James Murray, Moses Yarbrough for William Titus, Ann, Elizabeth, Frances N Moon. James Alston wit.//Robert A Cunningham, Thomas B Byrd, Joel Smith for Zachariah and Robert Pulliam// Abner Perrin, John McComb, Joseph Edgefield for Sarah Ann, Elizabeth Perrin (-14)// John F Pelot, James Taggart, David Wardlaw for Frances L Pelot// William P and Rebecca Noble, Nathaniel ? for Ezekiel and Joseph Noble wit Patrick Noble//same without Rebecca for Andrew A, Samuel Noble? 14+ y
Bonds, Guardianship 39 2130 1829 Jacob Alldrich, James Clarke?, Ezekiel Bean for Hiram? B., Elizabeth and William Ulrich?// Bidey Ellington, Jacob Martin, John G Caldwell (28) for Dewi?, John J, Martha Ann, Mary Anny?, Emily, WIlliam H, Josephine, Perthinia? O and Justina Caroline Ellington.// Stephen Jones and Polly wf for Abraham and Margaret Dyson wit G W Hodges// James and Eliza Hunt and John Smith for Martha Shanklin//John Logan, Joseph Griffin, John C McGihu and James Griffin for Lemuel Bell.
Bonds, Guardianship 39 2131 1830 Joseph Bouchillon, William Bull, Peter Moragne for Peter Maragne?//Fredrick G Thomas, nancy Coleman, Henry Gray for Milton W, Thomas L Coleman.// Patrick , James, William Calhoun for Edward, Catherine, Eliza, Patrick L, Frances A, Benjamin A Calhoun.// John Lipscomb, Westley Brooks, Owen Griffin for Thomas, James, Washington Lipscomb kids of Nathan Lipscomb, dec.// A Giles, William McGraw, Josiah Patterson for James , Mary F Crawford.// Standmore and Westly Brooks, John Lipscomb for Agnus, Thomas, Leonard, Mary, Benjamin Lispcomb (-14)
Bonds, Guardianship 39 2132 1831 William P and Patrick Noble for Joseph and Ezekiel Noble// Martha, Robert, John Cheatham for Liludre? Helen, Henry Cheatham signed by james Cheatham. later, Alfred, Lavinda, Milton Cheatham// Stanley Creas? Jesse Calvert, William B Arnold for Belinda Merriwether// Thompson Allen and 3 others for Susannah Wooldridge (nice writing). wit James Campbell// John Keller, Phillip Cromer, David Kelar for George W Cromer// Vincent Griffin, John Lispcomb, William Barker for Elizabeth and Rebecca Bullock.// Richmond Still, J F Watson for Caroline, James, Elizabeth, and Sarah Labs??// Charles B and john Fooshe for James Richardson// y
Bonds, Guardianship 39 2133 1833 - 32 Dr. John Logan, Joel Smith, John T Coleman for Jane Logan (-14)// Samuel Baker, Isaiah Johnson, William Thomapson for Samuel B Thompson// Andrew , Albert Johnson, William Cunningham, for George W Johnson// Isaiah Johnson, Moses Yarbrough, Hugh McCormick for Mary E , Sidney W Johnson// Alexander oliver, William and Thomas Smith for Benjamin, Sarah, Alexander McMahan.//
Bonds, Guardianship 39 2133 1833 - 32 John B Davis, Samuel Davis Wiley Pulliam (28 June 1832) for Elizabeth Davis, Lewis W Davis and judith E Davis.// 26 June 32 John B Davis, Samuel Davis and Charles Neely for L Wentley? Davis, Jude E Davis wit Jesse Beasly (Beazly).// Dr. Ephraim Calhoun, Charles Atkins, N and W Merriwether (wit. George Franklin) for Waller Merriwether// Lewelling and Garland Goode. Thomas Payne and Archibald Arnold of Edgefield for Susanah E and Mary P Durett? (Vincent Griffin and John Lispcomb wit)// Leroy Watson, William harris, Martin Hackett for Gilford, Elizabeth, Slatina?, Benjamin, William kids of John H Waller dec. (-14). y
Bonds, Guardianship 39 2134 1839 Teresa Lippford, Francis Atkins, Abraham Lites for Martha A, Dewey E.M., Elizabeth C, Mary Jane, Mariam F Lippford// John Norwood, A.H. Spence, Elisha Lyon for John and Jane Gaston// John and William McKellar, D Douglass for James D mcKellar// M.H. Wilson, J.H.Cobb, L Reid for James A Wilson// Thomas Anderson jr and sr and Lyttleton Yarbrough for Sarah Ann Elizabeth Paschall, John Thomas Franklin, Paschall, Mary Francis A Paschall// james, Robert, David Lesley for Eliza Lesley .
Bonds, Guardianship 39 2135 1839 Hannah Osborne, James Houston, John Swilling for MarthaLucinda, Benjamin F, Eliza B, Margaret Osborne// Sarah Golding, James Cresswell for nancy F, Mary, Ruclaw? Ira G? , Elizabeth V and William T Golding// William Bowie, David Lesly, Samuel Reid for Pinkney G, William L, Margaret E and George A Bowie.// James and Robert Devlin, Andrew Weems for Elizabeth, Paul, Andrew y
Bonds, Guardianship 39 2136 1840 Alexander Scott, J Prather, William Duncan? for Martha jane, Charles Thomas Callahan// John Hearst sr and jr, George W. Pressly for James Patterson jr.// G.W. Pressly and above for Agnes D, Margaret M Gray// Arthur M Patterson// James E.G. Bell, Thomas Graves, nathaniel Cobb for Allen T, Robert T and Constantine? Napoleon? Bell. // Richard and John Golding, Larkin Carter for Richard A Golding// Frances A Connor, G.W. Hodges, Paul W Conner, Samuel Hodges, Walter C Anderson for the estate of Dr. Frances Connor dec.
Bonds, Guardianship 39 2137 1842 Ezekiel Pickens Noble, Nathaniel Harris, Thomas J Anderson Pickins and ? for Dendy?, Elizabeth, Samuel B, Edward and Alex Noble. (Cunningham on later bond).Frances W Pckens and james A Calhoun for Pat Noble// William, John, Elizabeth, John sr. Buchanan for Elizabeth, George, Andrew, Samuel// Ezekiel and John Razor, Abner Magee and Sam Agnew for Mary Ann and Louisa Paget// Samuel Hill, Johnson Ramey, John Armstrong, Lewis H Hill.
Bonds, Guardianship 39 2138 1842 Armistead Burt?, E Pickins Noble, for George M, Eugenia R Calhoun// Eleanor Scott, William Reid, Thomas B Scott for Joseph A. Scott, John O// James Harrison, James Carson, Franklin Brauch for Margaret Bowie harrison// Samuel Hill, for Joseph A Davis, Lewis S. Davis, benjamin Davis// Isabella Mathis, james Carson, Thomas A?, Charles B Griffin for Sarah? A, Lewis, William, Thomas Luke Mathis// Joseph Dickson, James Liddell, Joseph Wetherall for William C Hill.
Talbert, Robt N gdn Watson, Dorothy Jane 39 2139 1856 Brother George McD Watson. Father, James F. mom, Margaret, both Dec. James F Watson, Thomas A.
Waller, G T gdn Owens, James G etal 39 2140 1856 Mrs. Sarah Cunningham dec. T. LEft to kids of Elizabeth Owens: martha and Sarah C. Father: Garlington owens. another kid: William T Owens. Will of Sarah. Dist to Jane Johnson, Elizabeth Owens, Rachel Simpson. Friends. Dr. Simpson, Thomas Payne. One more child: James G owens. Garland moved to FL.
Smith, Augustus M gdn Smith, George M his brother 39 2141 1856 Father: Joel Smith. Gdn also of Emma E (15), Isabella (10), Lucy J (15+), wants Augustus for gdn. Mom: J.E. Smith.
Wilson, John G Andrews, Franklin B etal (10) 39 2142 Name written as Doctor Franklin B Andrews (10 yrs old) and Catherine Zimmerman Andrews. Dad James A Andrews dec. Mom Mary A Andrews.
McGill, Andrew etal 39 2143 1829 receivership Donald Douglass
Marshall, J Foster DeBruhl, Miriam F, Marshall P 39 2144 1856 Miriam is 7, marshall 5. dec dad Steven C DeBruhl. mom: Susan E.
Riley, John R Riley, A Pinkney (+15) 39 2145 1856 Father Andrew Riley. Brother John R. mary Elizabeth Riley (17+), Martha. Mom: Mary. William N Riley
Gaines, Richard Chatham, Benjamin and Eliza 39 2146 1823 gdn Yancey? Gaines also gd. Jencey? Wife of Richard. Estate of Thomas Cheatham dec.
Mosely, Benj F Richy, Edmund, Wm., Ophelia 39 2147 1856 Fatina Ann Richey. Father dec William Richey. 2 girls: Elvina Ophelia (15), Fatina Ann (13), then Savannah Emaline (3) and Benjamin? Arnold Richy (8 mo). Mom: Virginia C Richey.
Bradley, Archibald Lesley, David 39 2148 1853
Polly Ann Lindsay gdn A.B. Calvin Lindsay 39 2148 1817 Not sure about that date. Father: dec James Lindsay. mom: Polly Ann.
Pressly, Dr. E E Richey, Sallie Antoinette 39 2150 1856 Mom: Virginia C. Catherine, Sarah Jane, Letitia C, Sarah J. Is Catherine the middle name of Letitia?
Palmer, Robert M Palmer, John M Sarah R 39 2151 1856 John Marion Palmer,Sarah Rebecca. Robert M Palmer Sr. dec. Mom dec. 5 kids: oldest 17, youngest 13. Dad alive . Francis Marion (11), Harriet Richmond (9), Robert Germain (7),
Sims, Newton Sims, Nancy A etal 39 2152 1856 5 kids: Nancy A, Laurens V., Mary A., Susan R., John W 12-15 yrs. Samuel Vance grandfather. Elizabeth K Sims her father Newton Sims. Willison Franklin bought land.
Cobb, James 39 2153 1824 bond George martin against James Colbert.
Taggart, Moses etal Lesley 39 2154 1830 Moses, James Taggart and Thomas owens. James Patterson estate: kids: Jonah, Robert, Napoleon, William Patterson, former wards of James.
Crain, Wm W Swancy, Eliza C and Louisa 39 2155 1827
Edwards, Robert Daniel, Martha 39 2156 1827
Robertson, Wm gdn Pratt, Sarah L and Wm 39 2157 1856 the kids are his niece and nephew.
Partlow, John A gdn Baker, Elizabeth 39 2158 1857 dec dad Samuel S. Baker. John is her brother in law. jane T Baker, mom.
Hughey, Phillip Black, Wm C 39 2159 1835 mortgage Joseph and Vachel Hughey.
Jordan, Samuel etal Black 39 2160 1830 bond John F Burley, Samuel Jordon, George M Pressly - money bond.
Taggert, James Jr Patterson, William 40 2161 1853 Wm by next friend Moses Owen. Arthur Murphy and Mary wf. Slaves Jane and child Alla.
Graham, Albert M Graham, Wm T* etal 40 2161.5 1856 gdn Albert’s brother John Graham dec Sept 1847 wid Eliza (dec 5 weeks later). Kids: William T., Martha S., Mary H., all now of age. John B., Eliza S., James M (over 14). Margaret, Calvin, Sarah M and infant dec (-14) The last entitled to grandfather’s estate. William. Albert- uncle.
Ellis, Willy Wilby? Ellis, Mary E etal 40 2162 gdn Urlly? Ellis, mom. 5 kids: Mary Elizabeth (6), Jane (5), James Robert (4), William (3), Ben W (3 mos), Robert Ellis dec. W.C. Davis solicitor.
Link, John Hilburn, Levi, Jennings 40 2163 1856 James H Karr, fmr gdn. Susan D. Hilburn, mom. Levi Hilburn (dec) ‘54. Widow and 3? kids.
Johnson, Tidence L Johnson, James K 40 2164 gdn Tildence L Johnson cit of Panola Cnty., Miss gdn of nephew, James, son of Toliver Johnson. Est Hairston dec. Jane Herstin. Long file, lots here. Mrs. Jane Houston. Partition record: M A Houston, C.A. Houston, J C Scott, A P Houston, A R Houston, C B Houston, LEwis parks Slaves: Ben, Patsy, Sally, Harriet, Billy, Eugenia and child, Frank, John, Mary, Lizzie, Joe, Jacob, Elizah, John, Mary, Mariah and Child, Jenny, Charlotte, Louisa, Martha, Adaline, Tom
Johnson, Tidence L Johnson, James K 40 2164 gdn Jane Hairston? houston? Hauston?. Nephew - James Wesley Johnson son Toliver and Jane Johnston (slaves: Rebecca, Jane, J., George W, John (13), Maqry Ann, Rhody S and Edney Frances, Savage - none to be sold or parted). Legatees: Toliver Johnson, Thomas Johnston, Rachel Martin, William Gray, son of John Gray dec - William Gray, son of James Gray dec.,. Mary Ann Thompson and Sarah Jane Lomax, dtr of John and Elizabeth Lomax. My friend, David Keeler, esq. exec.
Dilleshaw*, Wm P Dilleshaw, John W. ( 7 yrs) 40 2165 1856 gdn Grandfather Soloman Walker dec. Mom: Elizabeth, dec.
McCaslan, Moses O Dorrlin*, Nancy Louisa Lontin? 40 2166 1856 Nancy is 14, Step-mom, Amelia Dowtin. Thomas P Dowtin dec.
Kennedy, Archibald B Kennedy, Sarah and Jane N 40 2167 1856 gdn also Isaac N and Rebecca A. mom Sarah. John Kennedy, dec. William P Kennedy (another older son) gdn James M (12). Archibald a son.
Bonds, Guardianship 40 2168 1804 - 07 - 09 - 10 gdn Ezekiel Calhoun gdn Thomas Finley:Sarah B Pettigrew, John M , Ebenezer? Elender? Pettigrew. John Downey, John Brannan, John Sanders: gdn Caroline Cook. Joseph Wachary?, james Arnold: gdn John Cook. Alexander Noble, Thoas Casey?: gdn Joseph Noble. Sam Savage, James Lesley?: gdn William Middleton. Isaac, Charity Whitaker, James Allen: gdn Polly Major Clark. John Curry Oliver, Sam Savage: gdn Thomas, Andrew, and ? Oliver. Charles Marin of Edgefield: gdn John Allen Scott Martin.
Bonds, Guardianship 40 2169 1811 - 12 - 14 - 16 gdn Joseph Foster, John Merriwether, John Spence: gdn 1811 Coswell, Marshall Reynolds, 2 of the kids of Larkin Reynolds dec. James Mc Cathers? Joseph Walteon?, James Bales: gdn William Clark, Patrick, Sarah. Henry Cobb, Wesley and George (Pendleton): gdn Sam Cobb. Benjamin Reynolds, John Parltrow, James A?:&Mac195; Benj Reynolds jr., Beven? C?, Mahala - Larkin’s kids. Ben Saxon, Sam, Benj Thomas Saxon 1814: gdn Sarah and Mary Beall, kids of Duke Beall. Joseph Foster, John and John 1811: gdn Benj Beven, Nancy Reynolds (Larkin?). Thomas Wilson, James Hodges, Joseph Cooper: gdn John McElroy lunatic. Isaac Pickens, Elias Dejournett, John Pickens: gdn 1816, Israel Dejournett.
Bonds, Guardianship 40 2170 1821 - 22 gdn Jane, Sam Wilson: gdn Thomas and Elizabeth Wilson 1822. Sally, Drury Wilson John, Elizabeth Windfield, Henry Mancett: gdn Robert William Hutchenson. Dudly Richardson, Sam ?, John Robertson: gdn Willis C. Pollard. Samm Seea? Scears?, Patsy, wf, Dudly, Elihu Creswell: gdn Austin, Richard, Lewis Franklin Pollard. Michael Speed, Dave Lesley: gdn Jane Dods (md. Edward F Jones). Samuel L Watt, John Bowie: gdn James W. Kyle. Robert Rowan, Smith and Abraham,: gdn Daniel S. Rowan. James Harris, Sam Linton: gdn Matilda Wooldridge. Dudly Richardson, James A. Ward, Thomas P Pollard: gdn Oswell Richardson (son of John). David H McCaskey?, Hugh wardlaw: gdn Jane Raburn. Anna Norrus, Thomas M Downey: gdn Robert, Ezekeel, Eliza Norris.
Bonds, Guardianship 40 2171 1818 gdn Charles C. mayson, Ashley: gdn John W., William B., James D McKellar, kis of John McKellar jr. Dec. Charles H Wilson, James Bickey, Waller O Bickly: gdn Amelia, Frances Wilson. Charles Mayson etal: gdn John W., William N., James D McKellar. John B Smith, George Newby, William Spier: gdn William Holmes? Holwes?. Elijah Foster, Ebenezer Foster, Ephraim Davis: gdn Thomas, Elizabeth, Sarah Thompson.
Bonds, Guardianship 40 2172 1818 gdn Thomas, Jane, Joseph Atkins James Cochran: gdn Joseph, Thomas, David, Teresa, Revennam, Phebe Atkins. William, Patrick Calhoun, Joseph Hutton: gdn Higginson, Thomas Barksdale. Wm. Speer jr, Milton? Pascal, Sam McBride: gdn Ezekiel Giel? Lunatic. John Burton, John Cochran, Jesse Clavert: gdn Jerena? Pace. James A. Ward, Thomas Brightman, James Butler: gdn James Madison, Mary Pollard, children of James. Issac WHitten, James , Patrick Calhoun: gdn Robert Jackson, lunatic. Robert Yiddel, Jonathan Jordon, John D. Adams: gdn Eliza, William Paul (of John Paul dec). Elizabeth, James Dozier, John, William Chiles: gdn William R, Benj. Ffranklin Sullivan.
Cunningham, Robt A Pulliam, Caroline 40 2173 1829 gdn father: it looks like Zachary Pulliam - maybe.
Sale, Jane Waller, John H etal 40 2174 1818 gdn Guilford Waller (dec. child) Albert Waller. Thomas Brightman, Benjamin Bishop, John H Waller (his dad: Benj). Hugh Waller Wardlaw, Martin Hackett, James Sales, ? Wilson: gdn John H and Guilford Waller.
Arnold, James gdn Reynolds, Caswell, Mahala 40 2175 1818 gdn Casewkk Reynolds of Greene, AL appnt Benj. Reynolds of Abbeville agent. James Arnold is admin of Benj Reynolds, dec - admin of James Father, Larkin Reynolds?
Burton, John gdn Pace, Selinna* et al 40 2176 1818 gdn heirs of Silas Pace dec (slaves: George, Ann, Kelly). Bartley Martin Pace (AL- Autugwa Co) Miranda Pace.
Lipscomb, Joel Halburn, Elvira etal 40 2177 1818 gdn Hallman? Hallums? Israel?, John Y, kids of John. Richard Hallum. Wm., Sally, Green Co, AL, Sam Perrin, Nathan Lipscomb
Atkins, Thom gdn Atkins, Francis 40 2178 1818 gdn
Murry, James Murray, Elizabeth etal 40 2179 1821 gdn John Ellington
Porter, John Porter, Mary Ann 40 2180 1821 gdn She married R. Gary?
Ware, Wm Madison, Strother etal 40 2181 1812 gdn Strother, Mahala, LeRoy Madison 1817 Mahala now wf Joseph Sample. Father Henry? Harvey? Madison? Matheson? Written both ways. Strawder N Madison. James Hodges. Benjamin Gains.
Patterson, James Morrow, Jane P 40 2182 1811 gdn She md. Jn? Cooper? Jenny? Park? HTR.
Hughes, Jas and Elizabeth Devall, Ann and Catherine 40 2183 1810 gdn Now Hughs. Michael Devall jr. father dec. Sunngletoro? Husband. Anne Palmer (willis) I don’t have any idea what any of this means. You’ll have to read it.
Morrow, John Bogg, Nancy, Archibald 40 2184 1807 gdn Robert Boggs dec father. Nancy TUrner (md Hamilton V.)
Bonds, Money 40 2185 1863 - 64 bond Nathaniel, J M, W Harris, ? W.R. Hilton, Thomas C., W.W. Griffin, Wm Carter, L.J. Carter, John Christy, harris, Lispcomb, Stewart, Perrin, others.
Bonds, Money 40 2186 1863 - 64 bond N.J. Davis, W.C. Davis, Lithgoe - Griffins others.
Bonds, Money 40 2187 1863 - 64 bond Many Names (f 132), Estate of A Lomax, John Foster, trustee - notes. others
Bonds, Money 40 2188 1858 - 59 bond Silas Ray, Logan, Winston H Davis, Louisa W. Logan, R. Gillam, Clinkscales. y
Bonds, Money 40 2189 1856 - 58 bond
Bonds, Money 40 2190 1856 bond Ruth R Byrd, John P Gray, John Huey?, Charles B Griffin, Wm. H Brooks, Francis M Brookes, I? T? Brooks, Wm P, Edward, Andrew A Noble.
Bonds, Money 40 2191 1860 bond
Bonds, Money 40 2192 1856 bond Houston, Calhoun, Perrin, Wardlaw, Wideeman, Logen, Marshall
Bonds, Money 40 2193 1856 bond
Bonds, Money 40 2194 1859 bond
Bonds, Money 40 2195 1860 bond N.J. Davis, W. C. Davis, Lithgoe
Bonds, Money 40 2196 1855 bond George Davis, Wm Jay, Levi Jay
Bonds, Money 40 2197 1854 bond
Bonds, Money 40 2198 1855 bond State of Elizabeth Banks, notes.
Bonds, Money 40 2199 1852 - 55 bond
Bonds, Money 40 2200 1850 - 56 bond Greenville District. James A. Turner.
Jay, Ting* Jones, HA 40 2201 1848 bond Tiny Jay. Note - mortgage. Long Cane Creek, Rock Branch bdr Edmond Walker
Foster, Robt Foster, Hannah 41 2202 1803 gdn Hannah gdn of Josephm, William, Benjamin, Alexander? W. Robert Foster son of Samuel Foster. Robert Gibson. 2 Robert Fosters, - i child, 1 gdn. Robert Anderson, John Jacky?: gdn John Foster. Robt McClellan, Robert Kew?: gdn James, Ebenezer Foster. Hannah widow Robert Foster dec, Elijah? Foster, Andrew Crawford: gdn Benj, Joseph, William, Margaret. Peter Gilbert, John Taylor: gdn John, Paul, Moses Rogers 1803
Bonds, Guardianship 41 2203 1817 gdn Louis B Holloway and wf Sarah and John Holloway Edgefield: gdn Francis, James M and ? Chiles. C C Mayson Esquire (solicitor) gdn Frances Eimly, James M John R. Chiles. Sarah Franklin, William Ware, Charles Maxwell, B J Whitmer?: gdn Plly T?, George M, Louisa, Drusilla D Franklin. Valentine Young, James Hodges, Benj. Jones: Abraham Young, lunatic. Mary, John, Wiliam Young: gdn Andrew, William, Isaac, Rosey Ann (?) Jones (father: John dec 1821). Alex Hunter, John Connor? Hudson Rpince?: gdn Elizabeth Allen, William Wooldridge.. Richard Griffin, John Coleman: Nathan L, Benjamin F Griffin 1821. James Coleman, Leonard Waller: Suzannah, John, William Waller (all under 14?). Francis March, Charles Mayson, Thomas Livingston Wooldridge: E? and James Moore. Mary, Robert Crawford, Jos Foster,: James? Vincent, William, Joseph, HYannah Crawford.
Bonds, Guardianship 41 2204 1817 gdn Joseph Taylor (Pendleton): gdn William A, Elizabeth, Isham?, Ezekiel Stanley (1819). Thomas Chiles, Sam Perrin: Dudly Collier? Callis?. Elizabeth Forrest, Beverly Burton, Hugh Dickson,: Charlotte , Elizabeth, Anthony A?, Forrest. Charlotte Barker, Thomas Chiles, William Jackson, Charles Foster 1819: John, William, Lucinda, Polly, Call? James, john Harris: Mayson? M.B. Clark, Joseph Clark dec. William Bullock, Wiilliam Bulolock, William White, james Coleman: John, Mary Ann, Leonard, Richard White. Elijah Lyon, John Donald, Thomas Lyon: Tabitha , Franklin, Nathaniel,? John? Norwood.
Bonds, Guardianship 41 2204 1817 gdn con’t or 2205: 1819. Wiley Pulliam, son of Benjamin Pulliam dec (gdn Samuel Davis). John B Davis md Elizabeth Pulliam. Sarah Moore, Jacob Casper: John F Moore, also Susan F. Samuel Davis, Polly Davis, William Spraggins,, Chesley Davis Richard Gaines: 14 Feb. 1820 - Sam and Polly (signed Mary): gdn Willis, Wiley, Elizabeth (all under 14). Wit: William Neely. John Robertson, Robert Richey, David Green Greer?: William Kerr. Alexander Sample, Robert Pollard, Alexander Stuart: gdn Benjamin and Maurice (signed Morris) Mitchell. 1819. Robert, John Pollard, Benjamin M: Charles Pollard. James, Phillip Stiefel, Peter Ramsey: Peggy, John, Daniel, James Ramsey. John Logan, Joseph Foster, John Coleman: Bennet Reynolds. Also (2nd record) Larkin, Benjamin w., james A. Reynolds. y
Bonds, Guardianship 41 2205 1819 gdn wait— I think the second 2004 is really 2005. Sorry. y
Bonds, Guardianship 41 2206 1820 gdn Williamson Norwood, Henry Hester, John Porter: gdn Caroline F, S? Hughes. Thomas P, Jacob, George W. Martin: John Allen, Scott Martin (-14). William, Thomas, John? Chiles: Harriet W. and Julia A. Lilly. Ann Ross? and William Kirkpatrick: Margaret, Martha Rap? 14, also Jane, Abner, John (-14). Barbara Logan, James Arnold, Jane Logan. Edmund Beasley (beazly), John Cryers? James Cozier, William Neely 1820: John, Polly, Jesse, Belinda Caldwell. Witness: Patrick Noble. y
Bonds, Guardianship 41 2207 1820 gdn Edmund Beasly, John C., James Cozier: Elizabeth Caldwell, Margaret, James Edmund (all over 14). Alexander Hunter, Robert Atkins, John Power: james Harkenson, wit: WIlliam Neely. Zachary Merriwether, John Logan, Nicholas Merriwether: Caroline Meriwether (md. Lewis Chiles - wit Nathan Lipscomb and james Whitmer). Alexander, Joseph Houston, Peter B Rogers: Thomas Lewis, Jeremiah? Edwin? John Livingston Moore. Samuel Hill, Nathan Wilson, Adam C jones: William Burden: lunatic.
Bonds, Guardianship 41 2208 1821 gdn Dr. James A Ward, Dudly Richardson, Thomas B Pollard: Charles D. Pollard, James Pollard dec. wit: Charles Mayson. William Wier, Joel Lipscomb, Thomas Wier: Caroline, Mary and Louisa Swanzy (Dr. L? S? Swanzy dec). James, Moses Taggart sr. and Pat Calhoun: Elizabeth, William, Mary, Margaaret, Sarah Gray. James harris, Sam Linton, John Ellington: Lucy, nancy, Susan, Sally, harriet Wooldridge. Archey ?, Charles C Mayson: Nimrod Chiles. James E Glen, John Power: Stephen, Martin Mitchell (Benj. Mitchell dec).
Weir, Wm Swanzy, Sarah etal 41 2209 1821 gdn Robert W. Swanzy, Wilson Craise? Dr. Samuel Swanzy dec. William Turner. children: Sarah Ann, Robert, Rosanna Swanzy.
Waller, Leonard Waller, Amelia (14+) 41 2210 1821 gdn James Coleman? Amelia married Stanley Crews.
Zimmerman, Francis E Wideman, Margaret and Mary 41 2211 1850 Samuel Wideman dec. Margaret widow. Welsher? Branch of Bol? Branch Long Cane. 176 acres. Brd by Harris Harvey, W. Belcher, Vincent McKelvy, Joshua Wideman.
Jones, HA McCall, George 41 2212 1845 land sale Orvill Tatum?
Pitts, Chalres Beel*, Francis Bell 41 2213 vs. John or Joseph Merriwether. Slaves: Jude, Johnston.
McForland* Daniel, Chesley, the mailman 41 2214
Jones, HA Domerly*, James Rev 41 2215 1845 sale Donnerly? Dannerly?
Duncan, Pat Hodges Hodges etal 41 2216 1858 Val Young, Joseph Travis.
Carey*, Thos Casey, Catherine, Jane (14) 41 2217 1820 gdn
Dial, Joseph Dial, Lewis etal 41 2218 1819 gdn James Dial jr., John Dial. [Joseph Stallsworth? dec - Elizabeth? (legatee?) Ann? Stallworth exec of Thomas Stallsworth? dec] C. Foster, Nicholas Ware, John Douglas, Joweph Dial, Thomas Stallsworth, Elizah Foster: Lewis, John, Elizabeth, John Douglas and James Dial.
Bullock, Elizabeth et al Andrews + Harris, soliciters 41 2219 1832 Elizabeth, Rebecca Bullock. Grinnin gdn. John G Slappy and Mary. mary Bullock and H Slappy execs of E Bullock estate. James Bullock.
Taggart, James Beaty, Thomas 41 2220 1832 foreclosure Tom owes money
Jackson, Thomas Pressly, Maria 41 2221 1833 foreclosure Johnm, George Pressly. James Ashton, G W. Hodges.
McGhee, Addison McGhee, Charlotte admnx 41 2222 1833 bill for accnts Buchanon, Taggart, Irwin Grow? Land bounded by Logan, Davis, Ellis, Arnold and Turner. Called the “Home Tract”. T. Davis helps value land. Col. Griffin. Witness E Calhoun. y
Copehart*, B admin Hughly, John 41 2223 1833 Hard to Read. Wiliam Black-- Blackclinn? Blackburn? Thomas Blackburn? estate
Sullivan, M P etal Miller, John etal 41 2224 1824 Fraud John A McMahen
Butts, Fred A Frances A, wf Ellington, Bidey* et al 41 2225 1824 part James, William H Caldwell. Stephen Jones, James A, John Baskin. George W. Martin. John G. Caldwell gets title. Rocky River 100 acres bounded by Sugar Johnson, John SMith, William Buford, John McCalla.
Robinson, Hugh Robinson, Jasper etal 41 2226 1876 gdn M.J., Essie E, S.O? Robinson.
DeLaHowe, Dr. Waddell, Rev. D. M 41 2227 1832 James Wardlaw. ? Norris estate.
Pinson, A A Pinson, Catherine B 41 2228 1856 James W., Elijah N, John R
Lesley, David 41 2229 1830 gdn report John Clinkscales, Mary, Benj F Beckwith. William Calhoun - for John C. James Patterson.
Jones, HA Finley, Thomas, M 41 2230 1849? land
Hester, Louisa Jones, H.A. 41 2231 1845 mortgage
McOwen, Patrick C Jones 41 2232 1844 mort
Todd, Elizabeth Jones 41 2233 1868 mort
Cheatham, Thos Jones, HA 41 2234 1844
Wardlaw, R.H., W..A. JOnes 41 2235 1844
Maddox, Richard 41 2236 1845
Thomas, McKinney JOnes 41 2237 1844 John S. Ansly dec
Pope, Chas Jones 41 2238 1844 Thomas H. Pope
Maritz*, C.W. Manty? 41 2239 1805
McCracken, James Jones 41 2240 1834
Griffin, Thomas E Jones, H.A. 41 2241 1843 mort
Patterson, John 41 2242 1844
Jones, HA Martin, Benj 41 2243 1842 mort Patrick Noble. Land bounded by Mrs. Sarah Downey. Abbeville Village
Patterson, Lewis J Patrick Noble 41 2244 1842
Riley, Andrew 41 2245 1849 Owen Selby? Margaret Boggs. Are there two 2246 packs?
Talbert, Mary Logan, Andrew J 41 2246 1843 Are there two 2246 packs? Title - land description and neighbors.
Gray, Nina? Mina?, John Martin, Y. Martin 41 2247 1843
Armstead Burt Benj Martin 41 2248 1843
McCelvy John M Jones 41 2249 1844 John Archer, Sarah wife. Estate John Ewing Calhoun.
Talman, Moses O and Frances wf Calhoun, Eliza etal (a child) 41 2250 1842 Captain Calhoun. Savannah river. The word “estate” meant “things owned.”
Graves, George etal Tenent*, Wm etal 41 2251 part
Cheatham, Elizabeth Jones, HA 41 2252
Jones, HA Hester*, Samuel J 41 2253
Jones, HA Foster, John E 41 2254
Scott, Joseph and wf Sarah Wimbish, Alex (A.F.) 42 2255 1847 argument over legacy 350 acres Rocky River. Gilbert Green and Lucy wf., Henry S. Olver and Nancy wf., Payton C., Chales E. Wimbish. Evidently legatees of Alex. B.Y. Martin.
White, Joseph etal Jordon, Samuel etal 42 2256 1846
Bonds, Guardianship 42 2257 1814 - 15 gdn bonds Robert Duncan, Elias Earle, Thomas Payne (Pendleton),: Robert Berry Duncan. john Moragne, Edward Collier, John Lewis Gilbert: Peter Boyer Moragne. Andrew Norry?, Alexander and joseph Noble: James Edward Clahoun. Samuel and George Dunbar, Robert Lark: Barbara Rankin Ward? Word?. Thomas P, George W. Martin, William Calhoun: John Allen Scott Martiin. Witness James Wardlaw. John Scoggins, Joseph MacKney, Nathan Henderson: Mason Mosely. William Morrow, Henry Brasher, James Ashmore: Margaret Kirkwood.
Martin, Jacob gdn Moore, Polly etal 42 2258 1813 gdn William Moore dec. Richard Moor. Thomas Botts, Martha Moore. Polly, Nancy, Richard,m William, kids. James Cobb, Charles Goodwin. Thomas P Martin.
Bonds, Guardianship 42 2259 1817 gdn bonds Alice, James, Patrick Calhoun: David W. Wm M, Sarah, (? one person?) Rebecca and Lucy Caroline Calhoun. Wit Craven.. Joseph Hutton, Andrew Weed, Thomas C. Finsby: Catherine Calhoun. Robert, John Cheatham, Benj. Hatten? Hattor?: Lemuel Bell. Estate Lewis Bell. Elihu Creswell, Patrick Noble, Charles Meriwether: Charlotte, Catherine Davenport. J Craven wit. Lyttleton Myrick, Benj Whitmenr, Benj Hatton, Taliafero Livingston: Charlotte, Albert, John, Amelia, Rebecca, Abram Giles Dozier, kids of Abram Giley Dozier dec. Wit: John Chiles.
Bonds, Guardianship 42 2260 1816 gdn Alexander, William Calhoun, Patrick Norris: Kitty Calhoun. Israel, John Pickens, Elias Dejournette: Sarah Dejournette. F.H Wardlaw wit. Benj H, John Saxon, James Shoemaker: Martha C Bell. Martha Buchanon, John Brannan: John and Margaret Buchannon. Sam Messer, Lewis Rolston (Pendleton): John H Hesser. Patrick, Jasper Calhoun, John L Noble: James Noble (dec 1825). John Porter, Benjl. glover, John Brannon: Mary Ann Porter. James Liddel, Dan Normwood, John Cunningham: Joseph, Joh Pickens.
Williams? Smeared M J Jones 42 2261 1856 part hard to read:
Withers, Francis Smith, Wm C 42 2262 1847 foreclosure
Patterson, William etal Murphy Arthur 42 2263 1847 Sy? Ferguson? James Ennis?
Tate, Uriah O Tate, Enos Asbury 42 2264 1847 part Samuel McGowan
Bowie, Arthur A Robertson, M et al 42 2265 1848 part Hugh Robertson dec. Infant legatees. Wife remarried. Sig: james Caldwell.
Richy, Rickey, Elizabeth Rickey, Richy John B 42 2266 1847 order to sell Robert richey dec Elizabeth Jane, James A., Patrick T?, Robert Wilson, Warren and Susan Ann Richey minors, J.A. Ranmey//? gdn.
Richy, Rickey, Robert Roseamond, Thos etal 42 2267 1847 pay IOU
Mc Owen, Patrick C and wife Hearst, J W admin 42 2268 1845 Col. John Hearst dec money owed
McKinney, Susan F Martin 42 2269 1847 William McKenny and Elizabeth Hard to Read.
Liddell, Frances Swilling, John etal 42 2270 1846 George W. Asborne and Belinda wife. George W. Liddell, father of complaintant. Slaves: Sam, Rose, and kids.
Gray, John E, Sarah Burton, Joseph 42 2271 1849 part Mary, John A, Margaret (and dtr Mary Ann), William Burton. John A. Burton dec. Hard To Read. James Burton dec. Joseph, dec, wid. Delilah. Kids: John E Ellis, gdn minors Timothy, Joseph, Marion Burton. Isaac R Thacker and mary wf. HTR.
Deason, Benj Price, Thomas S etal 42 2272 1846 Joseph T. Price dec.
McCelvy, Wm , Vincent McCelvy*, Jas L etal 42 2273 1847 part
Gibson, Jeremiah D Black, Jas W. 42 2274 1847 Martha Gibson wf of Jeremiah. Fmrly Martha Killingsworth
Cannon*, Geo J Shoemaker, Mary C, H.H. 42 2275 1847 Landy? Sandy? J Shoemaker dec.
Brooks, Susannah Brooks, W. et al 42 2276 1847 part W.H. Brooks, F? M, Warren, Ja?, Geo W., Warren D, George WHitfield Brooks. Their uncle, John L Boyd.
Smith, Unity Smith?**, Sarah Ann Wm J 42 2277 1854 default Edgefield
Scott, Allen McCaslan, ALex 42 2278 1847 Will of William Scott mentioned.
Eakin, Elizabeth Eakin, Jane etal 42 2279 1847 part George Eakin and others
Rembert, wm P etal Reubert, Rebecca wid 42 2280 1848 part George L Harvest and wf. Samuel Rembert, dec.
Simpson, Elizabeth etal Reniyson***??, Robert 42 2281 1847 bill for support
Sherard, Wm McCurry, Jackson etal 42 2282 1847 Late John White: Alex, Rosannah Clementine White
Ramsey, Johnson Wilson, Louisa 42 2283 1847 John Wilson testator, Louise wid. Eliza inf dtr. Andrew Weems exec.
Robertson, Jane Anthony, Mark S etal 42 2284 1846 foreclosure
Red, jas H Tolbert, R.R. etal 42 2285 1847 Mrs. nancy Talbert. Robert R Talbert. mary Riley.
McCaw, Jno R and wife Padgett, Mary A etal 42 2286 1845 John Padgett, dec.
Lesley, David Cheatham, Mary etal 42 2287 1847 Estate of Milton Cheatham estate Zebedee Cheatham
Martin, Edmund C Martin, Pharis 42 2288 1850
Wilson, Delphia Wilson, Susan etal 42 2289 1850 James S? Wilson, dec. nathaniel J Davis. Dower wid Susan. John H Wilson
Wilson, J.H. Brown, Austin? T 42 2290 1859 Mrs. nancy Bowen (mom) J.H. is uncle. Spartanburg. Hard to Read.
Hester, Thomas Hester, Louisa , Robert 42 2291 1845 part
Agnew, Melinda Agnew, Enoch, James W. 42 2292 1842 part Samuel? Agnew, dec
Baskins*, John Baskin*, James S 42 2293 1845 foreclose
Cheatham, Zebedee* Cheatham, Mary, Martin 42 2294 1846 Milton? Cheatham dec. HTR
Fooshee, Sarah Joel and Mary (wf) Fooshe, James, Washington 42 2295 1850 part
Jeffers, H. L Douglas, Donald 42 2296 1846 accounts
Pulliam, Lucy etal Swanzy, James 42 2297 1824 William Ware, gdn of several children of Dr. S. S. Swanzy. Wilson Crane? William? Turner. John W. Swanzy (share of father’s estate). Samuel Anderson Estate of Robert Swanzy (Sam exec).
Commissioners’ Reports 42 2298 1859-60 John Logan gdn Wm R and S A Logan. SGN Fergusonm James E?, Wm Patterson dec. James S C Willard gdn Magraffs - Jenett E, Mary Jane, Margaret. John Houston, Alice. Others
Rogers, D. M. Moragne**, Wm etal Morangue 42 2299 1855 Mrs. mary Ann Morague gdn Wm H, Placida, Wm. Francis. Much in file. Slave names.
Rogers, D. M. Moragne**, Wm etal 42 2300 1857 Cornelia
Sproull, Rebecca etal Patterson, Jas 42 2301 1850 order of sale
Shilleto, George admin Morrah, Hugh 42 2302 1827 Abigail Caldwell admin estate of Charles Caldwell. A Caldwell, dec.
Weatherall, G Wetherall, Betsy 42 2303 1825 Benjamin Jones against father’s estate. John Jones.
Pitts, Chas admin B Drake Smith, John, Sarah 42 2303.5 1823 Peter H Coleman, Lewis Bell, James Pulliam.
Woods, Rachael W Woods, Jas etal 42 2304 1826 James admin Archy? Woods. Neighbors. Wm. H Caldwell, F Caldwell, Matthew. Susan C Woods, Thomas Maritin, Tilman, others 1820 report on estate of Gray Drinkwater.
Adams, Alex W et al Connor, Lewis 42 2305 1821 Lewis Mitchell estate. Benjamin Mitchell. R?, Maurice R Mitchell, James, Sample, Alexander Adams and wf. Mannie? Maurice Owen? and wife legatees 1818.
Lomax, James heirs Lomax, A 42 2306 1825 John Holt. Heirs, infants of tender age.
Parker, John etal Parker, Thomas etal 42 2307 1825 land division Plat Charles Parker, John, Sarah, Nany Parker. Widow: nancy
Calvert, John Neely, Charles et al 42 2308 1826 & admin Jackson Calvert. widow. They cropped together.
Wright, James and wife Pitts, Charles 42 2309 1826 Estate Lewis Bell. Complaint’s wife. John Merriwether dec.
Gaines, Jno Gaines, M etal 42 2310 1830 Richard Gaines: had a widow. Ed Gains. Susanah Gains (now Parsi? Pervil? . Ed. Ware.
Pettigrew, Jno M Calhoun, Ezekiel 42 2311 1814 John C Calhoun.
Pettus*, H W etal Davenport, David R 42 2312 1821 Wm Pinchbeck
Appleton, Grigsby et al Chiles Wm 42 2313 1826 See 31-927 Thomas B Waller. mrs. Sarah Waller. William Waller. Wm White.
Campbell, John Cobb, Jas 42 2314 1822
Dendy*, Charles Baker, D.D. 42 2315 1833 Newell Scott. Robert Thompson dec.
Barksdale, Beverly et al Barksdale, Delea Ann and N? 42 2316 1826 stae of Georgia. Mrs. M Collier. James M Robertson. Mary E., Jame B., Martha A., E Colliier md Mrs. Robertson.
Collier, E and wife McCalla*, J.M. et al 42 2317 1823
Foster, R Crymes*, J Marshall, S 42 2318 1824
Griffin, John L. Griffin, Robt F etal 42 2318 1822 Robert Foster. Martha Smyth - her sister, Elizabeth Boggs.
Hamilton, A.C. Dyer, Thomas 42 2319 1827 Cagle. John N Newby? Creditor names Tilman Paschal,
Garvin, F. N Reeder, Sally 42 2320 1827-47 Jonathan Reeder dec. estate divided into 13 parts. Joel Reeder. 3 kids by first marriage. 9 by Sarah Reeder? Robert Maxwell, Elias Earle, Thomas Sloan. f298 family is named.
Lipford, R.N. James Murry Wooldridge, Thos exec 42 2321 1826
Heard, Thomas P Heard, Geo J H 42 2322 1822 7 legatees. Slaves: Binah, Matil, Rebecca, Hampton
Wilson, Wm Taggart M 42 2323 1825
Selby, Amory Mattison, Higgonson etal 42 2324 1830 foreclosure William H Mattison
Black, Jas A and Sarah Logan, John 42 2325 1822 admin of Col. John C Logan dec. Andrew Logan Chair making business.
Neely, Joseph Hawthorn, J Connor L 42 2327 1821 James Hawthorn. Lewis Connor. Lewis Mitchell?
Campbell, Robt et al McBride, Jno 42 2328 1826
Russel, Josiah Rogers, Rebecca etal 42 2329 1823 J. M. McComb
Burton, John Barton? Whipple, Jas O 42 2330 1823 forclosure
Martin, Thos P Newman, Mary, etal 42 2331 1826 James Moore, William Oliver, Hugh McLin?, John Miller, John McMahan.
Perrin, Robert exec Garrett, James 42 2331 1826 Second of 2331 packets.
McCrowe, Wm Hetherington, Geo 42 2332
Bonds, Guardianship 43 2333 1811 Gdn Bonds. Henry Ferris, Polly, Benjamin Beckwith. John F.B. Clinkscales, John B. Black. James Osbor Reikard. Almost illegible
Noble, E.P. Pat Cunningham, J Esq. of Florida 43 2334 1841 gdn Elizabeth, Alexander, e.P. Noble. Patrick, Edward, Alexander, Sam B. and Elizabeth Noble, minors of Pat Noble, dec.
Morrah, Samuel R and Nancy Scott, Eleanor and Thomas B 43 2335 1841 part
Campell, Matthew Edwards, Sarah 43 2336 1841 gdn David edwards, dec. James Edwards gdn ad Litum of Thomas, David and John Edwards.
Wardlaw, Jas etal Grey, Henry 43 2337 1838 John F. Gray, admin Long Cane Creek. Creditors. James Nicholson, dec.
Towns, H J and wife etal Burt, A etal 43 2338 1841 William Calhoun, testator. Thomas L Lawrence. Wm. T?, Harper Lawton, 3 named daughters? Five children? Very bad reading. Wf? E.R. Calhoun, Geo. McDonald Calhoun. E.P. Noble, H.h. Lownes, E.P. Noble and wf. A. Bunt and wf. Wh. H Townes and wf.
Sharp, Johnson H and Jane? FL Morrah, Mary etal 43 2339 1844 June, David Morrah.
Calhoun, Wm H Yeddell, Robt etal 43 2340 1845 fraud M.H. Peaster. Jacob Dr? HTR. John Davis, witness in dispute.
Brownlee, Robt Brownlee Ann 43 2341 1844 George Brownlee dec.
Fooshe, Washington and Lavender Sadler, John 43 2342 1858 pwr attny Washington, dec grandfather. Wm. Ware. lavender’s dec mom: Martha Cheatham. Martha Fooshe
Riley, Mary Riley, Mary E, Matilda J 43 2343 1866 Martha J. Harkness (Late Ruley?) - our mother, R.R. Ruley. Could this be Riley?
Riley, J.R. Riley, A.Pinkney. and W.M. 43 2344 1860 gdn James H Riley
Maddox, Richard Sullivan, Hamlet? John Meakon 43 2345 1845 complaint Samuel Maddox, C. Lattimer
Wilson, John A Jordon, Samuel (Green, Ga) 43 2346 1846 Very Bad reading
McNutty, James J and Mary E. Brown, James L 43 2347 1856 pow att Mary formerly Brown. Daughter and heir of Elisha and Susan L Brown dec. Admin, Edward Collier, dec.
Osborne, Hannah etal Osborne, Wm etal 43 2348 1840 part? Wm Mill vs Mary Hunter Calhoun. Caroline? Hawkins dec? (was an Osborn). Wm P Hawkins. james L? Calhoun
Calhoun, E.R. George Halloway Halloway*,Rebecca (Fergusen admin) 43 2349 1848 George and rebecca Halloway Holloway dec. they want to sell their slaves in families. Rev. Wm. M wightman school.
Moragne, Peter F etal Bouchelloro, Jos L. 43 2350 1831 John Moragne
Penny, H H Cromer, Phillip John Ruff 43 2351 1841
Cobb, Charlotte Swilling, Jno 43 2352 1843
Cheatham, Elizabeth Cheatham, J.W. et al 43 2353 1844 Wm. Hl Cheatham, Esther A., Mildred E., John H., James R., and Robert W. Cheatham. ? Brooks gdn.
Hill, Thos J Morrison, Jas etal 43 2354 1845 Sam Larkhart Terrible writing.
Patterson, M S Patterson, Jas etal 43 2355 1841 Auther M. Patterson. louisa? Patterson. Can’t read it.
Lee, Sarah M, George H Moss TL 43 2356 1858 pwr of atty Estate of former Husband, late of Elbert, GA. Ajacks Amstead, dec.
Patterson, Carey P Hearst, John M 43 2357 pwr of atty Estate of Ann E. O. Patterson. Carey is from Jasper, Miss. gdn. Ann E.O., Sarah J, Wm T., Eliza P Patternsons min in Miss (Moses T. Owen gdn in Abbe).
Drenan, Joseph C.W. McKelvy, James 43 2358 1857 pwr attny Father, Jospeh Drenan. J. L. H Drenen (Houston G. Tex). Mrs. Mary Ann McKinney, George W. McKiney (Texas)
McKenzie, Daniel W., (Tissa , Miss.) Noble, Edward 43 2359 1858 pwr of atty Estate of W. Rebecca Overby 11 years old. Grandfather Aaron? Abram? Overby.
Neel, J.P. Nelson, Mary A ., Enoch Wilson? 43 2360 1844 order to pay Pay up.
McBride, Sarah McBride, R.M. etal 43 2361 1844 forclosure
Lomez, Robt Downey, Lowrey Biddle, Andrew 43 2362 1813
Golding, R.G , Helena Thomson, Thom 43 2363 1858 Estate of John L. Cheatham y
Pressly, Geo W William, Thos W 43 2364 1841 injunction John B. Pressley
Bowie, Luther Alfred Carson, Jas trustee & James Gilmer 43 2365 1841 Pinkney
Lipscomb, John Peaster*, M.H. 43 2366 1844 Hard to Read
Red, Nancy, Rob’t Gray and Wife Red, E.L. etal James W. Red 43 2367 1841 Order for sale
Kingman, Agnes M Kingmon, Clarence 43 2368 1845 dower, John C, Kingman dec.
Ware, N W etal Ware A.N etal 43 2369 1837 Nicholas Ware, dec. Nimrod W. Ware. Albert N Ware. Edmund P, Thomas E., Peregrin P., James H., Louisa C Ware. exec: James Rogers.
Dean, John B, Suzannah Miss. Wilson, J.R. 43 2370 1856 pwr or atty “Our fathers Thomas Sims. Thomas Dean? Choctaw, Miss.
McNulty, James J Mary E.(fmrly Brown) Brown, James L 43 2371 1858 Elisha & Susan d-i-l of Joshua Hill. McNulty from CA. Edward Collin? Colliers? dec. Joshua Hill, Lewis? Sims? & Nancy Hill - sister of Edwin? Collier dec. Wm. Hill, Elizabeth Foster, Sarah B Jones - CA. James L Brown “my aunt, Sarah Jones.”
Kirkpatrick, Andrew etal Bowie, Geo etal 43 2372 1841 part bad copy - very lite. Wife’s name - Louisa? 1 page - can’t make out the estate.
Reed, Jane Reid? Lomax, Peter etal 43 2373 1845 Special delivery of slaves - Her next firend, John Livingsoton. “Then” Jane McKinney. Wm. R. Reed? Her husband. wedding contract. GA. Long case. Interesting from legal point of view.
Morrow, T.M. Sarah A Griffin, C.B. 43 2374 1855 Mrs. Isabella Mathis dec.
Sims, Margaret E etal Sims, Thomas dec 43 2375 1856 Estate Thomas Sims husband also 1854. Medy Mays jr. Dec.- mary E. Mays. James S V. Greer? “my grandfather Thomas Sims. Lots here. Joshua Tatum, dan W. Landel Laude? Saudel? and Amy. Others. Jackson Carter and Mary Ann. (Newton Co, Miss).
Bonds, Money 43 2376 1863 bonds Wm Snith, John McCool, Wm. Bertie. J.W. Marshall. Alex Agnew? John Vance. Thomas Eakin. Fred Logan. etc.
Bonds, Money 43 2377 1863 bonds Too many to list
Bonds, Money 43 2378 1863 bonds Too many to list
Money Bonds 43 2379 1859 bonds Too many to list
Palmer, R.M. Palmer, Sarah R Harriet R Robt S 43 2380 1858 gdn Sarah Rebecca, Harriet Richmond, Robert Germain Palmer. Robt M. Palmer father and gdn. John Mariner, Francis mariner Palmer - first marriage. Julien Palmer? Julinn?
Davis, E.S. Davis, Peggy lunatic 43 2381 1827 Peggy Davis, lunatic. [Orange Davis vs. Samuel marshall. John Anderson. Estate of Garah davis, dec. Pay P.H. davis pay richard D. davis. H? Th? N Davis. Peggy. Gilmers. Money from garah]some names: Matt, Bowie? Wm Moon, committee of Wm R davis, lunatic
Davis, John B Davis, Lewis W 43 2382 1836-37 gdn To Joel Smith for Judith E Davis. pd Isaac Sample, W.B. Beasley, WL Fleet. Eliza? E. Davis John B Davis as Guard of Judith, Eliza Davis, minors of Wm W. Davis. Lewis is dec by 1835. Elizabeth E Davis? minors in 1836. samuel Davis. In Jan 1835, Lewis is dec. Mentioned: Grandfather’s estate - BUT NO GRANDFATHER NAMED - 1835 of Anderson district. Samuel Gilliam esq. To T? B. Davis for board.. W.G. Black, Joel Smith
Devlin, James J Paul, Eliz+Wm+Andrew 43 2383 1828 gdn Elizabeth J. Wardlaw md. David M Wardlaw 1840
Richardson, Sarah A Richardson, mary A etal 43 2384 1873 gdn Sarah Matilda Richardson. George R., Sally T. Richardson.
Dial, Joseph Dial,Lewis,John, Eliz, Jas etal 43 2385 1825 gdn John Douglass
Daniel, Chesley Simpson, Henry, Jno, JasL and D 43 2386 1825 gdn D= David Simpson. Tennison?
Downey, John Cook, Chatherine* 43 2387 1809-1818 gdn
Crawford, Wm Crawford, Mary A ndrew Giles 43 2388 1837 Adam Wideman. James Crawford, dec.
Bruce, John M and Martha Hill, Joshua 43 2389 1856 Martha A. Talbot (GA). Loundes Co. Al. John J Daniel and wife Huldah appoint ? of Morgan GA. Wm. W. Hill, Elizabeth Foster.
Carter, Larkin G Carter, Elisa et al 43 2390 1837 part Wm. Carter, dec. Wilson Creek.
Dickson, Hugh Caldwell, Elizabeth 43 2391 1825 gdn James Caldwell admin Elizabeth A. Caldwell, dec.
Wm. Parker Robinson, A. P. 43 2392 1853 Mortgage? Sarah E. McKenney. Robert McKinney dec.
Puckett, Wm C Puckett, M.R. Richard 43 2393 1841 part Will of James Puckett. Mrs. Boggs
Holmes, Wyatt C and Barbary Ann Thornton, John G 43 2394 1855 Pwr of Att Mississippi. L. Mertry? S. Melvy? Maybry? dec.
McMorris, Morgan and wife Covington*, Wm 43 2395 1837 gdn gdn of son. James McMorris. Emily C McMorris dec. Richard Covington dec. lowndes, Miss.
Baskins, James Giles*, William 43 2396 1842 settlement
McComb, David Thomas Sims estate McGowan, Samuel 43 2397 1857 McComb is gdn of Sarah (wf - of somebody - him?) Of Jeff Co. Al. Pof Att Elijah Sims. Thomas Sims estate.
Foster, Elizabeth (Tusc. Al.) Hill, Johsia 43 2398 1856 pwr of att
Wilson, Wm mcCracken, Rebecca 43 2399 1823 James McCracken dec
Adams, Stuart? Adams, Jesse S. 43 2400 1832 gdn Lucinda, Amanda, Margaret, Elizabeth, Martha, minors of Adams
Talbert, Wm K Tolbert? Davis, Wm C Day? 43 2401 1855 pwr of att George Griffin M Bullach, J.H. Tolbert apt W.C. Davis James Tolbert, dec
Bonds, Money 43 2402 1859 -n 63 bonds It’s worth a look if you have people here during this year. Not much hard info, but associated names
Lyon, Lucy E Reynolds, Benj C 43 2403 1856 Attatch my mother’s estate. John Lyon, my husband dec Edgefield.
Waller, Albert Griffin, Richard C, Thomas C. 43 2404 1841 Hard to Read Larkin Griffin. Richard Griffin, Thomas Cheatam, John Lipscomb, ? Logan
Mabry, M. W. Parker 43 2405 1856 Order to pay R. Maybry dec.
McCracken, james dec 44 2406 1842
Wilson, Wm Eddins, Wm and Mary Ann 44 2406 1842 Richard M Todd and Elizabeth (wf), rebecca McCracken. James McCracken. Benj Eddins and Elizabeth, wf. James McCracken dec. Lots here.
Wilson, John adm Hugh Wilson Wilson, Wm etal 44 2407 1841 Samuel Wilson, James Ewing and wf Jane (kids of Hugh). long complaint.
McComb, Rebecca McComb, Catherine etal 44 2408 1831 heirs of John McComb
McGehee, Charlotte McGhee, Addison 44 2409 1831 part Emma Linsley Tinsley? Davis Ransom
Pressley, John B Gallangher, John 44 2410 1831 Charles Maxwell vs. Francis Connor
Wardlaw, D J Wardlow? Wideman, C.A. 44 2411 1858 gdn
Young, Robt Easton, James dec 44 2412 1818
Caldwell, Wm H McClurg, Margaret 44 2413 1829 Jonah Patterson James McClurg
Ware, Edmund P. Ware, Thos E etal 44 2414 1841 Perigine P. Ware. james H ware. Peggy ware wid. General Ware dec. James H, Louisa C.
Wardlaw, Jas and wife Hodges, G.W. james Butler 44 2415 1827 && Wm. W. Dvis, dec. Wid gets 1/3 of estate over 7 years if married?. Contention is that the slave, Anika, bought by Elizabeth with estate funds, should be her 1/3. Charles Neely, witness, knew the family well. Lived in sight of them. He knows they were in debt and does not defend Elizabeth. Y
Stuart, Thomas C Calhoun, Ephriam 44 2416 1840 John Harrison and Marg. Wf. Hutson M Calver and Caroline wf. Ephriam, exec of Peggy Stewart. Jabez W. Johnson ex of David Stuart and John? Stuart? and Mary Ann Stuart. Aby? mrs? Stewart and Peggy wf. Wm Caldwell.
Russell, Josiah Rogers, Rebecca John M. McComb 44 2417 1823 John Rogers, james Collier
Davis, John L. and wf Wilson, Elizabeth etal 44 2418 1819 Elizabeth Wilson: daughter of James caldwell Sr. 1804. Legatees: Jon, David, James, Thomas, rebecca Pickens, Elizabeth Wilson, mary davis - property to James, son of Jno caldwell. Jas, son of David Caldwell, James Caldwell Pickens, James davis, etc. Alex Sample gdn of Samuel, Thomas, Elizabeth, Wm., Ony?, Sally and Drury, Lemuel Wilson.
Moore, Jas Dr. Merriweather, Dr. Z 44 2419 1819 complaint Archy Mayson exec. Irregularity in books.
Thompson, Thos etal Scott, Newell and Margaret 44 2420 1819 Rob’t Thompson dec. Thomas, Elizabeth, Robt, Sarah, margaret Thompson
Patterson, Jas Dewlin**, John etal 44 2421 1830 Wm. McClinton. Rob’t Smyth, testator. dec 27 Apr 1826
Barksdale, F et al Martin, Mary Ann Benjamin Glover 44 2422 1816 Francis, John Hickerson. Thomas Barksdale.
Scott, James and wife etal Winfield, Jno. B etal Cowfield? 44 2423 1819
Waddel, John adm Jas. M Robertson Collier, Edmund Edward? 44 2424 1831 accounts Mary E. Quarles Neighborhood witnesses
Cobb, James Johnson, Pat* 44 2425 1831 accounts John Collier
Lesley, David Patterson, Jas Robt Smyth’s will 44 2426 1816 Nancy Patterson dec 1820 Robt Smyth jr. dec 1826 4 Patterson kids. James, father and grd. samuel Caldwell, bond. Gednship revoked. Al lot of money gon awry. Accounts. Kids not named.
Robertson, Andrew Maddox, Richard etal 44 2427 1833
Davis, Turner A Davis, Sally etal 44 2428 1831 gdn Turner is gdn of Sarah L., Sally L, (the same person?) Permelia, George Washington, Gabriel P, fanny and Anna Davis. harry? Children of Wm Davis. By 1831, there are only Gabe, Fanny, Anna minors. In 1829, all were minors. Late 33, Gabe no longer minor. Note under Fanny and Anna: The children live with their mother. Y
Clark, Hardy Cheatham, Jno H 44 2429 1847 gdn
Owens, Martha F , Sarah E? C? Simpson, Edwin G 44 2429 1852 Garlington Owens, Father. W.C. Davis, next friend. Cinda, slave. Sarah Cunningham dec 28 Apr. 1851. (72 years). Children of Elizabeth Owens. Long Story, Accts. Neighborhood witness.
Harris, Wm Wife Lipscomb, Nathan and Jemima 44 2431 1815 james Bullock and Lipscombs exec Wiley Glover, dec. Jemima frmly Glover, wid of dec. He had 2 children. Y
Stuart, Thomas Stewart Cunningham, Sarah 44 2432 1852 accts and will Joel Smith complains. Very Long Y
Davis, Samuel and Mary Pulliam, Willis, Wiley, Elizabeth 44 2433 1821 gdn Children of Benjamin Pulliam dec. (brother of James Pulliam who was hus of Rhoda Pulliam). Recvd of Alexander Sample, admin in 1831? Willis dec bef 32, when Elizabeth is John B. davis’ wif (son of Wm. W. Davis - pack 2415 and others)
Mayson*,Nancy Mayson, Charles C. 44 2434 1829 John C. Mayson dec. Edgefield.
Cunningham, Robt et al Ware, James and wife et al 44 2435 1829 Jas. Pulliam. Zachary Pulliam Y
Lomax, James jr. and Lucy Moon, Ross etal Moore, Rosa? Rosee? 44 2436 1829 Nancy Noris? Hos? Adams? John Adams dec.
Bank of SC and Moragne*, Jno Gilbert, James M. 44 2437 1828 Order to pay John Moragne vs. James M. Gilbert
Buford, M. Buford, Wm 44 2438 1819 accts and judgement Philemon Buford
Devall, Sarah Devall, Harriet etal 44 2438 1819 Col. Devall
McCrow, Wm Hill, John 44 2439 1828
Jones, Thomas Darracott, Hubert 44 2440 1828 mortg
Collier, James Slaughter, A Labugan*, C Labuzan 44 2441 1828 debt judgement
Mans, W.D. Wideman, Joshua 44 2442 1860 Accts
Hammond, Samuel Hammond, Charles 44 2443 1814 John Hammond dec
Eddins, Wm Myrich, L McBride, Jno 44 2444 1828 Foreclosure Stephan Garrett
Robertson, Wm Lee, Wm 44 2445 1820 Slave dispute
Atkins, James and wife Bowman, Jno L. 44 2446 1820 part
Long, Reuben and wife Wilson, H. Connor, Lewis 44 2447 1820 part Lewis Mitchell estate. Ben? Mitchell, Nancy Mitchell
Mitchell, Lewis 44 2447 1820
Roberts, Andrew Roberts, Reuben etal Robertson? 44 2448 1829 Jno. Robertson dec. Robt Robertson dec. Accts. Henson Norris
Pallard, James Eddens, Wm 44 2449 1828 part est James Pollard. James and mary Pollard
Patterson, Jno etal Jones - commissioner 44 2450 1846 Pettigrew estate accts.
Hallman, Wm. Rev. Jas. E. Glen Mitchell, Stephen 44 2451 1831 Order to pay Glen - gdn and admin
Cheatham, B.M. Andrw. Gillespie Jones HA 44 2452 1847 bond Chas B. Griffin Bartlet Cheatham?
Brooks, Suzannah Brooks, Wm. H. 44 2453 1847 bond F.M. Brooks
Huey, Jas and wife Thompson, John dec 44 2454 1829 Caldwell, Wm H etal exec
Calhoun, James exec? Beall, Benj Prather, Jas W et al 44 2455 1829 Black? More Bealls.
Wideman, Ed etal Farrar, Elizabeth etal 44 2456 1829 part Hughs, Willard, witnesses Chesley? Farrer?
Pressley, Calvin Taylor, Andrew dec 44 2457 1829 Jno. McComb. Granddaughter of dec. Jane Anderson, wf of complaintant.
Connor, Andrew J Jones, HA 44 2458 1854 bond
Cavern*, Margaret Cannon? Carson? McDonald, Wm McDonal, MM? 44 2459 1830 Connor? Drennon? Estate.
Anderson, John (Cherokee, AL) McDonald, Mathew 44 2460 1857 pwr of att “My father, Wm. Anderson”. Brother: Wm. Anderson Cass. Co, Ga
Appleton, Grigsby et al Chiles, Wm et al 44 2461 1824 decree Chiles ex of White and admin of Waller? Thom. B. (children)
Quarles, Wm etal Thurmond, P? D? 44 2462 1819 Part Edgefield. Richard Quarles dec.
Brough, John F Brough, Evelene et al 44 2463 1855 part Thomas J and W.H. Brough
Martin, Mary A etal Baker?, Jane T, James A 44 2464 1858 John A. Partlow and John T. Baker, bond. Mary Martin, John Brownlee, George B. Clinkscales.
Hughes, James, Vachel Hughey? Logan, A.J. 44 2465 1863
Commissioner's Report 45 2466 1859 A plethora of names. mostly guardianships. If your people lived at this time, it could be interesting. Taylor, Willard, Yorborough, Hamilton, etc
Commissioner's Report 45 2467 1825 - 26 Many names. Elijah Foster, gdn Peggy, thomas, Eliz., Sarah Thompson. Robert Rowan, daniel rowan. Jane nelson g thomas, Eliz, Orry, Sally, Drury nelson. samuel Patsy Sears? G Austin, Richard and lewis Pollard. Robert McClean? James and Ebenezer Foster. Isaac and charity Whitaker? Polly and Major Clark. Israel Pickens gd Israel and Sarah Dejournette. John downey Caroline Cook. Edmund Beasley? (beazly?) Braggely? gdn Eliz, Marg, Edward, James, John, Polly, Jesse and Balinda Caldwell. Dudly richardson gdn Oswell Richardson. GW. Hodges gdn John Swanzey. Wm Lomax gdn P.H. Davis. samuel Davis: Willis, Wiley, Liz pulliam. Many others y
Commissioner's Report 45 2468 1828 - 29 Gdns in default: Alex Houston, Henry Gray, Wm. Eddins, Turner A. Davis most of whom are punctual. Samuel in default - can’t find him.
Commissioner's Report 45 2469 1830 - 31 Samuel Davis still missing. 28-29. James Patterson - lots on him.
Commissioner's Report 45 2470 1832 - 33 -35 Lots of names. John B. Davis is guadian of his wife - but unqualified. Oh, please.
Commissioner's Report 45 2471 1836 - 37 again, lots of names. Charles B . Fooshe is listed.
Commissioner's Report 45 2472 1838 - 40 A listing of the oldest books then held in the archives. This is very painful - it lists record after record that no longer exist. You can’t help but ache to touch them and to read what they once could have told you. The File Book, kept by Richard A Rapley commisioner of 96 from 6 May 1791 to 13 June 1815.
Commissioner's Report 45 2473 1841 - 42 -43 Pat Noble. Moses O Talman and Francis, wife. Many names.
Hamilton, Elizabeth etal Pasey, AF etal 45 2474 1844 part Benj.L. Posey dec. Martha Crenshaw posey dec. 24 Aug 1844, 18 years old. Addison F Posey exec. her mom named ? Will of Martha. names cousin, Margaret M Posey, dtr of Charles Posey, Laurens. Brother Addison. Friend: Isaac Branch.
Black, Wm C. Admin of Samuel Caldwell et al 45 2475 1843 part Josiah Patterson dec? Long legal argument, very hard to read.
Hamilton, John Hamilton, Archibald etal 45 2476 1836 Lindsay Harper and wife.John Olum? and Sarah wf. Mary Kerr. Samuel H Shannon.Kids of John Harris. Ezekiel C. Harris, child of Mr. Harris.
Hill, Wm C ward Colbert, J.M. etal guard. 45 2477 1845 Pulliam, Williamson, Burton, legal arguement.
Smith, Samuel Algier, John 45 2478 1843 mort. problem
Speid, Wade Speed? Archer, John and wife etal 45 2479 1843 John Ewing? John E. Calhoun. Very Hard to Read
Talbert, Mary etal Talbert, John etal 45 2480 infant def. Manthee? Wilson.
Pelot, Francis L Pelot, harriet L etal 45 2481 1843 Mrs. Catherine Pelot. Father, Robert Perrin. Mrs. Wardlaw. execs of John F? Pelot 1720
Pettigrew, Jas L Pettegrew, Betsy, Ann etal 45 2482 1845 adm Isaac Branch and James H Cobb. Robert Pettigrew dec
Mayson, Jas L or wife Douglas, John etal 45 2483 1843 order of sale
Lamar, Peter Reed, J etal Reid? June? 45 2484 1844
Merriwether, Wm etal Merriweather, Jas etal 45 2485 1832 Zachary Merriwether, Joseph M, Caroline, dtr of robert Merriweather.
Mays, Meady Western Asylum for Insane VA 45 2486 1850 John Mays, insane brother.
Lomax, L.H. Lomax, M.M. etal 45 2487 1843 Mahulda R? Richey, formerly Lomax. Late husband, Faris? James lomax.
Harrington, Z.J.* etal Y? J? McMorris, Morgan 45 2488 1843 F.B.? A.R. Higgins?
Mosely, Hugh Ramsey, John 45 2489 1842 foreclosure John O Guthrie. Emma, Wm., Cornelia and Closidia? Moragne, infants. Joseph Bouchilloia? Peter H? F? dec.
Moragne, Mary Ann Scott, Joseph Davis etal 45 2490 1843
Keeling*, Jessica etal Jackson, Samuel Jordon 45 2491 1844 Very Hard to read. Letty Keel? Wm. Marply?,
Wilson, Wm Todd, Elizabeth etal 45 2492 1843 Pay to Wm., Henry A Wilson
Patterson, Jas Jr etal Minors*, W G and wife etal 45 2493 1843 James Patterson Sr. Mourning S. Gray (her death) to brother Josiah Carmon? Patterson. College education for Jas Patterson and Arthur Mosely Patterson (boys of 2nd marriage), sons of James Patterson, “my father.” Late Josiah. Mason? W. Gray? Minor W Graycy? Graiey? minor W. Gracy. Napolean B and Josiah Patterson, that their half brothers should be educated. Jammes Sr. father of 4 sons, 2 marriages. Napoleon dec 1839, Feb. James C Patterson left widow who md. Minor Gracy.
Liddell, Francis* C etal Smilling, John (see 51-2835) 45 2494 1843 Sarah M Liddell. George W. Osborn and Belinda, wf.
Patterson, Jas Patterson, Josiah etal 45 2495 1839 James N Patterson (gdn Larkin Reynolds), Wm. Patterson dec.
Jordon, Samuel admin Ausley*, Sarah and Celeste* wid 45 2496 1844 Jno. Gothard? L Ausley.
Anderson, W.C. and wife Connor, Geo et al Cannon exec 45 2497 1842 Gabriel E. Morroh? Cannon, legator. Dr. Francis Caonnon, dec. samuel A. H? right of wf Mary A D? Willison? Landor? right of wife, Sarah. Wm McCanty wf Belinda W. George Cannon. Mistty? Cannon, Julia Cannon? Buyon?, Glenn, Francis A, Dorcettia? edwin E Draloon? and Caroline? E? his wife. Fletcher W. Cannon. Benj Z Herndon and Julie wf. Leonides D Cannon, Benson G Cannon - Francis A, gdn of those two. 6 defendants.
Young, Wm Hunt, Eliza T etal 45 2498 1844 Wm R Hunt? Manin? L Hunt. Louisa E, George E Carssar Carson? Carpar?. James W. Harris gdn.
McDill, Thomas and Elizabeth wf. Hill, Jane A etal 45 2499 1840 Sarah C. Hill Samuel A, Lewis H Hill
Taggart, James Lomax, Aaron 45 2500 1845 James Haskinson? dec mom Lucretia Hoskinson. Dr. Jno R Tanant trust. Maggant? Anderson? w/ James Anderson. Marjant?
Robertson, John Stephans, Mary M etal 45 2501 1843 Mary M Stephens and Robert Davis. Sarah Tam? Stephens. John Stephens.
Samuel Caldwell Spirin, Thomas P gdn 45 2502 1843 Lived with gdn Apr 32-Apr 36. Sam had a hand shot off. Wm Spirin.
Carter, Nelson et al Abbeville Mine Spring Co 45 2503 1846 Phillip McGeam?
Beauford, James Hill, Sameul L Hill ex et al 45 2504 1842 Samuel exec Hamilton Hill
Young, Jas RM etal Burton, John A 45 2505 1842 specific delivery
Williamson, M Beard, Samuel 45 2506 1843 History of a slave owned by Jesse Norman of GA - Henry Pope, Jones Co Ga. “John” Forth. Long HTR. Wm E Caldwell.
Nary, John E Brauch, Isaac Branch? 45 2507 1843 John Wilson exec. Samuel Branch dec. widow Nary? Md.. Very long and very hard to read. Wife might be named - I couldn’t linger long enough to decipher it.
Walker, Jeremiah etal Frazier, Jas W etal 45 2508 1843 Mrs. Amelia? Griffin, afterwards Cowan, once Sims? dtr Nathan Sims? md Richard Griffin? dec. Lincoln Co, GA . Daphna, slave. George Sims exec of hus. “Isobel” Leonard Sims, wm. Bond? Jane Griffin? Peter Lamar, Mrs. Cowan’s father. Much about Cowans. Long- Hard to Read. Davis Leslie, who was one of the primary ordinary clerks, had lazy handwriting.
Peaster, Matilda dtr Peaster*, M H etal 45 2509 1848 George Lomax. John McCord? gdn default. Wm. H Calhoun. Jacob Croomer? Connor? Connan? Will 28 July 1828. gives dtr Hannah, Peaster’s wf. Jacob Crown grandfather. Hard reading.
Cofer*, Elizabeth Dubose*, Joshua 45 2510 1845 John Clarke (late) def. left to John Black Scott, son of Wickham Scott. Joshua Dubose. Thom Cunningham. John C Scott. Left only sister. Interesting study master/slave - law. Jessy, Jenny.
Stevenson, Hariman Ansley, Wm L etal Ausley 45 2511 1843 bought from James Foster. John Adams. David Lewis Ausley. Land squabble, John C Crawford. Dendy. Long. Bad reading.
Killingsworth*, James Black, J W and wife 45 2512 1843
Jersey, James Jervey? exec Penney*, George 45 2513 1840 foreclosure
Duncan, Pat Lowe, Pleasant etal 45 2514 1838 foreclosure Pressley?
Duncan, Pat Travis, Joseph 45 2515 1838
Duncan, Pat Arnold, Augustus etal 45 2516 1838
Harrington and Wilson** Tatum**, C.C. etal 45 2517 1838 foreclosure Claudia and Mary. David Cobb and wf Mary tatum. Legatees of Memorable B Tatom.
Traylor, Valentine and wife etal Willard, Jas C Edward Collier 45 2518 1838 Rachel Willis dec.
Power, H F Black, Susan etal 45 2519 1838 part John W., Lucy C., Jasper A., Wm and Robert Black infants. John B Black, gdn.
Bowie, Luther A. Gilmer*, James f. and wife et al 45 2520 Mrs. Alatha? Gilmer and kids. James J Salatha wf. Alathia? kids: Luther, Alfred Bowie, Pinkney G Bowie, George A. Bowie, Wm. L, Margaret Bowie Harrison?
Conner Francis A Lauder*, Wm and Wife et al 45 2521 1844
Ross, Stephen and wife Anderson Jacob 45 2522 1840 Mrs. Ross (Anderson is crossed out).
Cofer, Augustus C. et al Anderson, Didima*etal 45 2524 1847 Joshua Debose
Gary, Andrew Grey? Wardlaw, David W? M? 45 2525 1843 NJ Davis
Lesley, david Dendy*, Thos B. 45 2526 1844 james Wood dec John Grant, Admin.
Young, Mary Valentine etal Graham, James etal 45 2527 1844 James Franklin Maria Young
Keown, Thos Keorn? Jordon, samuel 45 2528 1844 commissioner fired
Cheatham, John L Cheatham, Rbt et al 45 2529 1838 part
Selby, Martha Edwards, Jas etal 45 2530 1843 sale
Byrd, Mary Ann Grey, Thomas trustee 45 2531 1843
Kennedy, C.G. Kennedy, Margaret etal 45 2531 1843 sale
Guardianship Returns 46 2533 1848 - 53 John Allen Martin gdn John A Adams husband of Palmyra Virginia. Gr. Father Hillary M Colliers will. nancy Quarles (51). Charles H, Palmyra, Wm and Josey? Martin. Joicy J md Conrad Coggins Cozzens? Edgefield.
Weems, A J Norwood, F.W. etal 46 2534 1846 gdn Joseph Wm Norwood. Jno Norwood dec. Widow md. A.J. Weems. franklin Weems. A letter. Sarah F. Paul/
Parker, Wm H Jones, Robert 46 2535 1863 prop. release
Martin, Jno A Martin, Thomas P 46 2536 1821 - 30 gdn
Mathis, Isabella Mathis, Sarah Morrow, Thom M. 46 2537 1844 - 60 gdn Luke Mathis, Isabella’s son and ward. Wm. Lewis, Thomas E. Sarah A.
Mathis, lewis Guardianship Returns 46 2538 1844 - 1853 gdn
McCaw, Mary Francis, Julia C Wardlow, Joseph J. 46 2539 1857 - 60 gdn She married J. Fraser Livingston Jr. Wm. H McCaw dec.
McCaw, Mary McGehee 46 2540 1855 - 61 gdn
Willard, J C Magrath, Ellen Jennett 46 2541 1874 gdn Margaret Elizabeth, Nancy Jane
Wardlaw, D.M. Adams, Samuel Ann, Mason, Eliz. A 46 2542 1862 gdn
Watson, Wm dec Kennedy, James, M etal 46 2543 1857 gdn Rebecca, Sarah C, Isaac N, John Newton?
Wilson, Jas S McKenny?, Susan A etal 46 2544 1847 gdn Wm R., Eliz K, estate Roger McKenney, Eliz K
Commission Report 46 2545 1827 gdn Eli S. Davis, G.W. hodges guard John B. Davis, Turner A. Davis gdn, James Butler, gdn of Westley, James, Juda E, Eliza Davis. Wm. Lomax gdn Patrick Davis. Sam Davis did not report. Tons of other names.
Magee, A.H., Rasor, E. Padgett, Mary Ann 46 2546 1845 gdn Louisa (md. Sam R. Brownlee)
Mays, Meedy Mays, Daniel, Tabitha Talitha? 46 2547 1847 Medy dec. Henry and Larkin admin. Jno Mays lunatic.
Wells, Josiah Wills, Lucretia and Catherine 46 2548 1865 gdn Martha E. K J? K F? Mattie, W.H. Wells Lucretia md T.P. Pascal
Wardlaw, R.H. Bowie, Robert Edwin 46 2549 1847 Louisa A.
Wardlaw, D.M. Andrews, B.F. and Catherine 46 2550 1871 D.T.? D. F? Mary A. Andres
Wilson, J.H. Bowie, A. J. 46 2551 1864
Red, James K etal Talbert, Robt. R 46 2552 1843 Robert Talbert dec. The “R” is the son. R.R. Talbert, John T. Barrett appt execs. Debt against estate. Witness inc. leake, Watson, Mrs. Penney, Dr. Barrett, Wm. Red etc.
McClesky*, David H Rabern*, Jane 46 2553 1821
McDuffie, Geo McDuffie, Mary S 46 2554 1847
McDell, Thomas McDill? Hill, Sam 46 2555 1850
Moore, Francis (mom of wards) Moore, Wm C etal 46 2556 1830 Wm Lites. Rebecca A. Moore, Elizabeth, Francis N Moore
Pulliam, Wiley etal Byrd, Thos B etal 46 2557 1847 James Pulliam dec 1832. Rhoda - life interest in whole estate. James next of kin: children of brother, chdrn of sister. Thomas Byrd exec. (those appointed refused). Rhody dec 1846?
Matthis, Luke Saunders, Hull, Catherine, Joseph 46 2558 1827
Mayson, Charles Mayson, James and Edward 46 2559 1827 Is Hull Joseph A? Rebecca Saunders dec.
Moragne, John Moragne, P.B. 46 2560 1819
McClerg, Margaret McClerg, Eliz, Harriet, Sarah 46 2561 1825
Morrows, Wm Kirkwood, Peggy 46 2562 1817
Marshall, Isabella Marshall, Mary 46 2563 1826 John Marshall dec. Samuel Marshall, admin
Robertson, John etal Robertson, Robt etal 46 2564 1822 Slave dispute Wm. Robertson dec?
Wilson, J G Andrews, Catherine Z 46 2565 1858 Franklin B.
Watson, Geo Mc D Watson, Jas F 46 2566 1859 George Mc. D. Watson, gdn. James F. Watson 1859
Mattison, G.M. Johnson, Gabriel W. 46 2567 1864
Martin, Jacob Martin, Luther L 46 2568 1856 Eatate of J.C. Martin? James Martin owed estate?
Wideman, Margaret Zimmerman, M. Caroline 46 2569 1862 Phillip L. Zimmerman, ward. John Grah, Attny.
Wilson, J R F McCrackan, Wm. A 46 2570 1860
Mattison, Archibald Morgan, Milly and children 46 2571 1843
DeLaHowe, Trustee Waddel, M etal 46 2572 1831
McGhee, JC and wife Myrich* L 46 2573 1824 refusal of partition
Watkins, Wilson Bradley, John and Martha E 46 2574 1886 A. Bradly dec. M.E. Talbert ward also
Casey, W.W. and wife McKinney*, Wm R et al 47 2575 1851 part see 2578 Elizabeth K McKinney Casey, Wm R. McKinney, kids of Roger McKenney (dec 42). Wid Susan A McKinney. Her father, james S. Wilson? (a name unreadable in one place) also dec. Wills of James and Roger. names: eakins, Ross, Moore. Oliver L. Wiliams. others
Harris, Elizabeth Harris, Elizabeth, Ann, Wm, Willis 47 2576 1845 gdn
Power, John Wm Power, H W etal 47 2577 1853 writ to sell land will of Wm P. raiferd, grand father. Wuife, Susan C, son John Montague Raiferd, Susan Caoline. 2 grnd chidn: Louisa Raiferd Power, John Wm Power.Susan’s father? Robert H.W. Hodges Louisa m William Logan, dec. chldn: Wm raifoerd Logan, Mary Suan Logan. Susan, Louisa dec. Henry F. Power fath orator. Lots of detail, plats of land.
Raiford, Wm his will 47 2577 1853
McKinney, Wm R Casey, W.W. 47 2578 1860 part see 2575 Eliz. K Porter, Martha Porter
Gillam, Lewis Metal Gilliam Gillam, James 47 2579 1853 part Robert Gillam will 1813 (dec. 11) Wid: Elizabeth Sons+heirs: Wm and James (orator) and children of Philemon B. Waters dec. Eliz died decem 1851. Lewis son of Eliz and admin. Long tale. Eliz lived with F.B. Higgins nephew in law. Robert Wallace, Patrick Caldwell.
Hughes, BP Martin, James etal 47 2580 1857 gdn out of order
Hall, Wm Hall, Sarah etal 47 2581 1839 gdn out of order Benj. F. Adams md Barzilla Hall. Wm C Hall, Sarah minors of John Hall. Sarah P, Dorothy, Lucinda Hall Holt? others
Caldwell, Samuel Sp***, Thos P 45 2582 gdn
Hughes, B.P. Richey, Robt W 47 2582 1850 gdn
Baskin, James Giles, Wm 47 2583 1828 marriage dispt Wife’s brother samuel Young - LONG arguement
Hamilton, James A Davis, Benj F. 47 2584 1842 gdn N.J. davis also 1849 both gdns
Hammond, Wm. J and wife Martin, Agnes R 47 2585 1854 gdn R. Agness grnddaughter Margaret P (formerly) Martin
Harper, J.C. Kellar, Jno C 47 2586 1855 gdn Jno. F. Keller
Crawford, Mary Livingston, Thos 47 2587
Wardlaw, Robt. H etal Jones 47 2588 1843
Perrin, Geo H Rob’t Perrin Livingston 47 2589 1823 mortgage
Wright, James and wife etal Mitchell, Frances etal 47 2591 1824 Prince Ed County, VA James Glean Gleen? hanover Cnt VA harris? Dudly Richard gdn heirs of Peter Coleman. Molly harris m. David Coleman. thomas Bartue? Basten? Snippy complaint
Merriwether, John Jeffers, Nathan Logan, John estate 47 2592 1820 sale of land Col. John Logan estate, cap Zacharia Merriwether, dabney Puckett larkin gains, Jno. M. Davenport, Andrew Sims
Houston, Hugh 47 2593 1820 pension 98 years as of 10 June 1823. military record covering Revolution. Interesting story.
Marshall, Samuel etal Livingston 47 2594 1821 bond
Robertson, David and james Slatan? Haton? etal Livingston 47 2595 1826 bond
Burkhatler, Wm et al Jones H.A. Jones 47 2596 1846 bond John Hoy? Hay? Foy? Wm Humphry.
Burton, Jno Pace, Jno 47 2597 1823 Silas Pace estate not much here.
Duley*, Mary Duley*, Thos (State Gazette) 47 2598 1810 Nov 3, 1810 Edition of South Carolina Gazette
Perrin, Abner Black 47 2599 1837 gdn Elizabetha Perrin. this is a rebuke of gdn
Robertson, Jas M etal Collier, Edmund and wife etal 47 2600 1833
Martin, John C Black, Wm C 47 2601 1838 summons of gdn M.M. Linton (Sinton?) J.M.? argh
Tillman, Stephen Sr Harrison, Benj etal 47 2602 1813 probate dispute Estate of George Tilman dec. father of Lewis Tilman). Interesting and Long. Francis Tilman-wife, sons: Lewis, Frederick, Littleberry + Stephan Tilman (Youngest, not of age)
Woods, R.W. Woods James etal 47 2603 Only indication of date the fact that David lesly is involved - that puts it 1820-40 some time.
Brevier*, F Breamen? Bremar? McBee, Wadden* et al 47 2604 1798 Wm Bratton. Richard A. Raply?
Bean, Alex ander Thos Livingston 47 2605 1824 mort John McKellar dec. Alexander Bowie? Boun?
McKellar , John dec. 47 2605 1824
Hill, Samuel L Hill, Sarah, C. Ramsey 47 2606 1841 gdn sarah C. Ramsey (formerly Hill) Ashbury Ramsey husband, Lewis H Hill
Hester, Thos J Belcher, Rebcca 47 2607 1860 gdn
Harris, W Caine*, S.V* 47 2608 1860
Hester, Louisa Hester, John H 47 2609 1850 gdn Elizah Hestor, rebecca F Hestor
Hearst, J.L. Hearst, J. C. 47 2610 1859 gdn
Lynch, Thos Henry, J.W. Honey? 47 2611 No Date
Houston, J.A. Houston, Alice .M. 47 2612 1860 gdn
Hackett, A.G. Hackett, Ella C. 47 2613 1839 gdn
Harrison, Jas S. Harrison, Margaret Bowie 47 2614 1843 gdn his infant daughter
Huston, Robert Hutson? Brame*, S.C. etal 47 2616 1829 Jubal L Neely Eddins. J.A. Ward estate
Hearst, Wm. S Lesley 47 2617 1851 mort
GIles, A Crawford, James 47 2618 1840 gdn
Thompson, Margaret and Rob’t Foster, E 47 2619 1835 gdn and criminal complaint ? Sloan + Sarah (wf). Marg and Sarah chdn Robert Thompson dec many years. WD: Margaret (now Scott) with 5 kids - thomas, Elizabeth and orators. samuel thompson, bro of dec and admin. Elijah Foster, gdn Ephriam Davis, Ebenezer Foster security. evidently, the wf of Foster gdn stole Elijah’s inheritance?
Davis, Wm and wife Elizabeth Lyscomb, Nathan and Jemima 47 2620 1815 complaint Nathan and Jemima Lipscomb. Elizabeth.
Power, John Grow*, Joseph grows? groves? 47 2621 1828 partnership complaint
Davis, Edward and wife etal Hall, Fenton etal 47 2622 1814 complaint heirs of Elias Dejerneth of VA (23 April 1783). sarah (widow) md Israel Pickens in SC. his daughter, Elizabeth, Nancy. Land title - nancy davis. Eliz. md. Mr. Maulden. Fenten, nate hall, other names
Wardlaw, Joseph and wife Hodges G.W. 47 2623 1828 part Wm. Davis dec. 1821 is the return Slave question. Mrs Davis, widow. Anika, slave
Dejernette, Elias LeFevor? Isaac and Rob’t Allen 47 2624 1816 part dispute More of 2622, but earlier. Much info. Wid of Reuben Dejernette of Pendleton :Ellender (also admin). Isreal Pckens (gone to Tenn) bond. james Gardner bone. Wid md Isaac Lefever. Slave dispute.
Maddox, A etal Posey, David P 47 2625 1816 Henly? Augustine Maddox
Caldwell, Charles Abigail Cochran 47 2626 Probate From probate listed above” Louisa W Cochrran was child of Charles caldwell and Jno. C. Cochran’s (dec 12 feb 1817)widow. Pd some of Uncle Jno caldwell, dec. Abigail had a daughter, Elizabeth. box 15 p 317,318
Shillito, Geo. Caldwell. Morrah, Hugh and Abigail 47 2626 1828 admin of Abigail Caldwell, Adminx of C. Caldwell. John R Calwell. see probat b15, packs 317,318
Russell, Josiah Rogers, Rebecca etal 47 2627 1815-1830 abt 1822 Major Mccomb
Martin, Thos P etal Miller, John etal 47 2628 1822 fraud John Allen, John McMahan
Hammond, LeRoy Hallcode, Geo etal Hancode? Hancock? 47 2629 1814 Mary Rambo chiild of ? Hammond. Jas McQueen. Late Suzannah Rambo (since Mrs. K --)1807
Moragne, Isaac etal Revere, Francis etal 47 2630 1814 Dacrqusil?? French name. hard to read. W. Bowie? Delany Carrol.
Watson, Richard and wf Elizabeth Harris Elizabeth 47 2631 1849 order to pay
Pressley, John etal Reuion****, E W etal Herndon? 47 2632 1831 Sale of property Thos. W. Herndon
Robinson, Jane Anthony, mark S. 47 2633 1847 order to pay
Collier, Edward Robertson, George dec. 47 2634 1835 James Robertson, George Robertson dec. H. Pope
Morrell, James and Mary May? Adams*, James etal 48 2635 1828 James, Hezekiah, Gideon, Nathaniel, Dunny? Lucy? no - Quincy Adams. Benj. Adams, John Adams.
Noble, E.P. Noble, Edmund, Samuel, Alex 48 2636 1842 may have been marked bx 47
Bell, Jas E.G. Bell, Allen T et al 48 2637 1842 gdn Allen T, Massilon?, Rob’t T, Constantine Bell may have been marked bx 47
Brownlee, Robert Brownlee*, Samuel R. 48 2638 1845 have been marked bx 47
Nickles, Ms E.B. Nickles, Elizabeth 48 2639 1863 Susan Nichols may have been marked bx 47
Nelson, Enoch Nelson, Mary A 48 2640 1846 Wesley F Nichols
Hill, Samuel L Davis, James A 48 2641 1848 gdn james a., Joseph A. Lewis A , E.L., Benj F, Addison, Ephriam L Davis Lewis E. Hill
Norwood, Jas A Belcher, Jas 48 2642 1852 gdn John H
Noble, Edward Noble, Elizabeth 48 2643 1850 Samuel B.
Hunter, A and jane Morrow, Jas 48 2644 1830 lunatic Rob’t jackson lunatic
Rice, Zere** Zeri Hatter, Benj (Halter)? 48 2645 1817 Thos Gooman, Patsy Rice - law suit
Wilson, John Hughes, James 48 2646 1821 Jacob Read
Simpson Simpson 48 2647 complaint Abuse complaint with huge number of witnesses. John Patterson. Leonard Simpson lvs with Father. Mrs. Casey, wife’s sister. Suzannah, Elise, Elizabeth, Jane (now Whitman?). Delilah Casey. H.W. Davis. Sarah Hutchinson. Domestic mahem
Crawford, Wm dec. 48 2648 1848
Sherard, Wm McCurry, Jackson 48 2648 1848 part Wm Crawford dec. Very hard reading
Glenn, Jas E etal Connor, Lewis est Mitchell, L.M. 48 2649 1827 Lewis Mitchell
Hearst, J.W. Robinson, Jabez P 48 2650 1860
Campbell, Jas Cobb, James 48 2651 1822 judgement
Robertson, Capt Wm Lee, Wm 48 2652 1822 order to pay
Williams etal Maxwell, J Chas 48 2653 1822 John Maxwell dec.
Heard, John W etal Heard Jas P etal 48 2654 1822 Mrs. White, admx of John White
Calvert, John Neely, Chas etal 48 2655 1826 partition Jackson Calvert dec. Beisset? Watson - overseer. J Calvert, son.
Wardlaw, Joseph and wife Hodges, GW 48 2656 1826 part Chldren: James, Lewis W, Judith, Eliza Davis - signed by James butler, Dudly Richardson, Alexamber Sample, Richard gains, Richard Griffin. Eliz. Wardlaw, exectx. Wm Davis land sold
Pinchback, Wm McCraven*, James etal 48 2657 1830 John McCraven complaint
Pressley, Calvin and wife McComb, John 48 2658 1829 Will and part gdn Shusan? Susan? Sims. A Will: Rosannah Taylor wid. Mary, Betsy, susan, Peggy Taylor, Martha Dorlap? Dunlap?? Childrn Rob’t Taylor Granchildren of Testator - who is not named (WHY???) To my daughter Jane Anderson when she comes of age. Polly Anderson.
Calhoun, James et al Prather, JW etal 48 2659 1829 part Jes Beall, part intestate. exec of Beu or Benj. of J. Beall. E.N. Calhoun. Jeremiah Beal. A. Scott, Taggart, Banks, Norwood, Andrew Rembert.
Wardlaw, James Pitts, Charles 48 2660 1826 order to pay estate of meriwether
Crawford, Mary Giles A 48 2661 1834
Hackney, Joseph Rapley*, R.A 48 2662 1814 West Cook dec. John Talbot john Daos? Davis? Does? Lord C.G. Montegue, dec. John Purvis, Lomax, Hatcher, John McQueen
Norwood, Jas A Belcher, Wm N etal 48 2663 1852 gdn henry Clay Belcher, Warren, Wm. N, WW, John, Williamson H, Mary Belcher, minor children of R.E. Belcher.
Norwood, Jas A Cobb, James M (Cook?) 48 2664 1866 gdn
Weatherall, John and Betsey etal Jones, Benj. 48 2665 1821 complaint This is a winner - seems Benjamin re-wrote the will when his daddy was very old, leaving out John Jones and Betsey Wetherall, his siblings. chld A.C> Jones. james Wardlaw, George Bowie. An arrest warrent - “You are instructed to attack the body of Benj. Jones...”
Rabein Rabun? Daniel raybun? rayburn? McClesky, David H and martha 48 2666 1821 jane Raybun
Maverick, S Gen. Anderson, Robert etal 48 2667 1817 Anderson of Pendleton (Anderson County named after him? R. Anderson dec 25 Dec 1812. Keowee River land to son, Robt Anderson. Guard: Robt, Anderson Maxwell. names kids in will. Not named here. Title of land and history. Documents his love and care for his slave staff.
Price, Susannah Anderson, Thos 48 2668 1817 Thos Anderson Sr. dec 1800, will 1795. Life legacy, to Thom Jr. Wm Anderson exec. Thomas (sr?) exec father William Anderson. He was paying Susannah Price until he became insolvent in 1813
Martin, Thos P etal Sanders, Thos A 48 2669 1826 Donnald F. Sanders dec brother of Thomas. 1/2 sister Amanda Brooks w/ Mrs. Brooks
Belcher, W.W. Wideman, W.H., Jas, Josh, Mary s 48 2670 1860 grd 1839-61
Noble, Wm P Noble, Joseph A, Ezekial, WP 48 2671 1831 guard 1831-37
Wardlaw, Joseph Chiles, Wm 48 2672 1826 Lilly dec. Edmund and others - owed money
Oliver, John C Carlile, F.H. etal 48 2673 1826 debt Frances H , Josesph B Gilb... debt
Wood, Rachael W Wood, James admin 48 2674 1826 argument
Anderson, Wm Campbell, Wm et al 48 2675 1830 part Duncan campbell dec. Wife and eight kids, no names. Enos (son). mary (wid) 1 brother dec intestate
Pressley, Jno B Lowe*, Pleasant 48 2676 1830 James Cochran dec. Hard to read
Patterson, James Devlin, John 48 2677 1827 guard Robert Smyth dec. Son Rob’t Smith. Present wife child of daughter Nancy Patterson, wf of James
Maybry, Mathis W Holmes, Wyatt 48 2678 1853
Saxon, B.H. Crawford, Eben* etal 48 2679 1825 Sham Midford, Graham Medford, Rhoda Crawford is mother. No named dec.
Darrocott, Herbert Turnbull, Jane etal 48 2680 1827 nasty complaint Jane is the aging mother-in-law. John Turnbull. Judge said: “This is the most ungracious action I have ever saw (sic) indroduced into a court of law.”
Poole, Caroline etal Sample, Jas etal 48 2681 1825 part Micajah ? Poole dec. Son Rob’t Poole. Nancy Young. Rob’t died. Caroline his daughter. Washington Sample, Henreietta? Richardson
Eddins, Wm etal Wilson*, Wm 48 2682 1823 daughters and sons. Mary Ann. Todd Swife? No Names!!
Gaines, John etal Gaines, Richards etal 48 2683 1829 Heirs of Edward Gains dec 1809. Richard, brother of dec. Edmund Ware. Andrew Robertson
Lesly, D Nelson, Norris 48 2684 1829 part guard Virginia Duffle? Delph? Webb? John? B. Webb? William P Df? Robert J. Mary F. Martha Delph?, Lousie E. Rob’t P children. Ware Guardian. Henry Delph.
South, Luke H etal Bighe, Geo, Bigbee, A. 48 2685 1829 arguement Archibald Bigbee. (Wm. G Martin, Rebecca Martin, John Davis commers), Benj South dec. kids minors. 2 other brothers, wid brothers, Luke, Thomas Hanks. Pendleton. title disputes.
Pritchard, Henry Willis Bostick Neely, Jubal etal 48 2686 1829 Haygood, witness
Karey, Robt Karey, Jane 48 2687 1852
Noble, Edward Anderson, Robert and Mary 48 2688 1853 Slave dispute H.L. (S?) Wembush. J.M.? Wimbish? Thomas Anderson. thomas Pickins.
Black,W.B. Black, Sarah L. 48 2689 1847 W.B. dec
Branyan, Thos Branyan, Francis M. 48 2690 1852 guard
Brownlee, Robt Brownlee, Martha 48 2691 1846 guard
Brownlee, John Martin, John M. 48 2692 1838 guard date?
Lomax, Aaron et al Morrah, Jane etal 48 2693 1838 Alex Hunter
Bostick, Tolivar dec 49 2694 1818
Hill, Thom admin Polly Hill dec (Mary) 49 2694
Richardson, Wm etal Livingston, Taliafereo Bostick, Tolvr 49 2694 1818 Wm and Willis Bostick exec Toliver Bostick dec. Dudly, Turner, Thomas Hill (admil on Polly Hill dec). Not much here.
Puckett, Wm Crawford, Geo B etal 49 2695 1845 gdn Geo. B., (gone to Miss), James B, Mary Louisa Craford. Wm C Puckett gdn. Mary L Connor.
Cochran, Major John dec Cochran, Alex and Jon Wesley 48 2696 1845 gdn Estate A. R. Cochran. James N admin of estate 1839. Dr. A B
Pruit, Ally Pruit, Louisa and Enoch 49 2697 1855 gdn John Pratt admin of Ally E. W. Pruit dec 1862 Sam Pruit admin
Pratt, Mary Hughes Pratt, J W L Louisa 49 2698 1865 gdn James L. Pratt, Mary E Pratt. Lots of documents
Beacham*, Sarah, O. Beacham*, ThosJ, NancyA, Wm O. 49 2699 1853 Nannie Beacham, monor. Minneola
Brownlee, Robt Brownlee, Hugh F et all 49 2700 1845 gdn Fanny, Hugh F. Sarah Jane, Savannah B. Lots of info
Brauch, Dr. Isaac Pettigrew, Nancy E. GeoG. 49 2701 1851 gdn
Brauch, Dr. Isaac Shoemaker*, H.E. 49 2702 1851 gdn H.E. wf of Franklin Adams
Bigby, Mary A Bigby, Wm A, E.A. 49 2703 1860 gdn Alapia? E.B.? another sister?
Belcher, W.W. Zimmerman, Mary C. and Phillip L 49 2704 1861 gdn
Barrett*, John P. Watson, C.A. 49 2705 1852 gdn Catherine
Belcher, Wm W. Glasgow, Jas. A. 49 2706 1856 gdn
Boyd, JC Boyd, Mary F 49 2707 1868 gdn Lots of material
Arnold, James et al Arnold, Judeth 49 2708 1818 John Morrow? Dbney McGee, Wm. Lindsey, Judith Arnold. Not much
Cunningham, John Noble, Elizabeth B 49 2709 1847 gdn
Cochran, John Cochran, John W 49 2710 1855 One is John Wesley Cochran; one is John N Cochran.
Boozer, Mary Boozer, H Dickson 49 2711 1857 gdn
Cromer, Elizabeth dec 49 2712 1852
Penny, H H Elizabeth Cromer Johnson, Elizabeth 49 2712 1852 Elizabeth Cromer, dec
Davis, John S? L? , Suzannah Wilson, Elizabeth and Obediah 49 2713 1819 Summons Only the summons
Boozer, John Boozer, J.H. 49 2714 1856 gdn
Brownlee, Hugh B. Barmore*, J. L 49 2715 1881 pwr atty Lee, Miss.
Byrd, Thos. B Pulliam, Jas and Rhody both dec 49 2716 1847 8 children? Jack and wife, slaves? Byrd is admin. not much here
Baker*, Jane L. Baker, Wm T 49 2717 1859 gdn
Vandrich E E Vandiver? Vaudiner? Barmore J L 49 2718 1881 Pwr of Att. Lee, Miss
Brooks, F. M. Brooks, Whitfeld 49 2719 1857 gdn
Cobb, Jas H Pettigrew, R.L., Thomas 49 2720 1854
Bullock, M.L. Griffin, Geo. W 49 2721 1857 gdn
Black, Ellenor M. Black, Hattie, Harriet E. Anne E 49 2722 1862 gdn
Bowie, James L Bowie, Wm L 49 2723 1847 gdn Wm Bowie former gdn
Buech**, Bush? Burt? McDuffie, Geo 49 2724 1850 gdn
Power*, E.F. Power, Edwin 49 2725 1879 W.V. Clinkscales?
Day, Nathaniel Power, Thomas 49 2726 1862 gdn
McCoy, Alex Bell, Martha 49 2727 1817 summons Radhel Miller, Mary Campbell, Francis McAlister, John Power
Partlow*, John A Baker, Elizabeth 49 2728 1857
Bostick, Toliver Wooldridge*, Leah et al 49 2729 1820 Summons
Harris, Wm and Elizabeth Lypscomb, Nathan and Jamima 49 2730 1816 James Bullock, Willys? dec
Minter*, Wm Elane*? Elam?, John 49 2731 1804 John Terry, Green Jackson
McMorrise, Morgan McMorries, Janes 49 2732 1837 gdn Ewing F. Calhoun, Edmund M Covington, Loundes, Miss.
Boozer, John G trustee Wilson, Catherine N 49 2733 1860 trust
Bowie, Francis Wilson, Henry R 50 2734 1835 dept
McComb, Rebecca McComb, Catherine etal 50 2735 Out of order. look after 37 John McComb, dec. Rebecca-mother. mom wants to forclose on widow (Catherine)? others
Pinchbeck, Wm Craven*, Jas M etal 50 2736 1831 Out of order. 35 after 37 Jno. W. Craven, his brother. Depts and books. Long complaint
Hallman, Wm etal Glenn, Jas E 50 2737 1831 nothing
Cobb, Jas Johnson, Patrick 50 2738 1831 Col. Blanding, Mr. Wardlaw. Contract dispute. Very bad reading. Arabella Martin, dec. Thom P. Martin, gdn, John C. Martin. Jno Campbell, John Gibron?
Martin, Arabella dec 50 2738 1831
DeLaHowe, Waddell, Moses etal 50 2739 1831 complaint Estate of Dr. John De La Howe (one of the oldest settlers in the area), admin, Dr. John Red and Frances Davis (daughter Joseph Davis) wife, P. Noble, James Wardlaas, Ezekiel Noble, H. See (Lee?) - “Among the best men of their country.” Estate of John Hammond (Kiddle vs. Hammond?)
Hammond, John dec 50 2739 1831
Carter, Wm Trustee Carter, Larkin G* lunatic 50 2740 1854 lunatic
Cunningham, Sarah dec 50 2741 1852 great writing Heirs: chld of dec bros and sisters: Thomas Payne (co-def), a neph. Jabez Wh Johnson, another. Compl: grandkids of dec. brother., Angus Campbell. Defend: md. daughter of Robert Campbell, favorite niece, Rachel. Wm. Young of Laurence. John W. Simpson. John Garlington.
Owens, Martha , Sarah, Catherine Simpson, Edwin G., Thomas Payne 50 2741 1852 Long complaint Sarah Cunningham, old wid lady (72-73yrs) dec 3-1851. No kids. Brother: Ronb’t Campbell. Laurens.. Joel Smith. Near Swanzy’s Ferry. Had 5 persons of color who she loved and wanted to provide for. Some heirs were less than graceful about it. Long, interesting story. Wit: Waller B. merriwether, Joel Smith, Thomas R. Puckett, George Anderson, Allen vance, MG Overby, R.M. Puckett, Wm. Smith, John Wl - neighbors at Swanzy’s
Brown, J.P. et al T. Devall*, Sarah 50 2742 1821 dep Hard To Read (HTR)
Robertson, James etal Collier, Edward and Mary 50 2743 1831 Robert G. Quates? Quaries? Mary, wf. Martha Ann Robertson
Beauford, James Hill, Samuel exec et all 50 2744 1837 land dispute John Armstrong. Hamilton Hill (now dec) helped purchase (issue of 1st wif by grfather Paul), wid Peggy. Marg. B. Chd: Elizabeth (md. Thomas McDill), Jane Amanda, Sarah, samuel A. Lewis A. James W. Hill.
Hill, Hamilton, John 50 2744 1837
Delph, Robert P dec 50 2745 1828
Delph, Robt P dec Robertson, Reuben 50 2745 1828
Duncan, Patrick Arnold, Augustine etal 50 2745 1828 Robert P Delph dec. 1827 Reuben Robertson, Rachel, Elijah Robertson. 7 children. Virginia (md Wm Lymar?), Judge B?, Wm P., Robt J., Mary F., Martha G., Louisa B (some monors). Edmund Ware.
Wright, James etal MItchell, Francis etal 50 2746 1824 long complaint Dudly Richardson gdn heirs of Peter. Thomas Bartee? Molly G. Coleman, wid David Coleman. Support Peter H Coleman (a lad when leaving VA). Mary Gilbert, Anna and Henry Gilbert. Francis Glen, Nahew? nephew maybe? Glenn, James Glenn, Cumberland VA. James Glenn dec. Hanover, VA. Gideon Glenn, Nehemia and Nathan Glen (exec?). Molly glenn harris. md. Coleman , then Bartee. read it.
Lesley, D Patterson, James (Nancy dec) 50 2747 Robert Snyth
Robertson, Andrew Maddox, Richard and Peggy 50 2748 complaint John Robertson dec. Wid. since dec. Can’t read. grmthr, Jane Robertson, dec
Whitten, J.S and wife Merriwether, Francis etal 50 2749 1827 Robt Merriwether. Francis Ann, M. Elizabeth infant daughters Hard to Read -
Marshall, Samuel etal Patterson, Jas etal 50 2750 1831 long complaint gdn of his son and ward. Moses John Anderson. Admin Jno McComb. Taggart minors. Sam Caldwell, James Pulliam, Rebecca McComb, lefatees of Wm Vickory. Long complaint.
Vickory, Wm. dec 50 2750
Darrocott, H turnbull, Jane 50 2751 performance
Caldwell, Geo R Webber, Geo C et al 50 2752 1861 Edna B. Webber, Sarah G. Webber
Henderson, Thos S Red, Rebecca and Jemima 50 2753 1844 gdn
Pressley, Geo W Gray, Drucilla etal 50 2754 1848 Drucilla md William Adams. Marcilla M Gray (dec by 49). Sam Hill, exec of Elizabeth Gray.
Clinkscales*, FB Clinkscales, Jas W Louisa J 50 2755 1843 gdn FB gdn of his minor kids. Mary Caroline, Albert Jackson. John Wesley. Dd. Merriman?
Clinkscales, Wm Burton, JF etal 50 2756 1865 Mary Alasyn? 2 Mary s? Sopherina J?
Cook, Samuel B Talbert, Ansel G. 50 2757 1871 Mrs. Frances A Tolbert amin
Moragne, Peter F Moragne, John 50 2758 1831 dec/wid no namees. 1819-20
Cunningham, John Dendy, Chas. Martin, Benj 50 2759 1868 James? Junious Martin?
Crawford, Sarah Tomkins, Steven Crawford, Michael 50 2760 1803 Henry Kee? Edgefield. Sr. and jr. M Crawford elder
Pettigrew, Wm and Jsa Calhoun, Wm and John 50 2761 1813 Richard A. Raply. Thomas Milford
Anderson, Robt Calhoun, Joseph 50 2762 1791 performance Thomas Brandon. Richard Andrews raply and Robt. Maxwell
Weatherall, Jno etal Jones, Benj. 50 2763 1814 Jno’s wif, Betsy. John Jones, Geo Weatherall, James Wardlaw, George Bowie, Adam Crain Jones dec. Warning: Don’t skip town
Creswell, Elihu etal Martin, Benj 50 2764 1845 Note Albert Waller, Henry Creswell
Cowan, Jas Pruit, Louisa J 50 2765 1864 Phillip Cromer, dec. Mrs. D.A. Cromer
Cromer, John P Cramer* (Cromer?), W Oscar 50 2766 1862 gdn
Carter, Wm Little, Jas R 50 2767 1861 gdn
Beggs, James Goodwin, Chamberlain LeRoy 50 2768 1808 gdn Chamberlain is a minor over 14. Others: Charles, Eliza, Amelia henchcliff Goodwin -all under 14. Charles Goodwin dec
Liddel, Jas T etal Martin, Benj Y 50 2769 1842 Est. P. Noble Thomas Cunningham, Wm. Meany?
Noble, P 50 2769 1842
Hammond, Samuel Hammond, Chas 50 2770 1814 run out on debt Steven Garrett.
Calhoun?, Joseaph Perrin, Wm 50 2771 1805 bond
Gordon, Jas Rapley, richard Andrews 50 2772 1809 bond Andrew Bowie. Thomas Jordon and Eliz. his wife. Samul Weems, Marg Weems Sarah. robt Kening? eliz wf. James Weems, Robert and Mary Ferguson
Cothran, John Boggs, Mary T 50 2773 1854 gdn
Lane, Agnes Cox Cox, John C 50 2774 1861 gdn
Brightman, Thos et al Brightman, Mariah C. 50 2775 1826 Skip warning James Reuban? Butler? and Ann wf. G. Mosely and Rebecca wf. Violet? Brightman by her agent, James Butler?
Heard, Bailey etal Merriweather, Zachary 50 2776 1825 Skip warning
Berrian*, James.W.M.et al Martin, Benj* Y. 50 2777 1842 Nathaniel harris, John A Noble note
McCoy, Alex McCoy, Martha 50 2778 1816 Skip warning Joseph Bell,
Arnold, Judith Arnold*, James 50 2779 1816 Skip Warning Joseph Foster and Eliz. Benj Reynolds?, W, barbery?, John Vincen Regntor? Wm Graves
Taylor, Ann Taylor, Walter T 50 2780 1811 Order to behave John Caldwell, sherriff
Donald, Jno etal Rickey, Isaac 50 2781 1849 part Wm Agnew. John rasor dec in ‘46 before father - Christopher Raser (49). John Donald jr. George w. Raasor. Ezekiel and Sarah rasor gdn Sarah L, Permelia - 2 minors. Worth a read
Rasor, Christopher, John 50 2781 1849
Kirkpatrick, Jane wid of Thomas Kirkpatrick, Mary 50 2782 1849 part
Torrence, Andrew etal Tunneau? Renolds, S 50 2783 1806 Betty Birdsong, John Merrell? Wm. John Reynolds
Wingfield, A. Sarah. etal Blade, Drury etal 50 2784 1849 Susan A. Tate Evens? She’s a minor, whatever.
Calhoun, Wm. dec and martha Y 50 2785 1849
La Roy, Jas H and Elizabeth McCelvy*, James L and Jane 50 2785 1849 part martha Y. Calhoun-wid?. Land of Wm. M Calhoun lately dec.
Goodman, Charles Kennan, Henry, Eliza SarahKaunan? 50 2786 1773 note Samuel Saxon? Mathias Pippen? Ephraim ramsey?
Foreman, Isaac Foosman Freeman? Hart, Benj etal 50 2787 1803 Benjamin Darby, Edgefield. Wm Hill, Sampson Buler, John Dunlap
Cavin? Carren? Cain? Margaret McDowall, W. and Jane 50 2788 1828
Farrow, Samuel McDowall, Patrick Martin, Shadrack 50 2789 1793 settlement
Watson, Richard and Elizabeth Harris, Elizabeth 50 2790 1849 part William harris dec. 11 Nov 1839. Mary F. Harris legatee owed Jemima Lispcomb estate? E. harris, guard of my wife, Eliz. (Richard Watson)
Bostick, Willis exe Bostick, Toliver Poole, Micajah* et al 50 2791 1819 Skip warning Micajah exec of Thomas poole. Leah Wooldridge, Wm Richardson, Dudly and Turner Richardson -= Dr. Zachary merriwether and Belinda his wife. John McComb. Thom Hill admin Polly Hill
Tate, Enos Thomas J Heard, A.O. Tate Hunter, Alex etal 50 2792 1849 Long argument A.D. Hunter
Brauch, Dr. I* Mann*, Robt M. 50 2793 1848 mort
Bowie, Arthur a. Robertson M et al 50 2794 1848 John (son of testator) is of age. A daughter married to Bowie. Sarah and Emily Robertson well grwon. R. M. Davis, gdn. Will of Hugh Robertson ref. to. Robert M. Davis, Alexander Oliver, Bannister Allen wit.
Goodman, Charles. etal Hatcher*, Jeremiah etal 50 2795 1810 Col. LeRoy Hammond. Loan John Blake. Jos Robt Prescott. Wm Green Charles Hammond
Hammond, LeRoy Powers*, Robt 50 2796 1811 John Power, Susannah Rambo. John C. Allen. george Hancock Powers
McMurphy, G.Y. John Talbot edgefield Hatcher, Jeremiah david Mims 50 2797 1811 samuel Scott dec. Thomas Cobb
Scott, Samuel dec 50 2797 1811
Caldwell, Daniel Whitaker, Isaac 50 2798 1813 settlement
Earle, Elias Richards, Wm etal 50 2799 1816 Pendleton. james harrison of Greenville
Young, Robt Robt Woolridge McComb, John 50 2800 1818 Benj. Jones. Adam Cain Jones esq. dec.
Maxwell, Chas etal Connor, Francis 50 2801 1830 Wm. Eddins, James Gilliam
Baskin*, James L et al Giles, Wm. 50 2802 1837 Baskins admin for Mary Giles dec. wf . John baskin, Thomas Cunningham james Cook
Bostick, S et al Savage, Samuel 50 2803 1806 Skip warning Steven Bostick and Toliver
Bryce, John and James Hall Caldwell, John sherriff 50 2804 1812
Brown, Hamilton Davis, Edward 50 2805 1809
Berkley, Joseph Rapley, Richard Andrew Commis. 50 2806 1809
Sanders**??, John etal Rapley, Richard Andrew Commis. 50 2807 1809 Josiah Chambers
Green, Geo Rapley, Richard Andrew Comms 50 2808 1809 John Swaine. Rosly Roply?? Sarah Greene dec. James Greene. Charles Cullings
Greene, Sarah dec 50 2808 1809
Elgin, Robt etal Rapley, Richard Andrew Commis. 50 2809 1809 Alex Elgin. James Kay hay? Gabriel Long and Mary (late Satimore) and James Satimore. John Matthison and Grace (late Satimore), Stephen Salimon? Clement Theobold Satermore? Cagey Elgin - rob’t Elgin’s present wife?
Sherer, James etal Rapley, Richard Andrew Commis. 50 2810 1809 Morgan Hood
Cleveland, Benj John Barton Steppe, Jesse 50 2811 1806 Admin Joseph Steppe
Shaw, Wm Robt Anderson - pendleton Williams*?, Wm 50 2811 1806 Matilda wf of James Goudy. Thomas Stevens
Creagh, Thomas Bevan? James Kyle Mosely, Charles 50 2812 1804
Speke, John Sam Lindsay of Newberry Belew, John Joachim 50 2813 1791 Chas. W. Bulaw? exec Joachim Bulau dec. Bulow?
Crafton, Samuel Cook, W and Rayland, Geo 50 2814 1791 Thomas Key, James Watson
Stewart, Polly Stewart, Wm 50 2815 1820 Skip warning
Deval, Harriet etal Devalle, Michael etal 50 2816 1809 Samuel, Jacob M Devall. Con game on wife. Hus and bros feece job
Bryce, Anne et al Bryce, John 50 2817 1812 Rev. Mr. James Head. Benj. Mitchell?
Harward, Enos* Brannon*, Jas E etal 50 2818 1817 Skip warning
Martin, John Allen Scott Martin, Prudence B 50 2819 1819 Skip Warning
Saxon, BH Brazeale, Willis Brazent ?? 50 2820 1829 Skip Warning Drury? Brazeal
Lesley, David etal Jones, Henry A. 50 2821 1843 Robert H Lesly. Wm. McWhorton
Patterson, LJ etal Martin, Benj 50 2822 1846 Lewis Patterson, Robt. H Wardlaw, I Wardlaw?
Gray, John etal Hamilton, Alexander 50 2823 1845
Wilson, Henry R etal Wilson, John R. Kennedy, Wm 50 2824 1842
Ruff, John gdn Ruff, Henry children 50 2825 1858 Hard To Read grandfather: H Geo Summers? Geo Buff. henry Huey? Dorothy (now Hawthorn), waltance? Elizabeth (now McFerris) Suzannah
Jones, Henry A Jones, Benj., Wh F., L? T.C. P. 50 2826
Penny, Henry H Cromer, Phillip etal 51 2827 1841 grn matters Elizabeth Johnson wf. of James A Johnson. HH Penney her brother. no kids E Cromer estate 400 acres.Ruff and Cromer, Lomax many others.
Towns, H.H. etal Townes Burt, A etal and wife 51 2828 1841 Wm Calhoun d 10 Dec 1840. W. Noble m Sarah M (daughter of testator) Chdr: Thomas, Lucrecia A . Townes, martha C. burt, Sarah M Noble, Euginia R Calhoun, G.W. Duffie Calhoun. Dr. HH Townes.
Ruff, John etal McCann, Ed 51 2829 1841 gdn Phillip Cromer
Stuart, Thomas C etal Calhoun, Ephriam, R etal 51 2830 1841 will stuff - execs Alexander Stuart dec 31 Jan. 1836? wf Peggy. Two sons, Thomas, David exec. David d 1837 ex. Jabez WH Johnston. Peggy died kate 1838. Dr. Ephriam calhoun her exec. Tabitha Davis (written very clearly) bought land from Peggy in 1835, on a note for $175.00. See box 63, same index. y
Bowie, Luther A Gilmer*, Jas T* and Alatha wf 51 2831 1840 gdn Alatha Bowi gdn Luther Alfred Bowi, Pinckney G, margaret E, George A, William L Bowie (new gdn of minors
Jersey, James Penney*, George 51 2832 1840 a note. Nothing.
Wilson, Jno Wilson, Jenet etal 51 2833 1841 Jno admin : Hugh Wilson dec. 1836. William H Downs
Conner, Frances A Connor, Fletcher 51 2834 1842 gdn Chdrn: Julia (m. Benj. Z Herndon 1 Apr 1848), Benson George, Leonides, Murroh Connor
Liddell, Francis C etal Swilling*, John etal (see 45-2494) 51 2835 1846 Asborn, Belinda? Belwon
Gibson, Jeremiah D Black, Jas W. 51 2836 1847 james W Balck
Simpson, Elizabeth etal Simpson**?, Robert (see 63 3340) 51 2837 1847 Alimony Archibald Mauldin wit
Cheatham, Thos Cheatham, E.A. 51 2838 1857 gdn Alisana A Norris, dec (formerlly Cheatham). Thom late gdn EA Norris. Fannie Sula Cheatham child.
Norris, Nelson Allen, Janet J, Geo A 51 2839 1829 gdn
Noble, Patrick Noble, Samuel etal 51 2840 1830 gdn thomas J Pickens (pendleton). John Cunninghanm, Jas N Cochran. Edward Noble, B Noble, Alex Noble
Noble, Mary H Noble, Catherine S 51 2841 1831 our of order Alexander noble dec. mary H Noble (Hillary? or is that the name of a child?) was his wife. John A. Noble. gdn of Jno R, Elizah M Catherine, James, Rebecca C, Suzannah E PINSON PINSIN. Downs Calhoun/Thomas Stuart gdn. Should have been filed with 2842 papers included
Calhoun, Nathan Pinson, Pinsin Ellen 51 2842 1832 gdn As Doowns Calhoun dec, nathan made gdn with Aaron Pinson.
Calhoun, Downes, Pinson*, Rebecca Wm Fooshe 51 2843 1841 gdn Rebecca Pinson, wm Fooshe
Cheatham, Thos Cheatham JR, and HA 51 2844 1847 gdn nothing much
Cheatham, Thos Cheatham, M.E. 51 2845 1850 gdn
Chaetham, B.M. Cheatham S.A.F. and Permelia 51 2846 1849 gdn
Speed, Wade Archer, John etal 51 2847 1843 est report Jno Ewing Calhoun estate. Admx Sarah A Archer
Cobb Jas H Posey, Charlotte E 51 2848 1850 gdn E Posey present Cobb, Swilling of Edgefield, trustee
Waller, C G Creswell, Jas etal 51 2849 1871
Waller A Griffin, Richard.C. and Thomas C 51 2850 1843
Clinkscales, Geo B Martin, Thos B 51 2851 1861 gdn
Nary, Jno E and wife Brauch, Dr. Isaac etal 51 2852 1841 legacy/dower John Wilson not much, as I recall
Cromer, Phillip Connor, Lucinda Jane CANNON 51 2853 1858 gdn
Sharp, Johnson W. Morrah, Jane 51 2853 1844 out of order double numbered. Comes before 2860
Taggart, Jas Lomax, Aron etal 51 2854 1845 complaint Moses Taggart, Houston .benj McKettrick with Lucretia hernman? Hersman? james F. Hent?
Pressley, Geo W Williams, Thos W etal 51 2855 1843 wf Maria. John B. Pressly Pressley dec
Patterson, Jas Jr Pattinou? Pattinon? Gary*, W W etal Minor W Gracy 51 2856 1843 mess Josiah C Pattinou (Paltinon?) dec 3 July 1839 Arthur M Pattinou dec 20 July 1842 Napoleeon B Pattinon dec 27 July 1838. Mourning S married Gracy 10 July 1842 see next pack
Black, W.C. Pearson, J.L. et al 51 2857 1842 acc’t more Patenou. Larkin reynolds in right of wife and gdn of James Napoleon Pattenou se eprev pack
Baskin*, John Baskin, Jas L. 51 2858 1845
Mayson, James L and wife Douglass John 51 2859 1844 Wm Douglas, dec
Lipscomb, John Peaster, M.H. 51 2860 1844 also numbered 2852 out of order
Pelot, Francis L Pelot, Harriet L etal 51 2861 1843 gdn mom Catherine Peolt dec, exec of John Pelot, husdec
Lomax, Lucian H Lomax, Matilda V etal 51 2862 1843 James Lomax, dec - there’s a james Jr.
Lyon, Sarah J Lyon, Martha H etal 51 2863 1864
Byrd,Mary Ann Graves*, Thos trustee 51 2864 1843
Bowie, S.A.et al Carson, James et al 51 2865 1841 gdn Wm Bowie, gdn of James J Gilmer, James Harrison, gdn Margaret B Harrison
Nash, Nancy Nash, Nancy A. Ophelia 51 2865 1828 gdn reports papers
Smith, Wm Adams, Jno D 51 2866 1843
Pettigrew, Jas L Pettigrew, Betsy Ann etal 51 2867 1845 gdn Thomas, Jane Francis, Eliz, George, Mary Florance Pettigrew. Wm Pettigrew dec? James and Alexander, admis Hezikiah Thom and wf. Betsy is the mother? unclear
Maddox, Richard JOnes 51 2868
Robertson, Jane etux Robinson Anthony, Mark S. 51 2869 1847 relief
Kingsmon, A.M. Kingman? Kingmon? Kingsman, C etal 51 2870 1848 Agnes. hard to read.
Donald, Jno etal George Rasor (14+ years) 52 2871 1847 gdn bond
Hill, R.E. Taggart minors 52 2871 Out of order index places this in bx 50?
Wardlaw, R.H. etal Bowie, Louisa, Robt Edwin 52 2872 1848
Noble, Mary H Noble, John A 52 2873 1853
Ross, Stephen and wife Anderson, Jacob 52 2874 1840 maybe 53
McCelvy*, Jas etal McCelsy? Hugh M McCelvy 52 2875 1847 HH Townes Hezekiah C. George McCelvy
Marshall, Jas S etal Jms, Alex McDonald 52 2876 1846 Geo M McDonald. Edwin Holbrook McDonald, Patrick Henry McDonald
Brauch, Dr. Isaac et al Pettigrew, Nancy Elizabeth 52 2877 1846 George G Pettigrew. Wm. E. A. Pettigrew
W ithers, Francis Nithin Smith, W.C. N.C.? 52 2878 1847
Robertson, Andrew etal Maddox, Richard etal 52 2879 1832 part Jane? Robertson, wf of John - she dec. 19 Feb 1827 (she was 89). Kids: John Lilly?, Litly?-md. Augustine Maddox, Jane Richy-md. Jospeh Richey, Polly Stone (dec- 6 kids), Elizabeth McCord-mdJohn McCord, Peggy-md Richard Maddox, (daughter Polly).
Tolman, Moses O Calhoun, Eliza etal 52 2880 1847 Elizabeth M , Francis J , John Joseph Calhoun - all minors
Humphrey, A.A. etal Albert James Humphries 52 2881 1847 bond Mary A Humphries. wit-james McCelvy, Bozeman John M, thomaas B Humphries. Martha and Jane Deason in this box. Sorry - messy notes
Deason, Berry etal Deason, Martha and Jane 52 2882 1847 gdn John Deason sr and Jr.
Hill, Samuel L Davis, Joseph A. Hill, Lewis H 52 2883 1848 Wm H Caldwell, Tho McDill Benj Posey, Lewis S Davis. Joseph A Davis Wm H Hill. S. Hill Andrew Mantz. Wm H Caldwell jr. 1849
Fugerson, A Jackson Malone, Patrick , james etal 52 2884 1853 bad debt James dead by 1853. Pat&Jms brothers
Neely, Charles John Cochran 52 2885 1831 Mortgage Charles buys former res of Walter Anderson (dec)on Saluda. With John Cochran. 262 acres bnd by Rob’t Swanzy, James Caldwell, Leland Puckett, Thomas Long, Mary Wells (estate Moses Wells), Washington Sample 1829
Calhoun, John .F. Calhoun, Rosa 52 2886 1866 gdn
Swilling? Jno etal Lydell estate 52 2887 1866 bond for estate E Tribble? Rob’t McNair? Belinda Lydall wf of Washington Osborn, once wf of George Lydall. GW Hodges wit
Wilson, D L etal Pope, Jacob W 52 2888 1849 Francis marion Pope, Jacob W Pope, Josephine M, Helen Pauline
Rasor, Sarah etal Permelia C., Ezekial and Sarah L. Rasor 52 2890 1827 gdn Enoch Barmore, James C Rasor
Buchanan Wm et al Buchanan, Samuel J, Geo and Andrew J 52 2891 1848 gdn John, Elizabeth Buchanan
Cantey, Sophronia Cantey, Mary J and Imogene* 52 2892 1848 gdn gabriel, G.W. Hodges, Jos Stokes
Cathian*, John Cathran? Cottman? Simmons, Frances E. and Mary 52 2893 1848 gdn
Aiken, A.M. Wardlaw, Eliz. F et al 52 2894 1868 squabble death of Hlo? Wardlaw?1865 Wid. H.W. no kids lots of names here and testimony
Shirley, John Shirley, Letty M, Nancy J 52 2895 1852
Mays, Larkin Mays, Medy? Jr. 52 2896 1845 part John, Medy mays sr. Henry Branch?, Nancy, daniel, Abney?, Jane, tabitha, Lucretia Mays. Stephen Whitley for wf Eliz. Thom Rosamond wf Sara. Elias Graham for wf Caroline.
Hill, R.E. Swenson?, Lydia, Marie? Simmons 52 2897 1899 summons
Jones, HA Report on Guard 52 2898 1854 Gdn Reports Wm , Andrew J Buchanon. Eliza Lula Leslie? James C Harper/Joan Villan?. Robt M Davis/Jane Robertson. Rob’t Dunnen/Jno D Upsol? Eliza Jane, Holly - John Ruff/Mary E Ruff and kids. Others
McCelvy, Wm etal McCelvy, Sarah Jane and Margaret 52 2899 1848 Jos. D. Scott’s kids. McCelvy:Wm, Jno, James L, Geo, H.C., Hugh, M.A., S.I.?, Vincent, Jno H W C Scott and children
Wilson, James L etal McKinney, Eliz R, Wm R 52 2900 1847 Susan A. McKinney, Benj Martin
Cheatham, R.M. Simpson, Jane and kids 52 2902 1856 trust names?
Noble, Rebecca Noble, Joseph, Ezekial 52 2903 1830 gdn A. Houston, Wm. P Noble
Meady, Mays Jr etal Mays, Tabitha and Daniel 52 2904 1845
Hubbard, Joseph 52 2905 1826 deed
Pettigrew, Geo P 52 2906 1850 land bond
Griffin, Thomas C Wilson, Eliza Stewart 52 2907 1847
Eakins, Thos etal Conn*, James 52 2908 1847 bond Benj. H Eakens. Wm Hill. gdn John , George, Jane, Eliz
Hughey, Vachal etal Caldwell, James D etal 52 2909 1845 gdn James Hughly, Henry Riley - gdn Wm Selby, Wm Hughly
Hughes, B. P. etal Rickey, Robt W Richey 52 2911 1849
Hawthorne, David O Chandler, Mariah and children 52 2912 1846 trust David Hawthorne, Sam Agnew Jr.
Davis, Nathaniel J etal Davis, BF 52 2913 1849 lunatic committee W.H. Caldwell, Adam Widemwan, Thos Edwin, Thom J McCracken Francis Red estate
Harris, Elizabeth etal Wm Harris etal 52 2914 1844 bond Ann I, Willis
Latimer, Jas M etal Oliver, Jno, minor 52 2915 1849 George Oliver, Elijah Oliver, Stephen Latimer
Tennant Dr. Wm, Dr. Gilbert Lomas, Wm. James 52 2916 1844
Hill, samuel L etal Posey, Benj L and D 52 2917 1844 Sarah
Hill, R.E. Power, Lula Passer? 52 2918 1895 gdn
Nelson, Euriah*, etal Enoch Nelson, Mary A 52 2919 1844 Enoch N. Absolom Gray, Samuel M. Lippon
Martin, John A etal James A. Martin, Wm L, Chas H, and Virginia Palmyra 52 2920 1844 Ad Posey, Jas Bozeman. Chas Hillary, Wm. G., joiez? Jane Jocey?
Norris, Ann Norris, Robt S, Ezekial Aand Elizah A 52 2921 1825 Estate James Norris for tuition John Cochran
Brooks, Francis M Brooks, Geo Whitfield 52 2922 1848 gdn
Davis, NJ Barker, Wm 52 2923 1860 mort John Adams
Hill, R.E. Bell Minors, Coats, Lydia, Smith, B.F. Townsend, P.P. 52 2925 1895 gdn Lydia Coats, B. Smith, PB Townsend, Ellis? others
Hill, R.E. Presley* minors, Nora Roz Kay 52 2926 1895 gdn
Clark, H et al Cheatham, John G H? 52 2928 1844 gdn LG Carter Wm Carter
Puckett, Wm C etal Crawford, George B Mary Lewis 52 2929 1844 James Bunyan?
Scott, Wm C Crawford, Scott, Wm D 52 2930 1850 gdn Wm Davis Scott, Wm D? Wm McCalkan?
Cunningham, R Cunningham, Margaret 52 2931 1839 Cap’t Robert Cunningham
Gray, Thomas.C. J? Greg? Tate, Amanda formally Flannagan etal 52 2932 1837 Amanda? Elvira, Lawrence tate. Eliz Gray. Jefferson Gray, wf Elvira Flannafan. Eliz. K Porter.
Smith, A ndrew Flanagan in Dekalb Co Ga 52 2933 1820 deed
Mitchell, Fanny Pitts, Chas and wife 52 2934 1825 - 1832 slave dispute James wright and wife. Dudly Richardson. Wm Nichols and wife. J.N. Baxter Barlee? Julius Nichols, Peter Coleman, James Pulliam, Noble Wardlaw. Witness statements from neighbors - too many names to list. Widow Johnson
Pratt, Robt Parker 52 2935 1857 mort Ellis prop. bnd by? John Pratt. Addison. Clinkscales. Estate of William Pratt 1857
Donald, Samuel Robt Brownlee, larkin Barmore Wallace, Ebenezer etal 52 2936 1845 mary Jane, Belinda, Elenor, Joanah? Letita? Wallace. John T.
Caldwell, George R Maynard, Virginia P 52 2937 1859
Pace, Silas ET? Davis, Eliza 52 2938 1851
Cunningham, Jno Noble, Elizabeth 52 2939 1845 gdn
Drenan*, John McMahan, J estate 52 2940 1836 other names
Chaney, Simeon Fooshee, Rebecca Ann 52 2941 1855 gdn
Cobb, Jas H Pettigrew (Richey), Frances A 52 2942 1846 gdn James A Richey
Perrin, Wm Calhoun, Jas - Joseph? 52 2943 1806 Slave dispute Calhooun married Perrin’s daughter. edgefield
Dendy, Chas Densley Dendley Cheatham, Wm H and Robert 52 2944 1846 Thomas Densley, Jn McClellen
Bell, Elizabeth formerly Cleebly? Cleckley*, Alonzo, Joshua et al 52 2945 1855 gdn Erwin, Jno, Irvin? Ivan? Addison. Eliz Bell is mom
Brownlee, Robt Browalee Browmlee Sameul R and Martha 52 2946 1845 gdn
Reid, Samuel etal Addison, Susan 52 2947 1844
Saunders, Wm R HA Jones 53 2948 1850 Mort Loundersville woned by WIlliam H Caldwell jr. M.B. Clark.
Cromer, Dorothy A gdn Cromer, Thos and Jas A et al 53 2949 1861 gdn She was gdn Lindsay, THomas, James A. Est Samuel Cromer minors.
Robertson, Jas M etal Collier, Edward 53 2950 1833 Rev Washington Belcher, John McCalla.
Collier, Edward and wife et al Quarles*, R.G. et al 53 2951 1834 Hugh Morrah
Richey, Elizabeth etal Jones H.A. 53 2952 1848 John B., William Lewis, Elizabeth Jane Richey, and David Lesly, gdn. Susan Ann (wit Robert Wardlaw), Warren Richey.
Belcher, R.E. to Jones H.A. 53 2953 1849 mort George McDuffin, H.H. Townes etc. Jjohn Clark dec
Hill, Joshua Parker 53 2954 1856 slave mort slave names
Agnew, James W gdn Collier, Lucinda, Loconia*,Garbrial and Agnew, A. 52 2955 1845 Louisa, Lucinda, Gabriel Collier, Alfred Agnew. Bond: Samuel Agnew, Ezekiel , Rasor and Abner Magee.
Duncan, Patrick Lowe, P. Morrow, H. Presley, G 52 2956 1838 Geo Presley. Saluda. bnd William Livingston?, Hugh Morrah (suit 1816). Thomas, John Chiles. Joseph Culpepper.
Sharp, Johnson W Morrah, Jane 53 2957 1844 Dr. Norwood. Morrah’s Hannah - a slave with VD. Hired to Davis in 42. She was sick. This is a long story about Jane Morrah and her son David. Lomax, esq., John Robertson, Samuel Morrah. Savannah. Slave names. Soloman, Linda and lUcinda. John A Burton. Dr. Harris. Mr. McElwain. Mr. Barmore, Sharp Jones. May Morrah? wit - “her mother” meaning Jane.
Anderson, Walter C. Connor, George 53 2958 1844 Exec Gabriel E Treuthen? and George COnnor. George D, Fletcher W Connor, Benjamin Herndon and Julia (was Connor), Benson G, Leonidas Connor, kids of Dr. Francis Connor dec. Notes W.C. Anderson and William McCanty?. George Hodges. 6 kids: William Sanders and wf (she was a Connor child) also in family. John W Connor. accts names inc. Smith, Jones, Lomax, Black, Caldwell. many others. George Anderson. tradesmens’ names.
Weir, John etal Jones 53 2959 1848 Joseph Lyon John A Wuer gdb Robert W , Patrick T Richey.
Collier, Charles E Collier, Wyatt etal 53 2960 1850 Lot quantities of slaves for market. Names.
Collier, Gabriel etal Collier Chas etal 53 2961 1845 Father: Charles Collier sr. dec. Jane, wid. (later md James Dodson? - 42) ex Charles. Lucinda Linnia? Collins. More.
Richey, Robt C + wife etal Rosamond, Thomas 53 2962 1847 Rosamond admin of John Hill Sr? Jr?. and Bluford Hill.
Hamilton, Joseph A etal Davis, Benjamin F 53 2963 1845 Hamilton, James S Wilson, Alexander Hamilton, James Giles, T.A. Davis witness or J.A.?
Ramsey, E 53 2964 1795 Anderson and Johnson. No clue what this is about.
Davenport, John Edwards, Ambrose 53 2965 1826 Moran Co., GA. Charles Maxwell, Destiny? Davenport.
Minter*, Wm etal Elaw, John and Mary wife 53 2966 1803 Joseph Mintor, Granville, NC. Green Jackson, Jedidaih Cooke, Abraham Gates. Henry Parkman. WWit: Butler, Benjamin. Island Creek. Rowland Goosh. Exec Mary and Jane. 24 April 1794.
Hester, Louisa Hester, Rebecca, John, Eliza 53 2968 1845 gdn bond: Herbert Darracott, Moses O Talman. Wit: Joseph Wardlaw. wit: A Houston, Joshua Dubose, James Taggart. Slave list.
Black, W.B. et al Black, Sarah H 53 2969 1845 Wash B., James W Black, John Brownleegdn bond. Sarah L Black. Wit William Hill.
Black, James M Parker, Wm H 53 2970 1856 mort W. Pickens Black, Ann, harriet, Ellen Black - partition.
Gordon, Samuel Lesley 53 2971 1832 mort John McComb’s mill.
Hilburn, Susan D. Parker 53 2972 1855 mort Name of former owner - hard to read.
Clay, William to Parker, Wm H comr 53 2973 1856 mort John Clay dec. James Robinson. McCelvy.
Stuart, John A Parker, Wm H 53 2974 1860 mort mort S.V. Caine dec. case of John E Caine vs Caroline E Caine.
Owens, Thos E Parker 53 2975 1858 bond N.J. Davis.
Johnson, Jonathan Parker, Wm H 53 2976 1855 mort S.C. DeBruhl dec. Bnd by Martin.
Bradley, P.H. to Parker Wm. H 53 2977 1858 mort William H Smith dec Peter Smith? A.B. Kennedy.
Wideman, Edward etal Lesley 53 2978 1830 mort Chesley? H?
Livingston, Thos Hunter, Alexander 53 2979 1824 mort Samuel Wimbish bnd Thomas Anderson.
Hackett, Martin etal Lesley 53 2980 1830 N. Lipford dec. bnd M Hackett, Robert Cheatham, William Bullock dec. David Cunningham.
Kellar, John etal gdn Lesley 53 2981 Wesly? Cromer? minor and Phillip Cromer?. Rocky Branch L.C. J Boughman. John Hearst, etc. estate of George Cowen? dec.
McClinton, William Parker 53 2982 1857 mort Estate James R McClinton dec. Mrs Alley Pruit. Another Clinton. James R.
Pruit, John M Parker 53 2983 1857 mort Estate James R McClinton.
Clinkscales, Addison to Parkin, W. H com 53 2984 1857 mort William Pratt - part bnd by John Clinkscales, Richard Ellis, etc.
Perrin, J.M.etal Parker 53 2985 1859 mort Abbeville Village. marshall House. J Wilson. Edmund Cobb dec. J.F. Marshall
Harkness, Robert .C. Parker 53 2986 1856 mort est Dr. W Pickens Black. part cas Ann Black and Harris Black vs Ellen Black.
DeBruhl, Susan E 53 2987 1858 mort VS. Susan C. DeBruhl, M.A. Shelton Columbia. James Conner? Wm H Parker. B? H Allen. R.H. Wardlaw.
Wardlaw, Hugh M Parker, Wm H 53 2988 1855 mort Hard Labor.
Osborn, Thomas B Black, Wm C 53 2989 1837 mort Hamilton estate. Samuel Smith, Thomas Douglass, Samuel Branch, Moses Taggart
Brooks, Wesley et al to Thos Livingston 53 2990 1822 mort George F Caldwell. John McKellar. Chiles.
Lesley, D Merriwether, John 53 2991 1832 mort
Williams, Franklin Lesley 53 2992 1830 mort William Robertson, Martin Hackett, Mrs McGehu? Estate Cunningham.
Milford, William I Parker 53 2993 1855 mort William Henderson? dec Rocky River Dunlap bnd. Iseael Hold bnd by Fisher, Fergeson.
Jones, J W Parker 53 2994 1855 mort A. W. Shillito Russell Creek.
Slappy*?, Jacob Lesley, David 53 2995 1827 mort Elihu Bullock. dec. William Harris Pollard. Est of W. Glover.
McComb, Catherine 53 2996 1832 mort
Turnbull, Jesse Livingston 53 2997 1823 mort John Turnbull dec. Little River by Davenport
Marion, nathaniel 53 2998 1822 Rocky Creek. Robert Griffin dec. Davenport dec. John Coleman.
Cromer, Phillip to Lesley, D 53 2999 1831 mort John Kellar. George Cromer? dec., Lomax, Duncan L.C.
Coleman, Nancy Lesley, D 53 3000 1830 mort James Coleman dec
Connor, John W Lesley, D 53 3001 1829 mort Thomas R Gay (Gary?) (Gray?), Geo? C? Stuart? $340 for Rachel from the Walter Anderson partition. I have to go back and read this to see if it’s part of the set. 20 November 1829. Witness: Redman? Stuart or Stewart. y
Harris, Wm Leslie 53 3002 1831 mort Louis Simmon? Geo Caldwell. Glover. Slappy - Hard Labor
Kemp*, Wiley* etal Livingston 53 3003 1822 mort Henry Kemp, Glen McKeller jr.? dec
Weir, Thos etal Livingston 53 3004 1822 mort Henry Gray, John McKellar jr? sr? dec Fred Gray, Thomas Weir, John Richan?
Lister, Elizabeth Linton Lesley, D 53 3005 1829 Hamdon, Thomas Linton, Martin Livingston.
Hodges, John Lesley 53 3006 1829 mort 20 November 1829. Borrowed $$ from David Lesly. To be paid back in two halves, one on same day in 30, the other in 31. He put up the slave Peter as security. His part of Walter Anderson’s partition. John (Hodges?), George W (Hodges?), Donald Douglass. Witness: G.W. Hodges, Absolum T Hodges. Livingston. John Hodges md Frances Anderson. $180.00 y
Frazier, James etal Livingston 53 3007 1821 mort John Hearst.
Coleman, James Lesley, D 53 3008 1829 mort Cambridge. Jonathan Johnson.
Davis, Tabitha etal 53 3009 1829 mort 20 November 1829. Tabitha Davis with Charles Neely takes mortgage from David Lesly at Walter Anderson’s partition. This is a set of 7 transactions. All, same deal. She puts up Fanny, the slave given to her in the settlement of her father, Walter Anderson (box 70/ Nov 20, 1829) as security. Her witness: Edmund Caldwell, her son-in-law, and Patrick McDowall. $155? or is that Downs’ in 3010? y
Calhoun, Downs Lesley, D 53 3010 1829 mort 20 Nov 1829. Downs Calhoun does the same thing as the Andersons. The slave, Jack, from the Walter Anderson partition as secuity. Wit: Joel Smith. Was this the $155? y y
Wingfield, J B Livingston 53 3011 1820 mort Samuel Hutchinson dec. james Hutch and another H. Then a couple of Scotts.
Perriman, Samuel Lesley 53 3012 1831 Hard Labor. George Caldwell. Harrell.
Pulliam, Lucy etal Lesley 53 3014 1829 mort 20 November 1829. Same mort with Dave Lesly . Lucy Pulliam, Charles Neely, Robert Swanzy $300 on same deal as the rest of the Walter Anderson buyers. Martin? Fortune? the slave she was assigned in the partition for security. Wit Alexander Stuart, Patrick McDowall. y
Noble, Mary H Livingston 53 3015 1822
Dickerson, Wm Parker, Wm 53 3016 1856 Est. of William Anderson dec. Samuel Holt, ESQ.
Wardlaw, D L McCaw, Wm H 53 3017 1849 mort Plat. David Lewis Ward. Abbe Village. William McCaw.
Gray, Frederick Grey? 53 3018 1822 Henry Gray, Jojhn McKellar, Thomas Riley, David Edwards, John Rykard, Fred Gray.
Ravlin, John Livingston, Thos 53 3018 1822 mort John McKellar dec. Curltail Creek. mrs Caldwell’s land. White, John Adams, Robert Atkins, Abraham Lites, Jesse Gray.
Pelat, John A? F? Lesley 53 3020 1834 mort Thomas Calhoun. Stephen Lee.
Mann, John Lesley 53 3021 1829
Robert Child 53 3022 1834 David Cunningham dec. R. Todd.
Williams, Timothy Hamilton, Black Wm C 53 3023 1836 mort, Moses Taggart, Andrew? Hamilton.
Brownlee, Geo Black, Wm C 53 3024 1836 mort Robert Richey, John Weir? Chickasaw Camp Creek. John Webb. Thomas Sims. Mrs. Murphy. George Brownlee dec.
Carter, Wm Black Wm C 53 3025 1837 mort L.G., J.F. Carter. Wilson’s Creek Saluda. Samuel Beard, Henry Hill, James Pope, William J. Carter dec.
Richey, James B Black, Wm C Com 53 3026 1837 mort Samuel Agnew
Taggart, John Hamilton 53 3027 1836 Moses, Andrew Hamilton dec.
Taggart, Moses Black 53 3028 1836 James Alston, A. Hamilton
Holladay, Elis Black 53 3029 1836 Thomas Jackson, Abbeville town.
Bedy H. Ellington 53 3030 1829 mort John G Caldwell. John Ellington dec. Rocky River. William Bluford and John Smith.
Kerr, John Y Kerr, David McCord, Francis 54 3031 1830 John exec of David. Late Dr. William McCaw. Plat McKinley Creek, Little River.
Owens, Garlington Owens, Martha and Sarah 54 3032 1852 Martha F (4), Sarah C (2), William (1) children of Garlington. Next friend, W.C. Davis. Edwin G Simpson. Thomas Payne. Mathew Francis Owens, infant of 3 - (is this martha up there?) when Sarah was 1. Elizabeth, wf. Orator: WIlliam C Davis. Quote from will: Dr. Ed Simpson - the rest of the estate between kids of Elizabeth Owens. Lauerns Dist.
Monroe, W Francis and Sarah wf Matthison, M. G. Magee, A.H. 54 3033 1859
Partlow, John A Martin, Phares C etal 54 3034 1870 Samuel A Erwin. Thomas Thompson.
Simpson, E G Cunningham, Sarah 54 3035 1848 Laurens.
Giles, A gdn Crawford, Mary F 54 3036 1832 pd John Cunningham for shoes, among many others. pd mother for board.
Colton, Arthur Cotton Perry, Simeon 54 3037 1811 Emsly? Loft. y
Sample, Washington and wife Richardson, Henrietta* 54 3037.5 1831 && partition permission.
Foreman, Isaac Rapley*, R.A. esq 54 3038 1803
Cromer, A.J. Jones, H.A. 54 3039 1854 mort Andrew Connor. Bold Branch, Long Cane bnd by George Zanea?, Mary Bently? W.W. Belcher. Joseph Denan? dec.
Quarles, William etal Thurman*, Pleasant etal 54 3040 1819
Calhoun, James Perrin, William 54 3041 1808
Ellington, Bedy* Caldwell, J.G. Lesley 54 3042 1829 mort Fred A. Butts and wf. equity title. William B Ellington? John Ellington dec. Rocky river bnd John McCalla, William Bluford, John Caldwell.
Burley, John F to Lesley, David 54 3043 1830 mort bnd John Yarbrough deed. John Cochran.
Bowie, John Halton, William .P. to Lesley, D 54 3044 1830 mort Cambridge Broadstreet bnd Jonathan Johnson
Blake, Willaim N Livingston, Thos 54 3045 1832 mort Thomas Weir bnd John Blake, Andrew Logan, Samuel Atchison, William Clark, John Partlow.
Beaty*, Samuel to Lesley, D 54 3046 1832 mort Bnd W. Wideman. McComb est. The health tract.
Anderson, W alter Jr Lesley, D 54 3047 1829 mort 20 November. One of the set of Walter Anderson’s partition. Walter jr. $300 for Ben and Nan or Fan. Wit. John Roman.
Appleton, Grigsby et al to Lesley, D. 54 3048 1832 Mort Joel Smith, James Sample, bnd by John Calvert,
Anderson, John to Livingston, Thom 54 3049 1822 mort bnd Frederick Slappy. John Anderson, james Hen?, John McKellar dec.
Calhoun, Thos J Black, Wm C 54 3050 1834 mort M McGehee? Late the property of Beuben? martin? Carter? gden of minor kids of Thomas Cah??? dec.
Golden, James Livingston, Thos 54 3051 1823 mort With B Davenport, James Livingston.
Hunter, Mary A Black 54 3052 1836 William harris, David R Caldwell, est George A Caldwell, dec. Samuel Perryman and others with Patrick Calhoun.
Kennedy, Sarah Jones 54 3053 1852
Calhoun, W.D. and W.B. Jones, H.A. 54 3054 1850 bnd by Downs Calhoun dec and F.A. Buchanan.
Speer, John Livingston, John 54 3055 1823 mort William Caldwell. Rocky River Samuel Wimbish dec. bnd james, Scott and james Campbell.
Shaw, Samuel etal David Lesley 54 3056 1830 James A Black
Saxon, Benj Livingston 54 3057 1825 mort Robert McCraven, A. Houston, Phyillips Leroy jr
Sloan, Jas M etal Lesley 54 3058 1829 mort William F Baker, Thomas Linton.
Cobb, Edmund Hilburn, Neely E 54 3059 1857 James H Cobb admin dec 1862
Jones, Sarah B Parker 54 3060 1856
Tucker, Bartly Jones 54 3061 1858 mort Savannah, bnd by Major Harper, William H Caldwell dec.,,
Bonds, Guardianship 54 3062 1844 - 45 Larkin, Meedy jr., Henry Mays, Thomas Rosamond for Jane, Abner Mays// Andrew, Isaac, Frederick B Logan for Martha I Fooshe// Charles, Joel Smith, John White for Martha B Anderson// James, John Brownlee, R.C. Sharp for Jane Brownlee// Charles Freeman, M Tucker, ?, Frances Hammon. James W Black, John Brownlee, Ezekiel Tribble, John Black for Martha Killingsworth.
Bonds, Guardianship 54 3063 1845 Robert Sharp, James, John Brownlee for Elizabeth Brownlee// Martha Selby, Edmund Anderson, Edmund Cobb for John, Edmund Selby// Larkin, Meedy jr., Henry Mays, Thomas Rosamond for nancy Mays.// E.E. Prssley, E Agnew and James W for Melinda Jane Agnew.// William M, John, Vachel Hughy for WIlliam Selby, A.D> Logan, Henry Riley//Larkin, Meedy jr., Henry Mays, Thomas Rosamond and Meedy sr. for Lucretia Mays
Bonds, Guardianship 54 3064 1845 Dr. Enoch, James Agnew, Ebenezer Pressley for Washington Agnew.// James S Bowin, Robert Wardlaw, Thomas Perrin for William S Bowie// Andrew Weams, John Donald, Joel Lipsord? for Joseph N, Franklin W. Norwood// M Gilford, nancy Waller, James F Watson for WIlliam, Benjamin, Statira? Waller// F>G. Thomas, Thoams S Arther, Paschal D klugh for mary Ann Thomas wit JohnmLivingston, John Taggart and Klugh.
Bonds, Guardianship 54 3065 1833 - 45 - 47 William, John Watson, Sarah Kennedy for John, Isaac, Caroline, Rebecca and James Kennedy// Addison F Posey, James H Cobb, Thomas B Dendy for Sarah Posey// Lewellen? Goode, gdn Mary Pleasant, Suzanne, Elizabeth Der??// Thomas F, Joseph J and Henry Branyan, Daniel Wrugh? for Francis W Branyan.
Caldwell, William H Jones H.A. 54 3066 1850 Savannah bnd by james M Latimer, Josiah Burton, James Bales, estate of Lindsay Harper, Bartly Tucker and others.
McClellan John gdn Reeder, Isaac 54 3067 1847 bond with Thomas B, Charles Dendy.
Saunders, John gdn Saunders, Margaret Ann 54 3068 1848 Bond: A Little, William Givson. Edgefield Bond, Abraham Goates, (gates?) John Longure? John Terry, John, William Carter, W. Fooshe, J.B. Richardson, J.W. Fooshe, Meedy Mays and H . J.W. Cooper. Estate of larkin Griffin Carter 1850.
Wilson, Wm Halton, John H 54 3069 1835
Burton, John Pace, John 54 3070 1827 gdn
Brazman? J.B. Parks*, Wm H 54 3071 1860 William Bently, James R Little?, nathan Calhoun.
Nix, Charles Roply*, Richard A 54 3072 1811 mort.
Crawford, James minor Giles, Andrew 54 3073 1841 L. Griffin, Merriman, White, Tribble, Sims.
Johnson, S. V. Mathison, G.M. etal 54 3074 1859 Stephen Latimer. “his father’s estate.” James Johnson’s estate.
Glenn, James E Cromer, L. Connor 54 3075 1822 John Graham
McComb, John Black, Wm C 54 3076 1835 John Hearst, Mrs. C McComb
Rachel Woods James Woods 54 3077 1819 This is out of order and strange: John White accts. William H Caldwell, Tilman, M.T. Caldwell, Gillespie and G.W. Hodges, James Alston, Archey Woods.
Ware, Edmond Weatherall, Geo etal 54 3080 1820 Exec if Benjamin Jones
Brown, Thomas P Devall*, Sarah 54 3081 1821 Joseph Turnbull
Minter, William, , Joseph Elaw, John Elam 54 3082 John and wif, Maqry, Green Jackson, J. Cook, Abraham Gates, Henry Parker, William, John Terry.
Howdy*, B. .B. Hanly? Harvely? Hamdy*, J.W. 54 3083 1863 John William Harvely.
Perrin, William Calhoun, Joseph 54 3084 1808
Saxon, Benj H Crawford, Ebenezer* etal 54 3085 1807 In1807 Elizabeth Crawford made a will. 2 sons: James C who died i unmarried, leaving mom, sister and 2 brothers. There are more names.
Gray, John F Burton, Margaret etal 54 3086 part okay
Duncan**,Robt Drennen? Jepson*, John etal Upson? 54 3087 Eliza and Holly, minors of John.
Power*, J William Power, A W 54 3088 1856
Jones, Dennis F Williams, John 54 3089 1854 William R Swain, John H Wilson
Pursly, James gdn Pursly, L.N. 54 3090 1864 Nacissa. William Pursley Admin. Child of D.E. Pursley. James, dec. William N.
Beatty*, Jas + Thos exec Carter*, Edmond Edward? 54 3091
Lipford, Royal , execs of Wooldridge, Thomas 54 3092 Wooldridge exec of Major Gibson Wooldridge dec.
McCaw, Francis Black, Wm C 54 3093 1836 Morgan Morris and Emily C, wf. (56)? William Covington, Job Johnson, Richard Covington dec.
Jones, Samuel H Parker 54 3094 1856 James Taggart
Bradley P.H. and Cowen*, C W. to Parker, W.H. 54 3095 1856 Elizabeth Foster
Cobb, Elizabeth to Parker, Wm H 54 3096 1859 sale
Blake, William H to Lesley, David 54 3097 1829 20 November 1829 $283.00 Boy named Tom. No witness. y
Fooshee, Joel Jones, HA 54 3098 1851 slaves of James and Rhoda Pulliam. Slave lists. y
Wilson, H R Lesley 54 3099 1829 Henry Wilson, William Crawford, john N Sample. On the day of Walter Anderson’s partition. Hannah and her kids, Betty and Mary and ?. G.W. Hodges, R Gary. y
Morely, James etal Lesley 54 3100 1830 Josiah Patterson, Elijah Turnbull and others.
Robertson, Andrew etal Robertson, Reuben 55 3101 1828 big wierd dispute Andrew is admin ofJohn Robertson dec. Legatees: James richey and Jane (wf - Rbtson), Jane Robertson, widow, Richard mattox and Peggy (wf Robtson), John Robertson, Augustin Mattox and Letty (wf), Polly Stone, widow, John McCord jr and Elizabeth (wf). John and Jane Robertson had started a complaint in 1826 against the estate of his brother, Robert Robertson
Robertson, Robert 55 3101 1828 Will and complaint Rob’t Robertson had a long term relationship with Delph, a free woman of color, and had had the following children: Reuben, Suzannah Greer, Jean Greer (now wf of Hinson Norris - Morris?), Elizabeth Greer - all people of color (Green?). John Robertson’s contention was that his brother could not leave his considerable estate to his own family because black people, free or not, could not legally own property. And that the children of these free mothers were not free, and thus should be considered intestate property, and so fall to him. But John died. So his legatees took up this bizarre and sickening case. this was on Turkey Creek. What makes it even weirder is that Robert left his son Reuben - a man of color - a legacy of slaves. Lots here. I hated all of it. Sanders Williamson md Eliz Green. Robert chose his own children over his only living brother. Wonder why.
Ogilvie, Joanna (nee Hampton) Hampton, Gale 55 3102 1809 complaint about parition Richard Hampton dec. 25 Dec 1801 (1789). Of Edgefield. Children: Charlotte Hampton Hampton (md. Wm. Hampton), Joanna, Lucy, Mary, Edward and Richard. Edward and Richard then minors, in 1809 just come of age. No one will give them their share. that is the complaint. Mary md. Ludwell Bacon of Horse Creek, Edgefield district SC. Lucy lived with them. Richard was staying with Melanie C. Leavenworth (same area). Gale (a brother) in Columbia - Richland dist. Edward in the High Hills of Santee, Sumter dist. There is a will. Slave names: Dick, hannah, Judey, Nancy (sons Chas and Peter), Simon, Cresey
McCoy, Alexander McCoy, Martha etal 55 3103 1816 flap over estate Hugh McCoy left his family in 1780 and took off for the Indian Lands from which he never did return. Left a wife, Martha, and 2 kids: Alexander and Hugh (dec in infancy). the slaves he’d left them were stolen and General Robert Anderson tried to right the wrong. Martha then married Joseph Bell (there is also a Joseph F. Bell) and Alexander isn’t getting his share.
Devall, Harriet etal (Duvall) Devall, Michael , Samuel and Jacob 55 3104 1809 Another odd case In a pre-nup, Michael deeded Harriet half of his land and promised to provide for her two children, Thomas P. and ? Brown. She “had” to leave him because of his cruel usage of her (so why’d he deed her anything then?). He died. So she and her brother (and “next friend”), John Parsons, are suing for her property. Samuel dies, leaving Sarah as his exec. jacob’s middle name is maclin (also written Mc Lin). John Hughes involved. Very Long and involved. Interesting if your fam. Joseph M. Devall (Sarah, his mom and gdn, James his brother) Claims a gift from grandmothe Catherine Devall, wf of Mickeal (and a feme covert). Some slaves: Molly, Billy, Chatherine, Milly, Pompy
Howland, Benix (Howlett?) and Peggy Lawson, Jas etal 55 3105 1809 Long complaint Peggy’s father, Jonas lawson sr dec 11 apr 1806 leaving: margaret (Peggy), Martha?, James, Jesse, Robert (execs from Ga), Jonas Jr., Arthur and Elizabeth. Some lovely handwriting. Appraisers: John Burton, William Bell, John Calvert. These are solid names. Also long list of buyers’ names - neighbors. Great handwriting in the lists
Calvert, John Dudly Richardson 55 3106 1826 Thomas Chiles. Dr. Logan. Downs Calhoun. Thomas B Byrd. James Pulliam, Richard Griffin. Samuel Ward. Charles Mayson. Zach Pulliam. James Franklin. Dudly rRichardsln. thomas Childs. Some lave names: Jim, Anika, Viney, Charlotte, Celia, Washington, Agness, Edmund, Polly. Land corner at Calhoun’s corners. Whithall Road. Wid only awarded life interest. y
Wardlaw, Joseph and wife Hodges, Geo W 55 3106.1 1826 partition Wm. davis’ widow md. Joseph Wardlaw in 1825. They request partition, but claim that she has increased the property value and should have more than the 1/3 the will allows. estate pd Jn. Wardlaw, Wm Campbell, G.W. Hodges, S. Ward, Calver, Ed. Calwell, Jos Wardlaw, A. Sample, Harris? Long?, John Sample, Sam (Vann?) Davis, Chesley Davis, A. Stewart, Lark. Merriwether, Pulliam, T.A. Davis, Downs Calhoun. also mentioned Zack pulliam, A. Caldwell, Thom Chiles, James Pulliam, Thomas B. Byrd, A.C. hamilton, Jos Brownlee, Wm. Smith, Jesse Beasley (beasy), james Franklin, Samuel Ward, Richard Griffin, Turner A. Davis (1824), Jn Merriwether, Joel Smith y
Davis, William W. will and estate partition 55 3106.5 1826 part Wm. W. Davis dec 1819. Return of 1821. Elizabeth, wid. Chldrn: John B. Davis (14), Sarah Ann Davis (12). Have chosen George Washington Hodges (grndson Walter Anderson) as guardian. Younger children: James, Lewis W., Judith, Eliza - all under -12. These are the ONLY legatees of this estate. y
Davis, William W. will and estate partition 55 3106.5 1826 part Note to Edmund Caldwell, G.W. Hodges, John Wardlaw. Alexander Sample, John B (Davis? Sample?), John N (Davis? Sample?), Jonathan Johnson. Samuel Davis, Chesley Davis. A. Stuart. Zachary Merriwether? Pulliam. Turner A. Davis, Downs Calhoun, Joel Smith. pd Dr. Logan, Selby, Joel Lipscomb, James Sills, James Franklin, Zachary Pulliam, W.H. Caldwell. Tax. R. Luke, Thomas Chiles, Dudly Richardson. Thomas B Byrd. Downs Calhoun. James Pulliam, Sample, Richard Griffin, A. Sample. y
Davis, William W. will and estate partition 55 3106.5 1826 part 1821: james Pulliam, Joseph Brownlee, Jesse Beazly, James Franklin, Rachael Griffin, Charles Mayson, Samuel Crawford, - June, Turner A. Davis. Partition Inventory made by James Butler, Dudly Richardson, Alexander Sample, Richard Gaines, Richard Griffin WILL: William W Davis. Thomas Livingston and John Buchanan ord. Will witnessed by Turner A. Davis, James Franklin, Charles Neely. Joseph Wardlaw recently md. Elizabeth. Payments to Joel Smith (exp 1825). Sibby in Augusta? James Franklin, tuition. 1824, November, appraisal of slaves. Calhoun’s Corner. y
McKelvy Wm and Vincent McKelvy, James L etal 55 3107 1847 part John Mckelvy dec Apr 1847. Elizabeth Scott (frmly McKelvy md Wm Clark? Scott). John H, George W., Hezekiah C., Sarah?, Hugh M., Margaret A., (6 last minors under 21). Also, the 3 chidrn of Rebecca Scott (Frmly McKelvy) dec. (md Jos. Scott?) : Elizabeth A., Mary Jane, Wm C. Scott (all -21). Little River ( land of Thomas Scott), bnded by Jn Wideman, Jms Connor. Joseph D. Scott, gdn of Rebecca’s children. Plats. Lots here.
Glenn, Jas E etal Swilling, John etal 55 3108 1827 Glenn gdn of Stephen and Martha Mitchell (minors) of Lewis Mitchell. Posey Fuller and Edney wf, Melinda Crocker (late Mitchell), Wm. Hallum and Betsy wf, Fanny Mitchell widow. John Connor Esq. (now dec). Joseph Foster, Henry Mitchell, Zachary Merriwether bond for Lewis Connor admin for Lewis Mitchell dec, but Connor took off. Byrs include John Smith, Peter Lomax, Wm. Anderson, Henry Wilson, James and Alex Sample, Nicholas Merriwether, James Hodges sr., Agrippa Cooper, Wm. Turner, Humphry Klugh, same Anderson. James Pulliam recvd legacy for Fanny Mitchell widow of Capt Lewis Mitchell. Estat of Benj Mitchell jr. pd. Joseph Neely exec of james hawthorn. Lewis Will. List of slaves: Cato, Haley, Easther, Manie, Jenny, Sally, June, Candau, Terry, Julia, Wilson, mason, George. Lots of insights and info. Joseph FOster (f 268) Benj R. Mitchell blacksmith. Morris R Michell. Last wife? Tolesine? y
Lark, Cullin etal Hearnden, Stephan etal 55 3109 1805 Andrew Lee Lark, Cullen’s son. 7 yrs old. Andrew LEE, dec Jan 1795. Wid: Nancy LEE. 6 kids then living: Hannah (md. George Lewis Patrick), Suzannah (md. Stephen Herndon), Nancy (md Cullen Lark - 2 sons, one dec other Andrew above). (J?)Gershon Lee dec at 21 years unmarried, John Lee, Wilson and Sally Lee (last 2 - 21). Execs: widow, Suzannah, Jacob smith?. Wid Nancy md Nicholas Vaughn ( 2kids, both dec). Quotes from will. Bridge and Gristmill in property. Tons of info. Some slaves: Thomas, Silvey, others.
Bigbea, Archibald South*, Luke H. et al 55 3110 1829 Heirs of Benj. South dec 1826: Luke H, Joseph, Margaret, Wm. Holmes and Martha Ann wf., Benj., John Henry(Haney?) and Nancy wf., Burton M, Joseph Bolton? and Priscilla wf., Wm South. George, son of Arch. Bigbea dec. Tons of info - long. William Martin and Rebecca wf. john Davis - witnesses. Also - William Ball and Mary wf. James Ball. Plats of lands 1799 (These last are out of order in the files ) Long file. Is widow named?
Gandy, Sarah & Jno Shannon Barry, John and Joseph 55 3111 1804 part dispute Richard Barry dec. Exec will 18 Sept 1806. All legatees dead at his death except Sarah Gandy and orators. Ellenor davis (in Va). sarah is widow. George, William, Hugh, Ellender Davis - Andrew Barry also dec. James Doran. John and Joseph Barry in Pendleton. John Kirkpatrick, james wood refused exec. Sarah was to have a widowhood estate, but either married John Shannon.
Torrence, Andrew (of Union dist) Renolds, S etal 55 3112 1807 fraud complaint Lovely to read. Except for S. Reynolds’ name. Andrew was buying a horse from John Rennolds in Essex County, when he was asked to do a favor for Reynnolds in Culpepper County VA, which he did. Mark Twain once said, “I have done only 11 good deeds in my life, and I have lived to regret every one of them.” Andrew would have appreciated that. birkett Davenport. Joseph Wood esq (dept sheriff under his father the high sheriff - no nepotism here). Sthuskly? Lthushly? Lthseshly? Rennolds became John R.’s exec.
Starke, Reuben Starke, Elizabeth G etal 55 3113 1825 divorce complaint Her next friend (and prob brother), Elam Sharpe. Md. 6 Jan 1819 near camden. Down hill after that. It’s all her fault: “chilling indifference” (oh, please). it’s all his fault (no response to her patience, kindness...) Wyatt W? M? Starke esq - son of Reuben.
Latimore, James etal Elgin, Robert etal 55 3114 1808 Gabriel Long and mary (late Latimore md feb 1792), Clement Theobold Latimore, john Matheson and Grace wf (md 6 Aug 1793), Stephen Latimore. Benj. Latimore of Chas county, MA dec.1785. Wid. Cagey L. Kids: James, Mary, Grace, Stephen, Clement Theobald. 18 June 1785. Mom gave up rights in estate for kids. Mom md Robert Eligen. Lewis Gant 19 June 1785, and he’s evidently trying to get his hands on her signed away legacy. Copy of her deed of gift. James Marcu? Latimer, bro of dec (fr 420)
Patterson, James and wife etal Fredrick Slappy 55 3115 1824 Patterson md Mary Ann Bullock, wid of Eilhu Bullock dec 1819. Hard Labor Creek. jacob Slappy. Elizabeth and Rebecca - Elihu’s (and mary’s?) minor kids. James Patterson gdn. and step father of kids.
Thompson, Margaret etal Foster, Elijah 55 3116 1824 criminal complaint Margaret, Robert, John Sloan and Sarah, wf: kds of Rob’t Thompson dec many years ago. Wid: Margaret (md now to Newell W. Scott). 5 kids. inc Thomas and Elizabeth. Samuel, bro of dec and another Margaret Thompson made admins. E. Foster appt gdn with Ephriam Daivs and Ebenezer Foster (execs). Elijah Foster then took off with the goods. Sam Mitchell, witness.
Wilson, Wm etal Caldwell, James H etal 55 3117 1827 John Anderson and Margaret wf. This is a little confusing. Elizabeth Caldwell, wf of James H. Daughter of Margaret (No, but reads that way in the first pages) Patrick, John, Wm., Margaret, Arabella and Elizabeth Wilson: siblings. John Wilson (one of the sibs), dec. Then Patrick dec. leaving property in VA, Miss, SC. Then Arrabella Hard to Read. Long. Elizabeth Caldwell (above - neice of the sibs) only living child of Jane Baird, fmrly Jane Wilson, sister of Sibs . Jane md Simon Baird, had 2 kids, Elizabeth and Hugh (dec). Caldwell md Elizabeth - 21 years. “Uncle John.”
Poole, Caroline etal Sample, Jas 55 3118 1825 Micajah Poole, dec - will exec 3 Sept 1819? Micajah had two kids: Robert and Nancy (md. Young) . Slave Lucinda was left to Robert, who had three daughters: Caroline, Matlilda and Tabitha (-21 gdn Wm Eddins). James Sample, John Anderson and Nancy wf (fmrly Mrs. Robert Poole?) admins. of Robert Poole, dec. Micajah called his daughter “Nancy Young” - His Will is here. sil, Robert Young. Signed: Joel Lipscomb, Alex Stuart, Wm? Ware? One of the Nancies married James? Anderson. There are too many nancys. read it.
Camichael, Mary Houston, James R 55 3119 1826 The defendant is called “an ignorant, illiterate old woman,” who is evidently an easy mark. Wm. Carmichail dec (Newberry) had bought John McCombs’ land. Mr. James Carson involved. Savannah.
Puckett, Wm C Puckett, Richd M.R. etal 55 3120 1841 James Puckett, father. John C. Puckett, brother. Rocky Branch, Long Cane - hard to Read. Some slaves: Frank, Crepey (4 children). John C. dec 1826, unmarried: heirs: Dad, brothers James, Richard M Randal Puckett and Wim Puckett; sisters Martha (md. Gram? Green? Jno? B. Crawford - 3 kids: George, Benjamin?, Louisa Crawford) and Francis Caroline ((md. Adam? Abram? Wideman and had one child, who died). Another brother, James W. C. Puckett, dec 1840, leaving brothers Richard M. Randal Puckett,and orator, heirs. Father(James) md 2nd wife, Margaret, had 3 kids: Andrew Allen S. Puckett, Eliza Elizabeth, and Louisa (All -21). Dec 1829. Wid Margaret (md Samuel Boggs) Rich in info. Much more.
Thomas, Ellanor etal Thomas Wm 55 3121 1845 divorce Hus and wife. She brought in the assets. He eventually, in what was evidently a mid-life melt-down, sold the place out from under her and split. Sold to Wm. Lomax. Son, McKenny Thomas.
Rembert, Wm P etal Rembert, Rebecca etal 55 3122 1847 George L Homes and Elizabeth, wf. Samuel Rembert dec. Shelby Co, Tenn. 10 Nov 1846. Widow, Rebecca, 4 kids: Wm. P, Eliz Holmes, Mary H M Rembert, and Louisa Rembert (min). 9 grandkids of dec children. Kids of Andrew R. dec 1845: Samuel S. Rembert, Harriet M (md. ? Moon? Moore?). Kids of James, dec 41: Lewillen? C. Rembert, Louisa R. (wf Tresvant? Trusant?), James A. (minor) . Kids of Louisa (md. John Pope) dec 1837: John W. Pope. Louisa M (md .? Miller), Judith and Monah? Moriah? Perey? Pope (min) . Savannah River. Most of the defendants, including Rebecca, live out of state.
Gibson, Jeremiah D Martha Black, James W 55 3123 1847 Martha was a Killingsworth. Md. Gibson in 1846?. Mark Killingsworth, father, dec. Wid: Nancy. James admin. Nancy dec, leaving Martha and sibs. James W. Black
Irvin, James etal Penney, George 55 3124 1840 James Jervey exec of James Nichelson dec 7 Feb 1838. Bad Rading. J. George Penney. McCords Creek bounded by Norrell, Thomas Gordon, Robt Gilmore, Samuel Robertson, henry Anderson, John Leathers. Survey Wm Lesley jr.
Deason, Berry E Price, Thomas S etal 55 3125 1846 partition Joseph T. Price dec Dec.1845. Wid matilda 4 kids: Elizabeth (wf or orator). martha (wf John H Holliway), Thomas S., Wm N. (Last two minors). Elizabeth dec a few days later 2 small kids: martha (2) jane (2 mos). Then Matilda died. Little Buffalow Creek, Little River. bnd. Daniel New?, Edward Collier, Wm. Beasley and Levi Fulmer. Littleberry F? esq. Holloway gdn all minors. Nice, fat file.
Sherard, Wm McCurry, Jackson Sarah 55 3126 1845 1833 Sarah md John White dec. kids: Alexander and Rosannah Celmentine (Now 11 and 9 yrs), 22 Feb. 1844 md. Jackson, admin of White. Nathan McCalister. David Gillispie, bought land 16 June 1831. Wm. Crawford 1/2 brother of John White. Mary Linny, heir Charles Linny? Lining? Alexander White (Eliz) 5 kids: JOhn, Nancy, James, Catorena and Martha. Friend High Porter 4 June 1819. Samuel Lindsey wit. Crawford kids worked for White - Nancy Crawford - sis of Crawford wife.
Darracott, Herbert and Floride B wf Turnbull, Jane widow 56 3127 1827 part John Turnbull dec t. exec, Elijah Darracott?, Sarah S. Turnbull. other kids: John S., Jane, Nancy, James, Theodore, Mary K. Martha (last 6: -21. Last 4: under 14). John’s Will. Wit: Wmson Norwood, John Gray, Andrew Harris, inv: William Davis, James Calhoun etc. Jos Mosely, James Hunt, William Robertson. Andrew Mulligan. Sales Names: Jos Turnbull, Taggart, Simpson, Clay many others. William Noble for schooling. Wit statements: A Hunter. A Houston.
Frazier, Marshall Sarah Ann wf Harris, Eliz 56 3128 1842 John Harris, Wiley. George A. Addison and Rebecca. William Harris dec i. Also, Elizabeeth, Annm, Moll? and Mary. Elizabeth, wid. Savannah bnd. Daniel English, Watson and others HTR. Inv John Barrett, John Heard, LeRoy and James Watson, Vincent and Griffin esqs. John, Willis, Wiey, Elizabeth Harris, Ann I Harris, WIlliam Harris and mary Francis Harris. Huge slave list.
Rowland, Mary etal Rowland, Francis 56 3129 1848 Nathanliel Rowland dec i. Belinda, Mary Ann, Augustus, Amanda. Pettis tract bnd. Charles Smith LD Meerrimanm, Hart Arnold anbd others. Burth? tract: Jesse Adams, Aaron Lomax, Lucien H Lomax. Mary: Wid. other kids: Francis and Louisa (-21). admin: Mary and David W. McCants. Inv. John Cochran, James Eillis, William Smith, J. Reynolds, Jesse Adams.
Robinson, John etal Boggs, Rebecca, etal 56 3130 1848 Fredrick Rob., John James McCreary, Samuel Boggs, mat. grandfather dec in revolution. Rocky Branch of Long Cane Creek bnd. Edmund Walker and others. Mary Boggs wid. Samuel Boggs jr. and wf (wid) Margaret. kids: Samuel, Betsy Ann (md. William Robinson), Mary (md. William McCreary), Rebecca (still alive), Martha (who lived with mom till dec. 30-31). Mary (grandma) 28 Oct 1791 never remarried. bt. from John Campbell, John Majors (Book 3 pg 291) Lands of Tiny Jay?, Buckley Harris, Edmund Walker. She dec 12/1838: heirs kids of dec dtr Betsy Ann: John, Fredrick, Samuel (dec. in Miss leaving wid.and 6 or 7 kids names unknown). Henry (Miss), James (AL), Prissley? (out of state), Henry? (dec wf Jane and 3 kids - 21: Elizabeth, William, Thomas), Martha (William Davis?),Mary, Jane Robinson. ONE DOC SIGNED: James Caldwell. CONT...
Robinson, John etal Boggs, Rebecca, etal 56 3130 1848 continued Mary McCreary (dec 1840 leaving husband), Joseph (dec 1828 heirs: John, James, Margaret, --Joseph: dec in AL w/wid Mary and 3 kids under 21: Mary Ann, WIlliam, Josephine---, David (AL). Sam Boggs dec Sept 1846: Wid. Margaret, 1 min kid: Mary. Dr. John M Hearst admin.
Eakin, Elizabeth wid. Eakin, Jane 56 3131 1847 part Joseph Eakin dec 1844 i. Land bnd by Joseph Eakins, John Wright, James Burton, left wid and 4 kids: Jane, George, John, Elizabeth (-21). Thomas Eakin,brother admin. INV William Morrison, George Nichols, William Bowie, L.T. White, Robert Richey
Cofer, Augustus C, Thomas L Anderson, Didanea 56 3132 1843 part Thomas L Cofer dec 1815 i. In 1822, Thomas Cofer, Orator’s paternal gfather dec i. Only heirs 2 boys and Didema, now widow, Elizabeth (md. Lemeul? Samuel? Winn?) and a son of John Cofer [dec abt 1824 i leaving wid Elizabeth now dec and 6 kids: Isabella (dec i unmarried), Elizabeth (dec i unmarried), Jane (md. Burton? dec), Thomas L., Harrison and John Cofer. Joshua DuBose admin].
McDill, Thomas et Elizabeth wf. Hill, Jane A etal 56 3133 1840 part Andrew Paul dec T. dtr: Jenny? Hill (md to Hamilton Hill). Both dec leaving Elizabeth, the oratrix , also Jane Amanda, Sarah Catherin, Samuel Colbert and Lewis Hill.
Ross, Stephan and Elizabeth wf Anderson, Jacob 56 3134 1840 Jacob Anderson dec i bnd by Thomas, John Cheatham, John Partlow, Peter McKellar, et al. He left 6 kids: William H Anderson, Benjamin F Anderson, Nathan, Martha, Elizabeth, Jacob. Now: Benj, Martha, Elizabeth dec -21 i and unmarried. Jacob is a minor. Wit: Stanmore, William B Brooks. john H Waller.
Walker, Jeremiah et Luvinda wf Frazier, James W 56 3134 1841 orators: Stephen Stovall and Jane (S? Co., GA). Agness Calhoun (wid John Calhoun, dec), James McMillan and Peggy, William Sims Cowen of Wayne Co., MO., Martha (? Struck out), Nathan Griffin Su? CO. 4 orators (trx) are Kids of Amelia, dtr of Nathan Sims, by first husband Richard Griffin. William S Cowen is Amelia’s by husband John Cowan. Brickman? Buckner Griffin - also Amelia’s? 5 Mar 1802, Nathan Sims (the father) made a deed of gift. Cowen of Lincoln? Co., GA. Sunston? Fames Frazier and Elizabeth, wf., Anderson? B. Smith and Amelia, sf. Littleton S? and Jane wife. Holan? Griffin, THomas Mitchell Griffin?, Samuel McCord and ? wf., William, Leonard, Sarah Griffin all of state. Long file. Much more here. Hard to read.
Red, Nancy etal Red, E. L. etal 56 3135 1841 Dr. Robert D Gray and Maria wf (Formerly Red). and Nancy, widow of George Red, dec. 1840 T. Hard Labor and Long Cane bnd by ?, Larkin Reynolds, Thomas Chiles, Agnes Nc?. Will made 1827, before he aquired some things. Next of kin: Nancy Red, widow - Maria, Ephraim L, James W., David I., Samuel W., Mary S., William C Red. (Last three minors)
Pursell, Nancy etal Purcell,Jaceheus* 56 3136
Heard, Bailey etal -14 Merriwether, Zachariah 56 3137 1825 Next friend, David R Davenport. Father dec: Richard Heard T. Sister: Silinda? Salinda? Lilinda? Isaac Heard. WILL: Richard Heard. 2 kids.
Branch, Dr. Isaac Mann, Robt. M 56 3138 1848 Debt problems. bnd by Alexander Gordon, Andrew Edwards, William Kenney, M Edwards. J.H. Cobb.
Neill, J R and Caroline wf. Nelson, Mary etal 56 3139 1841 William F Nilson, dec. Nov 1839. Wid: Caroline and 1 dtr, Mary, now six. Enoch Nilson admin. Land desc. Henry Nilson left land. Reagans, Chiles, Boggs, Kellar, John Robertson.
O’Connor, James Cofer, A.C. 56 3140 1848 James Connor dec 1848 i leaving wid (Elizabeth Cofer, now wife of Augustine Cofer), also Alexander P., Matilda Ann (md James Harvey), Rebecca (md Gasowas? R Nichols), Isabella L., Andrew I., (-21), George M, son moved to MS. not heard of for years. Darracott. Foster. John Ball. Samuel Cowen. WIlliam W Belcher, William McClure.
Mays, Mathew Mays, Meady etal 56 3141 1840 William, James, Francis, Nancy Mays. Stephen Whitley dec 1839, 1837? Saluda, bnd by Samuel Beard? George Sh?, WIlliam Eddins, James Pope. No wife or full blood kin. 1/2 blood: Mathew, Meedy, John, Nancy Broadway (Bnejamin Broadway),
Tolbert, Mary etal Talbert, John etal 56 3142 1843 part orators (trx): Mary, Turner or James?, WIlliam, Andrew Riley and Mary wf. (dtr of Dan Talbert), James P Martin and Ellender, Vachel Hughey and ANna, Rachel Tolbert. Dan Talbert dec i 1840. Land descr. Coweta? Co., GA. (John Talbert heir) and Margaret, Mary Hall of Newberry, kids of Ellizabeth dec a dtr. nancy Livingston (formerly Wilson) mad John Livingston and ? Wilson, kids of Jane Wilson another dtr newberry minors - 21. Plat. Riley, Henry Gray, R. Campbell, Paschal Klugh et al., appraisal.
Reid, Jane etal Lamar, Peter etal Laniar? 56 3143 1843 Harvey Wheat? WIlliam R Reid. Lincoln Co, GA. Gabriel Cox, brother of oratrix.
Creagh, Thomas Bevin Mosely, Charles 56 3144 1804 Mosely now of Powhatan Co., VA. Purchase of slaves - big mess. Archer Burton. Margaret Kennedy. Long File.
Gray, John F Burton, Joseph etal 56 3145 1846 part William Burton. Isaac hacker?and mary, wf. John A Burton? Morrah? Chandler, Joseph Burton and mary Ann. margaret Burton. Estates of John and James Burton. WILL of John: son William, James, joseph - dtrs: Mary, Margaret. Wife: Caroline C. g dtr: Mary Hodges. John A exec. Wit iinclude: Norwood, Douglass, Sarah Downey, Margaret A Foreman of Autugua widow of George. William Burton, Texas - other locations of distant heirs.
Tribble, Ezekiel and John McAdams, Sarah etal 56 3146 1836 John McAdam Sr. Esq. dec 1834 i. Wid: Sarah. 10 kids: Polly (md James Fisher), Grizella (md John Wright), Sarah (Archibald Madison), Rachel (Maston Shirly), Elizabeth, John, Jane (now wf of Thomas Davis in 1850, Saluda Regiment, Thomas brn 1802 in VA and Jane listed with fam), Robert, James J., Rebecca (-14) and kids of dec. dtr named Mayant? (Samuel W. Tribble) left 7 kids: Orator, Polly Ann (George Grubbs), Nancy Emily, James R, (last 3 14+) Stephen M., Samuel W. (minor -14). Admin - Samuel Tribble, John McAdam? Land bnd by Robert Right?, Patrick Bell, Elijah Tribble, Joseph B?tow, John Fisk. WILL: John McAdam: bnd by Alex McKenney, Lidell Williams, Richardson Tribble, James A Black, Wid. Martin. Wife: Sarah. Dtr: Betsey, Rebecka Son John, Robt, James Jones McAdam.
Buchanan, Elizabeth and John Buchanan, Wm. 56 3147 1839 part John Buchanan dec 1830? Three tracts of land: bnd by Cochran, Richardson, Turner, Morgan (all the foregoing Johns). Black Rocky Creek Saluda - Stanley Crews, Dist of Anderson, Andrew Cunningham, Raulph Hardin, William Bladon, Mrs. Mitchell. Widow: Elizabeth. kids: John, William, Lavinda (minors), Elizabeth, George, Samuel A., Andrew Buchanan. Hart P Arnold. John Richardson.
Wimbish, Alexander Scott, Joseph and Nancy wf. 56 3148 1845 Joseph Scott of henry Co, GA, Gilbert Greer of Merriwether Co., GA (Lucy, wf), Peyton Wimbish (GA), James - of Elbert, GA, - Thomas C, Charles A (Abbeville), WIdow: Susannah of MS. John M Wimbish dec. Alexander Wimbish dec. Will dated 16 Sept 1817. Bro: William Wimbish, exec. Middleton Creek of Rock River bnd by John Mosely, Josiah Patterson, James Alston, Nathaniel Norwood et al. Widow: Frances. kids: Peyton, Thomas C., James, Charles A., Orator, Sarah Scott, Lucy Greer, John M (dec with three kids in MS, Susannah widow), Alex F Wimbish. Henry S Oliver and nancy wf. Joseph Scott and Sarah wf., Gilbert Greer and Lucy. Mrs. Susan harris (frmly Wimbish), inf: Francis, John , Mary. WILL of Alex. Wit: Peter, John Wimbish, Jordan Raney.
Duncan, Patrick Conn?, Joseph etal 56 3149 1828 land sale Little Curl Tail Creek: Cowen? James Conn? John Casey?
Pressley, Calvin and wife McComb, John 56 3150 1828 Andrew Taylor dec T 1818. Father: Andrew McComb exec. Jane Anderson (md Calvin Pressley) neither of age. Andrew her g father. Another g dtr: ? Sims? Polly Anderson? names: Collier, Moragne, Watkins, McGaw? Odom, Hill, McComb, Shanks, Taylor, etc. WILL of Andrew: wif not named. Sam Kenny, Henry Wideman, James Sims, Gr Son Andrew Anderson. dtr: Jane Moragne. g son: David and Robert Taylor. gdtr: Jane Anderson. Sam McKenney.
McDill, William etal Herndon, Nathaniel 56 3151 1843 part infant orator Thomas R. McDill, Robert A McDill. William Henderson 1820? dec i. Cuffy Town Creek bnd by Maxamillion Hutchinson, Johnson, Sale, etc. Leaving heirs: Nathaniel, Shadrack, James, John, Nathan, Samuel, Elizabeth (John Manningham), Sarah (md William McDill 1832 ) dec. in 1837, leaving the above heirs. Nathan and Sam (-21) our of state.
Graves, Geo and Caroline Tennant, Wm etal 56 3152 1844 part George and Caroline md 10 Jan 1844. She is the widow. Orville Tatom dec. 1837 T. Infant son: William T Tatom. bnd by Michael Speed, A Wimbish, Littleton Yarborough. Other defendants William, James Lomax. Appr: Meredith McGehee, Lugan? Johnson, Dr. Henry Townes, Dr. L Yarborough. Slave lists. Inventory lists. James Norwood.
Pattison, James Pattison, Jonah C etal 56 3152 1839 part William Pattison,. son of James, dec i. No wife or issue. Left Dad and brothers: Jonah C., N? , James N (only child of dec brother, Robert). N? has died, T. Larkin Reynolds, Robert Pulliam vs. Moses Taggart, Josiah Pulliam - land tied up in case. Nathan and William Patterson, William Lipford, George Red, Charles Sprouell, Robert Gray - Hard labor Creek. Appraisal: Charles Sproull, John Hearst, Vincent Griffin, William Harris, George Marshall.
Robertson, John Stephans, Mary M etal 56 3154 1843 21 Oct 1839 John Stephans, now dec 6 July 1844 sold land. Widow: Mary. Surveys of John Scott. Wilson’s Creek. Dec before he could pay the whole deal. Thomas Scott (hus: Elizabeth Scott). 1 child Sarah Jane. Admin - ordinary of District Robert Davis Esq.
Young, John and Mary wf Creswell, Joseph jr. 56 3155 1820 John Bickett dec 1803, 03 i. Wid: Nancy (mom of orator). Kids: Jenny, Mary,and another child, dec as infant. Nancy dec i. Joseph Creswell took admin of her estate. Long Cane. Moses Carter?. Sales: Hill, McCormik, MCFarland, McBride, McClinton, Beady. John Logan, Creswell, Couch, Gray, Easton, Goodwin, Link John Caldwell, sherriff. Service and trades names.
Stewart, Polly Stewart, Wm 56 3156 1820 She is Wife of William, who she reports as abusive.
Gray, Sarah Gray, Elizabeth etal 56 3157 1821 part Thomas Gray dec i. Sarah is wid. kids: 5 minors: Elizabeth, William, Mary, Margaret, Sarah. Long Cane of Savannah bnd by James Gray, Thomas Creswell, Ed Collier, James Goodwin.
Alexander, William Moore, Thos L et al 56 3158 1820 part John Moore, dec i. Wid: Jemima. 3 minor kids: Thomas Lewis, Jeremiah Edwin, John Singleton Moore. Little River, Savannah, bnd by Phillip King, Robert McCraven, William B Herring, R Derricott et al. Orator md Jemima. She dec one year later, 1819? in childbirth. Child also dec. William Alexander had taken in kids. Appraisals: Peter Rogers, Ed Collier, John Gray, James and Patrick Calhoun.
Martin, John A S Martin, John C exec 56 3159 1830 Orator’s gr fatherSamuel Scott, Edgefield. Orator’s father: Charles Martin, Edgefield. Thomas P Maritin, surity on bond. Father was bad. Dec MS 1810.
Black, Robert F Prince, Lucy 56 3160 1820 Hudson Prince and (wf), Edward Prince jr.. other orators. Edward Prince sr. dec T. Wf: Lucy. Other heirs: Joseph Prince, 4 grand kids. ? Clark. Joseph is wantonly destroying his aged mother’s life estate...
Presley, John etal Mayson, Archy exec 56 3161 1820 part John’s wife’s name is Fensby or something odd. Reuben Golding and Lurana? wf., William Stewart and Elizabeth wf., Nimrod Chiles dec T. dtr: Feneby? Nimrod jr. was youngest kid, almost 15. Lucinda Chiles md Lewis Ball. WILL of Nimrod: present wife, Elizabeth. James Mayson dec. Wlater Chiles’ land. Chldren named, but tough to read. Robert Turner, James and Thomas Hill, Peter and John Cheatham. Lewis Ball. Someone sold interest to Archy mayson. Jasper, GA. Saluda.
Campbell, William Miller, George A etal 56 3162 1847 Mrs. Frances Heron?, John T, Mary T Heron. None pmt of judgement.
Yarborough, John W Yarborough, Sarah 56 3163 1830 part John F Yarborough dec 15 Dec 1822 i. bnd by D Pressley, John ?., Alexander Martin, Jesse ?. John Cochran, surveyor. John Brownlee, Robert ?. Wid: Susan. kids: John W., Harriet C (Md. John Frederick Burley), Richard S., James, Marcella E. (-12), Richard, Robert?, James min +14.
Agnew, Melinda Agnew, Enoch 56 3164 1845 Melinda is the widow. Samuel dec 20 July 44 i. 9 kids: Enoch, Elizabeth (md Ebenezer Pressley, James W., Samuel, WIlliam, Joseph (all over 21), Washington, Alfred, Melinda Jane (-21). Long Cane bnd by James Agnew, Thomas Hawthorn, Toliver Johnson, James Blain, Enoch, James W Agnew execs. Appraisals: James Martin, Razor, Barmore, Pruit.
Martin, Willie B Chiles, Milton and wife etal 56 3165 1842 Jacob C Martin deed of gift to Nancy Martin, (mother of Willie), Widow of George W. Martin, his brother. Another slave arguement. It always happens over who gets the poor slave’s children. These are barbarians. When Nancy died, the slaves went to Nancy and George’s kids: Martha (md a Chiles in ‘30), Rowanna? E A (md James Hadden - later referred to as America? Haddon), Indiana (md Thomas A Benning ‘42), John B Martin, minor. Franklin Branch. No clue what this is all about. I think I’m ashamed about it, though.
Sample, Alexander McCulloch Wm and John 56 3166 1820 judgement admin James McCulloch, dec. John McCulloch, John E Norris, Andrew Gilespie.
Arnold, Judith Arnold, James* et al 56 3167 1815 John Butler of AV, King William Co. Granddtr: Rosamond and Judith Roberts. Slaves: Cate, Bob and Dulcy. Morris Roberts, son in law of John and father of girls. Rose md James Edwards, father of Judith Arnold, complaintant. Rose died when the girl was 5 (2 other children dec without issue). Judith, at 20, md John Scuddy, now dec. kids (hers?): John, Augustine, Ann, only surviving kids. 44 slaves by now. Her new husband, William Arnold. james Edwards left slaves to James, Elizabeth (md Joseph Foster), Barbara (Benjamin Reynolds), Susannah (dec wf of William Graves) Arnold.
Arnold, Judith Arnold, James* et al 56 3167 1815 More slave lists. John, Vincent Reynolds. 1787 Judith dumped her kids on her dad and took off. She’s a package, that one. Ann McGehee, Austin E, John Scuddy. Harriet Devall (md to Michael Devall). Sarah and Samuel, Jos H., Michael’s first wf Catherine. George Hays. William Arnold and Judith, Spotylvania. Both signed deed of relinquishment, but she says she never knew about original deed of gift. Wit Charles Bevins. Thomas, John Butler. WILL: James Edwards: kids: James, Barbara, Susan, Betty Arnold. Rose died 1747. Scuddy dec 1777. William Arnold dec 1802. Huge File. Clarke Co. Ga. wit in that state: Benjamin Waller. Tell a lie, and 200 years later, I will find it.
Caldwell, Belinda Proter, Hugh 57 3168 1839 gdn 1826 appointed gdn. John Caldwell dec. William Caldwell (‘44) D. H Cothran. Gdnship complaint withdrawn. y
Harris, James, Francis wf Wooldridge, Thomas admin Jno 57 3169 1822 Francis, dtr John Wooldridge dec, Matilda, Lucy, nancy, Susannah, Sally and Harriet Wooldridge, dtrs of john. -21. Gdn James Han?. William Wooldridge, Thompson All and Betsy, wf, also kids of John -21 gdn Alex Hunter. Patsy, widow. Gibson Wooldridge, father of John (grandfthr of kids) will date 1816. Sons John and Thomas. Savannah River, bnd by Tuckers.8 slaves: Judy, Rachel, Irving, Eliza, Chaney, Dod?, Fanny and Tabitha. Wm H Caldwell.
Patterson, Mary D Colteran (Cathron?), Wade S 57 3170 1836 Robert Patterson dec. Oratrix: widow? 2 infant kids: James Napoleon, Robert Lweis Paterson (dec). Wade is gdn. of James. Admin: Josiah Patterson.
Stewart, Alex and Peggy Caldwell, Wm etal 57 3171 1820 part John Caldwell dec. 300 acres bnded by Samuel Gains. Joel Lipscomb on Martin? Quarter? Creek of Saluda. Peggy was widow. Kids: William, Alexander, Sibby (md. Drury Wilson), Elizabeth, margaret, Edmond, James, John, Jesse, Polly, Belinda, Sarah Caldwell. All kids but William, Alex and Peggy under 21. Edmond Beasly gdn youger ones. y
Breckenridge, John Bowie, Geo esq 57 3172 1810 John (weaver?). Bond 1795 Mat Donaldson dec. John Bowie Sr. (ex), James Wardlaw, esq. Geo and Andrew Bowie wit. John, Andrew Hamilton. Mrs.Jannett? jennett? Donaldson wid. Shumaker and Sutherland. Slaves: Derry, Jean, Arthu, Jane. Charlotte to be set free at Jennett’s death.(Oct last). Beautiful copy of bond. Wit statements: Charles Spense? M Wilson? Thomas, Sam’l Robinson, James Gilmon, Jos G? Rob’t Gordon. McCrow. Sales names.
McKeller, Jno W etal Mayson, Charles, C. 57 3173 1836 William Mayson and James Mayson by gdn John. 1818 John McKeller Sr. grand uncle of John W. McKellar dec. Land Abbe and Edge - and Scotland. Father of complaintant, John jr. dec also. Kids -14. Charles C Mayson gdn 1819? Thomas Douglass.
Prior, John and Sally (Sarah)wf. Meyers, David etal 57 3174 1805 Commis: Hugh Rutledge, William Marsh, William James. Edge: Michael Meyers dec 1784 will. 130 acres. Mother peg’s place. “to 3 kids of my son:” dec. Leonard: Grace, Sally, Leonard (dec). My sons David, Jonathan. Dtr: Elizabeth, Catherine. execs; 3 sons, Johm, David, Jonathan w/ Casper Nail, Sr. Slave names. Long file. detail. Micah Wright dec. John left kids: Mary, Nancy, james. Catherine’s: Wylly? Hany? and Eliza. Harey? Mike Meyer’s will, Janothan’s will.
Jones, Louisa Jones, W J 57 3175 1840 divorce Wm. Jones. Her next friend, Beufort T. Watts.
Mays, Larkin etal Mays, Medy jr etal 57 3176 1845 Larkin, Henry, Stephen Whitely and wf. Elizabeth, Thomas Rosemond and wf Sarah, Elias Graham and wf Caroline. Lucretia Mays wid of Matthew? mays dec 1845. Medy jr. her son and minors nancy, Daniel, Abrey?, jane, Telisha, Lucretia Mays. Benj. Rosemond’s lad near Mulberry waters of Saluda, bnd by Larkin Griffin, John Waters esq., Larkin Mays, Missus Phillips, William Graham Sr. Thomas Rosemond. Enoch Carter wit.
Sharpe, Johnson H Morrah, Jane etal 57 3177 1844 Jane Caroline wf of Johnson Sharpe. orators: Enoch Barsum? and wf Sarah (Sharpe), Pinckney Jones and Eleanor wf, Hugh Morroh dec Jane wid, - life interest then to 4 dtrs: Sarah, Jane, Eleanor, Mary. 9 slaves: Hannah, Linda, Lucinda, Ben?, Charlotte, Lewis?, Harry, Soloman, Sarah. Jane’s son, David, John B. Hard To Read. Long, detail. Little River, Long Cane. Slv: Hannah and kids Lindy, Lucinda, Ben? Sharlotte, Lewis. Will of Hugh. Dtrs: Sarah Jane, Elianor, Mary. Son: Robert, John, Samuel (sl: Sam, Corwick), david, Jane (sl: Sylvia, Pggy), Elenor (sl: Polly and kids Jim and louisa), Mary?, George, Sarah, Sarah (wf John Richardson). Pat Noble, Haron Lomax, Sam Morrah, exec Wm. Hill, Welsey Norwood, M.J. Stewart.
Williams, McAllister GA Beard, Samuel 57 3178 1842 Run-away slave (Henry county, GA). Nomed Hoot? Foot? Nelson Bullard, Wm E Caldwell (highly respected). Allen E Johnson GA. Henry N Pope Long case. Georgia witnesses. Ugly.
Hamilton, John M Bowie, John and Jane etal 57 3179 1835 part father: Alexander C. hamilton dec. feb ‘35. Surviving legitimate kids: Jane (md. gne. Bowie), John M. Robert B, Susan (wid James Wilson), Richard Andrew, Joseph Augustus, Alexander, samuel Shields, Anna Augusta, Harriet Eugenia Davis Hamilton (Last 6 - 21). Norris’ Creek, Long Cane, Billage of Abbeville. Commssioners: Patrick Noble, Charles Dendy, Samuel gaines et al.
Richey, Robt C Nancy wf Rosamond, Thomas 57 3180 1845 William C. Hill. john Hill sr. dec. susannah widow. (Sl: Sylla, Cepu W? kids: Lewis, Silas, Gobe?, Willis, Wiley). Sons: samuels, William, John, Joseph, Bluford. Dtr: Betsy (md David hill) ha several kids, only 2 survived: Jane or Jenny (md James Dodson), Joycey (md ? Cagbum?) also wf of Patrick Gr?. Had one son, Thomas then died. Nancy (md medy Mays), Polly (md Jesse Rainey), Sally (md David Vines?), Susannah (md Benj. Rosemond)): kids: james, Benj, Samuel, John,Thomas, William, joseph. Fanny (md Sam Rosemond), rebecca (md Reuben hodges). Samuel Hill (dec) wid. Elizabeth since md. William Hodges. sam’s kids: Nancy (md. Robert C Richey), Elvira (dec young0,. sam’s admin, William Barmore.
Smith, Samuel Algier, John 57 3180 1845 more of above William Hill who lived to be 21, married, died leaving William C hill son john Hill dec with will. Joseph Hill dec wid Eliza (now md John Graham?).1824. John Hill jr. dec (sl Gabriel or Gabe). his estate details. Nelia Vines Long. John Will. Much business. frame 233: Samuel Smith, John Algier 1843 280 acres. Bond Wesley C norwood, thomas J Roberts, John Clavert, William Robertson and James Lomax foreclosure.
Quarles, Richard Sally wf Middleton, Agatha etal 57 3181 1809 Judges include Waddy Thompson esq. Ally Middleton dtr Maj. Hugh Middleton dec. Richard admin. Edward Finley (Mary, wf), dec March 1804, Alexander Calhoun Hamilton and Delphea Adelia wf (dtr of Middleton), 2 dtrs ? Sally, Delphia. Edge. Maj dec Nov 1803. Agatha, widow. Mary Finley, Patsy Tennant (wf William Tennant), Eliza Middleton sons: John, ...ndson, by Hugh jr. dec. Wm (infant) After mom of Sally and Mary (2nd wife) dec., he married Lcy Williams, mom of Hugh, John, Patsy, Eliza, and Delphia. Very lojng, detailed. Sam Savage gdn Willim Melly Milldeton, Hugh jr’s wid md Sam Savage (sl: jim). Stephen Garret. Slave lists.
Wilson, Wm Todd, Elizabeth etal 57 3182 1843 James Wilson dec. 1812. Wf Tabitha dec 7 Sept 1842?. John Henry Wilson (minor) (sl: bet, Sid), henry, Francis Wilson. 3 dtrs:Elizabeth, Mary, nancy. sons: William, James, Henry. Edge.5 kids. Elizabeth md James McCrackin dec, then Richard M Todd (dec). Mary wf of Isham? Robertson, then Seth Towles (dec) then LeRoy Brown. She dec ‘39. her kids: Caroline (wid Ben Grigsby), Emaline (wf Whitfield Bozeman), Sarah Ann (wf Towler Towles?), Albert, Robertson, cornelia ( wf Anderson Sims), Charlotte (wf Manering? Wlaton), Mary (Georgia) (wf Daniel Gent). 8 Sl: Bet?, harper, Peter, Sally, Henna and child, Delat? Inventory land: James creswell, Reuben Cooperm, Dan Proctor, William Eddins Larkin, R C Griffin. james Wilson will.
McCaw, Wm H Cozart, Wm M etal 57 3183 1844 land deal walter A Mangum and Elisa A wf of tallahatchee Dist. Miss.
Mayson, James L lucinda Douglass, John etal 57 3184 1843 William Douglass dec ‘41. mary: wid. 9 kids: John, nancy (md William Wardlaw), Elizabeth (md James Pert? Pent? Sr.), Peggy (md james Anderson), Lucinda, Lousana? (md. James Pert? jr), james, William and Mary (md. Joshua Waits). Wilson Creek bnd: James Pent, Partlowk, Mrs. Waits, Holloway. Same Cook, Leonard White. Charles B Fooshe commissioner. Some land rocky creek, William B. Brooks? A P Pool, James S. Partlow, Sarah Waits, James mayson.
Penny, Henry H Cromer, Phillip etal 57 3185 1841 Elizabeth Cromer dec. Distributees: John Bruff? Hoff? Russ? Russ?, Henry, Christian, Daniel, Philip Cromer. George W. Comer and Elizabeth Halt. Elizabeth Johnson (md. James A.) John W. Penny, James, Thomas, Martha G (last 2 under age) and orator, kids of Sarah Penny, dec. grand kids of Elizabeth. William Ruff, George W Ruff Warren and Hilburn Ruff children of George Ruff dec. Grand. John Ruff? Admin? henry Ruff Sr. Son of Elizabeth.
Ward, James A Pollard, Robert 57 3186 1820 part James gdn: James M and mary Pollard, minors. Kids of james Pollard, dec. Widow : Rebecca md. James A. Ward. Robert Pollard sr. exec of James? Charles D Pollard, gdn. Slave names: Spencer, Joseph, Dan, Camdis, Antony, Dar, Cloey, (and child), Pamela, Jane, Tim, NEd, Kezziah.
Johnson, Patrick Martin, John C 57 3187 1829 1821 (1 apr), John Campbell made will. dec 8 Nov 1822. Estate in three parts: Mary A. Simmons, a natural daughter, wf of Thomas Simmons. Peggy Edwards (md Isham ? NCarolina), Arabella Martin (md. Thomas P Martin) son John C Martin. James Cobb. John C may. Henry Johnson, John Morrah. james Cobb md. Charlotte dtr John Campbell. John H Lesley. Sales names. Tinsley, Black many Scot names. Long file.
Clements, Chas Calhoun, John 57 3188 1803 brother Jesse Clements. Pendleton Dist. dec. Andrew McAlister, John Wardlaw, William Kelbert.
Creagh*, Thos B Cruagh Delane*, Freeman Friman? 57 3189 1816 Richard and Freeman? Fullman? Thuman? Delane. 900 acres Savannah. Delaur? Truman? bnd by Ann hamilton, Samuel Wimbish, WIlliam Bass, Joseph Bickley, James Cunningham.
Pollared, Jas M Eddins, Wm 57 3190 1828 gdn father dec many years ago. Mary Pollard sister, minor. William Eddins gdn. Wid Rebecca Pollard, now Ward. estate of james? Pollard, bnd Isaac R?, James? Mitchell, John Cheatham, Talberts. 5 slaves: Charles, Joe, Spencer, Daniel and C?. james L Livingstone, N Car. Siloam. Plat. John Fooshe sig. Charles B Fooshe sig.
Devlin, John and Mary Foster, Robt etal 57 3191 1822 Robert Boggs dec (Elizabeth wid). dec 7, 1821. Rocky Branch Long Cane bnd: James Puckett et al. Had no son. Dtrs: [Elizabeth Boggs (twice married), all dead. 1st husband, John Foster. Kids: Robert Foster, Mary (md james Foster), Nancy (md. John Foster). 2nd husband: Christopher Connor: james Connor, Frederick, Elizabeth (md. james Patton), Chistopher and John Connor.] Ann Boggs (md. Robert McClinton?). Ann dec: heirs, hus and William, only child. Mary Boggs (md. orator), Esther (md. Hugh McCulloch dec), Martha (md Robert Smyth Sept 1816 dec), [Sarah (md. James Patterson) she dec 3 kids: Betsy, Mary John Patterson.], Charlotte Boggs (md James McCullock)
Baird, James R Eliza wf Walker, Henry Graves 57 3192 1826 adm Mrs. Lettice Winn. heirs iinclude son, dtr, Eliza and kis of 2 other dtrs dec. Admin took everything. P.D. Klugh, deputy. (That’s Paschal D. Klugh)
Atkins, James and wife Rosanna Borrnean**, John L Bowman? 57 3193 1820 William Bowman? dec Granville. N.W. Fork Long Cane. Vacant Land. 1 child: John L Brennan? 14 Rosannah gets one third. jane Atkins, relic (wid) Robert Atkins dec. James Atkins. Jane Lies (md Abram?. mahal Adams wf of John Adams.
Barksdale, Beverly et al Barksdale, Delia Ann et al 57 3194 1826 Francis McClendon (md Frances Barksdale), Mary Barksdale (md. Vincent McElhenny? dec). Henry Barksdale dec. Savannah River, Johnson’s creek brd: Patrick Noble, Peter Downey, Olson, WIlliam noble dec, Peter B Rogers and Deliah (14 yrs), Smith? Barksdale? hard to read. 5 in number.
Richardson, Daniel Polly A North Nash, Nancy etal 57 3195 1822 Col Reuben North dec 1821. James Adams tract HTR. Nancy, widow and R? John North, Columbine? Ophelia N.A (-14), Polly. Alabama.
Shaw, Mary etal Shaw, Wm 57 3196 1797 Married at Saint George church, Hanover Square, London. James Trekbek? The Shaws had one son, educated in england. Ugly divorce. He moved to the new world, promised to send, 11 years went by, she got land in SC from her father, came on her own, only to find the creep living with somebody else.
Tittle, John and wife etal Sanders, Agga Cook 57 3197 1827 Sarah Ann wf of Tittle. John Sanders, father dec. Will. Anna Sanders widow and mom, dec. Thomas, William, Elizabeth malvina, John Sanders (minors). Titlle gdn. Francis Dickson Sanders dec. Cattail Creek bnd. Alexander Jordon, William Reynolds, James Gray. Inventory: Jos Davis, John Devlin, et al.
McComb, John McComb, Rebecca etal 57 3198 1823 Andrew McComb Sr. Father. West - Long Cane, McBride’s Branch bnd Heny Robertson, est Joseph McBride, and other. May 5 1819, dec. Rebecca widwo. Kids: Andrew jr., Ann, Martha (wf John Logan), Rebecca (Peter Herbert). Invoentories. G? Davis sale? f 577 Dr. Davis? Darris? Catherine McComb mortgage.
Roman, Robert Smith, Wm 57 3199 1821 m-i-l Mrs. Ann Smith dec ?/31/11. VA. Her brother, William Portees? Porters? (75 yrs in 1810) dec Aug 1811. [Slave: Viney. kids: Armstead 5, Harriet 3, Julia 1 and a bay mare]. Ann’s 4 kids: William, Daniel, Patsy (James Sims), Polly (orator). Probate arguement.
McCrane, AWilliam Hill, John 57 3200 1828 debt John Hill note. JMcCrow? Gone out of state. Forclose.
McClellain, David McClellen? Douglass, Donald etal 57 3201 1844 Peggy McClellen wf. Purchase land Long Cane, bnd William Cowen? west Samuel Jordon North, Peggy? South. G.W. Hodges and John Cochane?
Wright, James and wife etal Mitchell, Francis etal 57 3202 1823 gdn heirs Peter Coleman. Charles Pitts? and Frances wf., William Nichol and Juda wf, John Bartee? Bastee? and James Wright and Frances? wife. James Glenn? Gleason? Hanover, VA dec. Granddtr Moly Glenn harris (Slave Dick), Frances, Jude, Anna, Glenn, Molly Glenn, Peter, Tyne harris (Slave Bess, Jude Bork). 6 Grandkids. Molly md David Coleman (dec), son of Peter H Coleman then Molly md Thomas Bostic? Bastee? kids: John, Francis (md Charles Pitts), Polly (John Bell) both dec., 1 dtr Frances (James Wright). Juda (Wm Nichols), Peter H Coleman (had half bro and sis) dec, widow Francis md Lewis Mitchell. Dudly Richardson gdn kids of Peter Ha coleman - 4 minors. Thomas Bartee destroyed David Coleman’s will? Peter Coleman’s witnesses: Zachariah Pulliam, James Pulliam ex. Wit T Anderson, John Logan jr. and? Gaines.
Price, Susanna Anderson, Thomas etal 57 3203 1815 Susannah of Newberry. Thomas Anderson of Edgefield. Left Susannah with lif interest (will:1795). 3 tracts on Saluda, grated to him May 1768 - i granted to James Anderson to Thomas 1785. (Slaves: Jane, Robert, Dick). Left to Thomas Anderson jr, Son and? William Anderson, execs. William Anderson dec 1800 wid: Eliza Ann and 4 kids: Thomas, Rebbecca, Rachel and Elizabeth. Rebecca (md James Moore, Abbeville), both dec. Rachel (John G Harris). Elizabeth (md James Spann?) Edgefield. Same Mays exec. John C. Mayson and Washington Bostic exec of James Moore. Thomas the elder left to his brother Wim. Who is Susannah Price? Will. (Slaves Robin and Dick).
Lipford, Royal N Wooldridge, Thos etal 57 3204 1826 Ex William Yarbrough, James Murry. Major Gibson Wooldridge dec. Bnd John Barnette. Wooldridge dec. Thomas W. son esq exec. Heirs of Major: James Harris and Francis, wf. Matilda, Lucy, nancy, Susan, Sally, Harriet, kids of John Wooldridge, son of the Major. james harris is gdn. William, and Thompson Allen and Betsey, wf, also kids of John; gdn is Alexander Hunter esq. Patsy Wooldridge, wid of John, dec. Thomas Wooldridge, reps of Robert Wolldridge dec (another son): Susaln Wooldridge admin with Samuel Linton Jr for Robert. Hudson M Pitman and Sarah wf, Sam Linton Jr and Betsy, wf, Chritopher Hudson and Patsy, wf, Benjamin Murray and Polly wf, William Wooldridge. Major’s WIDOW: MRS. LEAH. Many out of state. Thomas Anderson 1804. E Brooks.
Devall, Sarah etal Deval, Harriett etal 57 3205 1819 Sarah widow of Col. Samuel Devall dec and mom of Joseph, Eliza, James Otis, Matilda Ann, Cecily B Devall. Michael Devall, father of Sam, executed documents 1808 - marriage settlement with harriet Brown. 260 acres SE Long Cane near mouth. John Parsons, dec without heirs. Thomas P Brown.
Gaines, John L Matilda Scott, Isbell etal 57 3206 1820 William Scott dec 1808-1809. hard labor bnd. John Gallagher, John Partlow, Benjamin Waller. Eid: Isabella Scott. 5 kids: Nancy (John Biven), Jane, Matilda, (md. 24 Aug 1817 John L Gaines)., William and John.
Brown, Frances Wilson, Henry R. 57 3207 1835 Little Mulberry Creek 125 acrs bnd ? King, Royal?, Jones et all. james Sample.
Norrell, John etal Young, Wm etal 57 3208 1820 Nancy widow John McKellar jnr dec. Jane Purvis? 21 Aug 1798. John Parsons? Parv is? made deed of gift John then a minor, now 21. Step father of Orators, John Norrell and Nancy McKellar. Father of Jane Purvis? Persons? (now 22). Slaves: Cash, Peg, Sarah. Richard Pollard dec. kids: Austin, Pamela (md William Young), Pollard. Martha Robertson was widow of Austin Pollard. martha Robertson md Samuel Seay? Sears?. William Young md Pamela Pollard 7 years ago. Slaves: Sylvia (13), Lizabeth (4). others. John Bostick, Davis Bostick.
D'Ogley, Daniel Ogly? Osley? Earle, Elias Wood, Stephen C 57 3209 1817 9 March 1801, Oconee Mountain. Daniel Dayley? Trade Indains Business. Anthony Griffin. Greenville Store, Cherokee nation. George W. Earle esq. Jesse Goodlet. Captain Samuel G Earle.
Duncan*, Patrick etal Warlaw,J and Gray, A.H. 58 3210 1856 The jew’s land. 100K acres. James Nicholson. Henry Gray dec. Admin: William, John F Gray. James Wardlaw. Estate Richard A. Rapley.
Moore, James Key, Robert 58 3211 1830 John B Callahan, a tailor. Witness: William Wier, Thomas Chiles. acc’t. Neighbors’ names. Eli S Davis. Alex Hamilton. Moses Taggart. Others. Richard D. Davis. Wm. H Caldwell. Hugh Wardlaw. Samuel Hodges.
Bullock, Elizabeth and Rebecca Harris, Wm et al 58 3212 1831 both girls under 21 over 12. Viincent Griffin, next friend and gdn 1819. Elihu Bullock (father) dec. mary, widow. Fredrick Slappy the Elder - the girls’ grandfather, admin with Mary. In 1826, Frederick made his own will. Mary Slappy grandmother and momof Mary Bullock. 2 sons: jacob, George(John George) Slappy. execs.Edgefield. Mary Bullock? dec intestate after md to James Patterson. Jacob Slappy, dec 1829 without wf or child. John George took over estate. the dec, William Harris and Ephriam Andrew exec - who also stole everything. Will of Fredrick. Slaves: Bill, Doll, Eliza, Aggy, Marshall, hannah and kids, etc. Will of John G. Slappy.
Sample, Washington and wife Richardson, Henrietta etal 58 3213 1831 && Dudly Richardson dec 1826. Wid: Henrietta. Oratrix: Fanny? Sample, Martha Richardson, Mary and James (2 minors). john Fooshe, gdn. Thomas B Byrd Admin. 100 acres with a mill bnd James Pulliam, WIlliam Douglass, Charles B Fooshe, Bennett Reynolds and others. Inv: Thomas B Byrd, james Pulliam, Charles B Fooshe, Charles Neely and Robert Turner. James Partlow, buyer.
Noble, wm P Noble, Rebecca etal 58 3214 1829 William Noble dec 1823. Widow: Rebecca. Kids: William P. (21), Andrew A (-14), Samuel (14+), Ezekial (14+), Joseph (-14). Inv: William, Joseph Calhoun, Nat harris?, Joseph Walton, Alexander Houston. Slaves: Dafney, Bob, Isaac, Doll, TOney?, June, Nann? Dinah,Charles, Liddy, Hazard, Linn?, Boas, Seasor?, Jack, Nelly, Hannah, Ton, Peggy, Jack, Peter, Sarah, Dalaney?
Crawford, Robt etal Crawford, Mary etal 58 3215 1821 Andrew brother Andrew Father. 500 acres. Cattail Creek. bnd Ebenezer Foster, ? Jones and others. Another Joseph Culpepper, Patrick Scott, Sam Atkinson. Another tract, Pat Scott, John Partlow. Heirs: Widow, Mary. kids: ? James, William, Joseph?, Vincent, Hannah and orator. Mother gdn (-14). hard Labor Creek. Andrew Logan, Joseph Clupepper, Ed Cobb etc. John Cochran, Ebenezer Foster. Good Plats.
Wideman, Edmond Elizabeth Farrar, Elizabeth etal 58 3216 1829 infants over 14 rep by gdn. Singleton Hughes. Chesley Fanan? Dec. Little River bnd by Ed Collier, Buffelo Creek bnd H Palmer. Little River bnd Ed Coleman? Elisabeth Farran? Fanan? Wid. Samuel, Caroline, Robert (all -14 and out of state).
Anderson, Wm creditor Campbell, Wm et al 58 3217 1829 Duncan Campbell dec. Penney’s Creek bnd. Joseph Bell, Robert Black, John Rutledge. Mary widow. William, Isabella (Md Obediah Carm?)John (dec - widow Elizabeth), Jesse, Elenor(md Howel? L Smith), Sally (md Thomas Graves?), Enos and Elenor. Enos bought almost everybody’s interest, Feb 1810. but there are problems. Joseph base? George W. Hodges sheriff.
Ramsey, Wm Ramsey, Jane 58 3218 1817 Samuel Ramsey, son of orator, md Jane Wardlaw (5 slaves: Lizzy and 4 kids). He had two slaves of his own (Scylla and dtr, Let). Samuel died five days after marriage (1816) and she took his two slaves in spite of father’s request for partition. James Wardlaw, her brother, seems to have some claim.
Wade, Sarah GA Thurmond, Powhatan B etal 58 3219 1823 Powhatah’s wife, Lucinda. Pleasant Wade, husband of Sarah?, dec. 3 kids: Lucinda, Henderson S and William H Thurmond (- 21). bnd Williamson Norwood, Joshua Dubose, James W. Prather. You need to read it.
Martin, Thos P Newman, Mary etal 58 3220 1826 Mary Newman and James Moore borrowed on bond 1825. Jacob?, Andrew hamilton, Captain William Robeson in Abbeville, on road to Cambridge. Forclosure.
Maddox, Augusta samuel Richard Posey, David P etal 58 3221 1815 henry? Henly? Maddox dec father. Wf Jennet dec, mom. Land bought from Adam Crain Jones. HTR. David Posey. William Norris. Yancy and Lomax need a clerk who can write. Edmund Gaines. Andrew Hamilton esq. Debts to larkin Gaines, Barmore, Glenn, Ed Ware, many others. Sale: Gerard Wright, Samuel Foster, Travis Davis, Eli Davis, many others.
Richardson, John etal Bostich, Stephen etal 58 3222 1804 Thomas Hill Mary wf.(nee Richardson), William , Dudly, Turner Richardson (hole in doc). Archer Elmor, gdn. John Robertson gdn. William Richardson sr dec father 1796. Ann widow. Now Bostick. Ann dtr. Harry Smith, John Merriweather, Dennis? Hill and Alexander Deal bond to admin. Jonathan, James Chiles, Col. James Mayson. Little Berry Bostick—security for John Norwood, dec. Thomas Poole. Toliver Bostick. Names slaves, neighbors, buyers.
Weatherall, John Betsy wf. Jones, Benj 58 3223 1817 John Jones - Betsy and kids, heirs of Adam Crain Jones 23 Aug 1815 dec. 81 years. Geo Weatherall exec. James Wardlaw, George Bowie trustee. 3 kids: Benjamin, John Jones, Betsy Weatherall. William Shaw esq. Original will signed wit Same Anderson, Joseph Richey, Robert Swain, Peter Barmore. Will and slave names. heirs only surviving children. Benjamin moved in with his aged father and suddenly, there was a new will. Benjamin has taken it to three courts and been turned down. Very long, very interesting story.
Weatherall, John etal Jones, Benj 58 3223.5 1817 More of the above. Full will. Long docs. Witness statements: William Ware, McAdams, Joseph Richie, James Hodges, Thomas Anderson. A lot of information, lots of character sketches.
Farrow Fannon? Farron? Samuel Martin, Shad 58 3224 1794 a collection Farrow? of Apartanbourgh, 1st March 1781 was all worn out, playing tag with Tories. He came upon a mill, where there was a man with a fresh horse, asked to borrow the horse, then, once refused, used his soldierly right to take the horse for the cause. He promised to bring it back but was wounded and captured, losing the horse to the other side. Now, he is being sued. He contends that he left his own horse with Shad Martin and “the only difference between the two horses was that your orator’s was poor and ridden down, and the said martin’s was fat.” John Thomas. Capt Edward Mmitcheson. Col Phillip Waters. General Sumpter’s brigade. The second doc is a beautiful copy of the awful original.
Turner, Mary Satterwhite?, John 58 3224 1795 part of collection fr 315 mary Turner and mercer Babb of Newberry execs William Turner dec 1796. John Satterwhite? and Samuel C. Saxon admins?. Francis Davenport and Mary wf (nee Turner), Dr. Jacob Robert Brown. james Waddelton. Thomas Brooks. Will. mary: widow. kids: Wm Turner, Rebecca, Rhoda, Edward, Absolam, David, Susanna, Ann. Estate of Isaac Arolis? Ardis? . Christian Ardis. William Miles f 323. Little berry Wilim. laurens. Ed Arnold Saprtenburg. William Miles. John Pennyton.
McClinton, Jas etal Perrin*, Thos C etal 58 3225 1860 part Robert McClinton, paternal grandfather of orator, dec many years ago, John Chiles, exec. READ WELL: Will: 2nd generation kids: Mathew McClinton, Elizabeth Stover?, John McClinton.(slave Mary Ann). John lived in Savier? County, Ark. and dec 1845. Wid: Eleanor, dec 1856. Kids 3rd generation: Nancy (md John Cooper), John McClinton jr, dec 49 [widow: Jane. 8 kids 4th gen: Nancy (md. Pleasant Dellarhide?), Harriet (Martin Elliot), Mary, James, Casandra, John and two small kids, names unknown], Peggy (Margaret) dec ( md Sheldon Bradley - who died along with the children a few days after Paggy), Simon , Eliza Ann (wid Joshua Anderson), Robert Harvy McClinton, Polly dec 1851 [ md G.A. Brown who abandoned her. 5 kids 4th gen: Roxana (married ? jackson and took off for parts unknown), Solan? (dec 1850 unmarried) Josaphine (dec 1857), Lycurgus, Virginia (last two minors - in Ark], Sarah, William jr. (dec 1857) and orator. Allen Puckett, James M Perrin, thomas C Perrin f 330
Martin, Wm D etal Barksdale, Frances 58 3226 1816 part John Cheny and Sarah wf., John A Elmore and Nancy wf, N.F. martin, William D, John and ? and ? and ? kids of General John Martin Dec. Robert Terry? Ferry? creditor of the Gen. In 1802, John martin md. Mary Ann Barksdale, wid of Richard Barksdale, dec. Barksdale owed General martin tons of money. Benj. Glover. Frances, Higginson, John, Thomas Barksdale, kids of Richard. Land - Savannah. Inv and partition: William Calhoun, Ed and james Collier, Nathan Norwood, William Noble.
Dozier,Albert etal Myrick, Lyttleton 58 3227 1821 Dr. James Spaun, gdn of orator. Abram Giles Dozier dec (father), wid and mom: Rebecca md Littleton Myrick, who is keeping everything for himself. 5 kids
Burton, John Pace John 58 3228 1830 Silas Pace dec 1811. Burton gdn of Sarah, Serena, Selina, Miranda and Barkley Martin Pace. John Pace, Silas’ brother. Land described, several well known tracts. Patrick Punkan? HTR. Samuel Scott. Wid: Elizabeth. Lots of witness statements. Lists of accounts and buyers. Tons here if this is your neighborhood - names without direct bearing on case. Curtis Caldwell, comms. Turner, Tyner, Hairston, Eli S Davis, Joshua Davis, Davenport, Patterson. Tons of others.
Bowie, Arthur A and Martha wf Robertson, Margarite 58 3229 1830 Hugh Robertson dec 1835. kids: Sarah , Emily (both -21), John and a blank (James?). Martha Bowie was Robertson. Margarite wid. Grandma: Sarah Robertson (slaves: Lucy, Melinda, Phill, Robert, Frank, Elizabeth, William Phillis, Andrew, Gilbert.) James Robertson and Margarite, execs. Robert N Davis gdn. Inv. Alexander Oliver, John, C. Maulden, Joel Lockhard, William C Cosby, Bannister Allen. Hugh’s will.
Tyler, George Merriwether, Jos. etal 58 3230 1821 George of Spotsylvania County, VA. 1807 went into partnership. John Merriwehter dec 1820. Horses: many studs named: Buzzard, Independence, No Pretender. Joseph Merriwether exec. Accts: McKelvey, Clay, Jno Wilson, Royal Lipfor, Ezekiel Calulli?, John Logan (not the Col). Many others.
Morrow, Andrew Moore?, Wm M 58 3231 1829 Marion Francis Drinkind? only son (10). HTR Francis Drinkand? Patsy wf (mom) dec.
Raburn, David McClesky, David H.M and wife Martha 58 3232 1815 Martha wf of David McClesky. David Raburn, son of David? I can’t read my notes, even. David the elder? father of Martha’s first husband? 1/2 sister, Jane. Wid, David. John Brannan, Joseph McCord, and John Downey. Charleston, James Island. John Downey gdn Jane (sl:Hannah and child).
Black, David Wilson, James 58 3233 1829 David indentured to Wilson and perportedly abused for 10 years. Arguements on both sides.
Carter, Edward Beaty, James Thomas 58 3234 1826 Ann Beatty dec (Carter admin). James Gray dec, father of Ann, appt James Beatty and thomas (grandsons) execs. Accused of selling off estate at undervalue and buying smae themselves. Slaves: Rachel (7), Bill (9). Estate accts lists, neighborhood names inc McCaslan, Taylor, Jon Young, Singleton Hughes, Sam Wideman and others. Will. Son: George Gray, William Grey. Dtr: Margaret Glenn? Gilmer? Gibson? James Gray. Grandkids: Elizabeth B, William, Mary, Margaret, Sarah Gray, kids of Thomas (Sarah dtr--i-l).
Coleman, Eliza B etal Pulliam, James etal 58 3235 1823 part Commission: Henry Desan?, Theo Gaillard, Thomas Waters, William James, Waddy Thompson. Elizabeth B, Mary, Julia Ann, John P Coleman, minor (-21) kids of Peter H Coleman. Dudly Richardson, gdn. Fanny Coleman ex. Friends Zachary and Kames Pulliam exec. Fanny md. Lewis Mitchell (dec) Wilson’s Creek and Coronoca. bnd: James Pulliam. 25 slaves. Dr. John Logan, Col Richard Griffin, Dr. James A Ward, Richard Gains and william Spraggins esq. Sl: Dick, Jack, Peggy, Jackson, Alex, Micajah, Ludy more. Detail Peter’s will. y
Shackleford, W F and Elizabeth Vanderhorst, R.W. and Mary 58 3236 1815 Thomas Ashby. father of Elizabeth. kids: Thomas, Hannah Edwards (Ashby), Ann Barksdale, Elizabeth Ashby. (Sl: Sharlow, STatina?, Phoebe). in debt to Dr. Samuel Wilson. Richar Sha? security. Elizabeth has 3 kids? Will.
White, J.E. Purves, James 58 3237 1812 foreclose Jane Jackson complaines. White is part of company, Savannah. Chatham Co., GA.
Barksdale, Frances et al Martin, Mary et al 58 3238 1815 John Hickason? Thomas Barksdale kids: Richard Barksdale (>14 <21) Henry Jones uncle and next fr. mary Ann, wid. mother of kids. Wid md. John Martin (dec 1813). Benj Glover admin. Andrew M Goodger. Long. Detail.
Youngblood, John McDowal, Patrick 58 3239 1798 Laurens co. BEAUTIFUL writingt document. Newberry, esq. Bay gelding. 1788. Wm. Farrow? Fanow? McDowal is a clerk or storekeeper for Thomas Wadsworth esq. Thomas McDonald, Alexander McDowal. Sam McBoyd. William Lomax. Gideon Johnson. 1822
Johnson, Gideon H McBryde, Samuel 58 3240 1822 see above - packets mixed.
McKeller, John McKeller, Peter etal 58 3241 1818 John is gdn of his infant kids: John W., William B., James D McKeller. John McKeller, uncle of orator, dec 1817. intest. 2 brothers: Peter and Donald. 3 nephews - John, Samuel and Archibald Cannon? Camron? sons of Janet, dec. sister. Long Cane 200 acres. Sanders Tract, Barksdale Ferry Rod, near a Mrs. Russell. Robert Wmith dec (jos Motes? tract). Andrew Calhoun’s Tract, Davis Thomas Tract, Charles Harris Tract, George Connely Tract, William Douglass tract, Matt Gayle tract, John Bell tract, John Pursley tract. House in Cambridge and land in Edgefield with names. Holy Cats - Abbeville: Larkin Reynolds Tract, Bird Martin Tract, Richard Heard Tract. Wesley Brooks (Scotch Crop), James McCracken, dec. Admin John McKeear. Ellen Mitchell (John Holliday tract) Abram? Adam P Poole, John M Phaul, william Wilson. Brooks, Matthew Rhodes. Charles Mayson gdn of the kids after John dec. Jesse Blocker admin . John Sr. Very long file.
McKeller, John McKeller, Peter etal 58 3241 1818 continued: Witness statements: Jonathan Swift. Talliafero Livingston, Willis Bostick. Wm Bostick exec of Toliver Bostick - William, Dudly and Dudley Richardson. Thomas Hill (Admin of Polly Hill dec). Newell Scott and Margaret wf, Sam Thompson admin Robert Thompson, dec (Moras? Thompson by next friend Elijah Foster)
Milledge, John Savannah, GA Goodwin, Chas etal 58 3242 1813 HTR Jeremiah Hatcher. Thomas Galphin? dec. Kids:: Milledge, Thomas Jefferson, George Galphin? Elizabeth A Lang? Isaac Robertson. John Whitehead? Read carefully - strikeouts.
Sampson*, Hunter etal Howlet??, Stith etal 58 3243 1829 Donald Douglass. B Ollier. George Lomax. HTR Benajah Collars? Bonds and debt.
Hamilton, Andrew Sr. Brauch, Samuel 58 3244 1822 Samuel Branch? bon. Village of Abbevfille land desc. James R Evens lot.
Martin, Thos P Oliver, Wm and Ruth 58 3245 1822 Edmujnd Baily, Hugh McLin? Last will of Mary Kerr dec. dtr: Ruth Kerr (slaves George and Nancy) Her right by dower from Samuel Kerr. Dtr: VCatherin McLinn (McLain). Jane Green. James Vernon. “my son, John Kerr.” Andrew N? esq. John Green and George B? esq. Samuel Savage for A. Hunter. J Pringh? Hugh Maclin.
Power, John Graves, Joseph Groves? 59 3246 1822 Partners in 1816.Merchants Groves. Accts: Nancy Davis.
Clay, Simeon* B Houston, James 59 3247 1822 Loan
Earle, Elias McDaniel, James etal 59 3248 1816 Earle of Pendleton. Franklin County, GA. Stephen C. Wood, William Richards dec i. Land description.f48 Walter Adair. Wm Black J.L. Pearson. William Wagner. Samuel Caldwell. Alex Seal. Richard Griffin, John Lipscomb. Seem to be accts. other names. James Patterson. Wade Cottran. admins. Rosannah Caldwell (cash), admins of Samuel Caldwell? George W. Earle clerk, Greenville. David Sloan Pendleton and Henry? Webb.
Woolridge, Thos Wooldridge Pitman H,M, and wife etal 59 3249 1821 Vachel Clevy? dec. Land bnd John? Boyd, Edward? Tillman, James Crawford HTR. left William, Eliza, Linny? Linas?, Linn?, and Amanda Ann? Clay? Clevey? minors -14. Sally widow. Md. Haddron? Hatton? Hatran? Hudson? Pitman?. Petman? Clavy? Clary? Clavey?
Lomax, James and Wife Lucy Moore, Rosa etal 59 3250 1828 Lucy Lomax, formerly Adam? John Adams? Late husband? dec. No kids. Left two sisters: Rosa Moore (md John Moore)HTR. Nancy Novis? Norris? (Md William Norris?), and a mom:? Joseph? Adams? Penn. Land bnd by Mrs? Rellins?, Max Adams?, Lewis Mitchell, William Smith. Johns? Creek bnd James Houston, James Arnoth? and Dan? Duncan. William Lomax. Published in Columbia.
Moore, John and Richard Bradsford, Samuel etal 59 3251 1794 The Moores, last execs of James Moore, dec, Nov 1782, planter. Robert William Powell, John Hoptson, samuel Braits (late of Bristol) - U.K., now Charleston merchants. Bond. William Moore exec, too, dec Dec 1790. Sam Saxon, sherriff. Davis Moore. Toliver Bostick. Wit: Charles Goodwin.
Kingman, (Kingsmon?) Agnus M Kingman (Kingsmon), Clanage* etal 59 3252 1845 11 Feb 1845. John C Kingsman dec i. Agnes wid. 5 kids: Clarnage?, H., Edwin E., James Henry, Elizabeth A. F., Mary M (last 4 under 21). Doc in bad shape - hard to read. Land bnd by Augustus Lomax, Isaac Bench, John M?, William Harvy, Clarisse?, James S Wilson. Clamage? himself (Clarrage?), Kingsmore? 1/2 acre, Village of Abbeville, bnd, Shellito, Martha Hope, James Cobb, Joel Lipford. Byrs and others. George Calhoun, JOhn Taggart, David Caldwell, many others. Charles Dandy.
Huey, James and Polly Caldwell, M J 59 3253 1859 partition John Thompson dec. Wid Sarah (md John Ramey? Ramsey?). kids: Polly (James Huey), Jane (Samuel Baker), William, Jason, Samuel, Elvira (last three 14+), Julia. William McMullian? William H Caldwell, execs. (Slave Molly and child Mindy). Turzy Thompson also heir. Will of John Thomason. Byers include Robert Davis, William Brook? John C Livingston.
Collier, James Slaughter, A etal 59 3254 1828 James Collier, Madison Co, AL. Augustin Slaughter. Charles Labuzan? Merchants Aug. GA. Ga ve bonds at Abbeville Land on Savannah, south and westgward bnd WIlliam Calhoun, E Noble, Peter Guillbean? Gilberts, John C Calhoun.
Jordan, Samuel etal Ausley? Ansley?, Sarah H etal 58 3255 1843 John S. Ausley. Dec 1 Feb 1843. Sarah Wid. Celestra, dtr? Est. Doesn’t cover debts. Creditor: James Edwards, McFarland, Samual Hill.
Owens, Christina etal Efford, Adams* etal 59 3255 1809 Christina wf Jonathan Owens dec. Jacob, Jonathan, Mary, Lewis, Sally and George, kids (-21) also Susannah, Milla?. Husband abandoned her for Lydia Miller (that would be adultry) Kids: Thomas, John, Sharich, Rebecca, Lydia. Left will. Adams and John Salter jr.execs. $1 for boys $2 for girls. Sales names. Wife left nothing.
Hamilton, Alex.C. sheriff Dyer and Tanney Savannah 59 3256 1822 1819 James R Evens. near Andrew Hamilton in Abbeville Village bnd: John N Newby, old sherriff. Jesse Colvert. Securities: Joshua Dubose, Nick Havorick?, John H Coper, Hirum Tilman, Milton Paschal, James Bickby, William Morris, John Can?
Brownlee, George Ritchie, William 58 3257 1819 James, Joseph, Thomas, John, William, George Brownlee, John Simmons and wf Esther, and Joel Bishop? Burgess? and Eilzabeth wf. John Brownlee dec 1802, grandfather made will. Leave Joseph (father of kids) and John Ritchey and wf Nancy, only surviving kids. (Slave: Harry and Susannah). Joseph wf. Ally Brownlee (her death - slaves set free if Harry was 21). Land: Turkey Creek bnd Edmund Ware - left to slaves. Slaves hired out to Richy, Ally dec, Jos dec., Richy Brownlee, minor of Joseph. John Ritchy dec i. Kids: Peggy, Joseph, John, Robert, William, James, Anna (md. Edmund Sharp - also known as William?), Polly (Thomas Hawthorn?), Ally (William Dunn), Nancy (Edmund Higgins? Haggon?) John Weatherall, Hugh Dickson? and Mary?). Slaves sold to William Richey. Illegal Emancipation. Col. William Ware. John McComb.
Dendy, Charles Baker D.D. out of state 59 3258 1833 mort forclosure
Appleton, Grigsby and Eliza Chiles, Wm exec Wm White 59 3259 1824 Eliza Grigsby late Waller. Amelia Waller (gdn Leonard), John William (gdn James Coleman sr). Thomas B Waller dec father i. William White took on self the admin. Sarah widow dec i. Wm White again. dec 21 but without closing. William Chiles, Richard White, Joseph N Whitmer, exec. frame 278. account names: Jonathan Simpson for coffin. Robert Cheatham for whiskey. Pd Taxes for estate of John N Waller. James Young gdn Albert? Waller. Cheathams, Childes. Thomas Lipscomb, Wesley Brooks, Waller O Bickley Hiram Ganes Edward Collier. Benj amin Waller Love ah? Waller? Sales: Sarah Waller, Charles Maxwell. Jacob Anderson, Robert Marsh, Chesley Davis, Thomas Gains, Zac Merriwether, thomas Lispcomb, David Cunningham, Andrew Huggins, McKellar, etc.
Donald, John A etal McCloud, John etal 59 3260 1838 Alexander Donald dec t. Alexander, Andrew J, nancy H (sister of orator). Alexander left daughter Nancy Grey and Robert (husband) (slave Peter, Little Frank, Sary). Hard to read. kids: Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Robert D Gray. Elizabeth (md Lewis? James? Donald), mary Ann (West Donald) orators, kids of Robert?. Thomas Douglass. Samuel Robertson? (slave Stephany?) dec 1831. Patric Duncan. Many Scotts names and Slaves. Matthew Stevens. Will of Alexander: 3 grandkids: West, James Jr., Andrew Donald. Chester Co. Son James Donald dec. George Donald. Son John Donald Chester Co. (Slave Essark?). Dtr: Mary Gray and Andrew (hus) (Slaves ANN)). Son Hezekiah (sl Charles and Sirsa). G son: Arch Douglass (Slave John). Great grandson Donald Douglass, Bever Creek (sl Cloe and Harry). Son James dec 3 sons. To Grandson called by my name. 2nd copy (Mary Ann Donald- grandchild) R.D. Gray - grandson, James Donald md. Granddaughter.
Keller, David Branch**< Isaac Brauch? 59 3261 1854 David Myers Bass MP. Village of Abbe dec i Sept 1852 not md. Next kin: Dad, Henry Bass and sibs: Cappiers (Cassiers?) Bass Waterman, Amelia (md Sidi? H Brown) and Ann Bass. David Keller largest creditor. David Bass: Physician ptn. Isaac Branch. Estate bankrupt. Van A Lavhow? Arch McCord kept hotel and livery. Lists of Acc’ts (Agness Caldwell), Charles Dendy. Many. A.C. Hawthorne. Inventories - books. Print Inv John McIlwain.
Capehart*,B.W. Capehard? Hugley, John etal 59 3262 1834 Mary Ann, wf of B.W. Malida? Blackburn, Melinda? Washingron Black? William - father dec i. Lydia, widow. John, Sarah, Nancy (m William H Adir?). Thomas, Hazel? (md. Sam Selby), William, Mary Ann (Bartlett W Orator) (Matilda? Washington Blackburn) Very Hard to read. Owen Selby, Joseph Hughley admi of John Hughley dec. Acc’t: many names. Doc - right and responsibility of a man who married...
Cobb, James Johnson, Patrick 59 3263 1830 bond debt John Davis (many names). Arabella wf Thomas P Martin, John C Martin. Only son and heir. Case about John Campbell will (frame 468). Thomas in right of wife Arabella dec (she was a Campbell?) Thomas, dec. Huge list of acct’s due. including Henry Davis, Estate of John Downey.
Martin, Thomas P etal Brownlee*, Andrew etal 59 3264 1821 Eli Geby? Thomas P Martin and John Powers. William Brownlee, father of Andrew. HTR. Williams Harkins.
Tupper, H H Marsh, Francis etal 59 3265 1822 Francis, wf of John of Cambridge. Tristram and Henry Tipper? Charleston. Charles C Mayson dept. William Blake.
Stith, Ann Waters, Landon of Loundes 59 3266 1797 Ann Smith (Musgrave). Minor kids of Edward Musgrave dec (her late husband) (Slaves: Tom, Phillis, Judey, risrey?, Lot). She md. David Smith. Pinckney Dist. Charles Sim. George Gordon Alex Morrison.
Treasurer Carter, Chas 59 3267 1801 Edgefield tax collector. John Martin tax.
Adams, W Alexander and Betsy wf. Connor, Lewis et al 60 3268 1821 M. Owen and Susannah wf, Benjamin,R?, Morris R, Mitchell, (?) James Sample and Polly Nail Sample wf, Eillison Posey Fuller and Edney wf, William Hall? and Elizabeth, wf, and Malinda?, Stephen, and Martha Mitchell, (gdn: James E Glenn). Ben and Morris also minors. Alexander Sample, their gdn. Benjamin Mitchell sr dec (1816?) T. WILL benjamin Mitchell: wf: Judith. Susanna Hallum. 3 Children of Elizabeth - last names, Watson. 3 grand kids: Benjamin R., Morris R?, Polly H? Will of Lewis Mitchell. Lots here for careful reading.
Adams, W Alexander and Betsy wf. Connor, Lewis et al 60 3268 1821 cont: sale names include: John R Long, Pleasant Wright, Thomas Anderson, Lewis Mitchell, William Neely, James Campbell, Alexander Stuart, Washington Hodges, Nicholas Overby, Joseph Sample, Reuben Long, Alex Sample, Joel Lipscomb, Thomas Gains, Basil Hallum (f 15). Judith Mitchell, Hawthorn, William Henderson st. Nicholas Long, Francis White.
Eddins, Wm etal gdn Hill, Wm etal exec 60 3269 1829 gdn mary and James Maddison Pollard. James sr dec 1815. Wid: Rebecca. 3 kids, including Charles Davenport Pollard, now dec. Brother of testator: Robert Pollard jr. exec, also dec. Appt william White of Laurens his exec. Robert Pollard Sr., the father. WIdow md James N Ward in the fall of 1817? Wit: William Sample, William C, nathan Lipscomb. Sales inc: William Young, Gains, Cresswell, Robert Griffin, Linsly, Merriwether, Robert Turner, Robert Sample, Charles Fooshee, Mrs. Cheatham, Slave lists. Wit Dudly Richardson. Notes: pd William Ball, James Delouch, Walter Chiles. WILL James Pollard. Charles Davenport esq. James to be buried by his first wife. Nephew: Thomas Norris. Uncle: Joseph Hill. Capt Isaac Bunting pd Robert Cheatham. many onther names.
Patterson, James Jr etal (-21) Gray, Minor W and Mourning wf. 60 3270 1842 Next friend: John Hearst. Napoleon B patterson, half bro to James Patterson dec T/ Bro: exec Josiah C Patterson dec 1839 T. Father: james. Another bro: Arthur Mosely. Josiah’s wid: Mourning, exec with William Harris. She later md Minor C Gracy (42). Arthur dec 42. David Red. Accts of several estates: inc: Scott, Sproull, Ansley, Hamilton, Jay, Vann, McCorminck, John Davis, Jos Norrell, A.J. Logan, Chars Pelott, Geo Marshall, Balck, Vietch Huie. Slave lists. INV: Geo Marshall, Vincent Griffin, John Hearst sr. David Gillam, Andrew Calhoun, Larkin Griff. Many, many others. WILL of Napoleon and Josiah. Mrs. E Caldwell
Pulliam, Lucy etal Swanzy, James etal 60 3271 1821 Lucy, wid of John Wilson Swanzy dec.1804 T in NC on a trip. 2 sons: Robert, John W (unborn at his death). G.W. Hodges, gdn of two boys. This is a complaint that these two boys should have part in their grandfather’s estate by claim of their father. It is quite long and convoluted: Robert Swanzy (Swancy, Swanzey, etc), in 1774 had been possessed of 130 acres on the Saluda and a valulable ferry called Swancey’s Ferry. Wanted to move to Virginia and agreed with Sylvann? Wacker (a liar) to swap properties for land in Greenbrier Co VA. Got there and found no such land. Stayed a year, and was going to move back, but he died, Testate. His widow, Rosanna, with John, went back to SC, won back their property then returned to VA for the rest of the fam. y
Pulliam, Lucy etal Swanzy, James etal 60 3271 1821 cont.: Samuel Swanzy (who would become Dr. Samuel S.) and Samuel Nesbitt appt execs. Rosannah bought 200 acres then dec i. Ferry was sold to Dabney Puckett - who didn’t pay. Then Mr. Pinson. James Swancy, another brother in Spartanburgh. Samuel dec i a few years ago in AL. James administrator. Harrison Long the AL admin. Lucy’s John dec 1804 T. Samuel Anderson exec with Samuel Anderson (Walter Anderson’s son). Other defendants: Wilson Crane and Rosanna wf., of Edgefield, William Turner and Sarah Ann wf., William Wier gdn. of minors (formly gdn of md. daughters also) , Robert Swanzy, Eliza C, mary, Louisa Swanzy - minors of Dr. Samuel.dec. y
Pulliam, Lucy etal Swanzy, James etal 60 3271 1821 cont: Here’s were it can get messy: Estate of John R Long, dec - father of wife of Dr. Samuel Swancy or Swancey: Lucy Long Swancey. (John’s wife was Lucy Long Anderson Swanzy). The above minors had part in that estate in right of their dec. mother. Now - There were 9 distributees of Robert and Rosannah Swanzy. John (dec in North Hampton Co, NC) was one. Sales names for one of these estates: Alexander Sample, Dr. Sam Swanzy, Robert Batrum?, Samuel Anderson, James Campbell, Alexander Stewart, Richard Griffin, Elisha Weatherall, Joel Lipscomb, Howard Pinsen, Henry Johnston, Pleasant Wright, Capt John Hodges, John Sims, John Read Long, Little Berry Bostick, John Rabison?, Richard Long Anderson, David Steel, James Campbell, John Sample. Richard Duty. Lucy Swancy wid., James Hodges. y
Pulliam, Lucy etal Swanzy, James etal 60 3271 1821 cont: WILL of John Wilson Swancy: sales list after will: Many of the above along with Walter Anderson sr. Robert White, Thomas Pinsen, Eliasha Weatherford, John Robertson, Benjamin Chiles. Robert Swancy’s sales were all to family. INV: Alexander Sample, Walter Anderson, Mathan Sims 1796. WILL of Robert: dtr: Jenn? 2 sons: John and Samuel. witness testimonies about case: Elizabeth Pulliam, wf of John, Mary Anderson of house of Benjamin Pulliam. Her husband: Samuel Anderson. Joel Lispcomb and james Franklin. y
Coleman, Maddison J Coleman, Nancy etal 60 3272 1830 Late james Coleman, father of maddison., dec 1829. Widow: nancy. kids: Miton? and Thomas and ORator. Larkin Griffin and Albert Waller admin. Partition: Joseph Griffin, R martin, Dre. John W Williams, Cooper, Thomjas J Coleman commissioners. Bostick tract. Cambridge.
Barksdale, Higgison and Thomas Jones, Henry and Fanny wife 60 3273 1820 gdn William Calhoun sr. Richar Barksdale dec (Higgison also referred to as Hickson). Wid: Fanny. Bro: Richard Barksdale. Barksdale Ferry. Hard to Read. Fanny md ? Gault?. To Richard Barksdale, John Matterson and Fanny, John Sharp, and Patty, William Williamson and Anna, Allen, John, Sherwood Barksdale, Susannah McNeall, Fanny Stoctum?, Joseph, Patyy Barksdale and John Martin. Fanny, widow of Hickson Barksdale dec. Savannah river. INV Saxon Wilson, Lee. Fanny - one of the widows, md William Jones (dec.) not a clue.
Linton*, Samuel etal Hunter, Alexander admin 60 3274 1830 orators include Alexander, Benjamin F, Thomas, John N, Hampden, Moses W Linton, John S. Allen and Ruth (was Linton), James Ray and Elizabeth, Amanda and Thomas Baker, and the kids of dtr Ibby (dec 26): Elizabeth, Amanda and Thomas Baker (gdn William F Baker). Samuel Linton dec i 1826, Elizabeth widow, now dec. James Crawford’s note. John H Riley, wit.
Cavern, Margaret Cavera? McDowal, Wm and wife 60 3275 Margaret Cavern? Cavera? widow of Alexander, long dec, Pendleton District near Lee’s Shoals. 1 dtr md. William McDowal. Patrick Norris, Elijah Brown, Eliab Moore.
Criswell, Geo Cresswell Cooper, John L and wife 60 3276 1815 Sarah Cresswell, formerly widow of John Morrow dec. left dtr: Jane Park Morrow who married John L Cooke? and inf dtr who died after dad. Extremely hard to read. Sarah and George Cresswell. Jane Park Cooper. Job L Cooper? Cooke? James Patterson, gdn. Jane Park Morrow Cooper. Robert Smyth, William, James Watson, John L Cooper.
Donald, John Burnett, Thomas heirs of 60 3277 1820 Thomas Burnett dec i indebted to John Donald. Note written 1814. Jeremiah, William, Mary (md Robert Carson), Nancy (md Harrman Bozeman - they are out of state) - these are the sibs of Thomas. Copy of the indenture.
Shillito, George admin Morrah, Hugh etal 60 3278 1825 Convoluted. George is admin of his wife, Nancy, dec i (one baby, who died). Charles Caldwell, nancy’s father, also dec i. His widow, Abigail Caldwell, and Hugh Morrah (Morrow?) were admin. Robert W. Wilson admin of Abigail, dec. Charles left 7 living kids (out of eight?): Jane? (md Jacob Lipaman? Lassaman? Sapaman?), Elizabeth (Lemuel White), Louisa (wid John C Cochran), John R?, Lucinda and Sophia Caldwell and oratrx. Slave names. Notes: Calvert, Geo Bowie, David Wardlaw, Pressly, Moore, Jackson, Uncle john Caldwell dec., WIlliam Morrow in right of wife Segacy?, Glover, Norris, Devlin, Serly, Hiram, John R Caldwell, John Caldwell, Geo W Hodges, James Alston, James H Caldwell. I?L Downey. Dec dtr of Charles: Sarah Marsilla, dec 1822. Sales names inc: Laney, Scrogens, Glover, McCendens, Lomax, McFerren, Devlin, Adkins, Mays, Henderson. Joseph Davis (sorrel mare), Lites, McGill. Long, long file.
Herring, Wm B and Beatrix wf. Collier, James 60 3279 1820 Sarah Blackwell of Northumberland Co., VA. dec. Her daughter, Sarah Collier (md William Collier dec), mother of Beatrix - the only child. Eward Collier esq., 1802, Beatrix ‘ uncle. James Collier also uncle. INV: William Collier: Adam WIdeman, Uil Hill, Robert Foster, Lewis Gilbert, Jacob Idem?, J and A.B. Herring Hill, james Collier admin. Slave names, Sales names. Charles Wright. WILL: WIlliam Collier. 3 nephews: WIlliam Collier, WIlliam Edward Collier, William Wyatt Hill. 1803. wit: Josh Hill. Joseph WIlliamson, WIlliam Blair. James Herring. Sales - Elizabeth C Collier, Gilberth, WIlliam B Herring and A.B. Herring, nee Collier. WILL Sarah B lackwell: firned Thomas Downey exec 1792. Moses Taylor. WIlliam Davenport. Flemming Bates.
Pressley, John B. Marshall, Samuel etal 60 3279 1831 This is all about WIlliam Vickory. First doc terrible. Benjamin? Howard?, Andrew? McCombs, John Anderson. Elizabeth (Betty) Vickory, life estate. John Hunter - 2 sisters: mary Elizabeth? John and Elizabeth Hunter? Lots here, but hard to read - read carefully. James Patterson. Re-worked bill: Heirs of William Vickory: Shadrack Lively and Ruth (nee Davis), Nancy Davis, Sarah Ross, Mary Ross, Nancy Ross, Margaret Ross and William Davis, Augustine Davis, Andrew Ross - minors (gdn John Pressly). These are all Nancy Davis’ representatives. Ruth is dtr of Nancy Davis, g dtr of William Vickory. Nancy, WIlliam, Augustine, kids of Augustine Davis dec, son of Nancy, gr grand kids of William Vickory. Sarah, mary, nancy, Margaret, Andrew Ross, kids of Francis Ross, dtr Nancy, who is dec 1832.
Pressley, John B. Marshall, Samuel etal 60 3279 1831 cont: Am. Bell. William Pattan, James C Willard. James Patterson. Kids got large prop 1826 when Robert Smyth jr. dec. Rebecca McComb. INV WIlliam Vickory. 8 June 26. George Roberts. James Glasgow, Sam Young, James McAlister,? Wideman. Sales names inc Pharis, McDaniel, Sterling, Flemming Davis, Cresswell, Middleton. WILL: William Vickery. Son William of GA (who tried to cheat his father). Nancy Davis, Ruth Hunter (s-i-law Francis), dtr Betty (unmarried), Zachariah Ford (god son), Fiss Fanny Ford. Benjamin Cowan? and Andrews McComb execs. 1804. Wit: William ?, John Glasgow, Andrew McComb Sr., Elijah Watson, Robert Willis, Martha Odam, Arthur Watson (out of state), MS or VA. Sales inc Augustine Davis, Stark and Odam, James Wardlaw, David Wardlaw, John Buckley, Arthur Simkins, Nolan Williams, Wheaton Pines, Pines Howlet.
Raiford, William P Baird, James R 60 3280 1820 Mary Baird, step mom of James R and mother of William P. 1803, unhappy, with the will of John Betts Baird, made agreement. She dec 1819, James R exec. Copy of Bond. Says she’s James’ mom. Slave names.
Hall, Jesse and May wf Ross, John 60 3281 1819 She had been Mary Ross (Moses?). and William Nichols and Margaret Nichols, wf. (was Farquhar). 1804 Sarah Farquhar, mom of Mary, Margaret. Salves Maria, Fanny, Lucy. Thomas Anderson. 3rd dtr, Elizabeth, dec unmarried. WILL: SARAH Farquhar.
Eddins, William and Mary Ann wf Wilson, William exec and gdn. 60 3282 1821 Richard M Todd and Elizabeth wf. 1818 (oct). james McCraken of Cambridge dec T. Wid: Elizabeth (married Todd) and kids: Mary Ann (Eddins), Rebecca, James, William, Alexander and Elizabeth McCracken. Isham? Robinson. Land bound by, Samuel Mims?, C Cowan?, Buskin Ly?. hard to read. Sales: William White, Ferguson, Dr. Z Merriwether, Stallsworth, Dogan, Burgoyne, Zachary Pulliam, Bacon, John T Coleman, Greene Moore, David Gillam, Patsy Lightfoot, etc. .1821. James Griffin, Norrel, Garland Chiles, Robert Cheatham, Isaac Logan, Phail many others, Thomas Brightman, William Sadler, J Waller, Elihu Creswell, y
Eddins, William and Mary Ann wf Wilson, William exec and gdn. 60 3282 1821 cont: Dudly Richardson, Burtwhistle, Robert Turner, Nathan Lipscome, Washington Bostick, Mary McCracken? for her legacy, John Sales, Chiles, Waller. Richard Griffin, Henderson Pollard, John Pulliam David Pulliam, Heart, James Anderson, Davenport, Nibbs. Slave lists InV more sales: Champney ? Turner, JOhn Sims (Laurens), David Davis, Nathan Anderson dec, James Anderson, Thomas Anderson, - alphabetical list. many names. y
Lesley, David Norris, Nelson etal 60 3283 1829 Henry Delph dec. years ago. Robert P Delph admin., Land bnd by: James S Jones, Nathaniel Rosemond, Robert Robertson, Robert P Delph (who is gdn with WIlliam Ware). Heirs: Virginia S, Jude B William P, Robert J, Mary F, Martha and Louisa A Delph. Edward Ware. WILL: Henry Delph: Brother Robert, half of the estate - other half to the rest of my relations: Austin Arnold Family and “Brother Merynan?” family. Nathaniel Jeffers ? 1823.
Russell, Josiah Rogers, Rebecca etal 60 3284 1825 Debt. Bold Branch bnd by Mrs. Dabbs, Adam Wideman. John Rogers, James Collier. John McComb. Sam Bonner?
Pitts, Charles Smith, John and wife Sarah wf 60 3285 1820 Benjamin Drake?, dec i Wid: Sarah Drake. John Smith Admin in right of wf Sarah. 7 childrenof Benj, not named? Acct names: Bostick, Miller, Taggart. Aproull, Mayson - many others. Samuel Downey. J? Downey. John Drake, Sharman, Todd, Arch Mayson, John Caldwell.
Pinchback, William McCram, James etal 60 3286 1830 James Sproull. Partnership. James is admin of John McCrann? McCraven? Florida. acct names Richard D Davis.
Saxon, Benjamin J Brazeal, Willis etal 61 3287 1829 Robert McCLinton and Nancy wf, John Brazeal and William Brazeal are all out of state. B.H. Saxon: in 1822: Benjamin Ainsly obtained judgement against Drury Brazeal jr. Drury dec Oct 1826. John Rogers marrid Barbara, sister of Drury. Willis, brother. Donald Douglass, Sherrif. Benjamin H Brazeal, admin of Drury. Slave: Charles. Elizabeth Todd, sister of Drury. Michael Brazeal, admin of Mary, the mom (dec. aft. Drury). Henry Brazeal has the bed. Other heirs: Charles, Enoch, Susannah, Sarah and Acarneth Brazeal. Robert McClinton and Mary wf., John and WIlliam also sibs.
Brightman, Thomas et al Brightman, Mariah 61 3288 1826 orators include: James Butler and Ann wfd, Green Mosely and Rebecca wf., and Violet Brightman by agent James Butler. Thomas Brightman sr. dec 23 T. Wf: Mariah C. Slave names - in family groups. Land description, bought from nathan Lipscomb. Grandson: Thomas Brightman. Grdtr: Ann Butler, wife of James. 2 g dtrs: Kids of William Brightman: Violet and Rebecca. Conflict: Mariah (spelled Maria in hus will) plans to move out of state with the slaves. WILL: Thomas sr. Maria. House in Cambridge. “my little friend Massilon??? Glenn (father: James E Glenn). leaves to: John Porter, Joseph Whitmer. Thomas Brightman jr, dec. Friends: nathanile Marion, James Shacklelford, Joseph N Whitmer exexcs. Wit: Elihu Cresswell, Lewis G?, John C McGehee.
Merriwether, Joseph Pitts Charles and Frances wf 61 3289 1821 John Bell dec. T 1813. Lewis Bell and John Merriwether proved will (Thomas Chiles also indicated as exec). Sold the White house in Cambridge. John Merriweather (Merriwether, Meriweather) dec. Lewis Bell, dec. T 1816. Peter H Coleman admin, dec. Lewis’ widow: Frances (md Charles Pitts - who is also the gdn of Frances Bell, minor dtr of John Bell). John had 2 dtrs: Fanny and Sally (Frances and Sarah). Sarah dec. Slaves, John and Jude. Land on Wilson’s Creek. Accts. Thomas M Davenport. John Merriwether was gdn of Bell girls, but failed. Wm Tinsley. Accts inc: Thomas Anderson, Richard Cheatham, Samuel Mays, Isaac Logan, Owen, Young, Marsh, Chiles, McBryde, Gines etc.
Merriwether, Joseph Pitts Charles and Frances wf 61 3289 1821 Cont: Sales Names: John Bell. November 1813: include: Seth Fugal, William Nichols, Pleasant Wright (knives, forks, bottles, a coffie pot), Swift, William Davis (bags), Nrs and Peter Ball, nathan Anderson, Richard Heard, Beverly, Joshua, Stephen Bostick, John Shotwell, Peter Cheatham, Charles Maxwell, Richard Pollard, THomas Chiles, Joseph Hinsley, John Troutman, Purves, Garland Chiles, Robert Sample jr., John C Mayson, Dave Cunningham, Archy Mayson, Captain John Moore, Mather, Waller, Davenport, John Long (rum), Young, Hatter, Abraham Poole, Jacob Anderson, Johnston, Pollard, Bartee. Lors of Davenports (Burket) Will: John Bell. Lewis is his brother. wit: Peter Ball, Austin Pollard, Thomas Cheatham.
Mayson, Nancy etal Mayson, Charles C etal 61 3290 1826 Nancy is widow of John C mayson dec 1820. Other orator: Wesly Connor and Henrietta (Mayson) wf., Henry, Washington, John Mayson (minors - 21). Nancy is mom and nxt fr. Willis (dec) and Charles Mayson Washington Bostick.
Davenport, David R. and Nancy wife Merriweather, Zachary etal 61 3291 1821 Merriwether. Nancy was wife of Richard Heard. dec T 1816? His children: 2: Lolinda and Baily Heard. Exec. Isaac Heard and Zachary Merriwether. WILL: Richard: when his wife re-marries, the kids are to be taken away. Austin Pollard. b-i-l of Richard, Zachary Merriwether, to take care of kids. His brother, Isaac Heard. If his own kids dec, property goes to Isaac’s kids.
Wolf, Mary Thomas, McKinney 61 3292 1845 She of edgefield. Emsly Beals, “natural” son of oratrx , and McKinney Thomas became partners. Emsly dec i - no wife or child. She got nothing from partnership.
Saxon, B.H. etal Prather, James w 61 3293 1830 oraters inc Benjamin F Elmore. B.H. gdn of Sarah, Mary and Martha C Beall, minor kids of Duke Beall dec. B.H. squandered the estate. Prather took over. Money problems. Wit: oswald Houston, James H Hoskinson. G.W. Hodges, Sherrif.
Patterson, James Delvin, John etal 61 3294 1827 orators inc: Robert, Josiah, Napoleon, William Patterson, kids of James Patterson by late wife, nancy, dec. G Father, Robert Smyth, dec years ago, T. Left only son, Robert (infant), land and 22 slaves. If little Robert dec w/o issue, left everything to g kids - kids of Nancy Patterson, dtr. Moses Taggart, John Morrow, William H Glanton? Wife: Martha, gdn.
Harris, William Lipscomb, Nathan and wife etal 61 3295 1815 William Harris and Elizabeth, wf, formly Elizabeth Glover? dtr Wiley Glover? dec 1806. Wid married Nathan Lipscomb. Slave names. Rough reading. Brother’s name WIllis Satterwhite? GLover? James Bullock. Jemima Glover? (mom?). Thomas Livingston. J Nathan Lispcomb? Appr: Leonard Waller, Ben Hatten, P.A. Griffin, Thomas Chiles, Ben F Whitner. Notes pd: Broughton, Toliver Livingston, McBride, Leonard Scott, Robert Marsh, John Simpkins. Sales”: Drury Glover, Gillam Sale, Dudly Brooks, James Crawford, Moses Drummond, etc. McGehee, Moore, March, Gillam, Holloway, Bullock, Watson, David G Pugh. Long file.
Collier, Edward McCalla, John exec 61 3296 1823 Mary Collier, wife, md 25 Dec 1821. She was the widow of George Roberetson dec T. 1817?. 4 kids: James M Campbell, Mary Elizabeth, Jane Brownlee, and Martha Ann Robertson. Savannah bnd by John C Calhoun and others. Samuel Saxon. Appr: William Calhoun, William Noble, Ezekiel Noble, William A Bull. Peter B Rogers? WILL: George Robertson. Inv. and sales.
Griffin, William of Georgia Garrett, William 61 3297 1805 Late of Edgefield. William Fudge. Thomas Garrett. Debt. James May, John Fox.
Douglas, Arch etal Clark, Jacob etal 61 3298 1810 James, John, Daniel H, William and Robert Cochran. John Hearst md. Pheby Cochran wid of father of orators. Arch is son-in-law (md Elizabeth, dec daughter). John Hearst dec i. Josiah Patterson esq. admin. Hearst had kids: Molly (md Jacob Clark), Jane (John McMillan), Sally (John Gaulagher), Patty (James Cochran, the orator), Robert, John, George, Lewis and dec dtr (md WIlliam Paul? Park?). Story of greed. Plats.
Campbell, John Cobb, James 61 3299 1821 Partnership in trade in 1815. Campbell’s mills. Telescope newspaper in Columbia. Gone bad. Account lists - inc Pitman, Perrin, Cochran, Houston, Stewart, Flemming, Harris etc. You can get an idea of neighborhood - not Greenwood - Rocky River and Long Cane. Joseph Davis. 1 Jan 22 - Kennedy.
Irvin, Rachael 12 years old Loveless, Joanna* etal 61 3300 1826 part Father, gdn, next fr - John Irvine. James Loveless dec 1824 i. Joanna wid. Kids: William, Benjamin, Eliza (md Absolom Wilson), Polly (Smith Bowers?), Jesse, Frederick, Smith and Rachel (md. John Irvine).
Martin, Thos P etal Miller, John etal 61 3301 1821 Miller in debt. John McMahen. Alexander Oliver.
Collier, Edward Teuton*, Christian Teulin? 61 3302 1840 She’s in debt. Abbeville and Edgefield
Bowie, Luther Alfred et al Carson, James et al trustee 61 3303 1841 Pinckney G Bowie. James Gilmer. Mrs. Alathia Gilmer, wf of James. James Canon esq. Wf dec. 4 kids: orators, George Alexander Bowie, William L Bowie (WIlliam is gdn), and g child Margaret Bowie Harrison (B Harrison gdn. Her mom is dec. margaret E md James? Harrison). List of slaves. Norwood, Richey, David Caldwell, Eakins.
Roberts, Thomas J and Bynthia? McCalla, Isaac and wife etal 61 3304 1843 James Lomax Perron? Mrs. Robert’s sister - Julia - md Isaac McCalla. Her brother, James Adams?. All kids of Jesse Adams. Slave names and ownership. James Lomax. Isaac McCalla and Julia. James Adams, Louisa and Jesse Adams. Bynthia? Synthand? Jane? wf Thomas Roberts.
Oliver*, John C Carlisle, Francis H etal 61 3305 1824 Oliver in AL. Bond. Robert Martin dec. Thompson Creek, Rocky River. Thomas Gillespe. Joseph B Gilbert. Mortgage problems.
Patterson, Mourning T exec Patterson, Jas etal 61 3306 1841 Terrible writing.Josiah C Patterson’s will 1839. WIlliam Harris exec. Terrible reading. Arthur M Patterson. WILL: Robert Smyth - wf Martha. son Robert (present wife). Slave names. dtr: Nancy Patterson, wife of James. Moses Taggart, John Morrow (Morrah?), WIlliam H Glanton appraise. Wit: George Bowie, John Glover, Miller. James Patt jr., Arthur M gdn John Hearst.
Collier, james Rogers, John 61 3307 1821 James Collier of Madison, AL. Late of Abbeville Dist. E.W. Collier, Dabbs. Land bnd by Sam Wideman. Robert M Stegan?
Perrin, Geo H Dilborne, Polly etal 61 3308 1818 Her husband, unnamed, dec. 5 kids: John, Polly, Henry, Eliza, George. Land bnd by John Holloway, Harmon P Casper, Philip Sefel?, Robert Perrin.
Puckett, Richard Overly, Nicholas 61 3309 1818 Run away slave, stole money and property - Reuben. Wit: Pleasant Wright. W Wier 1817. Richard Haygood and Lucretia, wf. W. Collier. W Thurmond. W P Brooks. henry Prichard. jubal Neely.
Caldwell, Wm H McClurg*, Margaret etal 61 3310 1821 Now in Greenville. Donald Douglass sheriff. Purchase gone bad. Josiah Patterson admin of her husband, James McClurg?. State of VA. 1807 mom of 5 kids: Mary, William, Elizabeth, James, Samuel, Mary (a widow), Samual dec i w/out fam or issue. Frame 351 - “her husband lived in the house with her father.” samuel Moyan? in VA . Hus dec 1812 (moved to Abbeville) Hard to read, but much here. Greenville clerks: William Choice. John Wilkinson? nephew of Margaret. Elizabeth and Harriet McClurg. Col. Caldwell. John Cameron. “My loving daughter margaret” unsigned. Samuel Morgan?
Simmes***?, Andrew G Sims? Davenport*, John M 61 3311 1820 Savannah, GA. Land in Abbeville bnd by Charles Maxwell, Richard Heard, Mrs. Griffin, James PoAugusta, GA. Charles Davenport dec. Debt 1818. Cheatham Co., GA. Griffin W Talbot.
Quarles, Richard and Sarah Middleton, Agatha etal 61 3312 1806 Commsr: Hugh Rutledge, William D James, Waddy Thompson, - Edgefield. She , a dtr of Hugh Middleton Sr. Edgefield, dec 1803. Agatha, widow. 6 kids of different wives: Sarah Quarles (ortrx), Martha (Tennent ( William Tennent), John, Polly (md Edward Finley? after her father dec. Edward murdered her), Elizabeth and Philadelphia (19 - now md to Alexander Hamilton of Abbeville). Owned land in Edgefield and GA. Stephen Garrett and John Middleton admin Joshua Thorne. Long file. Much to be learned.
Duncan, Patrick of Charleston Hodges, Rich Young, Valentine 61 3313 1838 Sale. Hard to read. William Hodges.
Houston, Peter Houston, John 61 3314 1804 John Calhoun debt. Ephraim Ramsey. John Haviston.
Cheatham, John L Cheatham, Robt etal 61 3315 1836 part John L Cheatham, the father of orator dec. Patsy, wid. 8 kids: Robert, John L, Zebedee, Henry ( all over 21), Helen , Milton (over 14), Louvinda and Alfred (under 12). Bell, Davenport, Fooshe, Pollard, Mayson tracts. Patsy gives up life interest in some tracts. Davenort bnd by Fooshe, Talbert, Rocky Creek. Mayson - double branch of Saluda, John Talbert, L Myrick, John McKellar dec, conveyed by William Collier to George Henderson. WILL: John L sr. S - i - l Richard Cheatham. Isaac Bunting, Robert Cunningham execs. 1835 appraisal:William Eddins, James Gillam, John N Sample, John Fooshe, nate Calhoun.
Alexander, Nancy wife Hearst, John et al 61 3316 1835 Can’t read first 1st doc. Dobbs or Dabbs. Elizabeth Dabbs widow. estate of Jesse Dabbs. William Alexander - husband. Peter B Rogers. Sylva and James or Lewis? Parmen? and little Jim (slaves?) WILL: Jesse. Wit: Edward, Louise Collier. Heirs: Nancy Alexander, William, Catherine, Mary, Elizabeth M, Elijah H Dabbs. At end, a typed account (what a relief). Peter B Rogers: his sister, Elizabeth Dabbs.
Pritchard, Henry Neely, Jabal 62 3317 1828 part /slave dispute - long file. Estate Willis Bostick dec. and ruined. Huge flap.Edgefield. Wm P Brooks. Tons of witness statements of neighbors: Richd hathgood, Dr. Crooke, Chas Mason, Samuel Davis, Cap B, W Noble, McGhee others
Ware, Edmund P Ware, Thos Edwinetal 62 3318 1836 partition pickens. Will of Edmund Ware. Wid Peggy, dec 1834. kids: Thomas E, Peregrine P, James Henry, Louisa Catherine (14) Ware. Albert Ware. Gen. Edmund Ware dec 13 apr 1833. Son, Alber N, s.i.l James Rogers (Emily), Nimrod W., haywood Davis, J ames Haydon tons of names
Calhoun, Jno. Ex Beall*, Ben Prather, Jas W. etal 62 3319 1828 complaint Jeremiah Beal dec 1826. 2 kids, sarah, James W. Adm. JN? Beall and Sarah Prather wf. James Calhoun. Benj Beall dec. W, EN Calhoun, Duncan Campbell, Georgia. Huge number of names: Gray, mathews, Dubose, taggart...
Raimey**, Asbury** R Donald, Mary etal 62 3320 1847 Ramsey? John A Donald dec. 1845 Mary wid Lewis? Irwin? James, Mary A Riley
Cheatham, Zebedee* cheatham, Mary etal 62 3321 1846 dower? Mithom? Milloro Cheatham dec. PENMANSHIP!!
Finley, Thomas M etal estate Hunter, Alexander etal 62 3322 1847 Reuban, nancy, Granfille Finley
Robertson, Jas M etal Collier, Edmond etal wife 62 3323 1831 George Robertson dec will - 15 Oct 1817 wid - Mary. 4 kids (inc orator) Mary E, jane B (wf John Hannah?), Martha Ann. Will. Edmund and Mary Collier m. Robt quarly? waddey
Nary, John and Elizabeth Brauch, Isaac etal Branch? 62 3324 1842 Benj martin, John Willson, Eliz Navy. Samuel Branch kids: John, Isaac, Webster, Mason, Francis E, William. Gdn John Livingston. John Nay.
Stuart, Thos C etal Calhoun, Ephriam C etal 63 3325 1840 Ephriam is exec of Margaret (Peggy) Stuart. 26 Aug, 1830, Alexander Stuart (Stewart) made a will and died. Left wid: Peggy, and 5 kids: Thomas C, Mary (Polly) (md. John Harrison) and Carolline (md Hutson? M Calvert), John and Mary Ann (last two under 21). Execs: Peggy, David Stuart, Thomas C Stuart and Jesse Beazley )Beazly). David Stuart dec 1837. (Jabez W.H. Johnson) Peggy qualified as exec and took over estate. She sold land on Coronoco Creek. She dec 1838 (Ephraim R Calhoun exec). Wardlaw and Perrin (who seem to represent everybody in this neighborhood). Downs Calhoun is a witness in the complaint: Menitons a tract of land sold to Mrs. Davis by Peggy. Jesse Beazley bought it in 1838, lifting Mrs. Davis’ bond. Capt. Thomas Byrd also witnessed: Mentions Eddins. Then - it really looks like Tabitha - Davis’s note owing $175.00, Aug 15, 1835. L Myrick 503.00. John McGehu. William L or S Davis (frame 11) note $60.00, Nov 5 1816. Wm Evens. Richard y
Stuart, Thos C etal Calhoun, Ephriam C etal 63 3325 1840 cont. Moses Taggart sig. Slave lists frame 13. INV: Jesse Beazley, Robert Martin, Wm Beazely (Beazly), Downs Calhoun. Benjamin Y Martin. Mary Bartrun. John Stewart, minor, to Larkin Griffin for board - looks like Book Davis gdn Frame 20. Stoney Point, Joel Smith for saddles etc. Sales on Margaret’s estate: John Foster, A Wyman, J McKenney, G. Appleton, R Griffin, Wm Buchannon, E.R. Calhoun, P McDowal, John McLellan. Acct’s_ Thomas B Byrd, William Eddins, Downs Calhoun for M Busby, Smith B Taggart,m John Logan (dr.), John Sloan et al. Her INV W Buchannan, W.B. Beazley, T.B. Byrd. Sales names: Wm Turner, James Pinson, John Foster, R. Nichols, W. Anderson, Richard Griffin, E Day, James Wardlaw, S.B. Buchannan, Munday, Ingram, Jefferson Coleman, Pert, Reynolds, P.D. Klugh, L? A Hodges, W. Neely, Anna Heard, N Ovedrby, Long?, M Maddox. Greenwood academy. y
Martin, Thos P etal Sanders, Thomas Adams 63 3326 1826 25 Mar 1805. Joseph Sanders jr. dec leaving widow Sarah R Sanders who later married a Brooks. Joseph left 4 kids: Thomas A, Donald Fraser, Mary (dec 1817) and Joseph (dec 1805). Both (i). Donald F Sanders dec w/o issue. Left will (Included in packet, along with Joseph Jr’s.) mentions “My half sister, Amanda Brooks.” Lists slave names. Thomas Livingston esq. Jos. will proved before Alexander Hamilton. Wit: John Lowry, William Baird, A Hunter. Don’s will wit: Jacob martin, E.S. Murray, H Power.
Todd, Elizabeth Childs, Robert, Sarah E wf 63 3327 1842 Part Richard H Todd dec 184?. Land bnd by Robert Cheatham, Larkin G Carter, Abram Pool, William Carter near Cambridge. Eliz. Todd, wid. 2 kids: Sarah E (md Robert Child), Harriet T, minor. William Eddins admin. Wit: Abe Poole, Larkin Griffin, James Gillam, John McLenan, Richard White. Plats.
Tate, Isiah O Uriah O Tate, Ashur exec. 63 3328 1846 Enos Tate (father of Uriah) of Elbert Co GA dec 1844 T. owned land on Shanklins Creek, Little River, Savannah. bnd Joshua Meachum, John Power jr and Alexander Hunter. Wid: Mary Tate (dec Feb ‘46 T) and grandson Enos Asbury Tate (10 yrs) (Son of Zenni A Tate, dec.) who lives in Wilks, GA with Father in law and gdn, A.S. Wingfield. Thomas J HeardSC gdn ad Litum P.D. Klugh. Mary J Tate will. Thomas J Heard exec Wit: Nocholas Baton, James Blackwell, Luther H.O. Martin.
Porter, David Collier, Edward 63 3329 1824 in 1819, These two went into bus together making and selling cotton gins. Big squabble in the end. Edward Collier sr. Long lists of account names, etc.
Morrah, Samuel R Scott, Eleanor etal 63 3330 1838 Hugh Morrah, father of orator. Savannah. Samuel marries Nancy A Scott, dtr of John Scott esq and Eleanor Scott (other Scott children: Thomas, Joseph, John). Problem with transfer of title to land after John Scott dies. Joseph C Martin. Hard to read. Patrick Noble, William Noble, Aaron Lomax.
Moragne, Peter Moragne, Isaac 63 3331 1811 Old tired Peter turned the running of the plantation (1798)over to the two sons listed in index. Didn’t work out perfectly. They had a distillery and sold spirits, besides running the plantation. Sales names. Slave lists. Tons of papers. Peter’s estate. Peter’s Will all in lovely French. fr 165
Baskin, John Baskin, Jas S 63 3332 1845 Est. of Mary Giles. Est John De La Howe. Land descriptions. Slave Lists. John Baskins, father, with James Cook on bond. John L Waddell. Mill Creek, Little River. Wit Thomas Spierin and John H Wilson. Irresponsible behavior.
Speed, Wade Archer, John etal 63 3333 1845 John Ewing Calhoun dec 1826 i. Wife Sarah A Calhoun. Kids: Frances, Elizabeth, Martha, Margaret and John Ewing Calhoun (all minors). Little River bnd by William M Calhoun and others. In apr of ‘41, widow md John Archer. trustees of Dr. John De La Howe.. John Archer, Hugh Steward, ? Matthew. Signed Wm H, Jas, John A Clahoun. H A Jones: kids’ ad litem. Houston, Mitchell, Bell, Norwood, Merriwether and others. Hard to read. Dickson, Patton, Young, Glen, Vance, many others. Alexander Houston, H Darracott, James Taggart, Lewis Coven and Moses O Tallman, commissioners. James H LeRoy, Martha Calhoun. Wade Speed of Petersburg Ga. List of debts. many names
Robertson, Andrew etal Maddox, Richard 63 3334 1852 John Robertson dec i 19 Feb 1827. Left Jane Robertson, 89 yrs old, dec i - she was “weak minded” and an alchoholic - and seven children: Andrew, John, Selby (md Augustine maddox), Jane (Joseph Richey), Polly (md Stowe or Stone and dec, leaving six children), Elizabeth (John McCord), Peggy (Richard Maddox, with whom she had a daughter, Polly). Family squabble over undue influence and ownership of slaves. Gift title made out by old, befuddled Jane in 1829, copied in 1832. Sales names include Maddox, Kay, Owen, Pyles, Reeves, Razor, John McCord, Sevens, Posey, Stowe or Stone. Wit include Agnew, Youngblood, William Young, Dodson, jones and others.
Brooks, Susannah Brooks, Wm H et al 63 3335 1847 Part William Brooks dec 26 Dec 1846. Susannah widow. 5 kids: William H, Francis M., Jason T, Warren D, George Whitfield Brooks - last three minors. 2 Grandchildren: Permelia Elizabeth Cheatham and Susan Ann Francis Cheatham, both under 14 - dtrs of Amanda, dec many years ago. Land on Calhoun’s creek, Savannah waters bnd by Clinkscales, John Boyd, Thomas C Perrin, Andrew Gillespie, B.M. Cheatham. John A Calhoun tract and William Henry Calhound tract (bought from those men), bnd also by Martin and pinkney.
Hill, Wm C etal Calvert, Jas M etal 63 3336 1843 by Joseph Dickson, gdn and nxt friend. William C Hill, father, dec 1822 (before son’s birth). Mother, Malinda, dec in childbirth. In 1838, James Calvert appointed gdn - Wiley Pulliam, Sanders Williamson and John A Burton on bond. The money from the estate disappeared. Calvert insolvent. Wiley’s name was struck out at some point - and he moved without the bnds of the state. Williamson deeded all his assettes to his own children: Polly, Jane, Thomas and Wesley Williamson - and Burton is gone, too. Poor Billy. ( I think Wiley, who had moved to Greene County, Al, had died by then, anyway. ) It was a poor bond. y
Noble, Patrick etal Pickens, Andrew etal 63 3337 1819 Elizabeth B Noble, formerly Pickens, Ezekiel Pickens and samuel B Pickens orators by P Noble next friend. Ezekiel Pickens of St. Thomas Parish dec T. 2 marriages. Kids from first: Above kids, including dtr Elizabeth B. Kids from second marriage: Thomas Jones, Andrew C and mary Barksdale Pickens. Execs of will: Andrew Pickens and John C Calhoun - also gdns. “my friend, Mrs. Floride Calhoun.” Present wife’s kids inheret from Grandfather George Barksdale (his will included - has more than one dtr). Witness: Pinckney, P Weston, George P Hasell, Roger Pinkney. Long file. Ezekiel’s will? Maybe.
Hodges, Geo W. etal Morangne, john 63 3338 1834 Peter Morangne. John Smith. Richard Hill. Jane Turner. 1830s. Isaac Moragne. Edward Collier. John was exec of Francis Moragne. Peter F Moragne was minor. Savannah River. Neighbors named. Long Complaint - land desc. Hard to read. 48 slave names and relationships. john A Calhoun.
Golding, Reuben G admin Golding, John M etal 63 3339 1844 Richard A. J. Golding. Dec 1 Sep 1842, a minor of whom Reuben was gdn. Richard left sibs: John M, Nimrod C, Reuben G and Mom: Lorena? Mornce? now wife of Wiley D Morence? md to him for many years before Richard’s death. Nimrod out of state. Pd John Holland, D Calhoun, W. Mounce, J Herring, B Y Martin, N McCants, N W Stewart, L Brown for coffin. Thomas Thomson.
Simpson, Eliz etal Simpson, Robt see 51-2837 63 3340 1845 Ugly divorce. She says he turned into a monster. Married 35 years ago in 1813 when she was 18. 11 kids, nine living, youngest 15. he says she had an illigitimate dtr in 1812. Witness statements. Terrible handwriting.
Selby, Martha Edwards, Jas and wife etal 63 3341 1843 Owen Selby dec i. 1843 Sep 1842. Martha Widow. 6 kids: Permelia (James Edwards), Sarah (18), William (16), Elizabeth (10?), Martha (7), John (5), Edmund (3). Cat tail Creek waters of Long Cane by Andrew Logan, Rebecca, jacob Rykard, Thomas ?, Henry Boozer. Admin Henry Riley and wid. Plat of Hinton place.
Gray, Andrew Wardlaw, David etal 63 3342 1843 1829 James A Gray md Elizabeth Paul widow of George Paul dec i. Land descriptions bnd by James Edwards, Mike Willson, and William P Paul. Elizabeth’s kids: Andrew and ELizabeth. 1834 James Gray dec i without paying Paul land he bought. james Wiley, ordinary. Elizabeth Paul Gray dec T., Samuel Hill exec. Elizabeth Paul (dtr.) md David Wardlaw. Andrew Paul , 2 kids’ father. James Gray’s kids: John W, Andrew, Elizabeth, Zachariah, Mary D (John R Martin), Nancy A., Agnes D and Margaret M (last two kids of Elizabeth Paul Gray). Long story. Plat. Joseph Davis signed. Andrew Paul’s will. Sons: George, William Pressley, Andrew, dtr: Jenny Hill, Eliza Paul, mary. 4 unmarried kids. Execs: George Paul, Hamilton Hill, John Hearst jr. 1822. A C hamilton, Hugh, James Wardlaw.
Kirkpatrick, Andrew, Louise wf Bowie, etal 63 3343 1839 Adam Crane Jones had 3 sons and one daughter: 1. Benjamin:Chldren: Adam C Jones, Benjamin, William. 2. John: Chlden: Adam C Jones. Polly C. (listed in will). In later partition writ, other children listed: Louisa (md Andrew Kirkpatrick), Cynthia (md Samuel Norwood), Mary (mdRichard Hodges), Elizabeth and Frances Jones. Mary and Lucinda Jones, also listed in writ, are the children of Adam C Jones dec. (This must be John’s son Adam, or they wouldn’t have a right to this estate in right of said Adam C Jones) and so are the great grandchildren of Adam Crane Jones the Oldest. 3. Adam C Jones: married Margaret and had the following children: Adam C. Jones, John S , Melinda, Peggy, Rebecca and Mary (Polly J Dyson). Sally S. Nancy 4. Betsey, who married John Weatherall: kids: Adam C Jones Weatherall, George and Marshall. Continued:
Kirkpatrick, Andrew, Louise wf Bowie, etal 63 3343 1839 Inclues Will of Adam the Oldest, a lovely plat, establishes the fact that Norwoods, Hodges, Mary (which one?) Weatheralls and George Bowie are out of state. The phrase: “to my son in law John Weatherall, James Wardlaw, George Bowie..” has been taken as an indication that all three men were son in laws, but I don’t believe this is true. The term in the will is singular. I believe these three men held a trust deed - John Weatherall functioning as trustee, the other two on the bond, not married to unnamed daughters. The daughters would have been named, and if they were dec, children would have been listed. In other places, there is a Milly listed in John’s children. John died in 1828? Adam C died in his father’s (John’s) lifetime.
Smith, Unity Smith, Benj F etal 63 3344 1848 Unity, David M Smith, John W. Smith, Nancy (md David Rotten) - all heirs of Benjamin Smith, dec i 8 Sep 1848. Land bnd by A. P. Pool, Carter?, R.A. Griffin and others. Unity: Wid. 4 more children (minors): Benj F. Silas H. Sarah Ann. William J Smith - uner 21. David Smith admin - Larkin G Carter. Meedy Mays.
Hearst, John W McOwen, Patrick and Sarah Ann 63 3345 1844 Orator only child of Col John Hearst dec March 1843 i . Wid: Sarah Ann (md Patrick C McOwen). Land Long Cane Creek bnd by Joseph Lindsay, Joseph Criswell, Geoge Sybat?. Several tracts, including Edgefield. Perrin wit statement. Beautiful list of Col’s acc’ts: many neighborhood names including: Wideman, Chiles, Keller, Walker, Ahley, Hemphill, Cothran, Whitton, Gray, Robinson, Young, Martin, Baughman, Yarbrough, Elmore, tallman (with character comments) David Anderson, Robert Caldwell, Eldridge, James H Caldwell, William davis, John Caldwell.
Mays, Meedy Broadway, Benj and Nancy etal 63 3346 1844 Steven Whitly dec i ‘39. Matthew Mays admin (Saluda bnd by Samuel Beard, George Sheppard, WIlliam Eddins, James S Pope). No blood kin. 1/2 brothers Meedy, John, Nancy (md Benjamin Broadway - out of state) Mays, also Matthew Mays, now dec. leaving in Abbeville Lucretia, widow, chldrn: Meedy jr., Larkin, Henry, Carolline (md. Elias Gillam), Nancy, Daniel, Abney (dec. 3 kids: John, William, James all living), Jane, Tabitha, Lucretia, Elizabeth (md Steven Whitly), Sarah (Thomas Rosamond), Emilina, dec (md Elihu Campbell - no kids), and Catherine, a widow (Milton Perkins). John - the 1/2 bro, became insane, escaped the Asylum and is presumed dead: Nancy, wid. Frances, only child. (Edgefield). Good plat, title history (1808). John Chiles’ son Bluford Chiles.
Wright, James and Frances wf Pitts, Charles gdn 63 3347 1836 1820 appointed gdn. Zachariah Merriwether exec of John Merriwether. John BIll, Lewis Bill (spelled Bell also). Will of LEWIS. Francis, widow. “My brother Benjamin Bill’s kids” “John Bostick, my nephew.” Execs: Peter Coleman, Joseph, John Merriwether.
Heard, John W etal Heard, Jas P etal 63 3348 1822 Isaac T Heard, Elizabeth Patterson, John N Heard co -orators, by gdn Isaac T. Thomas Heard dec i (father). House in Cambridge. Slaves (Binah, Natilda, Daniel). Wid: Elizabeth. (md Joseph B Dickerson who died) then (John M White). 4 minor children. Father’s brother, James P Heard, admin. Alexander Stewart and John SHotwell. estate accounts include Nat Lipscomb jr., Ringgold, Waller, Day, John Logan, Bostick, Isaac Logan Sr., William Glover, others.
Red, James H etal Talbert, Robt R etal 63 3349 1846 Joseph L Pealor? and nancy wf. Robert Red (father) md Jane, daughter of Robert Talbert dec December 1843 at 80 yrs grfather of orators. Mom and Dad dec in 40s. Heirs: orator adn trix, mary Riley (dtr and a widow) all kids by 1st marriage. Nancy Talbert was Robert’s widow. had one son, Robert R Talbert. Execs: John Barratt and Robert R Talbert (who had one son John Robert Talbert). Sales. Wit statements.
Conner, Frances A Sanders, Wm etal 63 3350 1841 Dr. Francis Conner dec Aug 1836. Wid: Mary (Md Walter C Anderson). 11 kids: Carolina Sophonia (Edwin Dubose - AL), Mary A.D. (Samuel A Hodges), Francis A (orator), Belinda ( William A McCanty?- AL), Sarah (william Sanders - NC), George D (AL), Fletcher Wesly, Julia Ann E (Benjamin F Herndon),Benson Glenn, Leonidas Dorythius, (last two minors), William Morrah (dec). John Stuart attnd Medical college in Charlston. Edward MCann out of state. John Russ or Ruff, Phillip Cromer admin of E. Cromer. WILL of FRANCIS. y
Taggart, James son and exec Lomax, Aaron, etal 63 3351 1843 Moses Taggart Esq. dec December 12, 1841 Ordinary since 1818. In beginning, Moses kept no account books. Execs freaking because people are claiming Moses’ estate owes them and suing execs (including John Donald). Widow: Anna. Land in Abbeville. Dtr: Margaret (md Thomas W. Talman), sons: Robert Lewis, John Taggart. Aaron Lomax james S. Wilson, suing. Moses’ WILL. Langdon Bowie. Some slaves. Dtr: Mary Perrin (breast pin with Mom and brother’s hair). Ann Owen son Oliver. Don’t let my negroes fall into the hands of those who will treat them badly. John Donald b-i-l. Wit John H Wilson, john F Livingston, Thomas P spierin. A.W. Shillito surveyor. Continued:
Taggart, James son and exec Lomax, Aaron, etal 63 3351 1843 Estate accounts - tons. Sales of estate also. incl: Donlad, White, Kingsman, McLarer, Douglass, Weems, Williams, Dendy, Burt, N.J. Davis, Moore, Zimmerman, Cobbk, jackson, Rany, Cunningham, Samuel S Baker, McGee and many others. Wit statements about cases that evidently are coming up against exec: Orville Houston, a bed, evil person (tricky. Devil)- 21 pages worth - Hutchinson, Saxon, Matthew McNill (md Polly H), Turnbull, Charles Sproul, Mr. Jackson’s widow, brother James Sproull. Squire Houston’s nephew. Thomas Griffin. McGell 1/2 bro. Wilson, Very long, Hard to read. Eliza Franklin est of James Franklin. Elizabeth, wm. Stewart. Nathaniel, wm Moon.
Ruff, John etal McCann, Edward 63 3352 1841 Phillip Cromer, Elizabeth Cromer - she loaned money. 9 Feb 1808? Hard to read. By William Hill, Samuel Robinson. Dec. Mortgage. David Keller. Debt.
De La Howe, John Waddell, M Dr. etal 64 3353 1829 Trustees. Dr. DeLa Howe dec 1797 T. Execs: Elger and William Hutton. The will is included. He wants to be buried with Mrs. Rebecca Wooden (on hill across from house where they lived together). No heirs. Entire estate left to Agricultural Society of S.C. for a school for poor children. Ezekiel Noble, John S. Reid, A. Novas?, Ezekiel Calhoun. HTR. LONG story. Lots of info. Ann E Reid’s late husband. Andrew Norris (dec 11 Jan 1826) Steven Lee, William Calhoun Snr., Adam Cole, Dr. Thojmas Casey, Samuel Adams, James Pollack dec., Andrew Sims, Benjamin Finney? Alex Keown. Joseph C. Matthews. Complaints, thousands of bond names. hints about relationships. This is a tome. Dempsey Davis one of the notes.
McOwen, Patrick C, Sarah Ann wf. Hearst, John W 64 3354 1845 Col John Hearst 3 (or 17th) Mar 1843. Heirs: Sarah Ann was widow. Md Patrick C. McOwen. Dr. John W. Hearst son by former marriage. Legal Agreement. List of notes due.
Merriwether, Wm etal Merriwether, Joseph etal 64 3355 1832 William, Francis, Virginia under 21 by Thomas Cobb gdn. John P. Fan? and Mary wf. Kids are children of John Merriwether by second marriage with Ann. Testate. John H? and Joseph are execs with William Tinsley?. Left several kids by 1st marriage: John H, Joseph, Esther? Mc Gehu (Dabney), Dorothy Conner (??) Elizabeth Lipscomb (Nathan), all gone out of state. Bennett Reynolds. John Logan, William Tinsley,Ann dec. Joh H, Joseph, Zachary Merriwether, Dabney Mc Gehee and Esther Wife, Lewis Conner and Dorothy wf., Nathan Lipscomb and Elizabeth wf. children of other marriage. WILL JOHN Merriwether fr 164. Land desc. John Talbert. David Cunningham. Thomas Waller dec. “My granddaughter, Caroline Merriwether - dtr of son Robert dec. Witness statements.
Lamar, Peter Reid, Jane etal 64 3356 1843 William R Ried. Bad debt. Jane, wife of William, was Jane McKinny? Wit statements. Horrible writing. nathan Crawford, Dr. of Columbia.
Griffin, Richard C etal Waller, Albert and co 64 3357 1839 Thomas Cheathan, Richard Griffin, John Lipscomb, John Logan. Dr. in Cambridge, Hard to read. Business complaint. Debts. Thomas B Byrd. John Logan, John, Larkin Griffin. Thomas and other Cheathams accts.
Noble, E. Pickens Cunningham, John etal 64 3358 1840 part Patrick Noble dec i left next of kin, distributees: John Cunningham and wife, Florida C.; Patrick, Alex, Edward, J. Bonneau, Elizabeth. Minors, Cunningham gdn. Hard to read. Savannah. Inventories.
Crawford, sarah Crawford, Michael the Elder 64 3359 1802 f 266 lovely document. Sarah relect (widow) of John Crawford of Edgefield -married 19 Apr 1775 in Anson Co., N C Moved (with named slaves) to Edge in 1799. William Lyon - Chesterfield. Michael Crawfod, father of John dec. Uncle William Ellebee in Chesterfield. John dec at home - 4 young kids: Richard Crawford, another son of Michael the Elder. James Ellebee, s-i-l of Michael the E. Slave lists. Long story. Michael, John, Eliza and Mary Crawford, infants - Stephen Tomkins gdn. Witness statements from Anson. Fabulous handwriting f 335
Anderson, Walter C Gabriel E. 64 3360 1838 Walter and Mary Conner Anderson. Dr. Francis Conner dec 1836. Mary is dtr of Ambrose Edwards. George Conner and his son Francis A Conner. His dtr Catherine Dubose. Accts. Sales names. Inventories. Slave lists. Rich file is your area of interest.
Linton, Samuel Jr etal Linton, Elizabeth etal 64 3361 1829 Samuel Linton esq., dec 1820’s i. Widow: Elizabeth - children and grnd kids: Samuel, Alexander B., Elizabeth (md James May), Ruth (John S Allen), Bnejamin F., Thomas J., Hawthorn Sydney, Moses W., John, Rebecca (Maidson Sloan?), Margaret (minor - gdn H.S. Linton), Clothilda (gdn: mom). Samuel’s children. Gchldrn: Elizabeth Baker, (Amanda Baker, Thomas, kids of Ibby? dec daughter of Samuel (all 21+).Rocky River land desc. Nice writing f 487. accnt’s - William H and John G Caldwell. Jonathan Johnson, Alexander Hunter, many more.
Tate, Uriah O. etal Hunter, Alexander 64 3362 1848 Tate and Thomas Heard exes of Enos Tate. Alexander D Hunter indebted to Major B Clark. His father, Alex Hunter esq saddened by his behavior and now subject to law suit. Speed, Hester and Tate. James H Cobb, sheriff. Typed account. John Cunningham, John Taggart. M.B. Clark - Clinkscales, B Allen, Dr. DeLaHowe. D.L. Wardlaw, circuit Judge. Legal arguments. James H Wilson trustee and solicitor for Defendant. Contract Daniel and Nancy Gents. James is Nancy’s father. Wm B McClellan of AL. D.W. Hawthorn. james Caldwell.
Wardlaw, Joseph Marsh, Robert 64 3363 1820 Debt.
Henry Gray, heirs 65 3364 1838 These two files are very long and are concerned with claims against the estate. Elvira, the widow, claims part of her father’s, Reuben Flannagan’s estate. Young J. Harrinton admin of Flanagan. Thomas J Gray gdn min kids of Flanagan. James S Wilson admin A G Hamilton. Phillip Cromer, Patrick Dunkin, Mike Peaster, Joseph Smith admin John Smith. Tons of names, Joshua Davis, P.D. Klugh, Edmund Ware, Ephrium Davis, John Downey, E.S. Davis - tons.
Henry Gray, heirs 65 3365 1838` See above.
Pettus, John G Smith, Eliza 65 3366 1850 Eliza Smith admin of her hus, Thomas, who is involved in land fraud in Florida. Charles Smith. Joel Smith defendant statement (exec of Lucy Smith). Jefferson, FL. GA.
Calhoun, Joseph Anderson, Robert 65 3367 1793 Great file - story Calhoun in actually the defendant. Lovely writing. Long story about revolutionary war situation. Dr. Lowery came down from GA, raiding, stole horses, slaves and clothing from Joseph Calhoun. Slaves escaped with the horses, were victimized by the Loyd brothers: Samuel, Thomas, Thomas sr and jr. and Samuel Red who ended up with much of the property in GA. Calhoun went to get it back after the war - and then was sued by these creeps in turn. It’s a long, fascinating tale, beautifully written. Mrs. Cattledge was Red’s woman. Col Elijah Clark (on expedition against the Cherokee), Col McCoy. Joshua Inman (evil judge). Red’s “wife”, Elizabeth, dtgr of THomas Loyd sr. Robert Goodloe harper. Robert Anderson, Pendleton. GA counties.
Calhoun, William H etal Peaster*, Micajah H. 65 3368 1844 Terrible writing. judement. Mary Lomax adm husband Louis Lomax inf dtr Mary Ann Lomax (defendant married her). his father, Michael Peaster and Robert Yeldell. matilda Peaster. Typed account. Dr. John Davis security for Peaster on note to J McCord. Aaron Lomax. M H Peaster intermarried with dtr Jacob Cromer. Matilda, only child. Dtr of Hannah Peaster. Wit statements: Ephriam Davis, David, John Keller, Dr. Davis long, Francis Atkins.
Saunders, Thos A & John McNeil Livingston, Thomas 65 3369 1828 Sale of land.
Gaines, John etal Gaines, Richard etal 65 3370 1829 Robert, silas, Nathaniel Gaines, Zachariah Smith (md Frances Gains), Joseph, Benjamin, legatees of Edmund Gains (will 1802), Susannah Gains widow. Appoint Richard, Henry? Mayo? Gaines? exec. Widow md Benjamin Dorrit? 1820. Awful. Sale 1809. Andrew Robertson. wit: Lomax, Bowie, Gains, Gen. Ware, George Reid, Edmund was vs John Gains sales.
Morague, Mary Ann Scott, Joseph Davis etal 65 3371 1843 Peter F Morague dec i 21 Feb 1782? Contracted with John O Guthrie of land bnd by estate of John Scott, John Bull etc. Peter’s kids: E? -, WIlliam, Cornelia, Closidia?, oldest (8 or 9). Isaac Wadell. Joseph S Bouchillow.
Weatherall, George etal Weatherall, John etal 65 3372 1824 George Weatherall exec of Adam Crain Jones dec. Slaves. Mill? Benjamin, John Hones and Betsy Weathall, wf of John Weatherall - dec. William Ware. Prison act. Inventories.
Lilley, Harriet W and Julia Chiles, Thomas etal 65 3373 1820 part gdn of William Chiles. David Lilly dec father T. Will: 1807. Kids: Edmund B, John A, Harriet W, Julia A Lilly. Thomas Chiles, Robert Marsh. WIlliam Chiles exec. Slave lists. WILL of David Lilly.
Pitts, Charles etal Pulliam, James 65 3374 1831 && Frances Pitts, wf, formerly Frances Bell, widow Lewis Bell. Will 1816. John Merriwether sr. Peter Coleman and Joseph Merriwether execs. exec dec 4 Jan 1817 sudden death. Coleman appt James Pulliam exec with Zachary. Frances Coleman wid exetrx. William Nichols. Ch. Mayson 22. Accts of Bell. Reuben Freeman, WIlliam Johnson, Robert White, John McBryde, William Ball, A Sample, Richard Gains, John Merriwether for Frances and Sarah Bell, of whom Lewis was gdn. WIlliam Nichols, Dabny McGehee, P Durrett, WIlliam Waller. Estate of Benjamin Dreahne? Drahm? Dec .
Robertson, John Robertson, Robt 65 3375 1820 Oct 1819 William Robertson, bro., dec. Robert refuses to give up anything to John admin. ? Norris and Suzannah wf, Elizabeth, reuben, James Robertson, (4 people of color). Delph’s children. She by father’s will given 1/2 to Robert 1/2 to WIlliam.
Alston, James and Catherine Browne, Fred B T* 65 3376 1824 bnd by Wardly and Livingston Mortgage bond. Village of Abbeville..
Sproull, Rebecca W Patterson, James 65 3377 1830 Rebecca Sproull, George F Caldwell and Charles? Sproull execs of James Sproull dec. James Patterson. Lands Robert Smith dec. Pay UP.
Ligon**, Joseph and Eliza M Cheves*, Martha Ann 65 3378 1837 John ? dec i 1830. Martha widow 4 kids: THomas A (MS), Eliza M (wf of orator), Martha Ann (20), Louisa Jane Ch? (19). 1 grandson (14). Chives? Chevis?
Wilson, John A Jordan, Samuel 66 3379 1844 John McClelland, orator’s maternal grandfather immgrated from Ireland to Abbeville, Md in Ireland. Kids: Mary Wilson (orator’s mom), David, Samuel McClelland (dec in SC unmarried). John dec 21 Dec 1833 leaving wid Mary (dec 27 Dec 42). Orator’s folks: William Wilson md Mary (both still aliens). In 1811 John bought from William McDonnall, Samuel Morris and all on Walkers? Branch, Long Cane. Also bt William Wilson (and from John Yarborough). Samuel Jordon.
Coughran*, John Devall, Sarah 66 3380 1819 Edgefield. Samuel Devall dec wid Sarah exec and kids: Jos M, Eliza, James O, Matilda, Signelia and ? Devall ( Cicily Scicilia) - minors under 21. John McComb gdn ad Litum.
Cofer, Elizabeth Dubose*, Joshua etal 66 3381 1843 John Clark dec Dec 1839 T. Friends Joshua and Thomas Cunningham. Slave Names. John C Scott and brother - minor at will. COncerned with the comfort and support of his negros - left property for their maintenance. The evil would be heirs object - saying that the will is illegal. Clark left 4 sisters: Elizabeth Cofer, Hannah Goodmanm, Sarah Kerr (wf of David), dec without issue, and Nancy Clark - also kids of his brother Jacob Clark, dec 1824: Austin, John, Jacob and Elizabeth (dec - leaving husband, Nathan, and kids - names unknown). Celia D Boyd (Elihu - hus?), Catherine Wilson, Joseph, Samuel Wilson and James, kids of James Wilson dec. nancy Clark, Austin, John, Jacob,nathan Whitman? and Elizabeth’s kids, John Clark, Scott, Elia, Elihu BOyd, Catherine Wilson, Joseph, Samuel, James Wilson.. Lemuel Winn and Eliza wf, and Jane Burton, def. Greedy selfish.
Cofer, Elizabeth Dubose*, Joshua etal 66 3381 1843 cont: Typed new items. Case: Augustus C Cofer, Thomas L Cofer vs Didama Anderson et al part. Appr: John Norwood, Robert E Belcher, Lorenzo D Chambers, E.T. Noble, Joshua W Dubose, Alexander Scott. Land org: Grnated to Thomas Cofer 1783 - John Cofer and others. Thomas Cofer dec. To didama Anderson, Lemuel Winn. Jane Burton’s father, John Cofer. Harrison? Cofer. Doc Defendant statement- bad Reading. pd Savannah neighbors - long list and tyupical Slaves. INV WILL: John Clark. to John C Scott, son of William Scott. My sisterm, Nancy Clark, Celia Boyd, Esther Boyd, dtr of John Boyd of Fairfield dist. He says 2 sisters. Plat. I don’t have a clue what this whole file is about. Seems like two files.
Gordon, James Weems*, Samuel 66 3382 1809 James Gordon of Chrleston Merchant. John Laney. Richard and Jennings?. James and John Laney? Samuel Weems, Margaret, Sarah Weems, Thomas Jordon and Elizabeth wf. Keoron? Robert? Heron? and Isabel his wf. James Weems and Robert? Ferguson? and Mary his wife. Leney. Long file.
Pettus, Hugh M Charles Mayson Davenport, David R 66 3382 1825 1820 joined David Davenport and Nancy wf. Estate Richard Heard dec. Nancy’s dec. father: Charles Davenport. Charles Maxwell bnd to the NW by Elizabeth Ball, dec. formerly the property of Burk? P Davenport now the est of Austin Pollard dec, and on N by Wilson’s Creek. Mortgage forclosed.
Marion, Priscilla , free woman col. Lypford, Teresa 66 3383 1839 Duey? Drury E Lipford in 1836 dec i. Reedy ? Rocky? Branch, Long Cane. bnd by John Frazier, Robert Durlin, heirs of Henry Nelson? Wilson?. Sold her land. Drury Wilson’s wid Teresa? 5 kids: Mary Jane, Elizabeth Caroline, Martha Ann, marian? Francis, Drury E M Lafayette Lipford ( all -14), Charles Sproull, adm.
Barker, James and Charlotte, wf. Chiles, Thomas et al 66 3384 1819 Charlotte Callis, wid of James Callis. Curl tail Creek. 5 kids: Dudley (17), John, William, Polly, Lucinda (-14). Dower. Thomas Chiles? exec. Appr: james Patterson, Robert Drenon, Llewellyn Goode, George Marshall, William Jackson. WILL: James Callis. Plat.
Harris, Smith Patton, Jane 66 3385 1837 William Harris, Benjamin F Smith, Smith Harris of Charleston. William Patton and Little Berry Burnett? (Stalisbour? Co GA). partners. WIlliam Patton of Abbeville, dec 1833, wid Jane. James Foster, Archibald Kennedy? Burnett dec 35 in GA.
Burnett*, John Cunnigham, John et al 66 3386 1839 Cunningham and Joseph Black debt. Can’t read it. Mortgage.
Bacon, Edmund Ramsey L Mayson Bostick, Willis et al 66 3387 1821 William? P Brooks of Orangeburg. Debt. James M C?, James A Ward. William Bostick. Waller Bickley, exec of Washington Bostick dec. Slave names: Violet and Lavinia.
Gaines, Larkin Jeffers, Nathan 66 3388 1820 Ezekiel Nash 1817. nathan, Charles Cullins and John Armstrong. debt.
Power, Henry F Black, Susan etal 66 3389 1838 John B Black admin of Robert R Black and gdn Ad litum of John W?, Lucy C, Joseph A, WIlliam and Robert Black, infant kids.
Cullin, Charles Greene, George 66 3390 1809 Frankey Cullings, wife. John Simms and Betsy, wf. sarah Green, mom of Betsy and Frankey. dec T, and of nancy Shirly (Richard), Thomas Green,m George, James Green, dec 1809. Slave fam: Enoch Dodson. Mike McGahee. note: estate of Richard Berry dec - Sarah Gandy exec. John Harris, Pendleton.
Long, Reuben and Susannah Wilson, Henry etal 66 3391 1820 in 1808 Benjamin Mitchell jr. Dec i. Wid: Keziah. Kids: Susannah Long, Nancy Long, Benjamin Long. AdminsKeziah and lewis Mitchell. Reuben md. 21? May 1819. Keziah md Henry Wilson 9 dec 1813. Lewis dec 6 Jan 1820. Lewis Connor admin. Coronoco Creek 500 acres. Original surv: John Jones. Slave lists. App. 1822. George Connor, John Cochran, Alexander Adams, Frances White, John Connor for Benjamin. Jacob’s tract. Plat. Bound by Stephen Mitchell.
Brownlee, Robt Brownlee, Ann et al 66 3392 1844 His father, George, dec - 28 Feb 1844. Home tract bnd by John Young, LYddal, WIlliams, Abrose Murphy, etc. 286 acres. Chickasaw Creek. Heatherington place bnd by Dan Pruitt, Mrs. Elizabeth Pruitt - 100 acre. Anderson Place bnd by Andrew Webb, Dr. Enoch Agnew. Slave names. Also in Anderson where William Brownlee now resides. bnd by J? W Norris, Samuel Smith. 239 acres. Heirs: Wid: Ann. 10 kids: orator, George H, William A, James, John, Mary Ann (md Robert C Sharp), another and 4 minors. Sarah Jane, Elizabeth, Martha, Samuel R (first 3 over 12). Partition Appraisal: James Emberson, Samuel Smith, John E Norris, John Herron, John McPhail. Also Sameuel Donald, Robert Dunn, A.C. hawthorn, James Webb, Lydell Williams.
Keeling, Jarucia etal Jordan, Samuel 66 3393 1844 Jerucia widow of Edmund Keeling. Letty Keeling, mom of Edmund. another orator: William Murphy. In 1837, Ed made agreement with Alexander Stevenson to buy land on McCard’s Creek. 130 a. Robert Yeldale? Yeldell? James Keeling, Phillip Keeling, Isaac Branch.
Rice, Zeri Hatter**, Benj Halter? etal 66 3394 1816 In 1800, Benjamin was husband to dtr of Zeri. Slave names: Esther and Dtr Silvia?, George and Will. Zeri had three dtrs: Jane (wf of def), Milly (md Thomas Goodman), Patsy (Martha). Also younger children. Zeri was a drunk and a bum. frame 233. james Young, gdn of Albert Waller, kid of John N Waller, dec T 14 Sep 1802. His wid md. James Young. Execs - wf Rhoda, B and Thomas B Waller. B died. Then Thomas B died - w. White admin. INV of John N.
Rice, Zeri Hatter**, Benj Halter? etal 66 3394 1816 Sales names include: Gouedy, Lewis Sims, Abs. Overby, John Webb, Todd McCool, Benjamin CHiles, Benjamin Waller, Francis Meriwether, Scoggins, Holliday, Bird Marton, McCool, Nathan Lispcomb, Ausley, Peter Ball, Cullock, Ansley, Edwards, Thomas Poole, Chiles, Wiley, Milington Wall, Waller Chiles, Richard Griffin, Thomas, Stephens, Grigsby, Lilly, Collin, Collier, Gitty, Joseph Wardlaw, Connor, Johnson, Ambler, Heard, Payne, Matthews, Bevens Ferney or Ferring, McKinney, McCreary, Grigsby, Bullock, Stalsworth, Branson, Livingston. Pd estate of William Lipsomb, PHoebe Collier, James McCrackin etc. Peter Ball called the sale. MANY NAMES. Larken and Benjamin Reynolds. EZ. Gover or Glover. John Partslow (Partlow), George White, Cresswell. Good info on neighbors. Frame 241 moves back to Zeri. William Sample, James Davis, More Waller.
Richey, Elizabeth Richey, John B 66 3395 1847 partition William L Richy, Nancy Richy. Robert Richy dec 22 Dec 1846 i. Oratrix: widow - 9 kids: John B, William L, nancy A, Elizabeth J, James A, Patrick T, Robert W, Warren, Susan Ann Richey ( last six, under 21). bnd by Thomas Griffin, Charles B Griffin, James Spence, C.C. Pinkney. John White Coth? Creek. Joseph Aiken, John Weir, Robert Richey jr. Methodist church - James Alston, Rutledge? Frame 258 Louisa Lesly wf of David Lesley (deed) Joseph Lyon, John Weir, Alexander B Arno9ld of Abbeville Village bnd to Catherine Hamilton. Plats Thomas C Perrin.
Waller, Albert etal Griffin, Richard C etal 66 3396 1839 Thomas Cheatham, John Lipscomb, John Logan. in 1836, these with Josepoh Griffin, Lewis Rogers, James Partlow, James Criswell, Grigsby Appleton, were merchant partners. Firm: A Waller and Co, Greenwood. Joseph Griffion dec Dec 1838 i, admin, Richard C and Thomas C Griffin. Trouble. Rich hired his brother Thomas who was encouraged to run as county clerk. Wit. statements, character: Dr. Logan, Dr R.C. Griffin. Acct names inc Angus Griffin, Thomas Byrd et al, B.J. Saxon, Col Larkin, Vincent Griffin.
Ramsey, Johnson Wilson, Louisa etal 66 3397 1846 John Wilson Jr. dec. Village of Abbeville bnd by John McLaren and Lyon sold orator a house? john Wilson dec ‘44 T. louisa widow. 1 little girl - Eliza Stewart. Andrew Weems. David Leslie exec. WILL: John Wilson. wit Marshall, et al. “My father, John Wilson”. Slave names. John Cunningham.
Mays, Meedy Mays, Larkin etal 66 3398 1843 partition Steven Whitly (Whitney)and Elizabeth Whitely wf. Thomas Rosamond and Sarah wf, Lucretia Mays, Elihu Campbell. Matthew Mays, dec 1800?. Next of kin and distributees: Larkin, Meady, Elizabeth, Sarah, Emilina? Carolina (md Elihu and dec. w/o kids), Henry, Caroline, Nancy, Daniel, Abney?, Jane, Tibitha, Lucretia (dec’s children) and Lucretia, widow. Wilson’s Creek. See box 69 pck 3488 Sampson V Cain, Daniel Carler? William Smith (f 312) complain: John D Adams in debt. Curltail Creek bnd Peaster, William Lomax. F 320: William Eddins, Larkin Carter, John McClellan, Robert and Wesley Chiles. Appraisal of Mays. Then Smith again, James M Childe.
Young, James Robt M etal Burton, John A 66 3399 1839 James son of Robert and Nancy Young. marango Co, AL. James R.M. Young, under 21. Nxt fr: Thomas Dendy. Micajah Poole dec 12 Dec 1819 T to his son, Robert Poole, slave, Lucinda. Dtr: Nancy Young, Pat. Alexander W Adams, Francis White, exec. slave lists. nancy Young dec, 2 kids: Eliza and James R m Young. John A Burton, trustee. WILL: Micajah Poole.
Lipscomb, John Peaster, M.H. 66 3400 1844 11 Feb 1842, Micajah A Peaster in debt. Curltail Creek. John D Adams. See box 3398, f 312 for more of these papers. Mixed together.
Perrin, Robert Garrett, James 66 3401 1826 indenture Abner Perrin, John Anderson exec of Robert Perrin, Edgefield.
Donald, John A Lipford, Theresa etal Lypford 66 3402 1848 Dewey E Lipford many years dec. orator’s brother in law. Land bnd by John Barnett, Alexander McCory?, John Martin. Little River. heirs: Theresa, wid. kids: Mary Jane (md Lewis Rich?), Elizabeth, Martha A and Miriam Francis (last 3 -21).
Townes?, H.H. and wife Towns? Armistead Burt and wife etal 66 3403 1841 part Townes’ wife, Lucretia A. William Tennant, George McDuffie 10 dec 1840 William Calhoun dec T Savannah near Willington, no wid. kids: THomas J, James L. Oratrx: Lucretia A Townes, martha C Burt, wf of Armistead Burt esq., Sarah M Noble (md Ezekiel Pickens Noble), Eugenia R Calhoun and George McDuffie Calhoun. (last 3 -21) debts. WILL: William Calhoun. Slave lists, inv plats.
Jordan*, Bartholomew etal Stevensen, Harmon etal 66 3404 1843 Abraham Lites, WIlliam Ausley or Ansley? and Davis L Ansley. Mountain Creek, Long Cane. William McCarthy, Thomas Jackson, Joseph P Jones. hard to read. Levi? Holland? James Porter. Hiram Kelly? James Foster, John Adams, Land dispute. Charles Dendy.
Shaw, William of Pendleton Davenport, Harris etal 66 3405 1806 Great font writing. 1789 Matilda, wf. William williams of Edgemont (she, native of Great Britain) came to SC when she was 16. Orator is her brother and gdn. She md Dr? Andrew Smyth (dec 1796?) in 1792. Shaw had 3 other sisters, 10 nephews and nieces. Andrew left 2 infants: Mary Ann and ElizabethWybergh Smyth. Shaw bought land from James Gouedy of Cambridge and James Aikens (Edgemont). She md WIlliams in 1804 of Cambridge. Mathew Gale, Harvey, Davenport,Long.
Lomax, Aaron etal Morrah, Jane etal 66 3406 1838 Samuel R. Morrah, Patrick Noble. Hugh Morrah T Feb 1837. wid: Jane. Kids: John B, David, Robert, Samuel R, Jane Caroline, Eleann, Sally Ann, Mary and George. And a NATURAL (out of wedlock) dtr: Sarah Ann Henderson Morrah. Hugh recvd large fortune from will of George Brownlee in right of wife, Jane. Sarah Ann H Morrah (md John Richardson), Sally (md Enoch Barmore), Jane (Johnson Sharp). Slave names. John B and Robert. Estate accounts. Book list. Sales names inc: Taggart, Barmore., Pressly, Sims, Adams, Peter Downey (bought a spinning wheel f 461). Inventories.
Wilson, John or Jehu Hughes, James 66 3407 1819 Savannah bnd by Peter Smith. Land dispute. Thomas ? of Charleston. Winstanley? Catherine Read ex and jacob Read exec of jacob Reid of Charleston dec. Land to Jehu. Jean Louis du Mesrile? De St. Pierre. WILL: General Jacob Reid. wid: Catherine. David Van Horne of New York, her father. SC and GA bros and sisters (4 of them?). “My 2 sons: Jacob Reid and William George Reid. 2 dtrs: Catherine Anne Louise Read and Cornelia Annabella Read.” “My father, James Read” (Savannah, GA). Bros and sis: Dr. WIlliam Read, Mrs Susannah Rose (Hugh Rose, esq), George Padden Read, Eliza Simons (Thomas Simmons esq of Charleston), james Bond Read. Wit: John Rutledge, James Hamilton, C? G Champllin. Codicle: Elizabeth Simons dec. Phillomond, William, Margaret Buford. John Wilson of Elbert, GA.
Lively, Joseph and wife Mary Cain*, Wm G etal 66 3408 1846 Lively or Linely or Lesley? Hard to Read. Mary was a Sample? No. Lydia Cain was her mom. Harpers Ferry? bnd by Agnes Bold? Bales? Bowles?, Pleasant Crenshaw?. Bght from Elizabeth Caldwell, exec of James Caldwell - 1835?. Lydia dec - legatees: William G. Cain, son, Rosannah (Gilbert Ivy of MISS), Bryan, James, William, Robert, John Joseph, Huey?, Mary Jane, Alexander Lively? (kids -21 of Joseph and mary Lively?). Wit: Spier,Al exander oliver. F 528: Wiley Pulliam and others, next of kin James Pulliam dec, vs Thomas Byrd. Land originally b elonged to Wmbish estate (25 years ago). Wit: Andrew Morrow? William H Caldwell. y
Carriethers*, Adam? Carruthers? Holbert, James etal 66 3409 1814 Halbert? Carruthers? and Thomas Payne. Thomas Stanton, Pendleton, dec i son of William Stanton. Jacob Brooks and William? W?, Eljah Pepper?. james Brooks, father of Jacob, f-i-l of William Walraven? of Franklin Ga. Slave names. James Martin Lincoln Co, Tenn. jackson GA.
Ware, James Henry Ware, Thomas E etal 66 3410 1836 james: Greenville Dist. one of the divisees of General Ed. Ware, dec abt 1830 T Turkey Creek 750 a. “Dtr. Louisa Catherine Ware, son james Henry Ware”. Wf Peggy. Saluda bnd by james Gaines, William Ware, Richard Maddox. Peggy dec in the 1830s.: divisees: Thomas E, Edmund P, Perigonia? P, James Henry, Louisa Catherine Ware - all Peggy’s kids. Part: William Ware, Richard Maddox, Albert N Ware, William Barmore, ? Razor, Ragore. Estate Accounts: inc James Franklin, Cook, Barmore, Cunningham, Gains, Henderson, etc. Waddy Thompson. Thorton Davis, William C Davis. ‘36.
Edwards, Mary e Edwards, Ransom* J etal 66 3411 1839 James C Edwards dec 1830s. Saluda bnd by Stephen Jones, Robert Jones, Robert Jones, William Moore. Wid: Mary. kids: Ransom I, Charles C, John, Mary Edwards. (-21)
Bulbleg**, Clendining* Bowman, Jack 66 3412 1824 Whoa. Clendining Biribley? to Zachariah Bowman (Elbert GA). John Clendiring? jr. and Horace W Balkey N.Y., N.Y. partners. Savannah bnd by Moricai Shackelford, Royal N Lippford. Debt and fraud.
Hill, Thomas J Morrison, James etal 66 3413 1841 John Russell. nancy Killingsworth admin and James Davis of Mark Killnos???? samuel H Lockhart, John Russell, James Morrison. Slave names. Joshua Meacham. Thomas S Hill.
Duncan, Patrick of Charleston Travis, Joseph 67 3414 1838 Indenture Mulberry Creek. 250 acres. Samuel Hill to Jsoeph Travis. wit: Gray, Samuel Hill, bnd by George Marshall, Maston Williams, John Porter?. Dr. Paul Connor, Stephen Herndon and George W Hodges.
Duncan, Patrick Morrah, Hugh 67 3415 1825 Saluda. Original survey: William Livingston. 100 acres. 1816. Thomas Chiles, John Chiles, Joseph Culpepper. Henry Gray. Land dispute. Timothy Chandler. Maj. John Chiles. Joseph Nicholson. Nice plats. Maj John Bowie, Thomas McIlwain, WIlliam McIlwain, Samuel Robertson, etc. Long Cane Creek. Richard A Raply, Archibald Truth?
Lomax, James Lomax, A 67 3416 1823 partition Absolom Lomax dec i orator, admin. John Holt bought land. Heirs under 14. No names
Beauford, James Hill, Samuel exac Hamilton Hill 67 3417 1837 Contract. W of Long Cane - Samuel Foster, L? G? Shoemaker, John H Armstrong. Hamilton dec T (slaves Fanny and Lenor). “My first wife.” “My wife, Peggy (Margaret B),” widow. Elizabeth (Thomas McDill), Jane Amanda Hill, Sarah, Hill, Samuel A Hill, Lewis H Hill, James W Hill. James Beauford.
Lake, J.R. Ouzts?, T? J? etal 67 3418 1870 John Sale dec. Partnership. Many sales names. WILL: John Sale. 2 grand kids: Joseph Lake, Elizabeth Lake, dtr of Joseph R Lake ( 3 kids: Johnson Sale Watson, Joseph Lake and Elizabeth Lake. Interesting file. Late for me. Long.
Young? Yancy? Charles C. Martin, Geo W 67 3419 1824 John Scudday? indebt. Samuel Taylor of Pendleton.
Foster, Joseph etal Connor*, Lewis 67 3420 1821 Joseph Foster, Henry Wilson, John Connor 1820. Lewis in 1820 admin of Lewis Mitchal. Bad handling and now he wants to move.
Glenn, Jas E John Porter Whitmer*, Joseph N exec 67 3421 1825 Thomas Brightman sr. Dec T. Bulk of estate to widow. 1000 to Masillon Glenn son of James E then to G son Thomas Brightman. More family relationships. Nephew. WILL Thomas Brightman. Ef of Maria, slave names 280 acres 240 acres (Lipsomb) and Cambridge. G dtr: Ann Butler (md James Butler). 2 g dtrs, kids of William Brightman: Violet and Rebecca? Fr. Joseph N WHitmer - Cambridge House. Belonged to late (another) Thomas Brightman. Ex. Nathaniel Marion, James Shackleford and Joseph N Whitmer.Gwyn? John C McGehee (23?).
Cleveland, Col Benjamin Pendleton Stepp, Joseph etal 67 3422 1806 Great writing. Lt. Col. 1790. Minor Winn of Williamsborough, Fairfield, Columbia, Richland. 200 acres. called the Horse Shoe, Toogalow River. Orig survey: James Robinson or Robertson, Moses Terrell (Franklin, GA). Very colorful and historical file. Stepp’s death mentioned. Jesse Stepp admin. Long. Elizabeth Stepp. William Gibson. james Terrel.
Taggart, James gdn Beatty, Thos 67 3423 1832 gdn Elizabeth Gray, William Gray, Mary Gray, Margaret Gray, Sarah Gray. James Beatty debt. Land bnd. Long Cane. james Boyd. Hugh Cochran, Thomas Creswell, Joseph Lindey.
Conn, James Conn, Esther widow & co-exec 67 3424 1822 James exec.. George Conn dec 1819. Sale. She bought.
Coleman, John Reynolds, B and Arnold, J 67 3425 1828 John T Coleman gd. Benjamin Reynolds vs James Arnold. 1822 appt gdn. of Benjamin Reynolds minor son of Benjamin Sr. dec. James Arnold, uncle and admin (bond with Archibald Arnold) in presence of Barbara Logan.
McKeller, Nancy Mayson, Charles B etal gdn 67 3426 1821 land judged to belong to 3 of her kids: John McKellar, William B McKellar, James D McKellar. Husband dec insolvent. 4 small kids. Now in debt. She may have older kids.
Pressley, John B admin Lowe, Pleasant 67 3427 1829 Great writing. James Cochran dec worked for Pressly as clerk, then parner. D.D> Marvin. Cochran had a brother.
Duncan, Patrick Cullen, Elizabeth 67 3428 1838 William Cullins bought land on Mulbery and Turkey Creeks. 60 acres bnd by Robert Robertson. John Swain. William Cullins dec insolvent. Elizabeth - widow, sons James Cullins, Richard Cullins, Elijah Cullins (last two out of state). Duncan of Charleston.
Hamilton, Andrew sr. Livingston, Henry 67 3429 1822 debt: Village of Abbeville, fronting Broadstreet bnd by Lewis H Davis.
Baskin, Thomas S et al Calhoun, Joseph et al 67 3430 1814 part James Noble dec 1802. Will written 1796. Wf: Mary Ann (md Sta? Dixon). 4 kids: James Noble, John Noble, May or Mary Noble, Sarah Noble. Exec: Alexander Noble, son, now dec. Joseph Calhoun. William Noble, admin. Mary Noble md (Oraton? Beskins? sorry). and Sarah (Md John A Baskins). hard to read. Sales inc William Davis, William Berry, Brazeal. Accts. Sterling Dickson. R Davis. Inventories. WILL: James Noble.
Pettus**, John G of FL Smith, Thomas etal 67 3431 1849 More about FL. Land Fraud. Slave Fraud. Mortgage Fraud. Charles Smith. Lucy Smith mentioned. (Her exec was Joel Smith). Thomas’ rebuttal GA. Eliza admin of Thomas. Long.
Morrah, Samuel R and Nancy Scott, Eleanor 67 3432 1841 John Scott dec i . 170 acres Little River bnd (Hard to read) by J Carke Scott?, Peter Morague, also Johnson’s Creek. John Gray, etc. Admin Joseph C Matthews? Eleana, gdn of John O Scott, Thomas B Scott, Joseph A Scott. Eleanor Scott and Joseph Marrhews. Appraisal Alexander Scott, John McKelvy? etc.
Bostick, Toliver and Ann admin Moore, William 67 3433 1796 Ann widow. james moore dec. William Moore dec (co-exec). Julius Nichols and Davis Moore adm William. Accts.
Black, William C Pearson, J.L. admin 67 3434 1842 Pearson admin of Samuel Caldwell. estate of John McComb. Joseah C Patterson. Benjamin Y Martin. Rosannah Caldwell, widow of Sam. Cunningford Creek of Hard Labor bnd by Geor4ge Caldwell, Mary Hunter, Rev. Sproull, Hugh Dickson. James Patterson exec of Robert Smith. Mary D Reynolds and Larkin Long. Notes and arguements.
Tate, W. OTarrant, Nichols Burnett, Littlebury 67 3435 1858 exec accounts.
Wilson, William of Franklin, Tenn Taggart, Moses 67 3436 1825 Village of Abbeville. Sell to Robert Wooldrige (now dec), Thomas Heron and D. McKellar. Mort.
Duncan, Patrick of Charleston Wilson, John sr. 67 3437 1838 John Wilson son of Charles Wilson. henry Gray. Hard to read. Foreclosure. Bond Robert P Delph and Arnold.
Wilson, William Eddins, William etal 67 3438 1840 after Lewis Parks Hard to Read. Richard Todd. Elizabeth, wf. Widow of James M McCracken? Benjamin T? Eddins. gdn. and Todd gdn of Rebecca, James, Mary Ann, William Alexander and Elizabeth McCracken (of age 1838). Dec 1828. needs careful reading. Sales names inc: Chiles, Cheatham, Heard, Myrick, Lightfoot - many, many.
Parks, Lewis G Augusta GA Noble, Wm.P. etal 67 3439 1855 out of order.aft 3437 and aft 38. John C Scottand Jane C, wife. Armstrong Houston, Cornelia B and Permelia A, Alice M Houston (monors), Alexander Houston md 2nd wife Jane about 1826. Pre-nup. hart to read. Lots , but can’t read. Jane dec 42 kids: Augusta (Lewis Parks), Jane (John C Scott?), Cornelius B, Alexander R.
Maddox, Lucinda etal Maddox, Larkin 67 3440 1853 Elisha Williamson. She married 1831. 1 4month old kid. Drink and abuse.
McElhaney, Vincent and May or Mary Noble, William etal 68 3441 1823 McElhenny? other orators: Francis McClendon and Frances, wf. William Barkscale, g father of Francis and Mary. 2 tracts Savannah. Original survey: George Whitfield bnd by Jasper Sherby?, Alexander Noble. Other original? Hickerson Barksdale bnd by George Patterson, Owens, James Brough. mary Barksdale, widow. (never married after). Henry dec i leaving kids: mary (McElhenny) and Frances, Beverly, Delia Ann and Stith. Kids of William Barksdale: Hickerson, Stith, Nancy (Md John Glover), Polly (Andrew Goocher?), William, john, Jenny (Charles Banks). Partition. Thoams Casey. Appraisal: Joseph Clahoun (captain), Joseph C Matthews, Arthur Slaughter, Peter B Rogers, Joseph Watkins. William Noble dec i. Widow: Rebecca - 5 minor kids: William, Andrew A, Samuel, Ezekiel, Joseph. Plats. Downey. Long file.
Foster, Elijah Foster, John 68 3442 1822 Debt. hard Labor.
Cheatham, Robert gdn Myrich, Littleton 68 3443 1824 Cheatham gdn Lemuel Bell (-14). Lewis Bell, dec T. nephew, Lemuel. Lemuel is father of Benjamin Bell, but incompetant to be gdn. Cheatham, whole brother of dec Mom. Security for Ben Bell.
Liddell, Francis C etal Swilling, John etal 68 3444 1842 Other orator: Sarah M Liddell, minor sibs (-12).Sarah Liddel, gran and next friend. George W Liddell dec i 2 years ago. Admin : Belinda Liddell, widow and Mom. james Swilling, maternal uncle of sibs, dec 1837. Heirs: his father, John, and 2 sisters: Belinda and ?. John C Swilling, another uncle, dec 1837 T left sibs 1/4 estate, appt John Swilling exec. (gr father of sibs?). George W Liddell in debt and stuff - but loved kids. Belinda married George W osborn. Slave dispute. Rose.
Young, James gdn White William 68 3445 1817 gdn of Albert Waller, minor of Thomas B Waller with wife execs. Benjamin dec shortly. Thoams dec Jan last i. William White admin. WILL: John N Waller. Mill swamp 100 acres. Alberts seems the only child. Witness: Davis Lilly, Abednigo, Phebe Turner.
Bostick, David Edgefield Bostick, Toliver 68 3446 1797 John Bostick, dad, dec. Will written 1796. Beloved wife, Jane3, son Davis. Dtr. Sally Beasley (md jonathan). Sons: Stephen, Taliferro, John (south side of Wilson’s Creek - North side where Henry Hasel lives.), Dtrs: Nancy Norwood (md John Norwood), Jane Norrell (now Purviss?. John and nancy, her children). Gr Dtr. Letisa? Lelisa? Beasley - son, Littleberry. Dec 6 aug 1796.
Adams, John D admin Coleman, David R Daniel? 68 3447 1826 Benjamin Adams dec. Grocery partnership with Coleman.
Wideman, Adam and Caroline Crawford, G B etal 68 3448 1833 Formerly Caroline Puckett. james Puckett. William C Puckett. hard to read. Appraisal: Samuel Wideman, Robert McCaslan, Daniel Ramsay, William harris, Thomas Dowd?. Crawford gdn of WIlliam C, james D, Richard R.
Burt, Michael Jondan, Burt 68 3449 1830 Mike Burt Sr. dec i 1805. Widow now Mrs. Wlaker. Son, orator. Admin Frederick Burt and Pleasant G Whitier?. laurens. Dad dec. P.G. Wharton. hard to read.
Heard, Thomas P Heard, George Jarell etal 68 3450 1822 George Heard of Edgefield i. Land in Abbeville. Wilson’s Creek bnd by Thomas Chiles and Burton. Shotwell. HTR. left behind: George Heard, Abner Heard, Elizabeth Ann Heard, Robert W Heard, Edmund Heard, THomas D Heard. Elizabeth widow. partition.
Pressley James, B McCranan ?, James 68 3451 1832 John McCraven dec. Hard to read. Accounts tons of names. Savannah? Thomas Rosemond.
Logan, John Morries, Morgan M McMorries 68 3453 1837 foreclosure McMorris
Eddins, William McBryde, John of Cambridge 68 3454 1828 another orator: Lyttleton Myrick. Debt. Land description. James Cobb, WIlliam Caldwell, Robert Campbell, Ker Boyce, james Coleman.
Parker, George of Edgefield Jeter, William Sr. 68 3455 1813 specific perform.
Ingram, Pines Gayle, Matthew 68 3456 1806 Pines of Lunenburgh Co., VA. Starts with sale of a horse. Samuel Lark, Frederick Adkin. Deal gone bad.
Burton, John Whipple James O. 68 3457 1823 debt Burton of Richmond Co, GA. ? Johnson and william WHipple.
Johnson, Samuel father in law old McIlwain, James son in law 68 3458 1836 Centers on the slave, “Right.” Witness: G Hetherington, WIlliam Martin, David Breckenridge.
Pressley, Samuel P Newberry Pressley, Maria 68 3459 1853 Orators include: James Alston, George W. Hodges as securities on mortgage bond. John B Pressley, David Pressley esq. A.B. Arnold. John B Pressley dec 3 Aug 1832 i. Bond witnessed by E. S. Davis (this would be Eli S. Davis). Thomas Spierin. No child. Widow: Maria. His father, John Pressley. Village of Abbeville.
Chatham, Elizabeth widow Chatham, J.W. etal 68 3460 1844 part John Chatham (Cheatham?) dec i Aug 1843. 8 kids: Jonathan W (+21), William H (18), Mildred E C (16), John H (14), Esther A (10), James R (8), Robert W (6), Addison A (1) - soon after, dec. Last two children are Elizabeth’s. All of the rest of the children belonged to Martha Chatham (former marriage). 240 a “home” Henry’s Creek of 96 River bnd by Thomas Chatham, John Partlow. Turner Tract 300a same location. Bnd by Roger McKinney dec and James Partlow. Stanmore Brooks admin with Wid, also gdn. Appraisers: Peter McKellar, Henry Criswell, William B Brooks, James C Ray, Thomas Chatham.
Withers, Frank Smith William C of Pendleton 68 3461 1847 Mortgage and bond. Little River. 2 tracts called “Patterson.” 1 Covington. Survey by Asa Clinkscales. Bnd by McCaw, Wardlaw, Tilman, Baker (see box 8 pack 236 for more on this land and these neighbors.)
Wardlaw, James Village of Abbe. Gray, Henry 68 3462 1833 Wardlaw admin of heirs of Henry Gray? H Gray dec 1 April 1831. Widow: Elivra. 5 kids: Reuben F Gray, Martha E Gray (John H Tench), Henry Gray, Elizabeth Gray, John C Gray. The last three, minors. Admins: borthers: John Fred Gray, and William Gray. Debt. Info about extensive land holdings.
Lark, Andrew Lee (7 yrs old) Savage*, Samuel etal 68 3463 1809 Gdn of Andrew Lark, William Merideth Moon (DR.). Father: Cullin Lark, dec i Fall 1805. Elizabeth Lark is the widow, but not Andrew’s mother. Sally Lark is Elizabeth’s dtr. with Cullin. Later, Elizabeth married THomas Cobb. Edgefield. Elizabeth’s father: Samuel Savage Sr. Appraisers: Col. JOhn Logan, Joseph Culpepper, William Y Glover, John Wardlaw, Martin Hackett. Acct names. Slaves: Dinah, Jenny, Austin. Sales names. Polly Abney, Mrs. Spraggins. Then 4 pages that seem unrelated to the case above: 1 concerns John H Waller and Guilford Waller. The other, Sally Hallum, widow (fr 300): John Hallum dec - of Pendleton, George’s Creek of Saluda. 460 acres, once of John Hallum SR. who had 2 sons: William and John, and 3 minor children: Elvira hallum, Joel Hallum, John B Hallum - Joel Lipscomb gdn. These are the heirs.
McGhee, Charlotte widow McGhee, Addison, etal 68 3464 1830 Part Carr McGehee dec 6 Dec 1829 i. 1531 acres Rock Creek, Saluda. Bnd by Robert Buchanan, James Parker dec., Joseph Foster, Richard Griffin, Thomas Cobb. Henry Gray. Heirs: Addison and Belinda (out of state, md to D. Ransom) - Carr’s children - and Emma Linsley, daughter of Mary Ann Linsley, dec, and granddtr of Carr. Appraisers: Richard Griffin, Grigsby Appleton, John W Parker and Joel Smith. Charles Mosely. Wit: WIlliam Taggart, John Irwin, Capt. Logan, W.T. Davis William Blake, Thomas Henton. WIlliam Buck. James Ellis. R. Griifin. P.D. klugh, A Arnold, William Turner.
Earle, Elias Greenville Richards, William 68 3465 1808 Earle Wood and Stephen C Wood. Oconey Station. Beaties field. Agreement complaint.
Duncan, Patrick Arnold, Augustus 68 3466 1838 William Ware, survey. land complaint. Turnkey Creek? Mulberry Creek. Elijah Robertson, Benjamin Rosemond, Valentine George. Robert P Delph dec 1827 i. 7 kids: Virginia S (md WIlliam Lyon), Judge B, William P, Robert J, Mary F, Martha G and Louisa E. Edward Ware admin. Hard to Read. Riachel Bigham, Reubin Robertson.
Tutt, Richard H Daniel, Chesley 68 3467 1823 George McFarland dec 5 Aug 1821 i . Interesting but obscure. Hard to read. has to do with mail carrying.
Odum, Martha etal Watson, Arthur etal 68 3468 1804 Pretty writing. Martha widow a nd admin of James Odum of Edgefield, dec. Formerly the widow of Michael Watson of Edgefield. Orators inc: James’ only son, Elijah Watson with Ezekiel Perry and Mary Perry. WIlliam Anderson and Patience, James Perry and Sally, Robert Willis and Kesiah. 4 dtrs - named in Mike’s will (dt. May 6, 1782), 300 acres to widow. CLoud’s Creek goes to Ezekien bnd Warner?, Cusack Allen. 550 acres. Arthur Watson, Robert Stark (written Clark?) execs. Problems. 8 tracts of land in Edgefield and Orangeburgh. 1700 acres. Jacob Reed, Ephriam Ramsy. Inventory. Thomas Cunningham 1795. Sales Names inc Henry Pendleton, Richard Johnson, John Whitsell, Nicholas Eveliegh, John Body, many others. WILL: Michael Watson. Wit: Robert Stark, William Withers, Richman Watson. accts: Many names.
Black, William C Pearson, J.L. et al 68 3469 1841 Creditors of Samuel Caldwell dec 1830 i. Heirs: Rosannah (wid), Anthony G (out of state), Isabella (Alexander Deal), Frances D (James G Sheppard? Sheffend?), and Elizabeth (dec). J.L. Pearson, John Cothran, Anthony Caldwell admins. Richard Griffin. Robert Smith Sr dec 1816 T. Left his dtr Nancy Patterson and son Robert Smith. nancy dec 1820 (4 sons: Robert s Patterson, Josiah? C patterson, Napoleon Patterson and William Patterson). Robert jr. dec 1826. james Patterson was 1 exec of Robert Sr and gdn of his own kids. In Aug 1827?29? John McComb dec i. Admin Sam? Marshall and John Anderson. Complicated. Some of this sounds familiar. Needs careful reading. J.F. McComb, J.C. Williams? Margaret McComb, John Anderson, Sam Marshall.
Osborn, Hannah widow Osborn, William 68 3470 1837 Orators include Jacob M Osborn, John, William P Hinkiny? and Polly C., John A Evenston? and Susan, E , Benjamin Osborn. John Osborn dec 1836 i? Little River. Other kids: WIlliam Osborn, James Osborn, Washington Osborn (out of state), margaret L Osborn, Elisa B Osborn, Martha L Osborn his kids and Polly Burton, James, Josiah? Burton, kids of Sarah Benrton? a dtr of Osborn.
Cullin, Gabriel etal Cullin, Charles etal 68 3471 1845 Gebriel, Lucinda and Turner?? Francis?? Can’t read. minors under 21 by next friend Samuel Agnew?. hard to read. 1836 - Charles Cullins father dec T. Widow: Jane. Sister of orators: Jocey? janey? md William L Br? Bnovas? of Walton Co. GA. Widow md James Dodson. Slave names. Is Jane the 2nd wife? WILL: Charles Cullins: Children: nancy Mahala ELizabeth and Frankey (written in the document with no commas). he mentions 8 kids: Ephraim, Noah, Nancy, Manapa?, Mahala, Charles, Elizabeth and Frankey. Benjamin Rosamond Wit: Isaac Agnew, Andrew Agnew.
Pettigrew, John M Calhoun, Ezekiel 68 3472 1814 Father of orator: Ebenezer Pettigrew dec wid: sarah. 3minor kids: Sarah Brown (pettigrew? or Pettigrew Brown?), Ebenezer Pettigreew and John McLain Pettigrew. Thomas Finley. md Sarah. Ezekiel Calhoun, gdn of children. Problems. Sarah Brown Gibert. Steven Gibert. Sarah Finley had dtr Harriet Finley - then died. nice writing and plat fr 485. partition. Wit: Joseph Calhoun, Andrew Weed, Benjamin Haoward, Peter Brown Peter Gibert.
Beckley, Joseph (Bickley) Norris, Andrew et al 68 3473 1809 Beckley and Clark. Benjamin Howard. Legal complaint. Ezekiel Calhoun. Slave transaction. Polly WIlson. James L Drake. Hamilton Wilson.
McComb, Rebecca McComb, Catherine 68 3474 1830 John McComb dec 1829. Wid: Catherine - 2 kids: John McComb, Margaret McComb - and one other chhild, born after his death: John Andrew McComb. Debt and mortgage. Long Cane 260 acres. Wit: John Criswell. Thomas Craswell. Admin: Sam Marshall, John Anderson. Catherine is known as Kitty. Rebecca is his MOTHER, who is suing her widowed dtr in law. Names on Summons: John White, B.L. Posey, James Alston, Joseph Reynolds, John McCord, James Wilson, John Kingamon?, Phillip Cromer, James Patterson, H. Branch et al.
Jeffers, H.L. Douglas, Donald etal 68 3475 1842 Henry L Jeffers of Hamberg, SC. John Harris. Speculation. Debt. Savannah.
Thomas, Peter Williams, William 68 3476 1798 Peter Thomas, Mary Thomas, James Tillet Thomas. Daniel Thomas the Elder of Broad River dec. 5 slaves: Juda, Lett, Jude, Joan, Beck. John Hitchcox. Mathew Anderson Thomas. Robert Allcorn. Daniel’s sons: Daniel Thomas jr. and James Thomas. Long. Craven County, SC 1772. George Gordon, Alexander Morrison?, David Smith and Ann, wf.
Harrington, Young J. etal McMorris, Morgan 68 3477 1836 Francis B Higgins. Newberry. Magan McMorris. Contract complaint.
McKinney, Susan A Martin, B.Y. 68 3478 1847 Hard to read. Roger McKenny, edgefield dec 1840 T. Orator - widow. His son, William R Mckenny and dtr Elizabeth R. (-14). Wright N Moon exec. HTR. WILL: Roger McKenny - 2 marriages? wit: Willis Ross, John M Moore, John C Moore.
Gervais, John Lewis Hunt, john 68 3479 1796
Holt, Elizabeth Widow Holt, William C etal 68 3480 1838 John Holt dec i. Kids: William C Holt, Sarah P Holt, Binsells? Holt, Dorothia Holt and lucinda Holt (infant) 748 a bnd by Joel? Smith, Grigsby Appleton, Sarah Franklin, Sarah Caldwell. Admin: Henry Cannon? William Hall, gdn.
Bostick, Toliver exec Poole, Micajah* et al 68 3481 1819 This is complicated. It starts with the fact that Stephen Bostick and Ann Richardson Bostick were admins of her father, William Richardson. On the bond were also signed Thomas Poole and Tolavor (spelled all sorts of ways) Bostick as surieties, which means - if Stephen doesn’t deal well with the money, they will make up the difference. Stephen didn’t do well - he died insolvent. So the huge bill devolves upon the surities, who are now dead. But they, in signing, bound their heirs as well. taliaferro Livingston, Willis Bostick, William Bostick, surviving execs of Toliver. Leah Wooldridge (latge Leah Poole, widow of Thomas Poole), Dr. Zachary merriwether jr (md Belinda Poole, dtr of Thomas). Willis, son of Stephen. John Norwood. Little Berry Bostick. Jonathan Chiles, James Chiles, Col. James mayson and Alexander Deal. Witness: Alexander Stewart, james Coleman, John Robertson, Andrew hamilton, Adam Crain Jones, Hugh Wardlaw, judge of Equity. Turner Richardson.
Mosely, Joseph Myrick, Lyttleton and wife 69 3482 1817 Abram G Dozier dec. McKinley’s Creek, Savannah 250 a. Widow: Rebecca. now Rebecca F Myrick. 5 kids: Charlotte, Albert, john, Amelia, Rebecca and Abram Giles of Dozier.
Griffin, John L Griffin, Robert F etal 69 3483 1822 1809 (9 mar), Robert Griffin, dec. 278 a Rocky Creek bne by nathaniel marion, John Davenport, estate McKeller. T wid: margaret. Dec dtr: Elizabeth (3 kids: Wiley, Louanna, Peggy McMillan). wid dec sep 1821. Robert F, Ezekiel P, Edmund Stephens and Jane, Wiley McMillan and Louanna McMillan are surviving. Part. WILL: Robert Griffin. ex: Thomas Brightman, Isaac Logan, George Heard. y
Cunningham, Robert A. etal Ware, James and wife etal 69 3484 1829 John Pulliam w/R. Cunningham, execs of WILL of Zachery Pulliam. Kids: John, youngest son Robert, 2 dtrs. Labh? Pulliam, Andrew Pulliam (James Ware’s wf is one of the dtrs.) Sold to Robert Chile y
Douglass, Donald Watt, Samuel L 69 3485 1829 land dispute Abbeville Village. Hard to read.
Carson, Thomas of Edgefield Abney, John of Edgefield 69 3486 1802 land dispute Saluda. Plat.
Bowie, Luther Alfred Gilmer, James and Alothea? wf 69 3487 1839 William, Pinkney, Margaret E, George ? A, William Bowie. plat. Heirs of Samuel Bowie dec. Jobs Creek. Long Cane. To Mrs. Gilmer, 1/3 (widow?), the rest to Major John Bowie, G father of Luthor. “To my son Alexander Bowie” James Wardlaw esq. Son Samuel, more. bnd by Thomas Eakin, James Burton etc. Slave names.
Mays, William etal Mays, Samuel etal 69 3488 1810 William, Gardner Mays, William Hill and Sarah wf., William Carter and Tobetha wf, and Mathew?, John, Abney, Medy, James Mays and Henry?, Nancy, William Whitney and Anny Whitney, kids and heirs of Stephen and Elizabeth wf (next friend, William Mays). William Hill and William Whitney - survey. Edgefield. Saluda bnd by John Holloway and others (land dispute). Dorcus Hill, Martha Hill (mom?), William Hill, Letty Hill?, Samuel M Hill (all -21). Samuel Mays gdn. This needs to be read. See box 66, pack 3398.
Martin, John A.S. etal Martin, Prudence B 69 3489 1819 John Allen Scott martin, under 21 years. Uncle and nxt friend: Thomas P Martin. Charles Martin Sr dec 10 Aug 1808. Prudence exec. in 1808 deed of gift for part of 1000 a on Savannah in Edgemont, originally surveyed for Joyce Jane Scott, John’s mother. Estate of Samuel C Scott dec. Slaves Edy, Peter jr, Billy, Sam, Billy, Celia and Winning. John Boyd. Wit Sam S Starnes? Stannes? Stanmore Butler.
Sibley, Amory Matteson, Higginson etal 69 3490 1830 Richland? Co, GA William A Mathison, debt. Land dispute. W.A. Bull, Martin and John Morange, H Mathison. Savannah. William Marhison dec i. Higgonson is his brother. Sis: Mary Ann Simmons, Frances Mathison. Indentures. Edgefield.
Goode, Freeman etal Henderson, Ben etal 69 3491 1825 David Burns, WIlliam Chiles adm of Edmund Lilly dec. Catlett COnnor and James Mathews, WIlliam Collier. Land dispute. Near Cain Bridge 180 a. Thomas Goodman, Wm Cook, George Henderson.
Speer, John Downs, Stephen of Anderson 69 3492 1829 judgement in Common Pleas. b.i.l James Robertson. Savannah in Anderson. bnd by James VBillis? and ? Whitmer. Originally sur Peter Thompson and Nancy Adams. Archibald Scott of Abbeville, another b-i-l.
Jones, Thomas of Elbert GA Darrocott, Herbert 69 3493 1828 Debt
Hollinhead*, Elijah and Mary wf Mars, John Marrs 69 3494 1830 Mary, widow of ? Carmichael, married Elijah in 1800? debt and ruin. John A Marrs, Samuel Pressley.
Duncan, Patrick Lowe, Pleasant 69 3495 1838 Hard to read. Thomas Atkins. Mrs. Downey. David Ruben? Raburn? George Pressly. Dennis and Thomas Parkinson. Land dispute.
Campbell, Robt etal McBryde, John 69 3496 1826 Lyttleton Myric. Debt. Cambridge. Archy Mayson, WIlliam Caldwell, Ker Boyce, James Cobb.
Lewis, William. B Stallworth, Nicholas 69 3497 1819 Edgefield and Abbeville. Beverdam Creek. nathaniel Harrison. Enoch Braziel, Daniel English, John Rushton, David Bell, Jesse Houson - est Jesse Harrison.
McBride, Sarah etal McBride, Robert etal 69 3498 1836 John B ? James McBride dec i. Sarah wid. kids: mary, William, james and Sarah. hard to Read. Robert admin. Family in Ohio? John Buck. Edgefield.
Hutson*, Robert Braun* S.C. Brame 69 3499 1830 Slaves: Violet and Lavinia. Donald Douglass, sheriff. WIlliam B Arnold. Jubal L Neely, exec of Dr. James Ward. William Eddins, gdn of Mary Pollard. John C McGehee. y
Johnson, Sugar and Maria wf. Anderson, Thomas 69 3500 1823 partition other orators: John Moate and Elizabeth wf. Samuel Wimbish late of Abbeville, dec i. Kids: Maria and Elizabeth, Hezekiah Scott Wimbish, John Wesley Wimbish, Jane Caroline Wimbish. Widow: Didama - md Thomas Anderson, and was gdn of kids. Samuel B Sheilds esq admin. part of Rocky River 800 a and 300 a. Wit: William Speer jr. William Wimbish, Abraham Bell, Alexander Hunter esq. John Porter. Henry Hester.
Maverick, Samuel and Elizabeth Anderson, Robt etal 69 3501 1817 See also Box 2 pack 47 Adam Carrath and Mary, wf - , Dr. William Hunter and Ann wf., General Robert Anderson of Pendleton. Will written 1810. Robert Anderson esq., George Russel?, Joweph Whitmer, and the late Ezekiel Pickens? esq. execs. Robert Sr. dec 26 Dec 1812. Inv. Slave and horse lists (interesting). WILL: Robert Anderson: Eldest dtr, Mary Carruth, g dtr Ann Anderson Maxwell left slaves now in possession of Mom, Mary Carruth. G son, John Maxwell. G dtr, Elizabeth Maxwell. g dtr (i/2 sib), Louisa Carruth. Robert’s beloved dtr: Jane (dec - md to William Shaws). DTR, Ann Hunter. g son John Hunter (William Hunter, dad). g son, Robert Anderson Hunter (younger than John). g dtr Mary Hunter. G son William Hunter. DTR: ELizabeth Maverick - g son Samuel Augustus Maverick
Williams, Esther etal Williams, Timothy D 69 3502 1846 Esther married Samuel A Dunn 10 May 1843?. he was 57. She was widow of John E Williams. Mrs. Lucretia Raney? Ramsey? wit Charlotte Irwin? Irvine?
Robertson, Capt. William Lee, William 69 3503 1820 John N Montague. Richard Mosely and THomas Jones as security on bond.
Adams, Stuart Adams, Jesse S et al 69 3504 1832 Jesse is uncle to or. Mother and sisters. deed of gift HTR. Marebya?? md. Lockridge. Lucinda Amanda Benjamin, Elziabeth Adams, Martha Adams. Kids of WIlliam Adams and wf Elizabeth. John Buchannon. Daniel Lockridge.
Sullivan, Margaret P etal Miller, John 69 3505 1824 John McMahen? John Cammerson judgements. THomas P Martin.
Red, Francis K wid of John C Red Red, Margeret, L 69 3506 1848 John C dec 9 Feb 1848 i leaving widow. Land bnd Long Cane, and Curltail, Charles Dendy, WIlliam Whatron, Enoch Nelson. Purchased from George W. Pressley. Appraisal: John Adams, Jonathan Hamilton, Robert Kary, Hugh Armstrong, WIlliam L Wharton. N.J. Davis Admin (f 245). Neighbor names
Parker, John W Norrell, Joseph etal 69 3507 1843 gdns of estate of Benjamin Adams (1828) kids: Gideon Adams, Nathaniel Adams, Hezikiah Adams, Quincy Adams, James Adams. all of AL?. Henry Gray (dec) surity. Slave names Gredene? Gray admin Henry.
Vickey, Allen Pane**, Terry 69 3508 1838 Terry? Henry? Denny? Jensey? Pane hard to read. dect John Speer
Chiles, William Griffin, Vincent etal 69 3509 1839 William White dec 29 May 1821 T. Had 2 nephews: John Waller and William Waller and niece Susannah Waller. Bro: Richard M White. sister Eilzabeth Pollard (md William Pollard). B-i-l James Coleman - wait. can’t read the notes - Nancy, wf of James, who had been wid to George White???? kids: William, John, Mary Ann, Leonard and Richard - Agness Bullock, dtr. excepted. (sorry - you’ll have to read this). Tabitha Chiles (wf or orator) sister of Testate. Nieces of T: Caroline Waller and Mary Ann Waller. Meph William Waller (kids of William Waller and Susan, sister of T). Niece Agnes (wf of William Bullock). Niece: Susan Griffin, wf of Ira Griffin. Niece Sarah Hubbard (James). Joseph N Whitmer etal execs.
Chiles, William Griffin, Vincent etal 69 3509 1839 cont: Grigsby Appleton dist of est of Thomas and Susan Waller dec (William White admin). Richard M White dec i ‘35. Wm Waller’s kids: Caroline (md. Dr. Mordicai), mary Ann (George Halt or Holt) and Wm. William Bullock dec i admin James White. Susan Griffin and Ira Long dec T. Richard Griffin exec. Vincent and Assas? wf. James and Sarah Hubbord, Albert Waller and larkin Griffin. Very long file. Estate accounts. William White. Many names and detail of neighborhood. WILL: William White. Land Bnd by David Cunningham, William B? Henry B Light?. Mrs. Williams, John Talbert sr. David Lilly estate.
Foster, Joseph etal Connor, John 69 3510 1819 orators include Joseph Hastor? Foster?, John Foster and Elizabeth Foster infants under 21. Joseph Foster, father and next friend. 1802-03 md Sally Connor dtr John Connor and Mary, wf., dtr of Francis Merriwether. Sally dec 1807-8. WILL: Francis Merriwether: “Sons John Merriwether, Zachary Merriwether, Nicholas Merriwether, Mary Connor’s kids and Betty McGehee.” execs John, Zachary, Nicholas. Mary dec before Francis. PUrchased mill of Nicholas Eveleigh’s estate. Rocky Creek (Anthony’s Oldfield). My dtr Ann McGehee of VA (slave Tilles). Wit: John Logan jr. William Gains.
Pettigrew, William Pettigrew, James. L 69 3511 1818 John Joseph Gilbert dec. Louisa Pettigrew, wife of William sister of Gibert. Admin James L.
Ashton, Joseph Execs of his est Oliver, John et al 69 3512 1813 Judges in equity: William James, Waddy Thompson, Thomas Walters, Henry Williamson Despardure? Theodore Galliard. Thomas Barrett, John Williams. Joseph Ashton, late of Augusta GA. dec 22 Mar 1807 T. Lucy Ashton (now Stovall - md. Charles Jr) widow. Timothy Burr (GA), John McKennie and John Wilson execs. Codicil in 1809. Slave list. Jeremiah Hatcher, sheriff. Berrajah? Smith, John Mann, Michael Selverd? Richmond co, GA. Ashton left most estate to wife and adopted son.
Jones, Benjamin A? Pelott, John F 69 3513 1823 220 acres Calhoun’s settlement, Little River bnd by James Taggart, Benjamin H Saxon Esq.. John Weed, Benjamin A Jones dec 19 Nov 1823.
Crenshaw, Stephan Jones, James 69 3514 1823 March 1818. James Jones id debt to Weland and James Whipple. 200 acres Richard Morly, William Ware, John Alston, WIlliam Wimbish. Rocky River.
Tutt, Ruth etal wife Tutt, James 69 3515 1792 Edgefield 1796, 11 years ago. Ruth married james, who tghen disappeared. 3 kids now alive. No support. Her Brother Truitt. John Hallums of PEndleton. Phillips Prater. Horse matter. Adam Crane Jones. High Wardlaw.
Lowry, Robert Bittle, Andrew 69 3516 1813 Rebecca Bro?en, now Bittle md Andrew. She had her own property. Walter Taylor, Robert Lowry, Casper Nail, Ezekiel Evens surities in trust for Daniel, Sarah, Mary, and Elizabeth Brooner or Broomer (minors). Property of her Dec husband, Michael Broomer? Bruner? She doesn’t want it touched by new husband, I think. Estate info. Sales: Jesse Glover, Asa Hix, Robert Barword?, Douglas Bruner, Farrel Belcher, et al. Edgefield. Rebecca.
Prior, John Zinn, Jacob 69 3517 1801 Edgefield. John Prior dec T. WIll dated 1797 - orator then in England. Susannah Prior Grubbs, TAobias Prior Grubbs, Elizabeth Prior Grubbs, WIlliam Prior Grubbs, (certain illigitimate kids). Ex John Starr, Jacob Zinn, John Prior execs. Witness: Richard Ripley.
Farrow, Samuel of Spartanburg Martin, Shadrack 69 3518 1793 Nice Writing. 1781 Cahsing Torries on Enoree RIver. Took horse from Mill by Force. Made prisoner before he could return the horse and taken to Charleston. Horse taken by enemy. Spartan Regiment Col John Thomas General Sumpter’s Brigade.
Greenwood Association Whitlock*, Thomas L etal 69 3519 1845 Education
Davis, Edward etal Hall, Fenton etal 69 3520 1814 Exec of N Hall. Edward Davis and Nancy wife, Bartlett Tucker and Hannah , wife, (something to do with Herbert Tucker), Isaac Lefevre and Eleanor, wf (late Dejernatt, admx of Reuben Dejeurnet), and Maxfield Kennedy and Sarah wf. These are the orators. Elias Dejournatt [dad of oratrix and also Reuben Dejournett (former hus of Eleanor), Frances Dejournette (this is the name given for Herbert Tucker’s wife? Now dec), and Elizabeth Dejournette (md Joal Malden, dec without kids). ] of Halifax, VA, made his will, April 1783. Slave names. Ex: Thomas Dehourneet and James Hines. Widow: Sarah (md. Israel Pickens). Nathan Hall dec - exec Fenton, Rocky River, Pendleton. LONG DOC. WILL: Elias. Dilly and Rebecca Pickens. Witness statements. Israel’s rebutal.
Scott, James and Margaret Winfield*, John B and wife etal 69 3521 1819 Samuel Hutchinson dec (years ago), Betsy widow. Kids: Margaret and nancy (md Robert Boyd). 2 sons: Robert and William. Betsy married John B Winfield. Little River Savannah, bnd by Hutchinson, William Scott.
Sims, Laurence admin Henry Sims Sims, James 69 3522 1819 Henry, dad of James. Dad lived with Laurence and sister Polly.
Williams, William and Catherine Wilkes, Reuben 69 3523 1797 Peter Thomas. Of Union Co in Pinckney Dist. Daniel Thomas, the elder of Broad River, dec. 2 sons: james and Daniel (the younger. dec 1782). Wid: Catherine Thomas. Slave lists. William Thomjas, brother of the elder (dec 1794), Reuben Wilkes execs. (Reuben md Sarah Thomas, dtr of elder). Peter Thomas son of James Thomas and Mary. James Tillet Thomas, son of Danile the younger. Very Long file.
Scott, Isabella Gaines, John L etal Gains? 69 3524 1821 Late husband: William Scott dec i 1805. 5 small kids: Agness Scott (md John Bain?), James Scott, Matilda Scott (John L Gains), William Scott, John D Scott.
Wilson, Henry Harkins, William of Edgefield 69 3525 1805 Cambridge Merchant, bond
Perrin, L.C. Marsh, Francis 69 3526 1820 Leonard C Parsons
Black, James A. and Sarah Logan, John 69 3527 1822 Sarah was late Logan. Andrew Logan dec 1810 T. Cash to John and Sally Logan. Kids of Col John Logan Sr (exec). John Logan jr. admin of John Logan sr. WILL: Andrew Logan. sibs: Lydia Slater, William Logan, Mary Harwood? Norwood, Jemima Tullach? (Fullach?), Henry Logan, Ellinor Harwick? wit: Zachariah? Merriwether, Joseph Foster.
Foster, Robert Marshall, Samuel etal 69 3528 1823 partnership. hard to read. John Grymes, Thomas King.
Foster, Robert gdn Johnston, James etal 69 3529 1820 gdn Thomas King, John Conner. Bond Sarah Atkinson? Atchinson.
Killingsworth, James Black, Jas w and wife etal 69 3530 1843 Nancy Killingsworth, mom. Dec 1842 i . Penny’s Creek and Spur. Little River. 256 acres bnd by John Brownlee, William Killingsworth, James W Black, Alexander Russel?, Samuel Lockhart. Heirs: William Killingsworth, Sarah (James W Black) and Martha (minor). Samuel H Lockhart and Sarah (dtr of Mark Killingsworth, late husband of of? by former wife????) Notes a little confusing.
Maddox, Richard Sullivan, Hewit etal 69 3531 1844 John Hahan? Samuel Maddox. Debt. Indenture. Shumate.
Mosely, Hugh Ramsey, John 69 3532 1842 Another debt. hard Labor Creek.
Foster, John Foster, Joseph 69 3533 Not sure about the date. Henry Foster, g father of John, dec 1790 i leaving several kids including John Foster the elest. Estate now is posession of Joseph Foster. John Foster’s (the orator) - dec 1794, before his birth and mom Elizabeth dec 1800? Uncle Joseph.
Black, William C and Jane Reynolds, Bennett et al 69 3534 1840 Col Jojhn Logan’s 2nd wife, Barbara, widow of James Reynolds. 1 child and he died 1822. She dec 1832 i leaving Bennett, Larkin, and B Washington (1st husband) and Little Jane. Dr. John Logan gdn. hard to read. Appraisal, slave lists. Sales names inc: Charles B Fooshe, David Crawford, Same Parryman and others.
Gibert, Elizabeth etal Patterson, Josiah 69 3535 1835 Elizabeth Gilbert, Joseph, Jeremiah, Jane, Peter, minor kids of Joseph B Gilbert dec 1828 (widow: Jane), kids’ next friend: Alexander Hunter, who married widow in 1829. Jeremiah S Long? Terry? dec i 1823, widow: Sarah Long and dtr Jane (oratrx) who md Joseph B Gilbert. 5 kids: Sarah admin of Long and md Josiah Patterson in 1824. She died April 1827. Josiah is a bum. Miss Margaret Carothers, old maiden aunt of Sarah. Susannah, wife of Benjamin Terry, dec 31. Her father, Benj Terry. estate papers. Sales names.
Crawford, William Crawford, Mary etal 69 3536 1837 Debts. Brother James. mary C and Andrew Giles. Admin James. Debts. HTR.
Hallum, William and Elizabeth Glenn, James E 69 3537 1830 Lewis Mitchell dec T. Stephen Mitchell (minor son) and orators. E.P. Fuller and Edney, wf. James . J.W. Burroughs and Martha, wf. Melinda Crocker (late Mitchell). James E Glen gdn. Stephen dec. Accts.
Mattison, William and George Mattison, John 69 3538 1830 part The father of the fam, Benjamin Mattison, dec i 1829. Held several contiguous tracts of land in Abbeville and Anderson on Broadmouth Creek. 1000+acres. The home tract bnd on North by Broadmouth, Jesse Peut?, on W, George Mattison, Charleston Road onS, George W Reeve on east in Abbeville. Another: Anderson: James Mattison (north), John Bagwell (w), Widow Key (E), and Hanry Trussell (S) abt 500 acres. He had 11 kids: John Mattison, Nancy Vines (md Jabez Vines), Benjamin Mattison, Susan(nah) Morgan (widow), Peggy Davis (wife of Lewis Davis) (last three out of state). These are the living heirs. y
Mattison, William and George Mattison, John 69 3538 1830 part continued Deceased children with issue: [Winny Davis (wf of living John Davis) kids: Nimrod Davis, Lucinda Hanks (md Tilman Hanks), Valentine Davis, George Davis, Fielding Davis, Milly Huey (md Alexander Huey), Wiley Davis, Wesley Davis, James Davis. Nimrod, George, Fielding, Milly out of state. James, Wesley minors.] [ James dec: kids: Joanna Blalock (md Wade Blalock), Tolaver Mattison, Polly Barnett, Amaziah Mattison, Wesley Mattison and Fatima Mattison (all out of state)]. y
Mattison, William and George Mattison, John 69 3538 1830 part continued [Polly Davis (wf of living William Davis- that’s the way it’s said in the doc). Kids: John F Davis, Elizabeth Davis, Henson Davis, David H. Davis, Larkin Davis, Polly Davis, Benjamin Davis, Stephen Davis, James Davis, Ann Davis (all out of state. Some may be minors.)] [Milly Robinson ( md John, also dec.). kids: James Roginson, Simpson Robinson, Priscilla Edny Robinson, Benjamin Robinson, Polly Emily Robinson - out of state. Some may be minors]. y
Mattison, William and George Mattison, John 69 3538 1830 part continued Benjamin’s widow: Susannah. But she is not the mother of the children. She’s the 2nd marriage, and there was a pre-nup agreement. She gets 150 acres of the Abbeville tract, bnd by George Mattison/Charleston Road. In Equity: John C Wright, WIlliam Pyles, Charles Kay, Patrick Johnson, Benjamin Arnold. y
Johnson, William Jr Reid, Collin 69 3539 1808 20 Apr. 1807. Contract of sale of land. Mortgage.
Calvert, John Neely, Charles etal 70 3540 1826 part dispute Coronoco Creek of Saluda. Jackson Calvert dec (son? brother?). Neely admin. William Smith dec. Bennet Watson overseer. Mr. Franklin witness. Ed Caldwell. Jesse calvert. Hugh H Calvert.
Davis, John L Wilson, Elizabeth 70 3541 1819 part Suzannah Wilson Davis, wf John L. Thomas Wilson dec. 181 acres on Saluda - land descr. brderd Connor, Samuel Hopper, John Beasley. Wid: Elizabeth Wilson. Chldrn: Suzannah, Drury, Patsy Watson (now wid), Martin, Saumel, Obediah, Jechoneas, Jane (wid of Wm, son of Thomas dec. -- wms children: John, Samuel, Betsey, Wm, Thomas Orry?, Sally, Drury). Betsy Wilson, wid of Lemuel, dec - they have one son, Lemuel. y
Crawford, Mary Giles, Andrew 70 3542 1831 gdn James Crawford dec Dec.1829. James, Mary Francis Crawford, childrn of William Crawford, dec - James’ only son. Good land descriptions.
Frances and Donal Fraser??
Maxwell, Chas COnnor, Francis 70 3543 1830 money dispute David Davenport, John M Davenport, Ambrose Edwards. Wit: John, Samuel Fruman (Truman?) James Harris. Butts County, GA. Greene County Al. Zachary Merriwether (age 57). Isaac Heard (some personal info).
McCrowe, Wm Heatherington, Geo 70 3544 1822 note/mortgage Pheby, Rose, Meriah, Dave slaves. Adam Patterson.
Eddins*, James et al Eddens? Klugh, Humphrey etal 70 3545 1819 part Bad to read. Elizabeth Eddins, the mother, dec 1816. Chldrn: Wm., Joel (gone to Alabama), Elizabeth - md. Wm. P Arnold, Rebeckah - md. Humphy Clugh, Vancy M, John P , Martha - md. Lewis Mitchell, Park (dec a few months after his mother). Elizabeth (later called Martha) Mitchel dec before her mother. her children: Edney - md. Amos Hathorn?, Wm., Patsey - md. Wm Hallum?, Lendey (Linday), Lewis, Stephan, martha (the last four minors -21). Buyers include McGhee, Jos Neeley, Stewart, Smith, Samuel davis, John Caldwell, Drury Wilson, Youngblood, Samuel Anderson, Peter Bell, Donald Douglass. Someone here is the guardian of R. Pooles’ children. y
Thompson, Robt etal Selby, Owen 70 3546 1829 dispute Elijah Teague and Margaret, wf. John Sloan and Sarah R. Sloan., wf. Rob’t, Margaret, Sarah Ann, chldrn of Rob’t Thompson dec years before. Elijah Foster, guard 1818. Foster sold testator’s land to pay personal debts to Owen Selby at auction. Whoops.
Calhoun, Downes and Evalina Merriweather, Wm B 70 3547 1832 dispute about grist mill...Nicholas Merriwether dec. Defend include Samuel Lipscomb and Dr. Pendleton. Wid: Mary merriwether. 1st marriage: Sarah, wf. Chldren: Lucy - md. Nathaniel Lipscomb. She died, having one son, Samuel Lipscomb. Sarah- md. Dr, Pendleton - no kids. Polly R ( Mary Riengold?)- md. Frank Merriwether(dec). Another place names “Sally” 2nd Marriage: chlrdn: Wm Bickley, John Lewis, Evalina, Nicholas, Charles Waller (died), and three younger ones: Elizabeth, Belinda-md. Andrew Cobb, and Waller. Chas Waller died before father. John Lewis dec after - both unmarried. Mary also dec at this date. Rocky Creek of Saluda. Will written 1809 before birth of last three; death @26. Will never changed.
Lipford, Teresa Lipford, Mary Jane etal 70 3548 1838 land dispute Duey E. Lipford, dec. Teresa Widow. Chldrn: Mary Jane, Elizabeth Caroline, martha Ann, Mariam Francis, Duey E M Lafayeths - ALL -12 yrs. Reedy Bank Waters. Charles Srpoull, Redds, John Stewart’s land. Lewis Smith sold land.
Johnson Wm Johnson, Albert etal 70 3549 1832 Henry Johnson, Sarah Johnson wid. Dec.: Wm T, Albers, Andrew R, Frances (wf of Benj. Johnson), Sydney W. Gearge W, Margaret, John H. and Sarah A Johnson.
McMurphy, Geo Y etal Hatcher, Jeremiah etal 70 3550 1811 slave dispute Geo. Y admin for West Cook, dec 1808. Wid: Prudence. 6 kids - all alive, 4 are minors. No names. Prudence remarried Charles Martin, esq. Several Slaves, once again, casually used as livestock (what were these people thinking?) held by Hatcher, the Edgefield Sheiff against debts owed by Martin. David Mims , exec of Samuel Scott, dec. Wm F Taylor, Thomas Cobb, Thom Knapen, Sarah Gordon (creditors?) More papers - a bit hard to read. Kids’ names might show up in them.
McConnely, Elvirah Thompson, Wm J etal 70 3551 1836 guard Hugh McCormick dec. Elvirah wid. Minor ch: Mary, John C, Elvira J.
Hunt, James etal Hurst? Covington, Wm etal Admin 70 3552 1830 Samuel T. Shanklin, dec Jan 1822. Harriet, wid. Chidrn: Martha C S\hanklin, Julia (child dec 4 August 1822) Long letters. James Bickely/
KcKinny, Rob’t, Alexander, Jane Taylor, Rosannah, Andrew 70 3553 1826 Land dispute Estate A. Taylor frame 254. Betsy, Susan, Peggy, Matthew Day? Noble taylor. Wm Vickory.
Marshall, Samuel - John Anderson Patterson, Jas etal 70 3553 1826 Land dispute John McComb dec. James Gdn 4 minors: Rob’t, Jonah, Napoleon, Wm McComb. Wit: John McComb, Samuel Caldwell. Rob’t Smyth, grandfather of kids? Names: Pressley, Young, Willard, James Sample?gdn John Ramsey?. John Foster McComb, Marg. E, John Anderson McComb (-14 yrs).
McComb, John Smyth, Rob’t 70 3553 1826 Land dispute Alexander McKenny, son of Rosannah Taylor, dec. Father: Rob’t McKinny. Ros. md. Andrew Taylor dec. Alex cared for mom till old. Sister, Jane Shanks. Calvin PRessley and wf vs. John McComb. Matthew Shanks 1829. Plate of Barlow lands. Beaver dam/hard Labor creek.
Patterson, Samuel 70 3553 1826 land dispute Davis tract, Long Cane 25 acres Harriet and kids sold 1832. John DeL...... Jas Wiley, S. Young Jos K Kilbourn live out of state.
Simpkins, Eldred Marsh, Francis etal 70 3554 1819 Debt collection Francis Marsh wid John Marsh, dec. Charles Mayson Esq? Clerks should learn to write.
Duncan, Patrick Wilson, William 70 3555 1831 land debt Calhoun Creek, Little River bnd by: Robert Jordon, Patrick Duncan, John Caldwell. George washington Hodges Sheriff. Rob’t Gordon. Jessey Adams. A Gray.
Jackson, Thomas Pressley, Maria etal 70 3556 1833 Land thing Aug 1832, John B Pressly Esq bought Garah Davis’ land, Whitelick 606ac. Bnd John Livingston, Thomas N. Davis. Wid. Maria Pressly. Father, John Pressly. Maria and John jr. had no children. Dr. Geo Pressly, admin.
Fulton, John Brackenridge, David 70 3557 1824 partnership disp partners in blacksmithing.
Merriwether, Zachary Poole, Micajah 70 3558 1798 fancy complaint Nicholas Poole, Thomas Dillard. Virginia is involed. Nicholas Lewis
Howard, Enos Brannon, James E and Mary etal 70 3559 1817 fight over ownership of people. Seaborn Oliver, dec. Slave rachel, Harry. L Hammond. Mary Oliver md. James Brannon.
Carter, Larkin G etal Carter, Elisa etal 70 3560 1837 John Carter, Wm Carter. Wm I? J? dec. Wilson’s Creek, Saluda. Elisa is widow. 1 ther child: Beverly A. HARD TO READ. grandchild: Elizabeth P? daughter of Suzannah Carter Pennenter? Permenton?
Harrington and WIlson Tatom, Claudia C etal 70 3561 1838 land dispute Young I Harrington, James A. Wilson: a FIRM. Memorable B. Tatom dec. Claudia wid. Mary Tatom (2 heirs). insovent. Plat of land Savannah/Russol Cr. James Tatom plat.
Smyth, Rob’t and Martha (wid) Rob’t Smyth (son of 1st marriage) 70 3561 1831
Patterson R Patterson, Jane 70 3562 1831 guard David Lesley agent. Chldrn James Patterson (father and guardian): Rob’t, Josiah, Napoleon, Wm. Legatees of Rob’t Smith Sr. dec. child, Nancy Patterson, wf of James. James is a defaulting guardian.
Smyth, Robert dec 70 3562 1831 also 3581 Patterson
Davis, Eli S Davis, Richard D 70 3563 1834 partition Eli is brother and admin of Garah davis dec. Wid: Peggy, a lunatic (reading this handwriting did it). dec 21 June 1831. richard D davis and Patrick henry Davis, sons
Pressley, John etal Vernon, Jas T.W. etal 70 3564 1831 guard Thoms? vernon dec 1830 wf: Sarah. Chdrn: James and elizabeth. Wf dec 1831. J.F.M. Vernon, E.R.W. Vernon (same kids) Rob’t Vernon gdn?
Hawthorn, James dec 70 3565 1817 part James Hawthorn (Laurens) dec Wid: Edney. 2 minor children - mary Ann, Nancy? Caroline (frame 374).
Nealy, Joseph etal Connor, Lewis etal 70 3565 1817 Jos. Neely (Laurens county) and Lewis Mitchellexec of James Hawthorn (Laurens) dec. Wid: Edney. 2 minor children - mary Ann, Nancy? Caroline (frame 374). others: Bulls, Glovers, Davis
Brownlee, Geo A. and Gray? Morrah, Hugh and wife Morroh 70 3566 1836 Very hard reading. Frances B., George Clinkscales. John B, Albert, Mary C, Jenny?, Luisa? George Brownlee dec. Daughter Elsy Clinkscales. Son, George - md? Elizabeth Lomax (can’t read) Daughter Inice? Morrah? Sarah Miller and kids, Martha Richey, Isabella Kay. Hugh Morrah and wife, Arron Lomax, Rob’t Kay, James Rickey?, John Cochran?, James Miller and Sarah (Andrew, George B., Mary C. Elizabeth R., John M, Sarah J.J. James A.T., Rebecca E Miller)
Mayson, Archey etal Merriwether, Dr. Zachary Sr. 70 3567 1819 Dr. James Moore, dec. 2 Mar 1810. John C. mason, washington Bostick, Jonathan Moore admin. Moore didn’t qualify, other two dec. Archy qualified as admin. 1805, Partnership between Moore and Meriwether. Question about books... patients include james Caldwell, mary Merriwether, Wm. Hodges, James Black, John White, Thos Anderson, Wm. Norris, Thom Livingston, Norris, Caswell, Creswell.
Murph*, Randolph Ware, Edward 70 3568 1833 land dipute Laurens county
Pressley, J.B. Gallaugher, John Gallanger 70 3569 1831 Land dispute L.C. Davenport exec of Tarletan Manly estate. Mosely?
Robinson, Jane etal Anthony, Mark S and John Brown 70 3570 1846 land dispute Alexander White dec. Mrs. Elizabeth White, wid. Chldrn: John, James, Nancy, Catherine, Martha. Sarah White, wid of John. chlrdn: Rosanna Clementine White (10), Alexander White (12). Hugh Porter, John White exec Alex’s will. thomas Beatty, Jane Robinson.
Davis, Orange etal Marshall, Samuel etal 70 3571 1830 Orange, nancy, Wm jr., Augustine Davis (last 2 minors? gdn: John Pressly) Ruth (wf Shadrack Lively), [Chldren of Frances Davis Ross: Sarah and Andrew Ross, Mary, Nancy, Margaret Ross (also minors - gdn Prssley?)] [Children of Nancy Davis and Augustine Davis (both dec) - see vickory’s will.
Vickory, Wm. 70 3571 1830 Wm Vickory dec. chdrn: Ruth Hunter (Frances), Betty Vickory, nancy, Wm. John McComb exec? Betty died unmarried. Andrew McComb exec dec before Betty - John took over. Saml Marshall and John Anderson admin of John McComb who sold the estate and did not disburse.
Ward, Jas A and Rebecca Pollard, Robt 70 3572 1819 James Pollard dec. 1815. rebecca wid. and oratrix. grdn. James M. Pollard and Mary. Rob’t Pollard gdn. Chars. D. Pollard minor child.
Traylor, Valentine W Willard, Jas C etal 70 3573 1837 Impossible to read. John A. Mavis? martha? ?Willis dec. Tons of names. Wife and kids - can’t read. mary E. Willis. Thomas i wWillis. sarah c. Joshua Willis, dec. rachel wid. Martha W? 6 kids Ed. Collier grdn. Winston N traylor. Soembody married Mmilly Ann Willis dec. Slaves Lucy, Nancy.
Wimbish Hezekiah S etal Anderson, Thos 70 3574 1834 land dispute. see 3592. samuel Wimbish dec. Diadama wid. Hezekiah, Jane Caroline (wf Andrew D Abrahams), John W. Wimbish - chdrn. Diadama md. Rev Thomas Anderrson of Wilks Co., Ga.
Head, Richard and Elizabeth Liddle, Jesse etal 70 3575 1811 Peter Newport, grandfather of orator. granville County, NC. Nancy Liddle, mother of Elizabeth head md. Jesse Liddle. John Newport Liddle, Rebecca Wilson Liddle(now sf of nathaniel Shotwell). thornton Yancy, friend.
Allen, John S Carithers, Wm Capt. 70 3576 1831 part Capt. Carithers dec 1825-6. Wid Mary. Chdrn: Mathew C., Wm, John G., Hugh M, Robt, Sarah. 3 Minor children of james Carithers, dec. (no names) Wm, Hugh, 3 minors living out of state. Minor child of Elizabeth Nichols, another daughter: sarah Nichols.
Gillen, Patrick etal Darrocatt, Herbert wf Maryan? 70 3577 1845 confusing Patrick is a minor - 21. but i think he’s married to I don’t know who. John Foster Marshall Esq. ”friend” of Gillen. Rebecca Jane wf late 1844 of Wilks County, Ga. wf. Goslan W. Canacott or Darracott? 2 children, inc Frances Darracott. If you recognize the names, this will be interesting.
Crenshaw, Stephan Whipple, Welcom* 70 3578 1823 debt Collection Wm. Buford
Anderson, Samuel et al Anderson, Walter et al 70 3579 1829 Partition great family Walter Anderson dec. richard mL., Samuel, Walter jr, Francis (wf John Hodges), sarah (wf. Charles Hodges), Tabitha davis, Lucy Pulliam, Chldrn of Suzannah (dec) wf of Pleasant Wright: Polly (md. martin True), Lucy L.A. (Long Anderson) (Md. Jno L Wardlaw), Margaret (James Hardin), Belinda H (James Dorroh) Alfred M, Dulcinea J, and minors Pleasant T, Wm. L.W., Louisiana - Wrights all out of state, Greene Co. Al. Slaves: Ben, fan, Hannah, Jack, Fanny, Fortin, Tachel, Tom, Peter and Hannah’s two children: Betty and mary. Byrs inc Wm. Black, Downs Calhoun, a Gary.
Long, Reuben and Joel Lipscomb Turner*, Wm etal 70 3580 1822 part dispute John R. Long and Sarah Ann Swanzy execue note to admin James swanzy, admin of Dr. Samual Swanzy. dec.
Swancy Swanzey, Dr. Samuel dec 70 3580 1822 part dipute Dr. Married one of John R. Long’s daughters. Died intestate leaving young children: Sarah Ann, rosanna, Robt Wilson, Eliza Caroliine, Mary Ann and Louisa - david Stewart as guuard.? Sarah Ann md. William Turner. Rosanna Crane? y
Patterson, Robert Taggart, Moses etal 70 3581 1832 Part Again concerning estate of Robert Smyth. Grandon, Robert Patterson is just now 21. The others, Josiah, Napoleon, and William are approaching their majority.
Hamilton, Elizabeth etal Posey, Addison etal 70 3582 1844 part Benjamin L. Posey dec 43 Elizabeth Hamilton once Posey. Eliza Posey md. Wm B. Traynhum. Chdrn: Addison F. (admin and guardian) and Minors Martha C, Pen(elope?) L., Sarah S, Charlotte, all -21. Bond, John Allen, dec
McMahon, Sarah etal McMahon, Margaret etal 70 3583 1832 part Wid: John McMahon dec. Fergus and John R also orators. Margaret, Wm, Elizabeth(md John Anderson), Alexander, Sarah (md. William Mann), Archibald dec - his children: Beuajah ?, Sarah and Alexander H. Rocky River near Baskins. Oliver McMahan? gdn ad litum. Other names: Charles Stark Carr.
Thompson, Thos etal Scott, Newell etal 70 3584 1818 part dispute Rob’t thompson, dec. Elizabeth, Robert, Sarah and margaret Thompson legtees Wid? Thomas is 20, the other children -21. Elijah Foster “Next friend” - legal rep? Margaret and a certain Samuel Thompson took out admin papers. margaret md. Newell Scott - sadly. Long story.
Noble, Andrew A Noble, Wm P etal 70 3585 1832 part Wm. Noble and rebecca both dec. Wm p gdn. Samuel, Andrew and monors Ezekiel and joseph N. 5 kids in all. savannah.
Harris, John G and wife Anderson, Thos etal 70 3586 1813 Thomas Anderson exec Wm. Anderson dec of Edgefield 19 Jan 1800. rachel Anderson harris, daughter Elizabeth. John Anderson Jr? ? Spearman dec. James Spearman admin? Wm. Anderson, Adam Gilchrist of Charleston. Ware, Lervis, Collingham Brook. Wmilliams Carson. Wf: Eliza Ann: e daughters: Rebecca, rachel and Elizabeth. Confused? read it.
Culpepper, Joel etal Tyler, Jacob etal 70 3587 1818 Joel Culpepper sf Ann Elizabeth. ? daughter. John Tyler dec 1806, late of Lexington. 2 kids: Jacob, Joseph Tyler. John Wolfe and Joseph Culpepper exec.s.
Tyler, John 70 3587 1818
Butts, Fredrick A and wife Francis Ellington, Bidy* et al 70 3588 1829 part dispute John Ellington dec 182?. Land boght from D. Ellinton bdring James Wardlaw, Gray, Huey. Rocky River. Thomas Anderson Savannah. Wid: Bidey H. kids: Elizabeth (md. John G. Caldwell), Jno, James, Dewi? martha Ann, Mary Ann, Emily, Wm, Sufrena?, Perthinia Orthonia?, Justina caroline.
Pettigrew, Wm and jas Calhoun, Jno and Wm jr. 70 3589 1813 bad investment they wanted to do a boarding house for the students (male) of Rev. Dr. waddel.
Wilkerson, Elizabeth M etal Wilkeson, Carter 70 3590 1823 complaint Obidiah Hooper wf’s rep. Pre-nup not respected. Elizabeth had been wid of William Wilson of Lincoln, GA. by-by-property, hello bad husband
Gayle, Billups and wife Cunningham, David etal 70 3591 1818 long story D.E. Davenport and Polly. Jane Cunningham dec 14 Oct 1817. Pamela Gayle dght of jane wf of Billups or whatever. Also Betsy Duret dec. Margaret is the sister of Jane, dec.
Johnson, Sugar and wife etal Anderson, Thos and wife etal 70 3592 1823 part see 3574. Samuel Wimbish dec. Didama md. thomas Anderson. Maria (md. Sugar Johnson), Elizabeth (John Moote? Moate?), Hezekiah, John W. Jane C. Wimbish
White, Joseph and wife Eliza Jordan, Samuel etal 70 3593 1845 Margaret Smith dec 1820, grmothr of Eliza M. 0ratrix? daughter, Eliza C. dec 1830 - md. James Pennall (Pernell?) exec of Smith. kids: Eliza M. , Dr. William, James, Robt A dec. Edwin, Franklin dec,. All of age, out of state. Very complex. Read it
Wilson?, thomas harris, John and Anna 70 3594 1794 Richard Harrison dec Spartanburg. Wid: AnnE. Kids: John, Jane, Emily, Henry, Richard, Mary, James and Sarah, all but first two -14 years. Terrible writing
Morague*, John etal Morange? Gilbert, Jas B 70 3595 1828 Mortgage t John Lewis Gilbert, Joseph B.
Cannon, Geo S admin of White, John etal 70 3596 1847 land dispute. John White dec 10 oct 1845. landy? sandy? G. Shoemaker dec. Mary C Shoemaker wid 4 kids: Horatia Hamilton, Elizabeth, Nancy and Sandy or Landy Greenberg??? -14 out of state, Oliver Shoemaker and E.A. are something. Terrible writing.
Misc Papers 70 3597 1813-14 tons of names - mostly insignificant bits; Names include: Marshall, Nancy A Caldwell est paper, Waddell(83), Dan Brwon Mary Francis, Preston, R. Edmund Belcher. Mary F. Belcher Bush. Preston Belcher dec. 75. Sam Hodges, John McNiel (30) Allen Norris (30). Lilley vs Chiles. Wm C Black gdn Sarah Griffin 33. Jeanne Oddestta Leguno - french. Sart. samuel Hammon, Wm. Cain and sister mary Lively, md. to Joseph. Lidea Cain Wm DCain 46. Joseph Branyon and abner. A. P Lindsay. Benj Smith/W.S. Stewart. BB Townsend. Lilly, Bruntly Ellis? 1903 also Willy Bell, Roland Pressly, Rich Arnold, John Maxwell.
Lizzy Frank and Arnold estate papers 70 3797 1903? lots of them. Typed estate papers (lovely)